Desert Rose Stone – Meaning, Benefits and Properties

These beautiful, bizarrely looking “desert flowers” made of gypsum (chemical calcium sulfate) are also called sand rose. Logically, they appear in areas like the Sahara or the Namib Desert. And they come in different colors: usually colorless, but also in white, yellowish, reddish to flesh red and gray to black.

This curiosity of nature can have a gloss of glass, but also a pearlescent surface on cleavage surfaces. Fibrous gypsum (Selenite) can also impart silk shine.

Since there is no vegetation in the desert areas, nature has evolved by evaporation of water or by gravel weathering here stones and stone slabs, which look like flowers, especially like roses or look like an artfully arranged flower.

As already mentioned above, this is a conglomerate of sand and gypsum, which drives enchanting flowers without any care.

If you decorate a room with desert roses, you consciously or unconsciously defuse the atmosphere. The stone absorbs hypersensitivity and serenity spreads. Therefore, the desert rose is especially suitable for people who always accept criticism immediately and too personally and who respond quickly to nausea and a rebellious stomach when under stress.

The described effect of sucking off excess energy also comes into play on the physical level. In case of external inflammation such as pimples, acne, boils, abrasions or eczema, the stone may be applied locally. Only when the spots are open, it is better to wrap the stone in a clean linen or handkerchief – because of the risk of infection.

The desert rose is also very beneficial in the healing of gastric ulcers, in addition to the medical treatment anyway.

As a source of energy, the desert rose clearly needs the sun. A few words to conclude on the plaster from which the desert rose mainly consists: Gypsum has been known since antiquity, the sculptor Lysistratos made the first plaster cast. Gypsum forms columnar or tabular crystals. Alabaster and Selenite are the best known forms.

Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism

Already 500 years BC BC, the Greeks and Romans recognized the properties of the plaster and made the first plaster casts. Alabaster, a gypsum variant, took its name from the site near the Egyptian city of Alabastron about 300 years BC. Gypsum has the property that it loses water by burning.

However, he can resume this and then becomes solid again like stone. Therefore, the gypsum from the Greeks to the Romans up to us a stone, which is an indispensable part of the construction industry.

Also Hildegard v. Bingen recognized the healing powers of the plaster. Over the centuries to the present day, gypsum is used as an important healing stone in natural medicine and as a foundation stone in conventional medicine.

Desert roses are counted with the chemical composition CaSO4 · 2H2O to the class of sulfites containing water of crystallization. The mineral has a yellow, brownish or reddish color, depending on the color of the constituent grains of quartz. The stone color is white. Desert roses crystallize in the monoclinic crystal system and form thin, leaf-like crystals of gypsum, which are arranged in a rosette around a node.

The breakage of desert roses is splintery, the cleavage is very perfect. The shine is earthy and dull, the transparency is opaque. Desert roses are with a Mohs hardness of 1.5 to 2 soft minerals, the density is 2.32 g / cm³.

General Properties

The name gypsum comes from the Greek word “gypsos”, and was already used in the Neolithic period as a building material. Many other advanced civilizations also wrote in writing that they used gypsum as a building material or left history behind in their works of art.

Particularly well known are the Egyptians, who made beautiful art objects from alabaster. The material is still used today for the production of various objects. It is believed that the name alabaster was derived from the ancient Egyptian city of Alabastron.

Even Hildegard von Bingen, a famous figure of medieval stone healing, recognized the healing properties of gypsum. Over the centuries, gypsum has been used as an important healing stone in natural medicine and as a cornerstone in conventional medicine. Alabaster is divided into two types: on the one hand as a variety of gypsum and on the other hand as an Egyptian alabaster which is a marble-like variety of calcite.

Other gypsum varieties include selenite (Marienglas) and sand roses (desert roses). Desert Rose are gypsum crystal tablets of special (vitreous) purity and sand roses rosette-like formations.

The sand rose is one of the most important healing stones of all. In a comprehensive gem encyclopedia, even more than 400 healing stones are captured with images that can be searched by color, origin, effect, meaning, zodiac sign, etc. Sand rose can inhibit energetic processes in the body and mind, thereby providing mental stability and preventing emotional outbursts.

In addition, the sand rose increases the concentration, provides creativity, gives vitality and brings the wishes with the needs in line.

