Snowflake Obsidian Stone – Meaning, Benefits and Properties

Obsidian was named after the Roman Obsius, who brought the first stone from Ethiopia to Rome. Already in the Stone Age weapons were preferred from this volcanic glass, because he just like flint because of his break particularly well suited.

In antiquity, Obsidian was used to make elaborate objects and mirrors, and Native Americans made weapons and sculptures from them. Obsidian is highly valued as a gemstone and for the production of art objects.

Especially the snowflake obsidian is considered a protective stone, which is supposed to protect its wearer from false friends, coming dangers, negative influences and black magic.

The snowflake obsidian is one of the most important healing stones of all. Snowflake Obsidian strengthens the character and promotes unused strengths. In addition, he lets the facts face better, helps to learn from his own mistakes and improves the intuition and spontaneity.

In addition, this healing stone is a good helper for fears and blockages and protects against negative influences.

Symbolism and Meaning

Many gems are often found in ancient rites, myths, legends and ancient rites. Not infrequently, they have been and are mentioned in, for example, magic, sorcery, witchcraft or frontier sciences (e.g., alchemy). If you would like to know more, click here. We believe that this type of stone application should also be discussed in one of Germany’s largest gemstone portals.

However, we expressly point out that this may also describe practices or applications that may not be consistent with their sense of morality, beliefs or personal ethics.

General Properties

The black, volcanic glass is characteristic of the obsidian. Named after the Roman Obsius, the obsidian was already of great importance in the Stone Age. Formerly used as a tool and weapon, today it is an important gem, to which numerous powers and effects are promised. Obsidian is an acidic siliceous rock containing up to 70% silica.

While quartz and feldspar crystals may be trapped, water is relatively scarcely one percent in the rock. A crystal structure is not present in this compact and glassy rock. The obsidian is an amorphous rock that forms over thousands of years through radial crystals and becomes unlucky stone. The older an obsidian is, the more advanced is the crystal formation. This is reflected in small, irregular, white spots, the so-called snowflakes.

With a hardness of 5.5 on the Mohs scale, the obsidian is one of the hard rocks. It shines glassy and has a very sharp-edged break. Its transparency is opaque, but it shows through the edges of the stone translucent. He is easily confused with the unlucky stone. Both have the same specific gravity, which makes the distinction difficult.

Love and Relationships

The Obsidian stone is a powerful talisman against negative energy in relationships. This stone helps you get your relationship back in balance and allows you to find common ground with your partner.

Health Benefits

it makes us better aware of reality in our personal world, providing more light in our lives and actions; we recognize that hurdles must be taken to reach the light; It leads us deep into our lives and allows us to observe what we have experienced more consciously; we thus learn from our mistakes and thereby recognize the path that is right for us; he protects as a protective stone against negative influences, false friends and coming dangers; it promotes acceptance of our lives and everything that is (even if we do not like everything)

Healing effects on the body relieves diseases and infections caused by foreign bodies and viruses, e.g. fungi, inflammation of the intestine and cecum, as well as diseases of hepatitis, chickenpox, herpes, influenza and measles; the immune system is strengthened, he should have a strengthening effect on the spine, bone marrow and bone; People with low blood pressure, frequent shivering and cold feet are harmonized by the healing stone

In the stone science very often the so-called snowflake obsidian healing stones are used. In principle it does not matter which form the healing stone has. It does not matter whether it is the raw snowflake obsidian mineral or snowflake obsidian tumbled stone. Decisive is the skin contact and the pleasant feeling. Since raw snowflake obsidian mineral usually has sharp broken edges, it can only be used to a limited extent for stone shilling and in crystal healing.

For most healing stone applications, the Snowflake Obsidian Tumbled Stone is ideal because the Snowflake Obsidian Tumbled Stone has a pleasing surface. The next big advantage of the snowflake obsidian tumbled stone as a healing stone is its price. Since the snowflake obsidian tumbled stone, in the preparation, requires only very little manpower, it is the ideal healing stone in the stone science.

In the meditation, the snowflake obsidian is rarely found. But there is no real reason for that. Snowflake obsidian is a good helper in meditating. In stone circles, the snowflake obsidian finds little, until no use. For the stone circle appears the snowflake obsidian, too dominant for many. But what a mistake. Presumably those confuse the snowflake obsidian with the onyx.

In particular, snowflake obsidian is considered a stone that stimulates blood circulation and is therefore well suited for problems such. Cold hands and cold feet. It is said that the snowflake obsidian is a generally pain-relieving and relaxing stone. Physical effect requires skin contact in any case.

Snowflake obsidian should be worn in skin contact. Snowflake obsidian can be worn without any problems for a long time. A long-term effect, or even a depot effect but you cannot expect. In other words, wearing snowflake obsidian for longer does not hurt, but does not increase the effect.

On snowflake obsidian, which is worn on the skin, inevitably settle skin fat, dirt particles, remnants of creams and the like. It is therefore advisable to clean it occasionally with lukewarm water (without additives such as soap or other cleaning agents). If you have lime-free water, such as very clean rainwater available, we recommend that you clean it here, so that no lime scale occurs. For the sake of appearance, the snowflake obsidian should be dried after cleaning with a soft cloth. The snowflake obsidian is very prone to water spots.

