Black Opal Stone – Meaning, Benefits and Properties

There is probably no one in this world who hasn’t heard briefly about the possible healing effect of so-called healing stones – i.e. the possible healing effect of gemstones.

Here we will go a little closer and more precisely to the possible healing effect of gemstones, crystals, minerals and stones in general and the possible healing effect of various gems – from agate to carbonate, so the gems from AZ – illuminate in detail and try as many as possible Information about the possible healing effect of gemstones to bring together and in conjunction with other natural healing methods such as Spiritual healing, healing with symbols, acupressure, hot stone massages, Reiki, Pranic Healing, etc. which are also partly worked with crystals and minerals.

We also want to consider the possible healing effects of gemstones in connection with astrology and other border sciences as well as other materials, such as: Metal, wood (wood species) etc. and in relation of the stones bring each other.

As the crystals and minerals send out vibrations, the possible healing effects of gemstones may possibly cancel each other out or, vice versa, increase the healing effect of the gems.

If a gemstone harmonizes with a particular astrological constellation, the same stone may have a different effect on different constellations or in relation to other materials (e.g., the combination of a gemstone with a particular wood species or metal) or other healing stones. In order to consider all these factors and to create the most effective healing stone jewelry, protection amulet or other esoteric jewel a comprehensive knowledge about the possible healing effect of precious stones is necessary. A knowledge that the jewelry designer of the many collections that have Black Opal and who has used for more than 20 years as a book fitter, energy practitioner, artist and designer.

Gemstones with their vibrations not only possibly have a healing effect on the organism, the physical body, but the minerals, crystals and gemstones (semi-precious stones, healing stones) also have an effect on the spiritual, spiritual realm, of human beings with goals, intentions and life themes; to the mental, subconscious realm (his temperament, feelings, sensations, his dreams, the psychic experience, habits and unconscious reactions as well as his mind – the mental realm with ideas, convictions, the way of thinking and the way of thinking and conscious acting.) If we Thus, here we speak of a (possible) “healing with gemstone”, so we always have the human being as a whole in mind, we not only heal with gemstone possibly the physical area (the solids part of man) with all senses, organs and functions.

And we will again presuppose that healing with precious stones is not a medical therapy and the healing properties of gemstones, crystals and minerals have not been scientifically proven and the healing properties of the stones are controversial – by no means do gemstones and their potential healing power replace a doctor’s visit or the drug treatment of Illnesses: Healing with gemstones may not be scientifically proven, yet many people feel the vibration of the stones and (subjectively) perceive them as a healing effect on their body, mind and soul.

Even if it is on the physical, psychological level is an auto suggestive effect of the stones would be activated only the self-healing powers of the body heal with gemstone show an effect – at least in the mental, spiritual or emotional field of a person.

Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism

Gems of Black Opal are of breathtaking beauty. Their gloss warms heart and soul, enriches and gives a joyful zest for life. But it is not only their sight that provides for delight – just their perfect healing power attracts us humans again and again magically. The opal in its precious whole is an amorphous solid consisting of silica gel, without crystal structure. Striking is his colorfully spotted, also iridescent play of colors, which is created by light reflection and interference of the light rays.

The name Opal can be traced back to the Latin term “opalus” or to the Greek term “opalius” (precious stone). In ancient times, the opal had a real “sovereignty” held, the people considered him at that time but especially valuable. The reputation of the opal was sometimes even greater than that of a diamond. The Opal stone belongs to the mineral class of “oxides and hydroxides” and further subdivided into the genus of oxides (molar ratio of metal: oxygen = 1: 2).

Its main substance, the silica gel, is colorless and is, if at all, discreetly colored. By various inclusions, the opal stone can also accept darker colors up to body color. A truly fiery version among the opals, also a rarity is the black opal. But the Fire Opal is a fascinating treasure, which literally takes the heart of the collector by storm. In addition to these two gemstone stars, the white opal looks rather unspectacular.

Nevertheless, he is a noble opal. It occurs in many different varieties.

