Cancer Birthstone

Each and every Zodiac sign has its own birthstone and every birthstone carries a special meaning behind it. These stones are there to protect and serve you, so anytime you wear it around your neck, you can expect a flow of positive energy coming. Since every Zodiac sign is different and has its own characteristics that make him special, we will discuss each Zodiac birthstone in detail.

In today’s text the subject will be the Cancer Birthstone and its characteristics.

Birthstone – Meaning

Each birth date can be assigned a healing stone, which promotes and supports the support of the wearer. These birth stones can be determined by birthday, birth time and place of birth and the resulting constellation.

However, the determination after the birth decade is usually sufficient. Each zodiac sign is divided into three decades, each about ten days. Every decade, the typical characteristics of the sign are different and accentuated. We have developed a system that selects the appropriate decade stones depending on this expression and the chakra and its resonance color.

Aries Zodiac Sign – Characteristics

Who celebrates his birthday between the 22nd of June and the 22nd of July, has the sign Cancer. The sensitive water sign cares devotedly to his fellow human beings, but unfortunately can also become somewhat possessive. Cancers are considered very family-oriented and long for a stable and above all harmonious life. But even the sensitive cancer born have their corners and edges.

Cancers are very emotional people who love to protect their friends and relatives from the real and supposed pitfalls of life. For others, cancer always has an open ear and good advice in store, but it cannot always solve its own problems. People with the Cancer sign often worry a lot and need a lot of time to fully trust someone.

But once he has closed a person in his heart, he walks with him through thick and thin.

The dark side of the sensitive and affectionate cancer is his great affection, which sometimes already has a possessiveness and his jealousy. He needs the constant confirmation of being loved, which can be very tiring for his partners and his family in the long run.

If the cancer-born is not busy with his fears and fears, he can be a very good friend, charming companion and buddy to steal a horse. But it can happen again and again that cancers withdraw and need some time for themselves. During a long walk or listening to music in the bedroom, they organize their thoughts and prepare themselves for all upcoming tasks.

Cancer men are very complex characters that combine much light and shadow in their being. Male cancers are tough and very resilient, but on the other hand, they are also sentimental dreamer, constantly pondering and brooding about problems. Who is with a cancer man together, gets a sensitive partner who wants to lay the world at your feet.

Cancer men like to protect their wives and daughters, but they can also be prone to jealous attacks. Male cancers are generally attractive to women, they are charming, witty and good listeners. Their minds are sharp and the family goes above and beyond the cancer men.

The dream man cancer also has its weaknesses. He can quickly become confused and difficult to part with old habits. His apartment is full of old memorabilia and he prefers to spend a holiday in the same place every year. Many cancer men are still closely associated with their old sandbox friends and give much to their views.

The mother also plays a major role in the lives of most male cancers and is always involved in important decisions. Much to the displeasure of one or the other partner of the crayfish.

Female cancers are capable of very deep sensations and dream of very great love. They’ve seen every romantic movie at least once and shed one or two tears. Cancer Women are extremely sensitive and to protect themselves from the rigors of everyday life, surrounded them early in life with a protective armor of cool indifference and flee into a fantasy world. Many of their fellow human beings only notice after a while how sensitive the Cancer Lady really is.

On first flirting, the Cancer woman may seem extremely shy and reserved, but anyone who has once looked behind the facade of the brittle beauty will fall in love with a caring and devoted woman who will once make an ideal wife and mother. But to conquer her, man has to put a lot of effort.

The Cancer woman is loyal to her friends, her partner, and her family, and she’s going to take a leg for her. You can safely entrust her with a secret without having to worry about gossip. If the female cancer feels loved and secure, he can be an excellent and passionate lover, but one night stands and affairs are usually not the cancer woman. A big weakness of the cancer women are their strong mood swings, which can cost their partners ever the last nerve.

From an astrological point of view, all people who belong between 22.6. And the 22.7. Were born to the zodiac sign Cancer. Ruler planet of Cancer is the moon. He stands for the subconscious, sensitivity and feeling.

At the same time he symbolizes childhood, but also the mother. Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac. Just as the moon changes every day, so too can a cancer change its mood – from now on.

For a moment, he is apparently so happy that he wants to embrace the whole world, only to crawl into bed the next moment and pull the blanket over his head. Not everyone realizes this moodiness. Only his closest friends.

To protect himself and his loved ones, he consistently avoids dangers – at least he tries. If he ever gets into an unpleasant situation, he immediately starts the retreat. The zodiac sign Cancer is known to be (too) worried. It just cannot believe that everything is going well – that’s why it’s hooked on everything. The great skeptic under the signs of the zodiac needs a lot of time to open up.

However, if he has someone in his heart, he is a great asset to his life. He proves to be a good listener, even better observer and loving adviser. If he is not struggling with his moodiness, he is very sociable. Rounds of talks enrich the cancer with its sparkling charm and inimitable wit.

Aries Birthstone – Meaning and Symbolism

For those born in the first decade, the yellow jasper gives the sentimental sign the necessary strength to deal with its bustling sea world. He lets the cancer process experiences better. Rutilquarz

The rutile quartz is also the main stone of the zodiac sign Cancer as a stone of the middle decade. He strengthens his spirituality and helps him to search in his past and in dealing with his memories. Ammonite can best support the cancer of the third decade. He promotes his mental development.

The rutilated quartz is the strongest stone for the cancer of the second decade and the main stone of the sign, but it is also a very expensive gemstone. A cheaper, but also somewhat weaker alternative is the tourmaline quartz.

