Yellow Sapphire – Meaning, Benefits and Properties

Sapphires, in all their variants, are among the most valuable gemstones. You should buy sapphires, of any kind, only from your trusted gemstone dealer. One should rather not temptingly cheap sapphire offers in holiday countries perceive. These are usually irradiated or artificial.

Sapphires, like diamonds, because of their rarity, have their relatively high price in the whole world and therefore cannot be offered in any holiday countries without hooks at bargain prices. You get sapphires as raw crystals, tumbled stones, flatterers, and necklace and rarely as donuts.

Facetted sapphires delight with their fantastic colors as well as cabochon cut star sapphires. Sapphire lens chains are very special pieces of jewelry and act like rosaries as a healing balm of pure energy for our body, mind and soul. The price is in the upper range.

Sapphire is a variation of the mineral corundum. Not only is it blue, as most jewelry lovers think, it also covers all colors except red. The red corundum is called ruby. Only around 1800 it was recognized that sapphire and ruby ​​are varieties of corundum.

Until then, the term sapphire was used to describe only blue stones. In the middle Ages, however, the name Sapphire meant the gem known to us today as lapis lazuli.

Symbolism and Meaning

The sapphire is a healing stone with high frequency and strong energy. It is not possible to redirect or deceive the forces of a cornflower blue sapphire by means of own forces or the forces of other stones.

The sapphire penetrates very deeply into our entire body, mind and soul and creates a connection of the body, which is found on the highest level usually only in the most relaxed and balanced people.

In addition, sapphire strengthens the virtues and helps us to stay upright and straightforward in life. The sapphire helps us approach desires, needs and goals with more purposefulness.

People who are prone to anger and overreaction should wear a sapphire amulet on their necks as it protects them from violent emotional outbursts. It gives its wearer calm nerves and more thought concentration. At work and at school, the sapphire, worn around the neck, protects against lack of concentration, learning difficulties and test anxiety.

Sapphire is said to help with hair loss, skin diseases, nerve pain, neuralgia, rheumatism, headache, gout, colic, heartburn, chronic pain, ear ailments, injury-related pain, and diseases of the jaw, forehead and sinuses. It strengthens the eyesight, reduces bleeding and sciatic pain by hanging up.

Gemstone water with Sapphire is said to have a positive effect on even severe disorders such as cancer. The functions of the glands, the digestion, the protective function of the skin and the eyes should be strengthened by Sapphire.

Suitable for all common types of application. For example, put on selected places or wear as jewelry in your desired shape on the body for a long time. Gemstone water made from this stone gives the aspects very well to us,

Sapphire gratefully absorbs the power of sunlight and should therefore be worn visibly on the neck. The sapphire is the most serene of all the jewels in the color of the sky, it clears the mind and makes the sad heart happy, but anyone who is stupid, lacks any kind of knowledge, but wants to be smart and cannot be wise, but neither is he full of wickedness, nor does he strive, his tongue often soberly with the sapphire, because its warmth and inherent power, with the warm moisture of saliva, drive away the harmful saps that oppress the mind of man, and thus man preserves a good mind.

Even the ancient Greeks venerated this gemstone as the stone of wisdom, faithfulness, prudence and reason. The Egyptians referred to the blue sapphire as the stone of faithfulness, which brings more togetherness in marriage. Thus, the sapphire is still considered today as a gemstone and healing stone highest energy. He was considered a stone of truth, fidelity, wisdom and reason.

Stuttering children should wear it with a chalcedony near the neck. Sapphire should protect against infidelity and kill the feelings of hatred. The ring of King Solomon is said to have contained a sapphire. Since the 6th century, every cardinal wears a sapphire ring on his right, blessing hand.

General Properties

The variety of the mineral corundum is to be found in all possible colors – often also colorless, whereby red stones of this kind are not designated as sapphires, but as rubies. The name goes back to the Latin “sapphirus”, which also exists in a modified form in similar languages, and means “highly revered Saturn”. The importance of the stone is above all its use as a gem stone, where he also has other uses. Only at the end of the 18th century did scientists realize that sapphire and ruby ​​are species of corundum.

In addition, certain sapphire colors include names such as Oriental Emerald (for the green sapphire), Oriental Topaz (yellow) or Oriental Huazinth (pink), and Oriental Aquamarine (blue). The sapphires are relatively common and occur in over 1,500 localities of the earth. The largest of its kind was found in Sri Lanka. He was named “Star of Adam” and weighs 1,404 carats. The value is about 90 million euros.

The sapphire occurs as a crystal, which may be double-pointed and barrel-shaped, or may have a pyramidal shape. The sapphire cannot be dissolved in acid and melts at 2,040 degrees Celsius. The sapphire is a very hard mineral with a Mohs hardness of 9. The density is 3.95 – 4.03. The stone is not fissile and breaks brittle and splintery.

Mostly the sapphire is blue, but can have all other colors except red and has a white line color. Sapphires are mostly translucent, but can also be opaque and have a rich gloss of glass. A colorless sapphire contains no admixtures, whereby in the case of the colored specimens these admixtures are responsible for the color of the stone.

