Green Amber Stone – Meaning, Benefits and Properties

In today’s text we are going to talk about the Green Amber Stone and the powerful healing powers of this stone. Green Amber stone is a variety of olivine, a group of minerals. The name olivine comes from the Latin and was chosen at the end of the 18th century, as the stone has an olive to bottle green color.

The Green Amber stone, the olive variety of olivine, has been mined since the 15th century.

The name Green Amber stone comes from the Greek “peridona”, which means “to give abundance”. The Romans knew the stone as the “Green Amber stone of the evening”.

Presence of Green Amber stone or olivine can be found in different parts of the world. It was not until 2007 that one was found in the area of ​​the Mid-Atlantic Ridge between Tenerife and Barbados.

One discovered a hole in the earth’s crust and could then see directly on the rock, which shimmers green.

Otherwise, locations of the Green Amber stone are Austria and Pakistan, South Africa and the USA, Canada and China, Burma and Germany.

Symbolism and Meaning

Green Amber stone is said to help with depression and anger, helps to heal mental injuries, and helps fight guilt. It promotes contact, tolerance, joy and dynamism. The stone is said to keep love among couples fresh, give people hope and fight nervousness.

The Green Amber stone can create the balance between mind and body and is suitable for meditation. He is also an important healing stone for the cancer-born. Because he helps them with melancholy and stress.

The Green Amber stone promotes energy and learning ability, solves anger, grief and anger, and cleans up with burdens. Meditations are particularly successful with the Green Amber stone.

General Properties

Since the first discovery in the 15th century, Green Amber stone has been mined on the island of Zabargad in the Red Sea. He is relatively common today. The Green Amber stone is produced by metamorphosis from dolomite-rich limestone. The erosion of basalt lava again produces dark green olivine sand. Its color is green, almost too black; its stroke color is white.

The stone is transparent to translucent, with a glassy to greasy finish. It is moderately fissile and breaks brittle. The Mohs hardness is given between 6.5 and 7; the density with 3.2 to 4.4. The process of serpentinization begins at temperatures between 500 and 600 degrees Celsius. The olivine is transformed into darker serpentine.

It can affect the eyes and liver and has a positive effect on the pancreas and thymus gland. It is also beneficial for the skin, with fungi, warts and allergies as well as eczema. He also helps against dry skin. In the eyes he helps against myopia. The stone is to promote the labor and support the induction of labor. He is also good for general regeneration, blood cell binding and immune system.

The Green Amber stone is often used as a gemstone because of its interesting green color.

However, normal olivine can also be used in glassmaking when it comes to making heat-resistant glasses. It is also used to produce iron ore pellets and serves as a catalyst in wood gasification processes.

Olivine is also passable heat storage. Because it can be used as a performance memory at higher temperatures than a normal battery.

In addition, Olivin has his permission as an infusion stone for the sauna. Currently, work is underway to use the stone for the design of interiors, as a wall cladding or countertop and flooring.

Love and Relationships

The Green Amber stone can help you better understand your current love situation and be more decisive when it comes to your love issues.

Health Benefits

The name of this gem probably comes from the Latin “Green Amber stone”, which in turn have adopted this name from the Greek “Green Amber stone”. The Green Amber stone was mined for the first time in Egypt around 1300 BC, which for a long time dominated the Green Amber stone trade in the Mediterranean. Only with the conquest of South America by the Spaniards their trading position was broken, since there were also rich Green Amber stone occurrences there.

The Green Amber stone is one of the most valuable gems and has always been a very important item in many cultures, myths and royal houses. The ancient Egyptians recognized early on the healing powers of the Green Amber stone.

But especially its effect on the eyes. Even Pliny the Elder wrote about him: “When the eyes are weakened, they are strengthened again by looking at the Green Amber stone. The stone’s soft green dispels the languor “.

Nero should also have worn a Green Amber stone to strengthen his eyes as a monocle. Cleopatra states that she should have supported her beauty and youth by wearing Green Amber stones.

The Green Amber stone was already mentioned in the Bible and was in the revelation of John as the fourth of the twelve foundations of the Jerusalem city wall. Hildegard von Bingen described in the Middle Ages the healing effects of the Green Amber stone against headache, pain and epilepsy.

A characteristic feature of this gemstone is its frequent cracks or inclusions, which, however, impair its value. Only very clear Green Amber stones are sold well, but this leads to frequent manipulation. Artificially produced Green Amber stones have also been on the market since 1935.

Green Amber stone has always stood for beauty, harmony and justice. Its effect on the psyche is therefore closely linked to it. Because he brings his bearer mental balance and clarity back. Through it, the mind can rest. The energy gained can then be used for new plans, because problems and thoughts are considered more rational. Even the view of the surroundings is clarified by the Green Amber stone and freed from prejudices. Understanding and acceptance for other life circumstances occurs.

The Green Amber stone can also help over life crises and traumas, because it stands for hope and development: looking forward. New goals and perspectives are offered by him. The sense of justice is also strengthened by the stone, whereby its wearer also becomes more honest with himself and others. As a stone of “divine inspiration” he was already known to the Greeks, because thanks to him new ideas and flashes of inspiration should arise.

The Green Amber stone is formed early in the morning at sunrise. The green of the grasses and the earth is still strongest, as the air is still cold, but the sun is already warm and the grasses so eagerly absorb the green as the lamb sucks the milk. The heat during the day is not enough to bring the green to boil, so that the plants bear fruit.

Therefore, the Green Amber stone is a suitable remedy for all diseases and weaknesses of man, because the sun gives birth to him and his substance comes from the green of the air. If you have pain in your heart, in your stomach or in your side, you should carry an Green Amber stone with you so that you feel better and warm it. If the diseases are overhanging, he should put the Green Amber stone in his mouth so that he would get his saliva wet.

The warm saliva he should swallow and spit in turns, because his complaints will stop. If someone falls from the falling disease (epilepsy) to the ground, he should put an Green Amber stone in his mouth, so that his mind will recover.

When he then recovers and takes the Green Amber stone out of his mouth, he should say, “As the Spirit of the Lord fills the world, he fills the house of my body with his grace, so that he can never shake it any more.

This he should repeat the next nine days each morning, while watching the Green Amber stone and speak the words. If you have a headache, you should hold the Green Amber stone to your mouth and moisten it with your breath. T

hen he should smear his temples and forehead with the damp stone and then put the Green Amber stone in his mouth for an hour, and then he will feel better.

Who has too much saliva and juices, heat a strong wine, put a linen cloth over a vessel and then the Green Amber stone on it. Then the heated wine is poured over the Green Amber stone and this process is repeated more often.

Green Amber Stone and Wealth

The Green Amber stone doesn’t affect the wealth or your financial situation.

Green Amber Stone and Zodiac

The Green Amber stone is associated with the Virgo, Gemini and Leo zodiac sign.

Green Amber Stone and Chakras

The stone is associated with the heart chakra and is the birthstone of the Gemini, the Leo, Pisces and Virgo.

How to Purify Green Amber Stone

To clean the Green Amber stone all you have to do is to put it under lukewarm water and use a bit of soap if necessary. You don’t have to do it more often than 2 times per month.


As a healing stone, it is best worn on the body, or even applied to the skin. The gemstone water that can be made with the stone helps outwardly and inwardly. It is used for meditation and healing of certain ailments, and contributes to the better health of its owners.

The Green Amber stone is more expensive, the more intense its color. And there you have it. If you ever wanted to know more about this beautiful and powerful stone, this was a perfect opportunity for that.