Amethyst Stone – Meaning, Benefits and Properties

Amethyst stone belongs to the family of quartz and, within it, is the most appreciated variety. Its name is synonymous with lavender and its violet color is mainly due to the presence of iron in its internal structure.

The particular beauty of the amethyst is admired since ancient times. Thus, according to biblical descriptions, it was one of the 12 gems inserted in the chest of Aaron, the High Priest. Today, its success continues and a large number of jewelers use it to make their jewelry.

Even the most novice designers resort to imitating this stone for their creations. In addition, with the arrival of some subcultures such as ‘pastel Goth’, the amethyst has won fans in youth fashion.

Amethyst stones are highly appreciated by jewelers for the hardness and high demand they have. Only the most perfect pieces are used to make jewelry, giving rise to incredible creations that favor anyone.

A characteristic of this stone is that it discolors with prolonged sun exposure, while in the shade it gradually regains its color. For this reason, jewelry composed of this material must be treated carefully.

There are numerous legends related to this stone, from its power as an amulet against evil destiny to its ability to provide love, peace and happiness. The ancient Greeks believed in its efficacy against poisoning, while the Romans related it to a story of revenge. It is also popularly known for solving legal problems and money issues, as it can lead to prosperity and abundance.

In addition, other benefits that are associated with jewelry made with amethyst are its suitability to improve sleep by placing it under the pillow or its control over appetite for those who are on a diet.

The amethyst not only has spectacular beauty, but can also help us in various aspects of our lives. For that reason, in Carmen Dauta’s collections you can find jewelry made from this semi-precious stone. Unique pieces to look radiant at any time of the day.

Symbolism and Meaning

The name of the amethyst comes from an adaptation of the Greek Amethysts that referred to something chaste, free of impurities or simply sober. There are many variants of the story, but whether mythological or not, the amethyst has historically been used as an amulet against drunkenness, hence some fancy cups were carved with amethysts

This mineral in the form of precious stones was frequently used as an ornament in positional figures such as that of the bishops, hence one of its nicknames “The stone of the bishops”, referring to the rings worn by the Roman bishops.

The amethyst as I mentioned before is the most valuable variation of quartz and therefore has a particular value in jewelry, where “clean” amethysts (the most transparent) are carved, this due to its ability to dim the light that it passes through it giving it an almost solemn appearance.

Amethyst coughs that are not good for carving are used as encrustation for different pieces of all kinds of sizes, many of them are treated at different temperatures to combine them with other pieces thanks to their varied color ability.

Amethyst formations are usually found generally in geodes, although structures in the form of reefs and covering other mineral formations have been reported. The best known deposits of this precious mineral are located in Brazil (Marabá and Palmeira), although there are other locations such as Bolivia, the United States, Canada, Argentina, Mexico, Russia, Madagascar and Burma. Due to the history that surrounds this majestic mineral, it is related to divinity, protection against calamities, wisdom and royalty.

In the bible the amethyst (Exodus 28: 15-20) is mentioned as one of the precious minerals used in the “Pectoral of the Judgment”; In Feng Shui the amethyst is part of one of the treatments to balance the energies, placed in specific places and used as pendants in necklaces and bracelets.

The amethyst is related as a moonstone (possibly because of its relationship with Artemis as a moon goddess), therefore it was used in pagan rituals related to the moon or made at dusk on a new moon. Some Wiccan communities use amethysts as the main piece in the wands used for rituals.

In the Egyptian community the amethyst was used in the funeral ornaments of many pharaohs and in the costumes of elite soldiers with the aim that they retain their bravery in battle. For centuries the amethyst stone was formed with different carvings for the charms, such as bears, symbols referring to home and protection, delivered to people who faced difficulties and who wanted to return home.

Like aventurine quartz, it is a magmatic mineral that originates in reefs with solutions rich in iron oxides. Another curiosity of this mineral is its name and it is that the meaning of the violet amethyst stone is “not drunk” because the word amethyst comes from the Greek amethysts which just means that “sober”; In fact, one of the qualities attributed to the amethyst mineral is to eliminate drunkenness.

