Green Kyanite Stone – Meaning, Benefits and Properties

The Kyanite stone whose name derives from the Greek word “kuanos” or sometimes referred to as “kyanos”, means deep blue.

It is a stone, kyanite, which is highly recommended to be in the collection of those doing spiritual work on themselves.

Kyanite does not accumulate negative energies and vibrations, so it almost never needs to be cleaned and purified.

Since the energy of kyanite is unlimited, it is said to be one of the best crystals to use as a tuning stone.

Symbolism and Meaning

Kyanite is a powerful high frequency energy amplifier, suitable for meditation and soul ascension. It is a stone for connecting to the higher realms and helps to understand the true purpose of life.

It also functions as a stabilizer for our bio magnetic field, for the energy recovery of the Qi of the physical body. Kyanite has a strong calming effect on the whole being, bringing inner peace and tranquility.

It encourages the formation of psychic abilities and communication at all levels, therefore excellent for the throat and the fifth chakra.

This stone is usually used for rest and meditation. It helps serenity and nervous system. The Green Kyanite stone can free you from heavy loads, and constraints.

It is a building stone and gives calm nerves, a clear pronunciation and thought concentration. It is a protective stone for the voice and should be worn together with chalcedony.

General Properties

Kyanite is a silicate mineral with the chemical composition Al2O (SiO4). As the name of the mineral indicates, the color of kyanite is predominantly blue, gray-blue and blue-green (Kyanite of chromium, peacock kyanite), but may also be yellow, pink, black, brown or white. The stroke color is white. Kyanite crystallizes in the triclinic crystal system and forms slow-paced, flat-plate crystals.

Often these are striped and fused to touch twins. The aggregates of the mineral are radiant to foliated or coarse-massive.

Kyanite is of perfect consistency, the surface is fibrous brittle. The transparency of kyanite varies from transparent to translucent, the luster is glassy to dull; the shine on the cleavage surfaces resembles that of mother-of-pearl.

Kyanite has two different Mohs hardness’s in a crystal – in the vertical direction, the hardness is 4 to 4.5, and horizontally, the hardness is 6 to 7.

The density is expressed as 3.53 to 3.69 g / cm3. Kyanite or kyanite is a mineral of metamorphic origin, which can be easily recognized by its minerals.

Due to the fact that kyanite is formed under high-pressure conditions, the mineral serves to estimate the degree of metamorphosis (lead mineral).

Therefore kyanite is found as a mineral constituent in metamorphite, i.e. in eclogite, mica schist and gneiss.

The deposits of kyanite are associated with numerous other minerals, including mica, sapphire, kornerupine, ruby, andalusite, rutile, staurolite and zoisite.

Noteworthy kyanite deposits are found in Greenland; Scandinavia; Scotland; Ireland; France; Oberpfälzer Wald, Niederzissen, Wachtberg and Finkenberg / Germany; Zermatt, Ticino and Davos / Switzerland; Zillertal, Stubachtal, Gurktal Alps, Klagenfurt, Saualpe, Koralpe, Fischbacher Alpen, Mostviertel and Waldviertel / Austria; Czech Republic; Slovakia; Ukraine; Turkey; Tanzania; Congo; Naimbia; South Africa; Afghanistan; Pakistan; China; Australia; Brazil; Bolivia and in the USA.

The mineral kyanite is partially processed into jewelry. However, the fibrous fracture and the different hardnesses complicate the processing, which is why facet cuts are less used.

Rather, kyanite is processed with smooth cuts like cabochons. In addition, kyanite is used for the production of refractory and acid-resistant products and acted as a healing stone, where the healing properties of kyanite could not be detected in scientific studies.

Love and Relationships

On the spiritual level, Kyanite is a stone that leads to spiritual awakening. It does this by strengthening the connection between the spiritual body and the physical body.

The energies are strengthened. It is said that you activate your inner powers, helping us to connect with the creative source that is in us. It is considered the stone of loyalty.

Promotes creativity and spontaneity. It opens the third eye, makes the psychic images sharper, is said to help bring out the gift of foresight in those who possess it.

