Moss Agate Stone – Meaning, Benefits and Properties

Moss Agate is a chalcedony stone with inclusions similar to mosses. According to a story, the moss agate believes that he can warn against false friends and bring luck to players. Moss Agate is one of the most important healing stones of all.

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The moss agate can strengthen the well-being and awaken the mind, since it spurs on new ideas and makes one’s own life more conscious. With his help, a boring way of life can be changed and patterns of behavior such as addiction or anxiety can be solved.

Even with larger problems, simple solutions can be found, as it strengthens the self-confidence, gives hope and after a strong spending a faster recovery brings.

The attachment to nature can also be improved by him. According to Arabic traditions, moss agate gives its wearer the ability to distinguish between true and untrue friends.

As a lucky stone, the moss agate was especially worshiped by people who sought their luck in the game.

Symbolism and Meaning

It does not matter if it’s the raw moss agate mineral or a moss agate tumbled stone. It feels great on the skin contact and the pleasant feeling. Since a raw moss agate mineral usually has sharp broken edges, it is only to be used to a limited extent for stone healing and in crystal healing. For most healing stone applications, the Moss Agate Tumbled Stone is ideal because the Moss Agate Tumbled Stone has a pleasing surface.

The next big advantage of Moss Agate Tumbled Stone as a healing stone is its price. Since the moss agate drum stone, in the production, requires only very little manpower, it is the ideal healing stone in the field of stone.

The effect of moss agate on the mental level is primarily due to its structure. Moss Agate is still considered a stone for nature-loving people. He should help to solve mental dependencies, to organize thought processes and priorities, as well as to help him to be receptive to new things. In the application, it should be noted that the moss agate can only fully develop its effect if there is visual contact with the moss agate.

Unfortunately, moss agate is rarely found in meditation. But there is no real reason for that. Especially the moss agate could be a good helper in meditation. In stone circles the moss agate finds little use. In particular, moss agate is considered a stone, which is intended to increase the body’s personal defenses. It is said to have a positive effect on the lymphatic system and to have a positive effect on complaints in the bronchi.

Moss agate is very suitable for fixing in water. Gemstone water, essence of moss agate works for colds. Its effect on preventing colds is also noteworthy. The moss agate is ideal to combine with other applications in the stone industry. Moss agate water is best prepared with a few tumbled stones (2 – 3 cm in size) in one liter of water, in a glass jug overnight.

Theoretically, porcelain jugs are also suitable for making moss agate water, but once you can never be sure that it will not dissolve any color (not all colors are applied before firing), you’re on the safe side with a glass mug. The more lime-free the water used is, the more successful is the gemstone water, essence, elixir.

But one thing to watch out for: The used moss agate must be of the highest quality and guaranteed not to be dyed or reconstructed. The consequences can be catastrophic. Unfortunately, one must also point out that again and again moss agate drum stones appear in the trade, which were not sufficiently cleaned after drumming. Again, this is very dangerous in the application of gemstone water, since the most varied ingredients are used in drumming, e.g. to accelerate the work, or to give the moss agate a “nicer” surface.

In general, you should think about some dealer statements before buying gemstones, for setting stone water. After all, this is about your and only about your health and not the turnover of a company. Moss agate should be cleaned from time to time.

On moss agate, which is worn on the skin, inevitably settle skin fat, dirt particles, remnants of creams and the like. It is therefore advisable to clean it occasionally with lukewarm water (without additives such as soap or other cleaning agents). If you have lime-free water, such as very clean rainwater available, we recommend that you clean it here, so that no lime scale occurs.

Traditionally, traditionally, one should treat his moss agate occasionally (at most once a month) to a little sunbath (not at noon, but in the morning or in the evening) so that the moss agate can “rest” or recharge with energy to give you the best possible support. Gemstones are not a substitute for going to a specialist (for example, a doctor, naturopaths, etc.).

In case of illness, please consult your trusted specialist. After the stone healing * gemstones are to serve us for the additional support, which mother nature offers us as supplement, but in no case replace the doctor’s visit.

We would like to point out once again that the effects of minerals, gemstones, colloquially described as “healing stones” described in stone healing, are neither scientifically nor medically proven or recognized

General Properties

The moss agate is regarded as a good luck charm and happiness stone, especially in the Arab countries. He should also protect the wearer from false friendships. The largest occurrence of moss agate in nature exists in India, beyond that the stone occurs in the USA, Brazil, India, South Africa, China, Burma and Botswana.

Moss Agate is actually a chalcedony with inclusions that look like mosses. He should strengthen the love of nature and help to cultivate a good handling of plants. The stone is one of the most important healing stones of all.

The moss agate is a unique stone. It has a positive effect on our well-being and keeps the mind clear and alert. Through its effect, one should be spurred on to new ideas; one’s own life should be better and more consciously lived through the moss agate. Moss Agate is to help with existing problems to find the solutions, addiction or fears can be solved with his help. This effect is at least attributed to the stone. It should also strengthen self-esteem, give new hope to desperate people and accelerate regeneration. The different effects of moss agate on the psyche and the body:

Moss agate strengthens the filtering properties of the kidneys and spleen, the stone should support the water balance, and it gives the hair more suppleness and fullness (it has a stimulating effect on the glandular glands).