Of course that would correspond to the era of Greek culture, because for example, in the middle Ages the amethyst became the symbol of the renunciation of earthly goods and the acceptance of chastity and the mystical; in fact the bishops’ rings carry this stone embedded in their rings.

That in terms of the scientific and historical part of this impressive mineral, if we had to define it briefly in terms of its mystical and esoteric part, we would define it as the symbol of reflection and divine wisdom.

By the way, the darker the violet color of the amethyst, the greater its effect. It is the ideal stone for meditation, as it removes insignificant thoughts and focuses you on what really matters, helping us to get out of confused thoughts. It promotes memory improvement, motivation and promotes emotional balance.

Improve our self-esteem and patience. It also has the ability to promote intuition and inspiration. It will make you recover the balance between body, mind and spirit. Help in cleaning and repairing the aura. It is the stone that you have to use if you think they are attacking you psychically, because it will help you defend yourself against such an attack.

As far as emotions are concerned, the amethyst helps to be at peace with our conscience, purifying it and opening our minds to reach this calm with ourselves. It has the power to eliminate negative emotions that we may feel like anger or similar negative feelings.

Another of its capabilities is to reduce the feeling of fear, removing those fears that may be tormenting you. As for its physical healing properties, we can tell you that the amethyst helps you calm the physical and psychological tensions, getting that the stress you may have is blocked.

If you have sleep problems, the amethyst will help you recover it, it will also make the nightmares disappear and will help you rest peacefully, for this you will only have to place the stone under your pillow. It helps calm the nerves and reduce the stress and anxiety you may have.

Eliminate the headache, for this you will have to pass the amethyst through your forehead and your temples while breathing slowly and deeply so that you achieve total relaxation that does not make you think.

Of course, that is the question that you will be asking yourself after having seen all the properties and virtues that this mineral has, because take note that it is very simple: If you want to sleep, we already tell you that you have to place the amethyst under the pillow.

If you want me to absorb bad energy and protect your home, place an amethyst in each room of the house; what if it’s not possible, you see changing the place stone every day. When you go to perform meditation you can take it with you in a pocket or embed in a piece of jewelry or place it as an ornament in the room where you are going to perform the exercise.

If you want it to protect you as an amulet, you will only have to carry it near you, the closer the protection, so if you do not have it as a necklace, bracelet or ring, then carry it in a pocket or purse.

Of course, remember that for the amulet to work, you don’t have to say the real reason why you are carrying the stone. Ah! And do not forget to activate it, for this, you will have to leave it one night with a moon in a glass of salt water and the next day load it with the sun for a few hours.

So far came all the knowledge we have about amethyst and we wanted to share it with you so you can get the most out of this beautiful and appreciated stone. If you still want to know more about the amethyst, we leave you with this video where they explain the characteristics and properties of this stone that cannot be missing in any home. If you are looking to find free video editors, for your stone recordings check Adobe Express’ tools.

General Properties

Amethyst is a beautiful sort of quartz with a specific purple hue, these stones have a special form and properties.

Amethyst is also known in some regions as purple quartz or violet quartz. The amethyst represents peace, tranquility, and serenity. In the disturbing moments, this stone calms our thoughts, and invades our soul of tranquility, all we have to do is hold it in our hand that we do not use to write, that is to hold it with the left hand the rights and vice versa

To the amethyst as to most types of quartz, healing properties are attributed. One of its benefits is that it is used to relieve headache or migraine, it is also used to treat skin problems and all kinds of lung and respiratory diseases.

When practicing meditation, it would be more productive to do so with an amethyst piece right in front. It gives you peace of mind in your thoughts, elevates your ability to concentrate and ignites all those positive vibes sheltered inside you.

So it should remain about 2 or 3 hours, to load or activate the amethyst you can leave it exposed to the light of the full moon for a whole night.

If you are knowledgeable or knowledgeable about energy stones then you will know that these stones are important to always carry with you, wherever you go do not forget to take your piece of amethyst, you can even acquire a jewel or garment of this stone and in this way you can always take it with you.

The amethyst compared to other highly valued minerals in jewelry is susceptible to temperature, under which it changes hue, for example, the burned amethyst (a sub variation of the amethyst) is achieved by heating it to a temperature of 520, and it has a Very distinctive orange color.

