Aragonite Stone – Meaning, Benefits and Properties

The Aragonite, named in honor of the Spanish city of Aragon, is a semi-precious and energetic stone that also bears the name of “iron flower” which was given by the miners of Aragon.

This makes perfect sense considering its appearance that is very similar to when the flowers are born in the field, only this time they are minerals that sprout in the form of normally hexagonal rods around a rocky epicenter and on some other occasions in forms of sea urchin. Keep on reading this text to find out the special meaning of this powerful stone.

Symbolism and Meaning

Aragonite forms needle-shaped acicular crystals, which elongate around the axis. They also form long hexagonal prisms interspersed around a common center. Mineral formations can also be fibrous, in columns and stalactites.

The crystals are usually together and interpenetrating, forming a type of spherical figure. Aragonite owes its name to the Spanish population of Molina de Aragon, where it was first identified, has the same chemical composition as calcite, but with a distinct crystalline structure that makes it harder and heavier.

This spectacular crystal looks like a city of the future, the structure of an alternative reality or the expansion of the order in space. Its colors are orange, golden yellow, white, green, brown and blue.

The Aragonite puts the mind in a kind of creative trance stimulating lateral thinking. As its crystalline structure reflects it, it can group the dispersed elements and provide a secure base from which to explore new possibilities.

This is a very good stone to focus on or to prepare for the meditative state; and it is perfect to dissipate stress, rage and impatience. It helps to solve problems by giving us the vision of their base. It helps us to accept and assume the multiple responsibilities of life.

It is also a stone that allows us to communicate with higher planes through the crystalline structure that allows us to move to higher awareness.

She stabilizes an uncontrolled spiritual development, will calm you down, center you and restore your balance; It will also elevate your vibrations to a high spiritual level and will confer energy to the physical body.

The Aragonite is a healing and earthly stone that helps to settle the energies. Tune in with the Earth, so it favors the conservation of the planet and the recycling or development of environmental technologies. This stone transforms the geo phatic tension and cleans the blocked telluric lines, even at a distance.

The Aragonite teaches patience and acceptance and combats excess sensitivity. It is indicated for people who try too hard because it also helps them to delegate responsibilities and also rely on the work of others.

It helps us to focus on what we have in hand and gives the mind flexibility and tolerance. It offers intuitions about the cause of problems and situations. The Aragonite helps us feel comfortable inside the body. It fights disease, especially nerve spasms caused by internal restlessness. She will stabilize us and give us back the center.

On a physical level the Aragonite calms the cramps and heats the extremities, spreading energy throughout the body. Treat chills and Reynaud’s disease. It heals the bones, helps absorb calcium and restores the elasticity of the intervertebral discs. It also improves pain and stops nocturnal muscle and nerve spasms.

Strengthens the immune system and regulates the processes that tend to accelerate. It is useful for linking sounding or volatile people to your body. Located on a map the Aragonite allows to clean the tension lines that the Earth exerts on the ground.

An Aragonite elixir will be a very good tonic to improve pain or calm the entire body if you put it in the tub water. It also fights nighttime restlessness if you put it under the pillow. Putting on the area needed will act in all the ways mentioned above. It also externally treats areas of dry or affected skin.

General Properties

This is a metamorphic stone that is classified as a carbonate (CaCO3), the highest percentage of its composition is calcium and its colors are usually translucent between brown, blue, black, white and violet.

It is considered a soft gem since it only has a rating of 3.5 on the Mohs scale (created to measure the hardness of the stones where the highest rating is 9) so it is usually a really fragile stone compared to others.

If you were looking for exact information about the Aragonite stone, then I must tell you that you arrived at the right place, because in this article we bring a lot of precious information about that mineral that can powerfully change your life for the better, after all it is a very special stone, capable of cutting the most negative influences that may be going through your life, stamping it.

The Aragonite stone makes a beautiful connection of Mother Nature in its fire element with human beings, helping them in a series of mystical and therapeutic issues that we will have the opportunity to show in that work. Therefore, if you want to promote a radical change in your life, how about giving a chance and knowing more about that special and beautiful mineral?

Aragonite is well known in the esoteric environment for the unique feature of astral improvement, the promotion of joy and the renewal of mood. Therefore very suitable for those who walk with a loaded countenance due to the experience of very difficult situations. In particular the loss of loved ones.

It also helps the user to have a greater spiritual breadth, facilitating relaxation exercises, meditation and the search for knowledge in itself.

Another very interesting property of the Aragonite stone is that it helps people to have a greater sense of responsibility and to connect with life from time to time. That is why it is excellent for those people who live “in the world of the moon” and are extremely dreamy of putting their feet back on the ground and touching their lives.