If you use it together with the phantom crystal, we can see what concerns our previous lives. It helps to communicate with one’s spirit guide.

Health Benefits

This stone is usually used for rest and meditation. It helps serenity and nervous system. The Green Kyanite stone can free you from heavy loads, and constraints. It is a building stone and gives calm nerves, a clear pronunciation and thought concentration. It is a protective stone for the voice and should be worn together with chalcedony.

The Kyanite is an acting on the mind acting stone. Its energy gives the wearer relaxed nerves, a clear safe language and more increased concentration. People who often have to speak due to their occupation, such as teachers, salesmen, actors, singers and politicians, should use him as a guardian of their voice, possibly in conjunction with Chalcedon, e.g. B. as a chain to wear around the neck.

Kyanite is a stone with a triclinic crystalline system. It is also known by the name of Kyanite or in antiquity (name deriving from the Greek. Dis is two, Stenos is strength).

The main deposits are in the USA, in the states of Georgia and North Carolina, and in Brazil. Kyanite is also found in Switzerland, in the Canton Ticino, in Kenya, in India.

Kyanite is a beautiful blue-blue stone, ideal for working on the fifth chakra, that of the throat. Placing it on the throat helps to better express thoughts and ideas.

However, it is also useful for introspective work where the person tries to trace the causes of what has happened to him, without blaming himself. It gives the ability to break away from false news and spread it only to bring fear, convince with deception, insinuate ideas that are not their own. It is true both for the media and for the people around us.

On the mental level it brings lucidity, helps to see reality without taking into account appearances. It is not an easy job, it takes time to know exactly what is true and what is not.

But by wearing Kyanite and working in meditation, you get great help. It helps not to vocalize on preconceived ideas or those that no longer belong to us.

On a physical level it helps to work on all the problems of the throat, even those that involve communication skills.

Promotes brain activity, slows down aging processes. Strengthens the immune system and if placed on the stomach, helps relieve symptoms of gastric acidity and burning.

Some crystal therapists recommend Kyanite to those suffering from autism and seizures.

Green Kyanite Stone and Wealth

He is a stone of voice and language. He inspires especially young people to learn foreign languages. He strengthens the language center and helps us to understand each other with words. Kyanite comes from the Greek term “kynos”, which means “dark blue”.

The Kyanite was called because of this color already by the ancient seafaring Greeks as a protective stone against all dangers of the water. Poseidon and Neptune, the gods of the waters, came, according to a Greek legend, by calling the Kyanite personally on the earth and helped the people to calm sea and rivers.

Green Kyanite Stone and Zodiac

The Kyanite stone is linked to the zodiac sign Leo and Gemini. It can help members of this sig to reach their full potential in every way.

Green Kyanite Stone and Chakras

He penetrates vibrantly into the throat chakra and is a light bringer. It harmonizes hyper-sensitive nerves and strengthens the center, which connects our desires and needs with reality.

The energy of Kyanite gently vibrates on the throat chakra and is a gentle and lasting light-bringer for the mind and soul. It especially soothes the over-sensitive nerves and harmonizes the thoughts within us. It is the center that connects our desires and needs with reality.

During meditation, the Kyanite leads us on long journeys into our being. Problems are shown fantastically and solutions appear in the subconscious.

After the meditation, he acts calming on the subconscious and helps to process what he has experienced, after these often powerful after-effects.

How to Purify Green Kyanite Stone

Clean and discharge cyanide immediately after use, or during meditation, under running, lukewarm water. He regains his energy after charging him for a few hours with a clear rock crystal group.


Kyanite removes anger, frustration, and mental confusion and helps to give a logical and linear capacity for thinking. Kyanite provides a clear stimulating energy, encouraging perseverance and support in the work of one’s Self, and in the activities and situations of everyday life that normally reduce one’s strength.

In addition, Kyanite helps when connecting to one’s spirit guides, and induces lucid dreaming by promoting healing dreams.

Kyanite stone is used to treat hearing disorders, eye disorders, as well as problems with the sense of smell.

These characteristics make Kyanite an excellent choice for any type of energy work.