Blue Amber Stone – Meaning, Benefits and Properties

The list of precious and semi-precious stones is really long. We present a complete list of names of minerals and gems. But first of all let’s get some clarity on terms like hard stones, precious stones, gems and minerals. Because some terms commonly used in jewelry have another meaning.

Natural stones are all precious stones, semi-precious stones, fossils, minerals but also rocks, marbles, etc. They are all those stones found in nature.

Natural stones are fire-retardant, hygienic, non-toxic and par excellence biocompatible as they are the earth.

The gems are materials of different origin (mainly minerals), which due to their specific shine, color, transparency and brilliance, as well as for their rarity, assume a high economic value.

Therefore gemstones can be precious stones but also semi-precious stones that have been worked by cutting or polishing to increase their aesthetics. Ivory, coral and pearls, which are of animal origin, as well as Blue Amber Stone and jet, which are of vegetable origin, are also considered gems.

Symbolism and Meaning

Blue Amber Stone is petrified, fossil resin and is one of the oldest and most sought-after gemstones and gemstones in the world. Its use as jewelry and for art objects goes back to the prehistory of humanity.

The most famous art object made of Blue Amber Stone to date is the Blue Amber Stone Room, which is still considered lost today. Already in the Bronze Age, Blue Amber StoneStone always reached the same trade routes from the Baltic to the Mediterranean.

The so-called Blue Amber Stone Roads. The name of the gem derives from the Low German “Börnsteen” (Brennstein), and is due to its flammability. His Latin name is “Electrum”. Even then it was known that he was electrostatically charged by friction. So he was used in antique households, among other things, as a clothes brush, as he drew dust by rubbing.

In Greece, Blue Amber stone was called the “electron”, which can be translated as “light gold” or “white gold”. The scientific term is “succinite”, whereby the so-called “inclusions” are of particular interest. These are Blue Amber Stone with insects or plants as inclusions

General Properties

Instead minerals are crystalline, inorganic and natural bodies, almost all solid, with a well-defined or variable chemical composition in a restricted field. A crystal is a solid body with flat faces like a geometric figure.

Today, over 4,000 types of minerals are known and new discoveries are made. The formation of a mineral is the result of different chemical and physical processes that have occurred in all geological eras and that still continue to manifest themselves today.

Many confuse the hard stones with the gems, instead the hard stone is a term used to indicate a technique of cutting and composition of stones in order to create images. It is a Roman technique that emerged in the 16th century, later developed in Florence, which consists of using precious or semi-precious stones and marbles to create the compositions. And it is in Florence that we find the Opificio delle pietra dure, which is one of the most important restoration laboratories.

The term precious stones – commonly used – actually has little meaning. The commercial value of a gem depends mainly on its optical qualities such as clarity and color and processing (cutting, shape and polishing) instead of species.

If we want to talk about commercial value, the most precious stone and without doubt the most expensive is the diamond. Instead the Blue Amber Stone necklaces, despite being of stones classified as semi-precious, are worth more than many others.

Love and Relationships

As a healing stone, the Blue Amber Stone shall give joy of life, calm the mind and also alleviate fears. He is said to be able to spark creative ideas.

He also increases the flexibility. Its healing effect should also have a positive effect on our spirits.

Health Benefits

Physically, he should strengthen the immune system, relieve toothache in small children and relieve rheumatism. Blue Amber Stone oil is also used to relieve rheumatism. Succinic acid, also (but not only) found in amber, was widely used in the catarrh and syphilis until well into the 20th century.

It should also, this knowledge is attributed to Robert Koch (German physician and microbiologist, 1843-1910), strengthen the immune system.

Blue Amber Stone powder was still part of many remedies from the pharmacy until the 1930s. Incidentally, succinic acid should also help against the notorious hangover after a night of drinking. For this there are tablets with 0.1 percent succinic acid to ingredient. You do not have to look for these tablets in Germany, but here they are not for sale.

For internal use, you can also use Blue Amber Stone water. Hi Just put Blue Amber Stone in a glass of water overnight (please cover it as well, otherwise not only dust will settle in the water, best would be a glass bottle). The Blue Amber Stone water can be used especially for joint complaints.

What is the effect of amber, what meaning is it as a healing stone? What healing effects of psychic and physical nature are said to this stone? The Blue Amber Stone is a very versatile healing stone.

He is said to have a great effect on the psyche, here he should be helpful in many life situations. And he is also said to have strength in physical problems.

Blue Amber Stone is one of the most popular healing stones. It is worn as a necklace and bracelet, but also as a flatterer it is used. If the Blue Amber Stone is used as a protective stone and he is loaded with the appropriate energy, then he can give us optimism, strengthen the immune system and give us joy of life. He should even relieve rheumatism.

There is next to this application and the already broadly described possibility to use a baby Blue Amber Stone necklace as a natural dentition yet another application, the Blue Amber Stone necklace against ticks for dogs, which should help not only against ticks but also against other parasites.

Blue Amber Stone and Wealth

Above all, Blue Amber Stone is ascribed a strong effect on a person’s psyche. Self-confidence, vitality and joie de vivre should be donated or at least promoted by this stone.

Blue Amber Stone and Zodiac

The Blue Amber Stone is not assigned to any Zodiac sign.

Blue Amber Stone and Chakras

Often it is not enough to take the Blue Amber Stone as a piece of jewelry and to wear part of a beautiful necklace in order to experience all the positive effects and unfold the full potential of its healing effect.

For an optimal effect and for larger complaints you have to use the Blue Amber Stone as a healing stone. For this purpose, the Blue Amber Stone is applied to the skin over a longer period of time.

The right place should be the root chakra or solar plexus chakra. The Root Chakra is the first of the seven main chakras. As the lowest chakra, it is located at the level of the coccyx. This chakra connects us to the physical world.

The solar plexus chakra is the 3rd of the seven chakras. It is also called umbilical chakra and that describes its location in the center of our body quite well.

How to Purify Blue Amber Stone

Healing stones work on energy. They may have absorbed too much energy, or have given up their energy. In the first case they have to be cleaned, in the second case recharged.

For example, a Blue Amber Stone necklace that babies are supposed to wear can first be worn by the mother, so that the mother’s energy is transmitted to the baby via the necklace.

But sometimes a Blue Amber Stone has too much energy. In this case, it must be unloaded under lukewarm tap water. For unloading Blue Amber Stone but also a hematite tumbled stone can be used. Although the sun has a positive effect on many healing stones, including amber.

Nevertheless, you should not put Blue Amber Stone in the sun for too long, and certainly not in the powerful rays of the midday sun, it could then become brittle.


For larger health problems you should never rely on a healing stone alone. If you suffer from severe depression, sadness and melancholy, then a stone will often be unable to do anything.

Especially depression is therefore in expert hands. And of course you can also put on Blue Amber Stone or Blue Amber Stone oil for physical ailments, especially if it’s your own body.

If you use amber, for example, in children or babies, then you should never rely on the healing power of stones alone.