Aries Birthstone

The popular custom of wearing the stones of the month, or lucky stones, originated in Poland and dates back to the fifteenth century, but these gems became part of Western culture through the breastplate of Aaron (Exodus 28: 15-30).

Known as the “bib of judgment”, it was worn by Jewish priests during religious ceremonies.

It was decorated with twelve gems that corresponded to the twelve tribes of Israel and at the same time represented both the twelve signs of the zodiac and the twelve months of the year.

Birthstone – Meaning

Stones, in addition to their charm and beauty, have always represented an important symbolic value, which can be even higher than their aesthetic and economic value. The habit of wearing stones, with particular reference to the month of birth, also called lucky stones, originated in Poland and dates back to the 15th century. However, these gems originate from the breastplate of Aaron, known as the “breastplate of judgment”.

The Jewish priests wore it in religious ceremonies. It had 12 gems for the twelve tribes of Israel and also represented the 12 signs of the zodiac and the 12 months of the year. The first list of contemporary times was written in 1912 by Jewelers of America, then recently reworked by the AGTA, the American Gem Trade Association.

You can choose the stone of the month, or lucky stone, for a birthday, an anniversary or any other significant event. The stone of the month is also widely used in the case of birth rings for all mothers, even more so if the month of birth of the mother coincides with that of the child.

In the past, the ancients wore a different gem every month and many still think that the powers of the stones can be strengthened in their birth months. Admirers of precious stones will now surely have excellent reasons to buy the entire collection of gems and wear them throughout the year.

Since it is not at all easy to establish without appropriate scientific knowledge, that is, without the support of gemology, what difference there is between gems of the same color, the gems were not always classified according to their mineral species. And since at one time on the basis of the correspondence of the color, different gems were in any case known under the same name, it is somewhat uncertain today which exactly were the gems set in the breastplate.

This gave rise to a series of different lists of stones of the zodiac sign based on the place and period in which they were written.

The first “official” list was developed in 1912 by Jewelers of America (once known as the American National Association of Jewelers). Below is the list of zodiac stones initially proposed in 1952 by the Jewelry Industry Council and subsequently revised by the AGTA, namely the American Gem Trade Association.

You can choose the stone of the month, or lucky stone, for a birthday, an anniversary or any other significant event. But did you know that, in the past, it was customary to wear a different gem every month and that in the Middle Ages it was believed that the powers of the stones could be strengthened in their corresponding months?

The list of these particular characteristics is quite rich – through the table it is possible to take a quick look at the strength and energy, which should originate from the stones of the month or, also known as lucky stones.

Aries Zodiac Sign – Characteristics

As many will know, Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and includes the period from March 21st to April 19th. It is a sign of Fire, an element that gives passion and a smoky character, as well as Cardinal, or where the Sun is at the beginning of each season, in this case the spring.

The temperament of the typical Aries is in fact exuberant, enthusiastic, and full of initiatives and energy to carry them out, without thinking much about it. The Aries are lovers of risk, of adventure, of challenges to the point that sometimes they can be unconscious. Unable to lie and tactless, they are phenomenal when you need to unlock a stagnant situation: if you want to quickly close the next condominium meeting, invite an Aries! Their merits include frankness, ardor and courage; among the defects inconstancy, impatience and, in some cases, a certain carelessness in the details.

The male born under the sign of Aries is not just a man, but an Omo (Roman) with a capital O: virile, gallant, brash, there is no conquest that he deems out of his reach; on the contrary, the more difficult the business, the more it insists.

His sworn enemy is boredom, coupled with getting what he wants right away: if you like it, woe to make him understand it on the first date because you will probably never see him again, despite the promises he will make to you. To make him fall in love he must be constantly on his toes and, sometimes, even a little scrambled: he will never admit it, but he loves to be treated badly. It’s a bit of a sophisticated, even if he declares to appreciate sporty, dynamic and simple women, in reality he will be seduced by a sophisticated femininity, soft and discreetly exhibited: off heels, red lipstick and necklines “I see / I don’t see”!

In particular he appreciates the fluttering skirts, if you wear one in his presence expect a touch to the legs as soon as possible. It is not difficult tie down, the problem is that it is a chronic infidel and it is also caught because it lacks the ability to subterfuge.

He enjoys light flirtation much more: it will overwhelm you with passion and will make you live experiences to remember. He is horrified by those dead cats who, with a blink of an eye, get help from men in every way and just can’t understand why there is always a fool in the group wearing the wedges on the beach.

She is a modern, independent woman who has learned to get by on her own at home at a young age and is keen to show that she doesn’t need anyone. In reality, in the guise of the predator, she is a great romantic who dreams of meeting a man with a strong personality, able to keep her head and protect her from the many unexpected events that life presents, as a result of having thrown herself into situations without thinking.

She is naive, a bit brash but very loyal and, once you have been nice to her, it is possible that she will defend you in front of criticism, as long as they are not yours. In fact, she will never let you miss her opinion about any aspect of your life: if you agree, everything will go smoothly, if you just try to disagree, you will be attacked by tremendous buttons to show you that you are right and you miserably wrong.

Fought between starting a family and the excitement of adventures, he will capitulate only if he is truly in love. The ram is an animal of strength yang with which marks the beginning of the zodiac in the sign of Aries. Mars, your ruling planet, represents desire as an engine so Aries is the start, the life force, the first.

