Bloodstone – Meaning, Benefits and Properties

This stone is a variety of Caledonia also known as heliotrope, it is dark green or teal with red or brown spots, hence the name, bloodstone. The spots may vary in their quantity and shape (dots, stripes …), but the most common are the spots.

In the ancient world this stone was highly valued being considered one of the most beautiful. It was called Piedra del Sol in ancient Greece, hence the name heliotrope, catching the sun.

The heliotrope was used as a medicine and aphrodisiac throughout India. He is much respected for his metaphysical and crystalline powers.

To this day, the bloodstone remains one of the most popular gemstones used by practitioners of alternative therapies.

Symbolism and Meaning

With regard to its “magical” properties it is believed since ancient times this is a stone with magical powers. It was so linked to blood, it was believed that if the stone was touched the haemorrhages stopped, this is why the soldiers carried amulets made with blood stone, since they believed that bleeding would be a problem less for which worry in the middle of the battlefield.

In the middle Ages the Babylonians used the bloodstone to increase and hone their powers of divination and together with the Egyptians, they used this stone to eliminate their enemies, using the stone to increase the strength of their soldiers.

The Egyptians also believed that this stone made you invisible in the eyes of the enemy, and that is to be directly related to the gods of war, its main uses were to kill, and strengthen the personal strength of man.

Christians, on the other hand, around the Middle Ages often used this stone to carve scenes of the crucifixion of Jesus and drew their main martyrs, so the martyr stone was also called for some time.

According to legend about the origin of this stone, it was formed for the first time when the blood of Christ being on the cross fell from his body and touched the ground, and this blood fell on a jasper stone staining it with blood.

Despite being related to wars, this stone not only increased the strength of everyone who possessed it and increased the ability to kill the person, but was also used to heal. And it was believed that, thanks to their great healing powers, these stones were pulverised and mixed with egg and honey.

A magic formula that was believed to cure tumours and stop bleeding. On the other hand, in the medieval period this stone was used to eliminate the poison from snake bites and was used to protect the wearer from poisons, thanks to this, it was very common for the kings of the time and important people Necklaces made of blood stones would be illustrated, as it was believed to protect them from poisons.

General Properties

Its energy is connected with the purity of blood, life and birth. Also with vitality, passion, courage and strength. It is a mystical and magical talisman with protective and nutritive virtues.

When we have emotional problems this is one of the most useful stones. It will make you leave the well when it seems that nothing has a solution. He will recover in a positive and constructive way reminding him of the importance of being brave.

The Heliotrope dissipates the feeling that the world does not treat him well, will believe again and contribute positively to society and its surroundings. Stimulates confusion, personal concerns by balancing emotions, showing that it is important to first understand oneself to better understand others.

It is a stone that drives personal growth, to be stronger and to face the world in a more positive way. This stone offers great protection. Bloodstone protects the soul at all levels, increasing intuition, dissipating mental confusion and avoiding negativity.

On a physical level, it strengthens the immune system by eliminating toxins from the body, purifies the blood by improving circulation, cares for and heals internal organs (spleen, liver …). It is a stone associated with birth, it is used for fertility problems, both in women and men. This stone can be combined with others to reinforce its properties, in fact it is better to combine it with stones that dissolve negativity and attract the positive.

If we combine it for example with shungite, it will be much more effective in getting rid of toxic people and complicated situations. It is also highly recommended to use it with diamond or turquoise, this will increase your joy and positivity.

If you have a serious and debilitating problem that needs to be addressed at this time, combine the blood stone with a transparent quartz and it will increase its potential.

Gem therapy and chronotherapy, a technique that uses stones to balance the Chakras, already used by the ancient Egyptians, royalty… It is a really effective and powerful technique, nowadays we can access it easily, the most important thing is to bring the stone near the Unbalanced Chakra area, for this there are Chakras therapeutic garments, these garments designed specifically for this purpose, help to bring the gems at the exact point of each chakra to any place you go and at any time.

They are also a very important tool for emotional psychology, any alternative therapy, as it will increase its benefits, better channeling energy and unblocking the emotions that are responsible for blocking the chakras.

Love and Relationships

When it comes to emotions, this powerful stone can help you finally break out of your shell and become more open and outgoing.

As soon as you start wearing it close to you in form of jewellery, you will notice the difference in your behaviour.

Bloodstone is also great if you are looking for a way to surprise someone you love. This stone can come by as a great gift for someone you love, and there is always beautiful jewellery pieces that you can create from this mesmerising stone.

Always keep it close by and don’t lose it, because it can definitely help you become a lot more confident in all your decisions.

Health Benefits

There are some stones, which have been desired by all people, whether for their value, their rarity, their striking colours or their shapes to be used in jewellery, to use them as protective symbols, to collect them or simply to sell them.

Whatever the desired end for a gemstone for anyone is a secret that they have been given another purpose apart from being used as a representation of wealth and status, since they are increasingly gaining prominence in the world of esotericism

The mineral Heliotrope is a variety of chalcedony, this gem is a chalcedony of an almost black green color with red encrustations, which are formed by iron oxide or is a combination of the Heliotrope with red Jasper.

There are times where the “spots” are yellow, in this case the mineral is called Plasma. When the stone has red Jasper in its composition, the spots take on a red colour, and because of this the English call it the Bloodstone gem, which in Spanish would be “Stone of blood”.

The value of this stone is determined by its crystallinity and this in turn is determined with electron microscopes, being in turn the best blood stones those that have a dark green colour and the characteristic red blood-like spots.