Love and Relationships

The Desert Rose stone is equally beautiful as it is powerful. This beautiful stone is going to help you realize your strengths and use them in your advantage. This stone can help you with the love issues that have been troubling you for a long period of time and their resolution.

This stone is also a good luck charm for those who are still searching for love.

Health Benefits

Desert roses are tabular crystals of gypsum, which are fused together to rosette-like aggregates, and in which sand in the crystals is included – hence the synonym Sand rose. Desert roses are produced as a result of the evaporation of sulphate-containing solutions that circulate in loose sand. Fluffy sand offers optimal development possibilities of the Gypsum crystals, since there is no spatial limit, which could hinder the growth.

In this respect, it is not surprising that in addition to small, thumbnail-sized specimens are also much larger desert roses. Not only the shape but also the grainy, rough surface of the crystal surfaces is striking for desert roses – due to the sand built into the plaster boards.

The best conditions of origin prevail in areas with arid, hot desert parts. Correspondingly common are desert roses in the countries of the Sahara, Namibia, parts of Spain and in the USA (so-called Texas rose). In addition, Rockenberg is known in Germany as a locality of sand roses, which are named after the local occurrence Rockenberger roses.

Desert roses are sometimes used in the production of Desert Rose, but are above all coveted collector’s items and are sometimes sold as a healing stone, without the healing effect of sand roses has been confirmed in scientific studies. Desert roses dissolve in acids and release crystal water when heated in the test tube. Sand roses, but even more so Desert Rose crystals or even Desert Rose, have very strong clarifying effects on the vegetative nervous system, thus on the brain and the mind. Especially Desert Rose and Sand roses inspire the thoughts and thereby inspire the hormone production in the organs. Not only do we get a younger and healthier look, but we also feel more vitality and creativity.

The sand rose is said to have reproductive organs such as the prostate, testes, ovaries.  Large sand roses, which are placed in the room, should do these organs particularly well. Sand roses can be applied to affected areas like all healing stones. They also enjoy great popularity as a decorative piece and are considered as such.

Desert Rose Stone and Wealth

Desert Rose attracts wealth and prosperity so it is always a good idea to carry it close to you wherever you go.

Desert Rose Stone and Zodiac

No special zodiac sign is assigned to this stone.

Desert Rose Stone and Chakras

The whitish to reddish-brown sand roses are particularly suitable during the meditation as a light bringer on the root sexual to the spleen chakra. They invade us deeply and deeply, dissolving blockages in us that are especially coupled with reproduction and sexuality.

Also, people who suffer from sexual harassment in themselves can be solved with the help of sand roses and find the better way to a new life. Desert Rose strengthens these characteristics and even allows a retrospective look into the soul up to the birth.

With Desert Rose, therefore, we can purify our soul more thoroughly from blockages, which can then be more easily transferred out of consciousness. Desert Rose also has qualities similar to those of rock crystal during meditation.

Strongly vibrating and strong healing stones can be harmonized if you place them on a Desert Rose disc over the desired body site. Desert Rose is suitable as a combination stone to all healing stones.

How to Purify Desert Rose Stone

Should be cleaned and drained once a month under running lukewarm water. Should not be used too long as it can harden muscles. It is recommended to use in the stone circle. Clean and unload all Desert Rose variations once a month – preferably at full moon – under running, lukewarm water.

Make sure that Desert Rose crystals are always scratched with the fingernail and therefore easily vulnerable. Desert Rose has the property that it not only cleans and discharges under the water, but also absorbs new energy at the same time.

One should not Desert Rose in the sun, but, once a month (also best at full moon) to charge in a bowl of water. Please make sure that as a Desert Rose selenite, of course, should not be associated with water too long.

Both cleaning under running water and in the shell should never take more than a minute or two, as the stone otherwise changes or even dissolves. Rock crystal tumbled stones or clear rock crystal tips are very well suited as an energizing addition to the plaster in the shell.


The Desert Rose stone is a beautiful example of the power of nature. This powerful stone is going to keep you motivated and help you reach your goals much faster. Wear it as a necklace, around your wrist or as a charm and you will never feel drained.

Place it in your home or simply carry it in your pocket and bad energy will avoid you. Use its healing powers as well if you have issues with your health and it will certainly help you.

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