Strawberry Quartz – Meaning, Benefits and Properties

Strawberry Quartz is a variety and trade name for a reddish-brown, irregular pink to red colored quartz. It is usually more transparent and stronger in color than the rose quartz.

The strawberry quartz is one of the most important healing stones of all. In our comprehensive gem encyclopedia, even more than 400 healing stones are captured with images that can be searched by color, origin, effect, meaning, zodiac sign, etc.

This stone opens his eyes to the suggestions as well as the effects of his own actions and prevents not always thinking of him. In addition, he gives joy and humor which is always welcome.

Today’s we are going to discover more about this beautiful stone.

Symbolism and Meaning

While some of the effects mentioned are indeed verifiable, such as the antibacterial effect of silver, most of the above-mentioned improvements in life are due to traditions and beliefs.

However, this does not exclude the help that many people experience through the “healing stones”. Under no circumstances should the treatment with a “healing stone” or its use for meditation, etc. replace the visit to the doctor, if complaints occur.

The help of the stones can only be seen as a supplement to conventional medicine. Most “healing stones” are suitable for the production of the gemstone water, which is meant to be drunk.

One should refrain from this, if it is not clear whether the stone contains as admixture toxic substances. The healing power of the stones is considered as given, even if they are processed as jewelry. This makes the application easy – you can wear the stone in question as jewelry (usually as a chain) and at the same time experience the beneficial, healing effect.

The Strawberry Quartz can have its color for a variety of reasons that science still disagrees with.

On the one hand, it may be that the installation of aluminum and phosphorus are responsible, but on the other hand, the installation of manganese or other minerals is possible. The formation of Strawberry Quartz takes place in granitic pegmatites.

There are many uses of gemstones. Many carry the stone of their choice as a tumbled stone (smooth, therefore no risk of injury) with them, for example in the pocket, this is a so-called flatterer.

Also this procedure should support the healing effect.

General Properties

Already in the Stone Age the healing effect of the stones was recognized. The oldest known tradition dates back 4000 years BC, when the Chinese developed one of the oldest stone healing methods.

Also in the tantra of the 5th century AD. The gems were used as a healing method, here is described the ingestion of stones in powder form – the first step in the study of the chemical composition of the stones. The approaches to healing mentioned by Hildegard von Bingen are partly transferable into the present time, or it can be assumed that similar clinical pictures are treatable today.

The power of stones was certainly in the 12th century often the replacement for the lack of conventional medicine; but today it can be seen as a supplement to naturopathy, and thus together with it as a supplement to conventional medicine.

Not all applications that are recommended are recommended for children. For example, the sucking of stones, since the danger of swallowing is too great. But placing the stone under the pillow or carrying it in your pocket is safe and cannot harm children. All effects that are said to the “healing stones” are free of side effects, which are led by many fans of natural medicine as a major advantage over drugs.

The Strawberry Quartz is usually milky-cloudy in appearance, yet has a fascinating pink color. The stone occurs in granular aggregates and loses its color when heated to over 575 degrees Celsius.

As experiments show, there are occurrences in which the stone reacts with a loss of color to sunlight. In other localities this is not the case. The stone always has inclusions of fibers of a dumortierike mineral and rutile needles. Very rare is the occurrence of pink quartz, which is free of turbid inclusions and loses its color when heated above 200 degrees. A Strawberry Quartz that is not tarnished can be translucent or translucent. Its gloss is greasy to glassy, ​​the line color is white.

The effect of the stone on the body is manifold. It should be able to relieve headaches, but also strengthen the heart and adjacent organs. He is also said to be able to keep harmful radiation away.

Above all, its effect on the heart should be great. It works in diseases of the genital organs, thrombosis and phlebitis, stimulates the formation of red blood cells and helps with impure skin, heavy sweating and sleep disorders. The kidneys as well as the nerves are positively influenced by the stone.