There is a belief that by placing an aragonite under the pillow before sleeping we have a peaceful night’s sleep without the possibility of nightmares or even sleepwalking crisis.

Finally, aragonite stone was very effective as an adjunct in the treatment of diseases that affect the joints, such as pain in the knee. According to some scholars in crystal therapies, only the contact of the stone with the painful knee joint already shows signs of comfort immediately.

We strongly recommend that aragonite be used responsibly and conscientiously, because in fact it is a very special mineral and with extensive energy and healing powers. Therefore, carefully read the short lines to follow to know exactly how to use your Aragonite stone.

In the field of therapies, if you want to leave it in the environment for the treatment of the collective, such as in a gym or rehabilitation center, we advise you to leave the mineral in a visible place, perhaps at the entrance of the enclosure, however without the possibility that people get trapped in the mineral, because they can make an energy exchange with it and that is not very good, both for the person and for the crystal itself.

Love and Relationships

The energy of Mother Earth helps us see things from different points of view, fostering empathy and connection between all living things.

Repels negative energies and regulates positive ones, helping the nervous system to strengthen against viruses and infections.

Health Benefits

In my personal experience this wonderful stone has helped me to settle down, connect much more to Mother Earth and enjoy its benefits that calm my spirit and order my mind. Excellent to prepare a proper environment of deep meditation and get connected with our inner selves, dissipates stress, anxiety, anger and impatience among other qualities that we will see below.

Its telluric energy (which comes from the earth) has the ability to calm or stabilize the nervous disorders from which problems such as anxiety, restlessness, thinking and even depression derive. It controls the cramps in the body, as well as chills, and ailments related to the muscles, joints and bones.

An aragonite stone under the bed or around the room will relax the energies of the bedroom, allowing the mind to be calm and consequently relieving the symptoms of insomnia. It has the ability to better distribute energy around the entire body, from the feet to the head through all the organs and the brain.

It helps to digest new knowledge better, opens our discernment and catalyzes what we have already learned to remember and use it later if necessary, and also encourages discipline.

Relieves menstrual pain and all related to the female reproductive system. You can carry it with you in a pocket or even as I said of necklaces, bracelets and other items to repel negative energies, keep lucid thoughts and anchor to reality without being pessimistic. Placing an aragonite stone in the bedroom will help you fall asleep. If you prefer to distribute them around the home you will also achieve a comfortable and pleasant environment for the whole family.

The jewelry sector is a very competitive one, always in search of the best gems and innovations that may interest buyers.

In the case of aragonite for jewelry there are many benefits that can be exploited such as the properties already mentioned above? These can be used if they are used as necklaces and bracelets because they can be used for long periods of time. It also serves to decorate some garments and as a decorative stone for the home.

Use to assert yourself on land after an astral journey. Place it inside your hands and squeeze them while you meditate to deepen your meditation. Rest the stone on the chest and relax the body for 30 minutes so that its energy cleanses the negative energies and the heaviness that accumulates after a long day of work or studies.

Epidote Stone and Wealth

If your intention is to make your home, workplace or even any other environment more cheerful and hospitable, how about creating small ornaments with the stone?

If your goal is personal, with the purpose of some particular therapeutic effect, use it if possible as a ring (the results in that format seem very good), but it can also be used as earrings and bracelets.

Aragonite is very useful for students because it helps us to learn new knowledge and assists us when we have to present exams allowing us to be attentive and remember what we have learned.

Epidote Stone and Zodiac

This stone is very useful for the natives of any sign of the zodiac, however its energies are better worked with those of Capricorn, lion, virgin and bull.

Obtaining, therefore, even faster and more satisfactory results than the others. Aragonite itself is not associated with any specific profession, so it serves all without restrictions.

Epidote Stone and Chakras

La Aragonite helps you maintain a strict discipline, if you program it in your activities. Stimulates the sense of practicality and realism. She stabilizes the base and earth chakras, thus deepening the connection with our planet. It gently returns us to childhood or beyond to explore the past.

How to Purify Epidote Stone

Aragonite can be cleaned by placing it for a while under cold water, it is not usually a demanding stone when cleaning. You could also immerse it in water with sea salt for three days.

It is said that crystals, quartz and some precious stones have memory and save energy that is why we must clean them before using them or simply after long hours.


Aragonite stone is famous for its fantastic effect on skin problems and bone weakness. There are reports, for example, that its regular use is very good as an aid in the treatment of rheumatism!

This mineral is also very effective for older people who suffer from osteoporosis or have any bone weakness.

People who suffer constantly with pain problems in the spine can also benefit from that mineral, so it is good to read at the end of the article how to use the stone. Some esoteric are also blunt in saying that tea made in contact with aragonite can relieve the symptoms of gout.