Their lives are full of energy, vitality and passion. We will see Aries running, fighting, marking territory, not only to compete but also to free themselves from any ties that try to retain them. Live the moment, it is spontaneous, it has so much strength that many times this makes it clumsy, hurried.

To recognize the Arians, it is enough to observe their way of arriving, fleeting, without being careful, simply making room for the elbows. Aries attacks without thinking, talks without thinking, rushes, is anxious and impatient, does not tolerate indecision or parsimony, has quick and brief reactions, starts things but does not finish them, is undisciplined and sometimes violent.

His worst defect is to believe that there are no others like him. It has a lot of potential energy, even without form, or self-consciousness. He is adventurous, he likes novelties and he is frank and direct. He always needs to take the lead, he does not like to be stopped. Mentally they are fast, they like to talk a lot and have ideas like sparks, and they sprout quickly and without stopping.

Aries Birthstone – Meaning and Symbolism

The Zodiac sign Aries, has several birthstones that bring luck and prosperity to the members of this Zodiac sign. We are going to discuss each stone in detail and reveal more about it.

Heliotropism is a dark green chalcedony variety with orange-red or yellowish spots. This word comes from the Greek Helios (sun) and tropos (manner). In the past it was a common belief that this stone reflected the sun. It was also used in Christianity to sculpt scenes of the crucifixion of Christ and even martyrs. It is often called the martyr stone. Personal and physical energy was also used as an amulet for potential. Also known as blood jasper.

The heliotrope is a stone that gives calm, at the same time it helps to face difficult situations, even those where the spirit of survival is put to the test. Use it if you need to be more organized and you must also reduce anxiety and confusion. You can also work on the seven chakras, especially the lower ones. It helps to purify them and align their energies. You can use it to detoxify your body.

He works especially on the second chakra on the spirit of survival. It makes you more patient, less aggressive and angry. Protects against unwanted external influences. It promotes adaptability among many other things. It allows you to face challenging times in a much more relaxed way, without losing mental clarity.

With the heliotrope you can stay calm if it is changes that life puts you in front of you put the sticks in the wheels to your desires. From a physical point of view, this stone strengthens the immune and lymphatic systems. It also strengthens the liver, heart, spleen, kidneys and purifies blood among other things. It also counteracts fever.

Another Aries birthstone is topaz. This is one of the oldest gemstones ever, even mentioned in the Old Testament, and it is also the one that can reach the largest dimensions: in the world there are really huge topaz crystals, which can weigh over two hundred kilos. It consists predominantly of aluminum, iron and chromium, and can take on different colors, from yellow / orange, to pink, to green / blue. It is often treated with industrial processes to revive its color and make it more saturated, but also to counteract the tendency of this stone to discolor when exposed to sunlight. It can be found in metamorphic rocks or in alluvial deposits.

Topaz is a stone of relatively high hardness, which occurs in nature in various colors, not only the characteristic golden yellow but also orange, pink, yellow / green, brown, violet and, especially in more recent centuries, blue. It possesses excellent qualities of purity and clarity, and it is not uncommon to find pleotropic topazes, that is able to show different colors according to the observation point. It is a rather rare gem, with a chemical composition similar to zircon, and a physical conformation which, although very hard, tends to fall apart easily. The cut most used for this gem is brilliant, to enhance its clarity and enhance its color.

In ancient Egypt it was used as an amulet in the form of a sacred scarab; in the middle Ages it was the “stone of the warriors” (a talisman engraved with an armed man crushing a snake). Helps to be strong and combative, to pursue their goals to the full, to neutralize the evil spells. It promotes oxygenation and blood circulation and assimilation of iron, infuses energy and physical and mental strength to therapists. Jasper is a mineral that has always been considered capable of giving stability, reducing stress and nautical sing the negative energies resulting from hidden attacks.

It is recommended for better oxygenation of the blood, for tissue regeneration, to facilitate the assimilation of iron in deficient organisms, for the liver, the kidneys. These characteristics favor a serene and physically balanced pregnancy as well as protected from external negative energies. Physical action: strengthens and energizes the body.

Stimulates the production of red blood cells and assimilation of iron. Psychic Action: its use protects from negative energies and has the property to counteract occult attacks, neutralizing them. Promotes a serene pregnancy and protected from external influences.

The Aquamarine is a beautiful gem with different shades, like the water of the sea, so that anciently (as testified by the Latin naturalist Pliny) the Aquamarines were considered better than, immersed in the sea, they could not be distinguished from the water. The most precious, however, are those of a deep blue, which observed from different directions have various shades of color?

This is due to its hexagonal crystals, a sign of its belonging to the beryl family. It is often found in large crystals with one end in the form of a prism with six faces and the other implanted in the rock.

Wearing a jewel of this stone there is a sense of calm and an ability to dominate the emotional storms that sometimes involve us. It is a stone that instills trust and serenity and helps stabilize marital relationships.

Considered the lucky charm of sailors, the Aquamarine is recommended for those who go by sea but also to those who need to calm emotional “storms”. Stone that reassures, instills confidence and serenity and bodes well for weddings.

It improves eyesight (placing it directly on the eyelids in case of eye pain), calms and regulates breathing, helps in allergies and hay fever because it strengthens the immune system.


All you have to do is give a lot of space to the imagination and decide which stone to use: do you want to remember the month of the wedding, that of your engagement or that of the first meeting? Or one for every occasion!

Admirers of precious stones will now surely have excellent reasons to buy the entire collection of gems and wear them throughout the year.