In addition, the sapphire is used in light emitting diodes and laser diodes. Synthetic sapphires also find application in windowpanes of extremely loaded aircraft windows and the like. As a healing stone, the sapphire is applied by wearing it on the skin and laying it on the appropriate parts of the body.

It can also be used to produce medicinal water, which has a particularly powerful effect.

As the sapphire allegedly gratefully absorbs the sunlight, it should be worn visibly – for example, on a necklace. Also, washings with sapphire water are appropriate if the skin is causing problems.

Love and Relationships

The Yellow Sapphire is going to help you bring back love and passion in your life.

Health Benefits

As a rule, Yellow Sapphire intensifies Kapha and Pitta Doschas and reduces Vata. This gemstone helps to develop Ojas, boosts the immune system, and promotes growth and intelligence. Yellow sapphire is particularly good for the liver, spleen and pancreas, heals tissues and helps balance the endocrine system.

Yellow sapphire expands life, gives with the enthusiasm, and gives courage and generosity for the achievement of goals. The use of the yellow sapphire makes us happier, happier, gives positive energy, clarifies our consciousness and reflection, and provides peace and stability in the head.

Yellow sapphire strengthens spiritual aspiration and motivation, unites us with the world of the soul. This gemstone is good for all types of meditation and yoga, opens the meaning of our karma, helps with ethical lifestyle education, and binds us to guru energy.

The sapphire works best on the throat chakra and is also assigned to the third eye and the front chakra. Yellow specimens are applied to the solar plexus chakra and green sapphires are placed on the heart chakra. As a gem the sapphire is of great importance. It will be in front of everyone m the bright blue specimens estimated.

These are also known under the name “Kashmir sapphire”. The main source of this variety is Montana. From Asia comes the “Padparadscha”, a pink or. Orange variety, which is mostly imported from Sri Lanka. Furthermore, among the gemstones very popular are the so-called star sapphires. These show an almost perfect six-pointed star due to embedded rutile needles.

If the stone is quite transparent, because it has few inclusions, it usually gets a facet cut, opaque copies of the cabochon; with this the star effect can be highlighted. The largest cut sapphire is the so-called “Star of India” weighing 563.35 carats. The stone was found in Sri Lanka and is estimated to be 2 billion years old. He can be visited today in the American Museum of Natural History.

The extreme hardness of sapphire crystal is used in watches, which then cannot scratch even at high stress. Some expensive watches have complete sapphire case. Also high-quality mobile phones are equipped in part with such sapphire crystal. Sapphire crystal is also installed as a scratch-resistant camera lens cover in smartphones.

Yellow Sapphire Stone and Wealth

Yellow Sapphire is not going to affect your financial situation.

Yellow Sapphire Stone and Zodiac

The sapphire can be used for meditation, bringing vitality and joie de vivre. Especially for the sign of the Pisces the sapphire is important. He enhances spirituality and makes him capable of criticizing.

This is also assigned to the sign Capricorn. The sapphire is said to be able to reconcile the emotional and astral body. The sapphire is considered a stone of high energy and was revered by the ancient Egyptians as a stone of faithfulness. The sapphire is also mentioned several times in the Bible.

Yellow Sapphire Stone and Chakras

The blue sapphire penetrates our forehead chakra with tendency to the throat or through the third eye. Since the sapphire is a very strong and obstinate stone, we can use it depending on need as a light bringer for all chakras. We feel better that body, mind and soul belong together and only when they harmonize together do we sense wisdom, love and happiness.

Sapphire also makes us shine younger and fresher beyond meditation. People who regularly carry sapphire experience a greater mental alertness and more resilience of their body.

Especially on the third eye, the sapphire not only makes it possible to recognize and to see, but also to weigh and understand. Sapphire is also a transforming stone that protects you from the attacks of envious people and evil forces. In this regard, he is not only a warner, but he even gives you the ability to recognize your enemies.

How to Purify Yellow Sapphire Stone

The sapphire should be regularly cleaned after use under running, lukewarm water. Sapphire chains overnight in a dry bowl with rock crystal tumbled stones unloaded.

Sapphires are very strong stones that cannot be discharged by water. For unloading place the sapphire in a bowl with hematite and rock crystal tumble stones overnight.


Blue Sapphire cause’s serenity and equanimity, it slows down, which is too fast. Sapphire helps to learn from mistakes and to remember faster, which does not really do you any good or runs counter to your own convictions.

This is a valuable support to Sagittarius Saturn, who is often torn between duty and inclination. To reconcile the noble ideals and the limitations of daily life is certainly not an easy task!

But sapphire gives the insight and wisdom to recognize what is not to change and the determination to tackle what is to be influenced. And here sapphire is a master. He is able to orient the imagination and the will in such a way that ideas actually become reality and wishes come true.

Luckily, he also helps to live consciously positively oriented and above all to be careful with his thoughts and postulates. It strengthens the concentration like few other gems and improves all mental abilities. Sapphire gives self-control.