The color variations obtained by heating the stone can diversify its uses in jewelry and also the amethyst subjected to X-ray radiation with alpha particles can recover its characteristic violet color after it has been heated.

If you want it to protect you as an amulet, you will only have to carry it near you, the closer the protection, so if you do not have it as a necklace, bracelet or ring, then carry it in a pocket or purse.

The violet color of the amethyst tends to concentrate on the tips of these, they are resistant to acids. There are other variations of the amethyst very popular among collectors, a classification that depends on their color, being highly difficult to find. They are commonly confused with other minerals.

Love and Relationships

Having an amethyst piece in your home, which is visible to all family members, will make the family members more complicit. Harmony grows peace, relationships improve and the environment becomes better.

As far as emotions are concerned, the amethyst helps to be at peace with our conscience, purifying it and opening our minds to reach this calm with ourselves. It has the power to eliminate negative emotions that we may feel like anger, aggressiveness and other negative feelings.

Health Benefits

The Amethyst stone belongs to the family of stones of Quartz has the shade of violet and we can find in Brazil, Sri Lanka and East Africa. Their colors can vary from pale violet to a dark or even chasing to transparency. The Amethyst was once used in jewelry long before the discovery of large deposits in Brazil and was seen as a precious stone.

This stone should be used with care in people with paranoid or schizoid tendencies. This crystal can be used as a jewel, or simply bring a rolled stone into a pocket, the Amethyst crystal tips are more common than are used for healing (placing the tip turned towards you so that the stone absorbs the negative energy).

Stone can be placed in the environment in order to transmute the energies. If you have insomnia problems, you can use the properly energized amethyst under your pillow and during the day you can use it next to your heart or throat.

Where they are found in nature: United States, Great Britain, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Sri Lanka, Uruguay, East Africa, Siberia and India. Formerly the amethyst was advised by therapists in the cure of alcoholism and also in people with evil thoughts.

The soldiers believed that by using this stone they would be protected against enemies and also ensures their protection and clearer thoughts when making decisions. Hunters were recommended to facilitate the capture of wild animals, as they believed that it offered greater capacity for mental concentration.

Some French authors say that the God Bacchus, being offended once, decided to take revenge and declared that the first person he met, when he stopped with his caravan, would be eaten by his tigers. But destiny wanted this unhappy mortal to be a beautiful and pure maiden named Amethyst, who was going to Diana’s sanctuary to pray.

Amethyst Stone and Wealth

As we have already said, the amethyst is a very powerful and protective stone, which prevents negative energies from reaching you; In fact, if you place an amethyst stone in your house as a decoration, it will also absorb all these bad energies and release positive energies, as it will transform them inside.

Amethyst Stone and Zodiac

The Amethyst stone is linked to the Zodiac sign Pisces. People born under this Zodiac sign can use this powerful stone to promote their qualities and become more concentrated and determined.

Amethyst Stone and Chakras

The Amethyst stone is linked to the crown chakra. Keep it close to your head and wear jewelry made out of this stone to protect yourself from the negative energies.

When practicing meditation, it would be more productive to do so with an amethyst piece right in front. It gives you peace of mind in your thoughts, elevates your ability to concentrate and ignites all those positive vibes sheltered inside you.

How to Purify Amethyst Stone?

This gem does not absorb bad or negative energy so it is not necessary to clean it energetically speaking.

In any case, if you cling to clean it, you can also do it because it does not hurt either, as most quartz just put the amethyst in a glass container and pour enough sea salt on it.


In this post we will know in depth the amethyst stone, for this we will detail what is the meaning of the amethyst and what are its greatest virtues and properties from which you can benefit.

So take good note because we will present it to you both in the scientific field and in the spiritual and mystical field.

The amethyst stone belongs to the quartz, in fact we talk about it as the mineral amethyst in the post that you will find on the web where we comment all about “the meaning of the quartz stones.”

But what we are going to, as we have said it is a quartz and within the composition of the amethyst is iron (Fe + 3) it depends on it to vary its color, because as it contains more or less quantity so will its violet color or less intense.

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