Also, this healing stone strengthens the cancer in his search in the past, but in a less spiritual, but more “pragmatic” way.

The most important birthstone of the cancer are yellow jasper, rutile quartz (main stone), tourmaline quartz and ammonite. Each birth date can be assigned a healing stone, which promotes and supports the support of the wearer. These birth stones can be determined by birthday, birth time and place of birth and the resulting constellation.

However, the determination after the birth decade is usually sufficient. Each zodiac sign is divided into three decades, each about ten days. Every decade, the typical characteristics of the sign are different and accentuated. We have developed a system that selects the appropriate decade stones depending on this expression and the chakra and its resonance color.

The decadal stones determined by our system should be borne by the cancer when its strengths are in balance with each other and it is in balance. If he is in imbalance due to the dominance of one of his strengths or other factors, this would be compounded by wearing a decade stone. In this case, a balance stone for the cancer should be used.

The cancer is associated with the elbow chakra, which may seem inappropriate at first glance – but show cancer cautious and shy and yet stands the elbow chakra for conflict resolution and assertiveness. It should be remembered that a cancer withdraws when it is in imbalance and not in a balanced state. An imbalanced cancer becomes a virtuoso of passive-aggressive resistance. His sensibility becomes hypersensitivity. He is injured quickly and appears very moody.

In the balanced state, the cancer can prove to be steadfast and enforce its will in a gentle way. He needs birthstone, which support him and correspond to the elbow chakra and its resonance color yellow. More about the correspondences of the cancer (chakra, element etc.) and its typical properties can be read in the article Gems Cancer.

The beginning of the first decade of the Cancer is characterized by the fact that now the development of the mind in the sign of the Gemini is completely completed. Now the soul world of man emerges. It is the subject of cancer, especially in the first decade. Longing for love, warmth, security that is what is driving the cancer of this phase. He seeks the exchange with his surroundings, perceives the finest vibrations.

The yellow jasper gives the cancer the necessary peace and strength to deal with its inner world and to develop ideas and goals. He helps him to process experiences and to gain more self-knowledge and understanding for other people, without losing himself in his strong emotional life. Further details on the yellow jasper can be found in the gemstone encyclopedia in the article Jasper yellow.

In the second decade of Cancer, the ability to remember the star sign plays a major role. The soul and image world of his subconscious, which is mainly determined by past experience, creates a strong connection to the past in this time of cancer: to his personal, but also to the collective history. This argument does not take place only internally.

It can often be observed that cancers from the second decade like to surround themselves with things from the past, are interested in genealogical research or are involved to deal with the history of their homeland.

Cancer knows who he is because he knows where he came from and what shaped him. He often develops a very pictorial imagination and keeps old stories, traditions and fairy tales alive in stories.

The translucent rutile quartz with its gold-colored, bundled fibers is the stone that best supports the cancer of the second decade and thus also the mainstay of all cancer-born. Rutile quartz strengthens the spirituality of cancer. He is the stone of truth. This finds the cancer of the second decade especially in his past and his memories. At the same time, the rutilated quartz helps the cancer to harness this confrontation with its memory and its past for the future and thus to approach the future with new ideas and confidence, instead of losing itself in the past.

Everything about rutile quartz, its effect, its application and care and its properties in general can be read in the article Rutilated Quartz.

The Tourmaline Quartz offers a cheaper alternative to the very expensive rutile quartz. The tourmaline quartz also helps the cancer very well in his contemplation of the past, but he has less of an impact on the spirituality of the sign.

However, it helps the cancer to be more relaxed and helps it to better deal with tension, stress, mental pain of inner tears and inner conflicts, and to exploit the conflict with it and to grow from it.

The tourmaline quartz is, so to speak, more “pragmatic”, and more anchored in the material world than the rutile quartz. But the result is similar: The sign can profit from his inner conflicts and from dealing with the past and deal more sincerely with himself and his fellow man.

In the third decade of Cancer, the influence of the element of water is particularly clear. Thus, the cancer of the third decade reacts strongly to all influences of its environment, follows it, and adapts itself. His life can take unpredictable turns and detours, but cancer trusts in arriving at the place he is destined to.

In this phase he transgresses the limits of logic. The cancer is now quite intuition and feeling, trying to develop from within. He is already preparing the creative power of the following constellation – the lion – which is used deliberately only in this.

Ammonite is the stone of the third decade of the Cancer. Ammonite, a fossil of an extinct cuttlefish native to the sea, fits well with the element of water in cancer of the third decade. He manages to reconcile the different forces within him, which cancer often fails to do.

Ammonite helps the cancer to accept the natural course of things and to be steadfast towards it. It promotes the intuition of the cancer and thus gives the necessary gut feeling when making decisions. Empathy and harmony are also important meanings of ammonite. With his winding appearance, he promotes the development of cancer from the inside out.


The basic character of the Cancer is not only closely related to the elbow chakra, but also to the element of water. Water means life, flow and agility. It can take all forms. It stands for the emotional aspects of life, the soul, for growth and fertility. The water is assigned to our psyche and the subconscious.

In addition, water signs are considered to be highly adaptable and devotional. They are receptive to external influences and think and act intuitively.

The zodiac signs of the element water are often very imaginative. The cancer as a water sign can empathize very well with his fellow man and also perceives fine vibrations in his environment. In addition, the cancer has a strong need for emotional attachment.

The water is closely linked with the color blue. To emphasize its quality as a water sign, the cancer can also use blue or other features related to the water gemstones, but for him are less strong than the Decade stones listed above.