General Properties

The crown of creation. The black noble opal is a powerful, strong gemstone. The black opal is rare and one of the most popular jewelry and healing stones ever. This healing stone exudes pride and great willpower. Who owns him, the black opal, may be truly happy, because with proper care and cleverly executed rituals opens this precious opal soon the gateway to paradise.

Just like the white opal, the black opal can cure illnesses, relieve pain and foster fantastic joie de vivre. Despite its blackness, the black opal stands for the good. He is the caring servant of man. Endowed with great care, it transforms rain into sunshine, tolerates the cold in the hearts of angry people and increasingly creates peace on earth.

The black noble opal is bursting with healing energy. He always puts us in a positive mood of departure and joyful excitement, literally gives us magic wings, strengthens our faith, helps us make good choices, and provides powerful stamina. He, the black noble opal is just a true human connoisseur. Whatever moves us, he knows how to handle it perfectly. He fulfills wishes very much, brings dreams within reach and ensures foresight.

The black opal is a great magician. With him at our side we reach set goals in a jiffy. He flatters our ego and feels for us. In difficult situations he is our healing catch basin. The black opal keeps the abysmal evil constantly away from us and gives us a lot of love, maturity and confidence.

This gem lets us recover in body and soul and leaves no single doubt that he has supernatural powers. With good treatment, he selflessly gives us his great salvific power.

Love and Relationships

This stone protects our relationship and makes us more determined. The black opal is not a stone of sadness. Where he is, people laugh and enjoy life. He is quite sensitive to chemical cleaning agents.

Therefore, it should only be bathed or cleaned in pure, not too warm water. Also too strong sunning harms him. He loses color, is literally “blind” and finally he loses his positive effect.

On a physical level, it contributes to body cleansing and purification. The black opal strengthens our immune system and protects us from various liver diseases, such as: liver inflammation, liver swelling and cirrhosis.

He also keeps gallstones away. Its constructive effect is simply phenomenal.

Health Benefits

No matter what ritual we have come up with, it requires a targeted preparation. We have to get to know our black opal, internalize its effect, and ultimately enter into the desired healing contact with it.

For this we take the freshly charged stone in our hands, caress it gently and concentrate strongly on our request.

The black opal absorbs our vibrations, settles on us and begins to send its positive energy. We should let them work on us for a long time. If a light, pleasant tingling sensation sets in and warmth floods our hands and arms, then the time has come.

Now we can start with the actual therapy and look forward to good results.

Black Opal Stone and Wealth

The Black Opal stone is going to affect your financial situation in a way that it is going to allow you to bring your finances in check. With the help of healing powers of this gemstone you are going to see the chances that are being given to you much clearer and everything is going to seem like a true opportunity.

You have an opportunity to accomplish anything you dreamed of so roll up your sleeves and correct the mistakes you have made in the past. Remember what your mistakes were and never repeat them again in the future.

Black Opal Stone and Zodiac

The Black opal stone is linked to the Zodiac sign Libra. This stone represents people who are free spirited, balanced and creative. They love beauty and everything that is gracious, beautiful and gentle.

They are great diplomats and love to enjoy the beautiful side of the world.

Black Opal Stone and Chakras

The Black Opal stone is linked to the Crown Chakra. There are few blockades of the crown chakra, but an underdeveloped crown chakra is widespread. When anger and resentment have been piled up through pain and disappointment, projecting onto the diffused idea of a god or higher power, it can cause those affected to refuse to associate with the divine in whole or in part.

By being cut off from the higher aspects, increasing disorientation, coupled with mental emptiness, sets in motion a creeping process of uprooting and inner isolation that often manifests itself as a mid-life crisis from the age of forty. To lead a life of complete insignificance and not to know who one is.

How to Purify Black Opal Stone

To clean your jewelry made out of Black Opal stone you can use lukewarm water and dish soap that is not too abrasive.


The Black Opal stone is a strong stone that can allow you to take a stand and help you achieve the goals that you have set up for yourself.

This Black Opal stone is a powerful stone and wear it in events that can truly change your life and bring some important people into your life. take care of this stone and wear it always close to you.

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