The Strawberry Quartz should exert particularly strong influences on love and fertility. He can help to dispel relationship anxiety and worry. Also, the Strawberry Quartz has a calming effect on the mind.

Spiritual affiliation with the partner is also supported by this stone. The stone helps with lovesickness to find oneself again and also a new love. The Strawberry Quartz can heal mental wounds and develop the owner’s confidence in a new beginning.

The stone helps with belligerence and nightmares, mental injuries and homesickness. He promotes self-responsibility and helpfulness, sensitivity and the sense of beauty. He also ensures inner peace and open-mindedness.

Love and Relationships

The Strawberry Quartz stone is going to give you a special glow and help you attract new people in your life.

Health Benefits

The variety of the mineral quartz has great importance as a material for jewelry and works of art as well as a healing stone. It owes its name to its color. Legend has it that Eros brought the stone to earth to bring love to people. For in the esoteric the stone has a great importance as a stone of the heart, both emotionally and physically.

The occurrence of the extremely rare pink quartz is mainly to be found in Brazil. Overall, the Strawberry Quartz but is common, for example, in Madagascar and Namibia, the United States and Germany.

Furthermore, Strawberry Quartz is also found in Switzerland, Uruguay, Mexico, Russia and Scotland. The Strawberry Quartz can have its color for a variety of reasons that science still disagrees with.

On the one hand, it may be that the installation of aluminum and phosphorus are responsible, but on the other hand, the installation of manganese or other minerals is possible. The formation of Strawberry Quartz takes place in granitic pegmatites. There you will find Beryll and Schörl, potash feldspar and cassiterite nearby. The Strawberry Quartz also occurs in massive hydrothermal quartz veins.

The Strawberry Quartz is assigned to the heart and root chakra, on which it has a particularly strong effect. The stone is said to be mixed with other gemstones has a good effect or can reinforce it.

He should also be able to increase the love of the partner, if he lies under his pillow. The effect of the healing water, which is made of rose quartz, is mild. Strawberry Quartz meditations are becoming increasingly popular as they bring love and balance.

Especially for the star sign Taurus the Strawberry Quartz is an important stone. Because with him, he can relax better and helps him to treat more considerate with himself.

As a healing stone he has a great importance for fish-born and shooters. In the fish he can reconcile the feelings, while he brings security and satisfaction in the shooter. Widely used is the misconception that the Strawberry Quartz should be a suitable stone for infusion in the sauna.

But you should definitely refrain from it! Because the brittle material is sensitive to changing heat.

Strawberry Quartz Stone and Wealth

The Strawberry Quartz stone is going to help you become stronger and more confident in decision making, which is going to help you make better business and financial decisions.

Strawberry Quartz Stone and Zodiac

In addition, the stone is good at Libra and Gemini.

Strawberry Quartz Stone and Chakras

Iron pebble works best on the root chakra and the sacral chakra. Strawberry quartz is of magmatic origin. As quartz, it belongs to the mineral class of oxides and is determined in its color by contained manganese.

How to Purify Strawberry Quartz Stone

Should be cleaned once a month under running water and charged with a rock crystal. Should be worn on the body or placed on the affected body parts.


We are obliged to point out that the effect of gemstones and healing stones, minerals and crystals, is scientifically undetectable or medically recognized. It does not replace the medical advice or the medical help.

Everything written on our website is our opinion and does not constitute a guide to therapy or diagnosis in the medical sense.

The knowledge about the healing powers of the stones was represented in many cultures. It has been handed down for many thousands of years and passed on in families from generation to generation. The belief in the healing powers of the gemstones is almost as old as humanity itself. It is well known that the healing of stones was the safest cure by applying or taking healing stones.

The Egyptians, the Chinese, the Indians or Greeks and Romans recognized the healing effects of the stones and used the healing stones for both physical and emotional suffering and ills. Keep this healing stone close to you if you truly want to renew your energy and feel the difference in your own behavior and overall condition.