This stone was long referred to by the Romans as the March stone, and this is because, in March, it is named in honour of the war god of Roman mythology: Mars. The bloodstones that are currently used in jewellery are covered by a kind of enamel that highlights the beauty of the gemstone. This is why the jeweller’s experts never clean the blood stone with abrasive cleaning products, such as detergents, as this would irreparably damage the surface of the stone.

It is very common that this stone due to its beauty is falsified, and a good way to identify a blood stone is authentic, it is rubbing it on the porcelain, and if the porcelain is stained red, this means that it is in the presence of an authentic bloodstone, otherwise, is a synthetic stone.

This stone was also used to prevent ageing through magic. It is able to clarify vague thoughts and dispel perplexity. Despite all its properties, it is currently used to promote love for the family and increases the prosperity of business and business and in turn also helps to overcome legal issues.

The heliotrope also fights evil and prevents jealousy. It helps sentimentally replenish a broken heart and attracts good fortune. It is said that every time the stone turns a sharp red colour it is a sign that there is surrounding danger. And even, in some places in India, blood stone is used as an aphrodisiac and is also used in traditional Indian medicines.

Gem therapy experts say that it also offers physical help in the treatment of diseases such as anaemia, and also diseases that attack the blood in turn, this helps increase blood flow and detoxify the blood by strengthening the immune system.

In the case of women, it helps a lot when it comes to normalising the menstrual flow and avoiding the annoying pains, it also dissipates the side effects that women can feel with menopause. Despite the great properties that this gem may have, it is recommended not to completely replace modern medicine with alternative medicine with crystals.

Bloodstone Stone and Wealth

The Bloodstone is a very powerful stone that can be used to promote luck and stability when it comes to finances. You can wear it close to you anytime you have an important meaning and make sure to keep it clean to promote happiness and positive energy.

When dirty, this stone can create negative energy that is going to drag you down and make you feel insecure, so take good care of it before you put it into good use.

Bloodstone Stone and Zodiac

The Bloodstone is linked to the Zodiac sign Libra. People born under this sign can use it to make themselves more open and to break all the insecurities they might have. Bloodstone is a great source of positive energy, that can help you become a much balanced person

Libras are known for their shifting natures, so it is important for them to have an anchor and to be more determined. This stone can definitely help you get rid of any initial insecurities and give you a boost when it comes to love, finances and family matter. Just keep it near you and everything will be better.

Bloodstone Stone and Chakras

The heliotrope is a very powerful stone which is used to balance the Chakras, mainly the Root Chakra and also the Heart Chakra. It is indicated to overcome the anguish and anxiety related to the imbalance of these energy centres.

The Root Chakra as we know is at the base of the column and is the origin of physical and spiritual energy, when it is unbalanced us feel low energy, without wanting to perform any physical activity or with little enthusiasm.

The energy of this stone is used to undo blockages by restoring the balance of the Chakra, thus recovering physical strength and endurance, spiritually it makes us feel safe.

The Heart Chakra located in the centre of the chest, paves the way for personal relationships, everything related to the outside and what we love.

When in imbalance we feel controlled, we become very critical of others and we have disproportionate emotional responses. Heliotrope energy is used to restore balance to this Chakra and emotional stability.

How to Purify Bloodstone Stone

The way to clean this stone is not different from cleaning other types of stones such as quartz or tourmaline, all you have to do is place it in a glass container and add enough sea salt on top. After a few months you remove it and clean it very well.

To load or activate the garnet stone it will be necessary to leave it exposed to the light of the full moon for a whole night. After this you can use it again to continue protecting you.


Hello dear reader or reader, if you are reading this surely it is because you have been interested in the powerful garnet stone. And you have not made a mistake because here I will explain everything about this gem, its meaning, incredible properties and how to use it.

The word garnet is due to the resemblance to the seeds of pomegranate. This stone is also known as “the blood of the earth” this because the ancestors saw it as a piece of blood from “the gods” that was intended to purify and cleanse souls.

Garnet stone is an excellent protector of negative energies, well in fact it is not only able to protect you from them but also has the ability to transform it into positive energies. That is to say that if someone intends to harm you, they will end up achieving the opposite effect.

If you are a person who often feels excessively tired, enough energies or simply runs out quickly, then you need an energising stone and certainly the garnet stone is, and not only will it help you with physical energies but emotional as It will eliminate stress, anxiety and mental fatigue.

Another of the benefits of garnet stone for its bearer is to give it an unshakable spirit and firmness in hard times, when the forces seem to fade. You can gain the ability to make better decisions at all times and see solutions to each problem.

Another of the properties that garnet stone has, the aphrodisiac effects, if you are having problems in intimacy with your partner this gem can help you, since it promotes raising appetite levels for intimacy, something really fundamental in the proper functioning of a partner.

Garnet stone is also attributed healing properties such as using back pain treatment, also to purify the blood and stimulate metabolism. In fact in the ancestor, this stone was known as the anti-disease stone because the ancient people had the belief that by possessing this stone they were immune to all kinds of diseases.

Using this energy stone is very easy, all you have to do is always carry with you, either in the bag or in your body in the form of a jewel containing garnet. With this you will always be protected from the bad energies that can approach your aura.

If what you want is to protect your home or your car then obviously the stone has to remain in that place. To take advantage of its aphrodisiac properties you have to put the stone under a pillow in the bed where you usually sleep with your partner.

To use garnet as a muscle energiser it is necessary that you put it on your umbilical chakra or on the upper area of ​​your back. If you want to eliminate stress and mental overload then place the stone on your hundred.