After use, moss agar should be regularly discharged and recharged. This is best done under running lukewarm water, charging the moss agate succeeds directly in the sun or in a rock crystal group.

This should be done at least once a month. Moss Agate chains are optimally discharged when placed overnight in a dry bowl of hematite tumbled stones. The effect of moss agate is most pronounced when the stone is placed on selected parts of the body or worn for a long time as jewelry. You can also drink the gemstone water to take advantage of its benefits.

This gemstone is an important mainstay for the zodiac Capricorn. As a gemstone it is important for the Zodiac Gemini. Moss Agate gives the Gemini more understanding of the environment and its fellow human beings. Moss Agate works best on the heart chakra.

Love and Relationships

The Moss Agate stone is going to help you feel emotions strongly and this is going to strengthen your relationship like never before.

Health Benefits

Even if there is a lot of stagnation in your life. You only get these out by slow but steady movement. But please be very careful not to go into isolation, because this will not do you any good, because you are a social being. If you are dealing with the topic of family and if there are problems there, then please also attack them.

In general, one can say that in life one sometimes has to compromise, but please only compromise, which you can really answer for and above all, with which you can live happily.

For confidence, creativity, recreation, love of nature, better perception of the environment. It is great against fears. He is versatile; he helps to be interested in all aspects and phenomena of life and to contribute emotionally. Attention is paid to social and social life, but he is also enthusiastic about art and science. The stone helps to keep track, not to lose one in opinions, meanings and thoughts, but to penetrate and understand them.

The moss agate opens our eyes to our way of life and also creates in us a more conscious connection to nature. In this way, they achieve more self-confidence in everyday life and, above all, activate the so delicate and sensitive processes in the body, which are responsible for the well-being. The moss agate strengthens the self-confidence. Moss Agate is the helper against fungi and viruses. Rosa Moss Agate is the stone of choice for diarrhea.

The moss agate is a stone that has become popular in recent times due to its strong healing properties. Due to its powerful effect on the islet cells of the pancreas, moss agate stimulates insulin production. As a result, the blood sugar level is balanced and metabolic diseases such. For example, diabetes is alleviated, prevented and cured.

The moss agate not only controls the sugar balance through the hormone production of insulin and glycogen, but it also causes the glucose converted by the metabolism to be supplied to the organism in a more digestible form. The power of moss agate also strengthens the filtering properties of the kidneys, spleen and lymph on the blood.

Dead blood cells and waste products are better eliminated from the body and the water balance is better regulated throughout the organism. Moss Agate water or tea, or in combination with red moss agar, stimulates the function of the kidneys, bladder and intestines. Moss Agate-activated metabolism also strengthens the body against the infestation of viruses, fungi and infections. When used regularly, moss agar helps women in pregnancy achieve relatively painless enlargement of the uterus, mammary glands and breast.

During birth, the moss agate relaxes the vagina, perineum and abdominal muscles, and prevents surgical intervention. With its stimulating properties on the sebaceous glands, moss agate gives the skin and hair more suppleness and a healthier look.

Moss Agate Stone and Wealth

Moss Agate stone is a good luck charm for prosperity and money, so it is always good to have it by your side especially in important meetings.

Moss Agate Stone and Zodiac

Moss Agate is assigned to the Zodiac Taurus (21.04 – 20-05.). The assignment of gemstones to zodiac signs in horoscopes always causes confusion, since many a gemstone in which a horoscope is assigned to a certain zodiac, but is not assigned to the corresponding zodiac sign in another horoscope. The reason is simple.

The assignment of individual gems to constellations is a very ancient lesson and then (thousands of years ago); mankind did not yet have the current trading opportunities. Which meant that regionally different assignments to the constellations took place. Humans could simply assign the stones available in their region to the constellations, zodiac signs.

Moss agate is not assigned to any planet as a planetary stone. The assignment of stones to certain planets and constellations has its origin in the Indian Horoscope, which early on attempted to assign gemstones to certain planets and constellations.

Planet stones are also increasingly finding access to Western horoscopes. The interpretation of the planet stones is on the one hand millennia old and still very little common in the western world. Accordingly, it is difficult to find reputable sources.

Moss Agate is not assigned to a month as a birthstone or a monthly stone. Note: The birthstone as well as the stone of the month is not identical to the assignment to the signs of the zodiac. Month stone and birthstone are assigned to the birth month.

Moss Agate Stone and Chakras

The moss agate works particularly well on the heart chakra. The moss agate unfolds its sensitive powers in meditation, especially on the heart chakra.

Since the moss agate penetrates relatively slowly into us, it is advisable to open the heart chakra beforehand with a clear rock crystal, so that the moss agate can penetrate deeper.

After about 20 minutes of rest and relaxation, the moss agate begins to remind you of plant structures. They understand that everything in life and in nature has grown and takes its time. Only solid roots hold fast and provide stability.

The moss agate brings us with an inner strength whose roots enable us to get more peace and power for life and to pass it on in the form of more love and loyalty.

How to Purify Moss Agate Stone

He should be discharged once a month under running water and charged overnight with a rock crystal. Works best when worn directly on the skin or on the affected body parts. The moss agate should be regularly discharged and cleaned under running lukewarm water after use.

Charging the moss agate in the sun or in a rock crystal group is recommended at least once a month. Chains should be unloaded overnight in a dry bowl of hematite tumbled stones.


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