Traditionally, you should treat your snowflake obsidian now and then to a little sunbath (not at midday, but in the morning or in the evening) so that the snowflake obsidian can “rest” or recharge with energy to give you the best possible support.

Obsidian healing stones have a powerful effect on the body. They are valuable companions for those people who suffer from low blood pressure or who repeatedly complain of cold hands and feet. Even with back pain or circulatory disorders Obsidian is very effective. In addition, it accelerates wound healing and helps to relieve muscle inflammation. Particularly well-known is the hemostatic effect. Cut wounds close very quickly, which is due to the fact that obsidians have very high iron content.

Ultimately, the Obsidian also offers, especially the Snowflake Obsidian, to lessen the torment of a hangover after excessive alcohol consumption. Asthma and muscle cramps are alleviated and the connective tissue is strengthened. The intake of vitamins C and D is supported and stomach and intestinal complaints become more bearable by wearing or laying on the gemstone.

By this is meant that the obsidian itself brings hidden properties from the deepest interior of the human to the surface. These can be both positive and negative. According to the origin of the rock, the hidden becomes explosive and suddenly conscious.

Obsidians are also referred to as deepest soul levels. They have the ability to bring the hidden from the subconscious mind into consciousness. Fears, traumas, creative qualities and much more become aware.

In the process, blockages, fears and states of shock are more easily resolved. If you want to deal with experiences from the past, the obsidian will support you best. If one is willing to accept changes and to learn from experiences, one recognizes with the healing stone also much good in it. The energy of the stone helps to have a clear picture. The obsidian grounds man and thus establishes a connection to the Earth’s core. As a protective stone, it stabilizes energies and protects against both physical and emotional damage.

The obsidian in its diversity is ideal for meditating. Just looking at it leads to a positive, psychic effect. Direct skin contact brings the best physical results. So it can be worn in the form of a necklace or an amulet. Obsidians are available with different carat weight as pendants, rings, earrings, etc. For a specific application, the obsidian can be placed directly on the appropriate body site. There is also the possibility to make an essence. This has a particularly powerful effect.

Snowflake Obsidian Stone and Wealth

Snowflake Obsidian stone doesn’t have any specific effect on wealth and money issues.

Snowflake Obsidian Stone and Zodiac

In Obsidian in general, the assignment to the star sign Scorpio (24.10. – 22.11.), Sagittarius (23.11 – 21.12.) And Capricorn (22.12 – 20.01.) Explicit snowflake obsidian is not mentioned. The assignment of gemstones to zodiac signs in horoscopes always causes confusion, since many a gemstone in which a horoscope is assigned to a certain zodiac, but is not assigned to the corresponding zodiac sign in another horoscope.

The reason is simple. The assignment of individual gems to constellations is a very ancient lesson and then (thousands of years ago), mankind did not yet have the current trading opportunities. Which meant that regionally different assignments to the constellations took place. Humans could simply assign the stones available in their region to the constellations, zodiac signs.

Snowflake obsidian is assigned to the planet Neptune and Pluto as planetary stone. The assignment of stones to certain planets and constellations has its origin in the Indian Horoscope, which early on attempted to assign gemstones to certain planets and constellations. Planet stones are also increasingly finding access to Western horoscopes. Where the origin of the “groomed” planet stones practically always comes in the Jyotish (Indian horoscope). The interpretation of the planet stones is on the one hand millennia old and still very little common in the western world. Accordingly, it is difficult to find reputable sources.

Snowflake Obsidian is not assigned to any month as a birthstone or month stone. Note: The birthstone as well as the stone of the month is not identical to the assignment to the signs of the zodiac. Month stone and birthstone are assigned to the birth month.

Snowflake Obsidian Stone and Chakras

This powerful stone is linked to the forehead chakra, intuition, and 1. chakra, root chakra, will, life energy, and sub chakra soles, with themes such as “I recognize myself and the context of my life,” “I accept the light as the dark in my life “,” I’m ready to learn”.

How To Purify Snowflake Obsidian Stone

Should be discharged once a month under running lukewarm water and charged in the sun or with a rock crystal.

For his psychic effect, a simple viewing ranges. In order to develop its physical effect, it should be worn with direct skin contact or applied to the affected body parts.


Snowflake obsidian is said to provide support in processing deep-seated mental issues, such as bad experiences, both conscious and unconscious. It is said that it helps to draw a positive essence from bad experiences.

However, a mental positive effect can only arise with visual contact to the snowflake obsidian. This must be taken into account when planning the application.

Of course, the effect diminishes over time, when the stone no longer has energy. Therefore, it is important to clean it regularly. For this purpose, it is rinsed under running, lukewarm water. To charge you need a rock crystal group or the pure sunlight.

For jewelry chains it is recommended to unload them in hematite tumbled stones. The obsidian is best suited to be worn together with clear mountain crystals or used in meditation. Carry this stone close to you at all times and you are going to have a very positive affect on your mind in general.