Pink Tourmaline Stone – Meaning, Benefits and Properties

Tourmalines are available as rough stones, crystals, tumbled stones, flatterers, pendants, balls, chains and very rarely as donuts. Individual crystals and polished crystal cross sections are particularly valuable and powerful companions of the family of tourmalines.

Flowing tourmaline chains, which consist of almost all tourmaline variants, are not only fantastic pieces of jewelry, but also a very good way to carry all the powers of tourmalines always with you.

They provide a very special level of spiritual light, healing power, intuition and protect against many negative influences and evil forces. You get these chains as ball chains, lens chains, olive chains and faceted chains.

You can multiply the power of these chains by adding a gold or silver clasp to them, making sure that the chain is not knotted so the stones touch each other. Individual tourmaline crystals also concentrate the healing powers of tourmalines many times over.

The tourmaline has very different varieties, all of which have different healing properties. Should be drained once a month under running water and placed in an amethyst gland for a few hours to recharge. Charging in the sun is not recommended for pink tourmalines.

The tourmaline is best worn directly with skin contact. When laying on the direct body contact is also important. Some healers even recommend sticking the stone to the affected area.

When destroying scars, the tourmaline is spread over the scar, which is to remove the excess energy from the scar. As gemstone water, the tourmaline is, depending on the variety and desired effect, best taken at the time of the organ clock.

Symbolism and Meaning

Pink tourmalines, like the ruby, have been worshiped as a stone of truth, partnership, and love for the remembrance of humankind. After the Egyptians, the red tourmaline brings enlightenment and preserves through his inner fire with sorrow and evil thoughts.

Tourmalines find their high value position already in the antique one. They did not serve. Only the jewelry processing, but are amulets, lucky stones and healing stones since commemoration of humanity.

According to the ancient Egyptians, the tourmaline is the stone which, on its long journey from the interior of the earth, went over the rainbow of antiquity, to the sun, which it lit up.

Therefore, it is also found in all the colors of the rainbow. Even the ancient Greeks realized that tourmalines are pyroelectric crystals that build up magnetic poles by heating or rubbing. The tourmaline in Europe, however, did not become really popular until Dutch sailors brought it to us from their world travels. They recognized the magnetic properties of the tourmalines, and used the crystals to pull the ashes out of their pipes. The tourmaline is considered in his traditions as a fortification stone of friendships and love.

Even today, the various tourmalines are among the coveted test gemstones, gemstones and healing stones. Tourmalines have not only as gemstone depending on the color own fantastic properties, but also penetrate as healing stones each in his own way in our body.

General Properties

Pink tourmaline is a tourmaline whose color can range from pale pink to deep red. The stone can be transparent or opaque. It is connected to the heart chakra and works on feelings. It also connects to the crown chakra helping to grow and bear the changes better.

Like all tourmalines, pink tourmaline also belongs to the family of aluminum borosilicate’s which are mixed with various metals including iron and magnesium. The color changes according to the components.

It is also possible to find tourmalines in different colors inside the single specimen. A particularly appreciated variety of pink tourmaline is known as watermelon tourmaline. Inside it is pink and outside it is green. It is perfect just to work on the heart chakra.

Like all tourmalines it is electrically charged if heated or rubbed. The ends are polarized, one becomes positive and the other negative. This attracts dust particles. It is not a modern discovery in reality. As early as the 1700s this property was used to remove the ash from the pipes. In industry instead it is used for television and radio circuits because it is excellent for conducting frequencies.

Pink tourmaline has always been associated with emotions. Helps prevent accidental falls, it is in fact considered a useful stone both for the elderly and for children who are becoming more and more familiar with walking.

Pink tourmaline is useful for regulating the heartbeat. It is recommended to support during the recovery period from a heart attack. In reality it also makes its benefits felt for gynecological problems, it regularizes menstruation. Useful to support the arrival of puberty in both girls and boys.

Among the other physical benefits we find its beneficial action on spinal problems, on the nervous system, headaches and neuralgia. It balances the hormonal system and helps in case of dysfunctions. You can use black tourmaline if you have any problems with your skin or you have to intervene with specific treatments on your lungs. Balance the brain hemispheres, right and left. Sometimes in crystal therapy it is used for dyslexia problems. Helps manage pain in chronic diseases.

On a mental level the pink tourmaline helps to dissipate stress and even worries. Useful against anxious and depressive states. You can for example use it together with black tourmaline if you want to defeat obsessive behavior. Helps to overcome the problems related to abuse, especially those experienced during childhood. Fights insomnia linked to anxious states and gives a lot of calm. It helps you to reflect before acting.

It is a stone particularly recommended for those who are adolescents and are pregnant. Helps to forge a stronger relationship with the child. It is the black tourmaline that works on the destructive feelings and wounds of the past that have never really been addressed. It helps you to let go of guilt.

