Black Rutilated Quartz – Meaning, Benefits and Properties

Black Rutilated Quartz is the brightest of all dark stones, it is in first place as the capacity to contain the highest amount of light strength in a black color. Since the black color is associated with the first chakra,

Black Rutilated Quartz, also called Morione or smoked, is one of the most powerful stones to be used in therapeutic techniques with crystals, in order to stimulate and purify this energy center.

When involuted, the root consciousness of the root chakra can be somewhat decadent, only for personal gratification, however, when this chakra becomes radiant with light and is balanced with the upper chakras, then it becomes the foundation on which it manifests the spiritual force in the physical body.

The Black Rutilated Quartz channels the energy of the white light of the crown chakra into the first chakra for those who deeply root on the physical level, when this happens one feels personally invested, on the ground level, of the forces and blessings of the sky.

Symbolism and Meaning

The hope of a happy life represents a potential reality that everyone can give body to claim as its own in the light and sincerely strives to express this light in daily action.

Black Rutilated Quartz is a clear example of the ability to fill with light while living in a physical form.

Thanks to its ability to give a foundation, and this smoke is an excellent stone to use with people who have suicidal tendencies or who are ambiguous towards the world. By bringing a greater quantity of light onto the material plane, escape attitudes can be transformed into those stimuli useful for changing one’s life.

The smoked cost helps to come to terms with your body, your heart, your life, the world in which you live. This acceptance will allow us to find love for ourselves and for others; Black Rutilated Quartz attracts the power of love generated by the heart chakra to the root chakras to be used here.

General properties

When the Black Rutilated Quartz is worn as a jewel or the therapeutic techniques of the crystals are used, the quartz energy will start the movement of the primary forces present in the body: it will activate the survival instinct of the first chakra, but in a purified form; it will make us proud to walk on this earth and to be inhabitants of a human body.

Black Rutilated Quartz inspires us to accept the challenge and responsibility of changing the quality of one’s personal life and life on earth. The smoked cost makes it vivid to the vision of heaven on earth and promises the right merit that all creatures can access in dwelling on this planet.

Unlike some stones that bring to the surface repressed negative models Black Rutilated Quartz tends to dissolve such energies as the encounter, is equipped with a vibration of light at a high frequency and disperses and purifies the most negative models and waste of the aura.

Operating with the Black Rutilated Quartz can, to a certain extent, cause a radical change in behavior, as some aspects of the inferior egocentric nature are canceled and models with positive attitudes are replaced by habit.

The root chakra is associated with the anus and the ability to properly eliminate waste products: Black Rutilated Quartz and the stone used to treat the vital elements, from the physical and psychological point of view and the liberals of useless by-products.

The Black Rutilated Quartz pushes us to assimilate more in life, teaching how to abandon what is no longer necessary for one’s revolution. This freedom of non-addiction allows you to stay in tune with the light instead of being consumed by life.

Unfortunately, much of the Black Rutilated Quartz currently on the market is not. Most of what is sold as Black Rutilated Quartz and transparent quartz subjected to dark-colored radiation, with a minimum of sensitivity is easy to determine if a smoked crystal has been subjected to radiation, in which case, the crystal is usually very dark and with an unnatural appearance.

Love and Relationships

Black Rutilated Quartz is not going to affect your romantic life so you don’t have to gift it or carry it with yourself to improve your love life situation.

Health Benefits

You can find a nice natural Black Rutilated Quartz in the individual form and in the form of large rocks. The bunches of Black Rutilated Quartz or individual particles can be placed at the ankles, knees and / or in each hand during therapeutic crystal techniques. If the tip of the crystal is turned towards the body, the stones will deposit and put more substantial energies within the body.

If the tips are separated from the body, the stones will move the negative energies away from the physical body and the subtle ones. The geometry of the smoked glass can also be cut or faceted to obtain one of the quality stones that can be worn as jewels, or placed on the nodal points during the therapy with crystals.

Like all dark stones and crystals, Black Rutilated Quartz must be used with respectful awareness, an amount of energy can be opened using this stone it is very important to know how to direct channel these energies so that they can enter the service of the highest good.

Begin using only Black Rutilated Quartz in crystal therapy as you become familiar with its strength, add more stones. Always remain in tune with the person with whom you are preparing, since these stones may have to be removed with the limited warning of a second if their energies are not properly assimilated.

