Bumble Bee Jasper – Meaning, Benefits and Properties

Jasper can be defined as an aggregate of chalcedony and some other mineral phases or as a set of microgranular quartz. This stone is opaque. You can also refer it to impure silicate, which comes in various colours such as yellow, green, red, brown, blue or colourful.

The most common colour in which it appears is red. The red colour comes from the presence of iron. This aggregate mineral breaks down very easily and you can use it for decoration or as a piece of jewellery. If you polish it well, you can make objects such as vases and something similar.

Jasper has a specific gravity of 2,5 to 2,9. One of the most famous types of jasper is the green jasper which has red spots. They call it heliotrope and some people call it bloodstone. Traditionally, bloodstone is also the birthstone of all those who were born in March. Jasper parts can occur in Jaspalite stone. It’s and iron formation rocks.

The name „Jasper“ means „speckled“ stone or „spotted“ stone. You can assume that this name is derived from the Latin word „iaspidem/iaspis“. There are also assumptions that the name is even older and derived from the Hebrew word „yashpeh“.

Archaeologists have found bowls made of green jasper that date back to the period between 4. and 5. millennium BC. In ancient times, Jasper was a well-known stone, and also a favourite stone.

There are various manuscripts in which you can find the word „jasper“ in different languages (Latin, Persian, Hebrew, Assyrian, Greek and Arabic). In the Minoan culture in Crete, there are seals which were made of jasper. This seals dating from 1800 BC.

Nowadays, the term jasper is mainly referred to as opaque quartz. In earlier times, this term also referred to transparent pieces. Among them was a jade. It is possible that these stones were what we call chalcedony today.

Jasper patterns appear during the formation of deposits in silica or volcanic ash-rich sediment. One of the most important roles in the creation of jasper is hydrothermal circulation.

Almost all scientists agree that jasper is an ornamental rock. It is composed of different minerals that give different colour patterns, as well as microcrystalline quartz and chalcedony.

The different types of jasper and their names are derived from the patterns found on this stone. The most popular is the landscape jasper. We have a whole small panorama on this stone. There are also orbicular jasper, ribbon jasper and picture jasper.

You can find jasper in many countries and regions. Generally, Jasper is known as the ultimate healer and nurturer. This stone can support you when stressed and bring you peace of mind. When you use a jasper for healing, you can unite all aspects of life, mental, emotional and intellectual.

Jasper can remind you how to help other people. You can use Jasper for bringing balance to all chakras. Each colour and type of Jasper corresponds to a particular chakra.

The Jasper stone provides protection and erodes the body’s energy. This stone can remove negative energy. Jasper can bring balance between yin and yang and also it connects mental, physical and emotional part of the personality with the higher mind.

This stone clears electromagnetic and environmental pollution as well as radiation. Psychologically, Jasper can bring confidence. With this stone, you will be determined to solve all problems. Jasper gives you the courage to handle bad situations and be calm in any type of conflict.

Jasper can help you think faster and boost your organizational skills. When you start doing something, you will be sure that you will complete the project successfully.

Jasper stimulates the imagination and turns ideas into action. You can use Jasper to treat the digestive tract and to solve vascular problems.

This stone will make the balance of mineral levels in your body.

Jasper seems to act very slowly, so you should use it for a long time.

Bumble Bee Jasper and its Properties

Bumble Bee Jasper comes from Indonesia and Australia, more specifically it can only be found inside volcanoes in these countries.

This stone is very difficult to find and is truly unique.

Bumble Bee Jasper stone consists of a combination of different sedimentary rocks as well as a volcanic mass. It is different in composition from all other types of jasper, which is why many scientists consider it an agate.

The surface of the Bumble Bee Jasper stone has very interesting patterns of orange and yellow stripes.

Due to its appearance, Bumble Bee Jasper stone is one of the most beautiful stones in the world. Also, many people consider it very unusual.

Due to its strangeness and unavailability, this stone is considered to be a metaphysical stone, which has many potentials and positive characteristics.

The strange name that this stone has (Bumble Bee) is not an accident. The pattern on the surface of this stone and its colours are reminiscent of the appearance of bumblebees.

The yellow colour of this stone symbolizes optimism and great beginnings in any endeavour. Many spiritualists consider it the birthstone of all those people who were born in March, April and May.

Bumble Bee Jasper – Meanings

This extraordinary stone can help you in many different ways. It affects all problems related to physical and mental health. If you practice meditation regularly with this stone, you will become stronger and regulate your nervous system. All those who have problems with insomnia and metabolic disorders should purchase this stone.