You can use it if you are a very anxious person and if you suffer from depression. A real support if you want to find the courage to change old patterns so as to open yourself to love and let go of sick relationships. It is used by shamans to protect themselves during rituals. Helps improve the perception of phenomena. Bring spirituality into your life, but also wisdom and compassion.

Tourmaline is also used for healing. Eliminate the auric blocks and remove negative energies. You can use pink tourmaline to balance the meridians.

Love and Relationships

The pink Tourmaline stone can help you bring back the flames of love. This powerful stone is going to help you bring back the feelings of passion and attraction into your relationship. If you are having problems finding someone to love, then this powerful stone can help you with that as well.

Just let its powerful effect run through your body by carrying this stone close to you, whenever you feel like you need that extra something. Everyone will be turning their heads when you walk, and you will be attracting attention left and right.

The red color variety makes mental development dynamic and flexible. Pink Tourmaline helps you to pursue your own goals, but also to correct them whenever you need them. He makes sociable, charming and promotes the vitality and joy of intimacy.

Physically it stimulates the blood circulation and blood purification as well as the function of the vital organs.

Health Benefits

Red tourmalines penetrate very deeply into our emotional life and help us here to better recognize the limits that separate compassion and selflessness from self-abandonment. Hardened and deadlocked people, on the one hand, become more sensitive, especially through red tourmalines, and are so open that they are ready to show their personal feelings.

On the other hand, anxious people, who are rather withdrawn due to disappointments in the partnership or in the workplace, experience an energy boost through red tourmalines, which accompanies them to forget their pains and let go of pasts.

Both types of people not only experience a new life through this stone and the insight that they can live differently, but they are also filled with more love, friendship, happiness and zest for life.

The red color variety makes mental development dynamic and flexible. Pink Tourmaline helps you to pursue your own goals, but also to correct them whenever you need them. He makes sociable, charming and promotes the vitality and joy of intimacy. Physically it stimulates the blood circulation and blood purification as well as the function of the vital organs.

The pink / red tourmaline helps with dizziness, arthritis, diseases of the nails and nerves, sexually transmitted diseases, infertility and menstrual problems. It activates the immune system, detoxifies the liver and protects against X-rays!

Tourmaline should be worn on the body with direct skin contact or should be applied to specific areas as needed or even glued on. The latter is especially suitable for scar repair. Scars can interfere with the energy flow of the meridians and thus interfere with the function of internal organs, especially if they run transversely to the trunk or the limbs. In this case, tourmaline sticks are glued in the direction of the meridians until the energy flow is undisturbed again, i.e. cold, numbness or pain have disappeared.

The direction of the meridians is towards the trunk on the inside of the legs, abdomen and chest, on the back and the outside of the legs, and on the inside of the arms towards the hull and on the outside of the arms. For all treatments with tourmaline, the gemstone essence can be taken as a support.

Pink Tourmaline and Wealth

The Pink Tourmaline stone doesn’t have an effect on your financial situation or wealth.

Pink Tourmaline and Zodiac

This powerful stone is linked to the zodiac signs Capricorn, Aquarius and Aries.

Pink Tourmaline and Chakras

Red tourmalines especially give our heart more peace and harmony. They free us from blockages and psychoses that block our body, but are mostly due to the behavior of our fellow human beings. False friends are shaken off by us just as much as a fanatical outlook on life. Pink Tourmaline stone makes a clean sweep.

Red tourmalines also liberate people who, despite their own lives, are prevented from self-realization by their parents’ morbid and selfish gang.

How to Purify Pink Tourmaline

Clean and unload tourmaline regularly under running, lukewarm water. Chains should be cleaned and unloaded once a month overnight in a dry bowl of mixed hematite and rock crystal tumble stones.

By charging in the sun or in an amethyst gland, the tourmalines are not only given back their strength, but they can rebuild their pyroelectric properties. That is, they become magnetic again and therefore invaluable in their healing effects.


The gemstone tourmaline has been known since ancient times. However, because he has very different outward appearances, all colors of the rainbow, he was often confused with other stones. The red tourmaline was therefore called, just like the ruby ​​or garnet, in the middle Ages “carbuncle”. Green tourmalines were also confused with emeralds, and so on.

Its present name did not prevail until the 18th century. He comes from the Sinhala (turmoil) and means translated “diverse stone”. Characteristic of tourmaline is its great variety of colors. At that time, one believed of this gemstone, he could shine out of itself.

Although this is not true, a peculiarity of some tourmalines is the so-called pleochroism. This means that the tourmaline can show different colors depending on the viewing angle.

Tourmalines are very good electrical conductors, they can be electrostatically charged by rubbing or heat. This property was formerly used to pull tobacco ashes out of the pipe and gave it the synonym “ash-puller”. Tourmaline has always been used to make jewelry and art objects.

Even today he is often used as a gem stone. For example, e.g. the championship of the DFB (German Football Association) equipped with 21 tourmalines. Due to its properties, however, it is also used in the electrical industry. In astrology, tourmaline is also known as the Month stone of October.