Considered the “ruler of the crystals”, with its transparent shine, it symbolizes clarity, truth, innocent beauty, profound faith. Quartz is a colorless and transparent crystal. It is formed starting from a pure solution of Silicic Acid, by hydrothermal process, in druse or cracks. There is a variety of this mineral called “Ghost Quartz”, which is formed on the surface, if the crystal has long periods of time (millions of years) for its growth.

According to the ancient Greeks, the Ialino Quartz was ice, formed at very low temperatures. (Its name derives from the Greek: “Krystallos Yalos”, “Transparent Crystal”, then also translated as “Light Ice”.) In all cultures, this crystal has always been considered a mineral with magical and therapeutic powers. It was often used to treat illness and to chase low-frequency energies, and to instill in the person, strength and vital energy.

Quartz has a rebalancing and revitalizing function on the body. It gives new vigor to the insensitive, cold, rigid parts, balances the brain functions, strengthens the nerves and stimulates the glands.

It infuses vital energy into the body and can be used to mitigate febrile states, pains and nausea. Very effective against headaches, reduces back pain and is an excellent aid for problems related to the spine and herniated disc.

Quartz stimulates the mind, pushing the individual to know himself. The Ghost Quartz variety helps to overcome the limits and rigid mental patterns. Quartz facilitates the emergence of unconscious memories, helping to solve problems in the clearest and simplest way possible and to recover those faculties that were deemed lost. Quartz makes sincere and impartial, strengthening the ability to understand others. It also allows us to maintain our positions and affirm our own authentic and profound nature.

Chakras and Energetic bodies: It is associated with the 3 upper Chakras, in particular the 7th Chakra (Crown Chakra, located on the top of the head) considered the connecting and access door to the Higher Worlds, as the seat of the passage of cosmic energy. Working on this Chakra, quartz balances the two cerebral hemispheres, balancing the duality “reason-intuition”. Moreover, having the characteristic of containing in itself all the colors of the color spectrum, the Quartz can be used on all Chakras, in place of any other crystal.

Friend of our pets, can give them vigor and energy, if present in the environment or directly attached to the collar, as a pendant. It is also used in aquariums, to infuse wellbeing and energy to fish and turtles. Like the druse of Amethyst, even Quartz has the ability to purify the other stones placed above them.

To purify the quartz, just place it under a trickle of running water for a few minutes, or immerse it in a bowl with fresh water (preferably glass) for a few hours or days.

Black Rutilated Quartz and Wealth

The Black Rutilated Quartz is going to help you gain more luck in your financial situations and also allow you to choose more wisely when it comes to business decisions.

Black Rutilated Quartz and Zodiac

The Black Rutilated Quartz is linked to the Zodiac sign Virgo and Aquarius.

Black Rutilated Quartz and Chakras

The individual generator crystals can be used to direct the flow of energy from the crown chakra into the first chakra; this is achieved by holding a clear crystal generator on the crown chakra while slowly moving a crystal quartz generator smoked about 15 cm above the body, directing the light force coming from the crystal placed on the crown, through the Black Rutilated Quartz.

When the Black Rutilated Quartz generator step is a single chakra, a therapeutic energy beam is directed through the crystal, charging each center as the generator flows downwards. When the smoke generator arrives at the root chakra, hold it there for at least three minutes and try to balance the higher and finer frequencies within the physical body.

How to Purify Black Rutilated Quartz

When the quartz is artificially treated, it is not very traumatized, so it must be cleaned and reassembled before being used in crystal therapy. The best way to neutralize the negative effects of radiation is to immerse the stone in sea salt for three days and then place it on top of a clear cluster cluster, preferably under a pyramid structure, until you feel the stone he recovered from his labor.

At this point it can be used in therapy, to be cleaned after each treatment. The true smoked cost will be clear and transparent with varying shades of dark shades, of course, the true Black Rutilated Quartz is excellent for all types of use.


Black Rutilated Quartz has the ability to store and transform the energy present in the universe, making it converge in the aura, enhancing its life force and reinforcing the weak points of the auric field.

He works by channeling and conveying the highest and most subtle cosmic energies on the material plane. Its vibrational frequency is so high, to be able to illuminate and purify every aspect of shadow, dissolving negativity and emotional blocks. The use can be made in the form of single crystal, group of crystals, druse and essence.

It can be used either alone or in association with other stones, as it has the ability to enhance its action. It is an excellent meditation companion it facilitates access and communication with the higher worlds, bringing peace and clarity.

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