The Bumble Bee Jasper will help keep your life balanced and with less stress. You will no longer be chronically tired and will achieve much more in a short time. This stone will help you get rid of problems with allergies, blood circulation and abdominal organs. If you work hard and get tired from work, this stone will allow you to get rid of fatigue and limb cramps.

Bumble Bee Jasper is a stone that heals reproductive organs and sore throat. People who have had an accident and are recovering may look for this stone. Bumble Bee Jasper speeds up your recovery and helps you feel better.

With this stone, you can be sure that your immune system will be protected and thus prevent flu, viruses and other diseases. Your body will be strong and resilient.

Also, if you are anxious or depressed, this stone can help you get rid of bad thoughts and worries. Your mind and your soul will be purified.

Those people who want to develop their capabilities should use this stone to enhance growth in every sense. Bumble Bee Jasper eliminates all barriers.

With this stone, you will think faster and come up with the right solutions to the problem. If you are interested in spiritual purification and are in search of a higher meaning, then look for this stone. Stone allows you to reach spiritual heights you never dreamed of.

Bumble Bee Jasper will give you the motivation to participate in your life with all your strength. With this stone, you will become your best friend and greatest support. Bumble Bee Jasper also helps you to make decisions that will be in your interest.

Bumble Bee Jasper and Spiritual Health

This stone is a very good tool for strengthening your spiritual being. If you think that your presence in this reality and this world is not worthy, you will find the right answers with the help of this precious stone.

Bumble Bee Jasper is a vibrant object and not just the simple beautiful stone for decor and carrying around. This spiritual stone is very powerful for your soul and your inner world.

You will become more intuned with unconsciousness.

When you connect with the divine part of the reality, Bumble Bee Jasper will work as a bond between the spiritual realm and you. When you reach this realm you will find peace and wisdom.

By illuminating and opening your subconscious mind, this stone will allow the creator in you to shine and appear to the world. You will start to feel like someone has woken you from a deep and long dream. This stone will guide you through your daily life and will help you to get better at it.

Bumble Bee Jasper will help you cross the boundaries between the spiritual and the real world. You will succeed in realizing ideas that you once thought were merely the fruit of your imagination.

Bumble Bee Jasper Stone – Relationships, Love and Romance

When you remove all inhibitions from your spiritual life, it will affect (in a positive way) your love life. Your partner will feel that you are more open and will be able to get close.

By removing the boundaries between your partner and you, this stone will allow you to reach complete closeness and union with your soulmate. Your relationship will blossom, and you will no longer fear that the relationship will fall apart or that your partner will leave you.

Bumble Bee Jasper is a stone that will allow you to start observing your partner in a whole new light. You will look only at the positive side of his personality and you will see his flaws and weaknesses with sympathy. With this stone, you will be able to bring an adventurous spirit into your relationship, so your partner will fall in love with you even more.

With Bumble Bee Jasper stone you will no longer look to the past but will focus on the future of your relationship.

You will be much closer to your significant other with the help of this stone.

Both of you will be aware of how much you mean to each other. This stone will help you to trust one another and the trust between you will be firm. Your relationship will be built on solid grounds and there will be no place for lies and cheating.

Bumble Bee Jasper stone will allow you to be completely open to your partner and be able to tell him everything you think and feel. This stone will help you to create a common home where harmony and peace will reign. Your actions will be careful and loving.

If you are single and have no partner and want to find a soulmate, this stone can help you. When you get rid of all the insecurities, your aura will open up for the right person.

Bumble Bee Jasper stone is a rock that is great for new beginnings. If you carry this stone with you every day, you will have the opportunity to meet many people and get in touch with everyone.

Your cheerful spirit and your positive attitude will draw love into your life.

How to Use Bumble Bee Jasper Stone?

This stone is very special. As we said at the beginning of this article, this stone is not so easy to reach and to find. Its hidden powers bring prosperity to your life.

With this stone, you will improve all aspects of your life. To transform and become better, you need to work with this stone every day. You need to show initiative regarding this stone.

People have a habit of crying over their destiny and complaining about their hardship. They expect help to come from nowhere and a miracle might happen.

We teach you to take things into your own hands and show initiative. The first step is to get the original Bumble Bee Jasper Stone. When you get this stone, it is the first indication that you have done something and that you are serious.

Furthermore, the stone will help you to face all obstacles on your way to happiness. You should hold the stone in your hand and think about all aspects of life that you are not comfortable with.

Focus your attention on the Bumble Bee Jasper stone and it will surely help.

Bumble Bee Jasper Stone is very effective.

Also, this stone is very attractive so you can wear it as a pendant. It can be just a decoration in your home.

This stone will be of particular benefit to those who have recently gone through a difficult life phase and who need support.

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