Dumortierite Stone – Meaning, Benefits and Properties

Continuing with the theme of energy stones, today it is the turn to talk about the Dumortierite that is a green stone and there are also in blue-purple with white stripes, which make it easy to recognize them.

This stone of course has energetic or magical properties as some say, which we will see in detail later.

This stone owes its name to the French paleontologist who was discovered by M. E. Dumortier in the 19th century since then it has been used for different purposes, in gem therapy for example it is used to reach high levels of self-confidence and raise the spiritual level,

It is one of the great powers of the dumortierite, its faculties to break chains that bind you to something that does not suit you, for example a toxic relationship, a job that does not favor you, another person who hurts you, the dumortierite is responsible for break those negative links and free yourself from everything that does not suit you.

Symbolism and Meaning

Around the world the dumortierite was found in 1881 where it was first described in a vein in Chaponost, Rhône Alps in France. This large mineral was designated with this name in honor of paleontologist Eugène Dumortier (1803-1873).

It usually manifests itself in regional metamorphic rocks, high temperature and rich in aluminum, which many of them result from contact metamorphisms and where almost all are also boron pegmatitasricas.

One of the most extensive research carried out on dumortierite was carried out by Fuchs, in 2005, with the high-grade metamorphic Gfohl unit in Austria. In the world we can find that there are many dumortierite deposits such as in Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Italy, Madagascar, Namibia, Nevada, Norway, Poland, Russia and Sri Lanka.

Dumortierite has many uses in which we can mention that it is used in the manufacture of high-grade porcelain and is often confused with sodalite and has been widely used as an imitation of the pencil called lazuli.

Dumortierite quartz is typically cabochon cut. It is commonly formed in ovals and traditional rounds. Large sizes are common, as are calibrated sizes. Extravagant forms are rare, but not unheard of.

Among the dumortierite we find the dumortierite crystallizes with the orthorhombic system in general, managing to form fibrous aggregates of elongated prismatic crystals. Here the crystals are usually very glassy and their color varies from brown, blue, and green among the rarest violet and pink.

In the process of replacing iron and other elements such as tri-valent as aluminum, it is what produces the variations and the effect of color.

General Properties

With regard to its Mohs hardness it is 7 and it has a specific density is 3.3 to 3.4. Crystals usually present pleocroism from red to blue and violet. Among the quartz dumortierite is quartz that is blue in color that in turn has abundant inclusions of dumortierite.

The dumortierite has a lot of healing powers within which they stand out, which can help keep the mind balanced with controlled spiritual nutrition, so that the body has the energy and vitality it needs to act in the daily tasks of the lifetime. It also stimulates and supports the third eye chakra, if this cocktail of healing gems, promotes great brain function.

Superior while balancing the needs of everyday life. It should be noted that today scientists recommend, disconnect from the world for a moment, but of course you still have to maintain everyday life.

For this, this mineral is usually recommended, to be able to access more effectively, the healing benefits of this fresh and soothing stone, combining it with other blue stones, such as lazuli pencil to obtain a healing design, which creates a synergistic effect between the crystals, amplifying your energy and bringing new ideas to the surface.

Among other powers of this great mineral, we find that it is recommended to meditate with the stone and it is all because it improves your psychic abilities and by eliminating the negative thoughts that emerge in the mind.

This stone connects with the third eye with the coronary chakra, the dumortierite crystal stone creates a clear channel of communication between the physical realm and the spiritual world.

In the case when the person meditates with the stone, he has to use as a guide on a shamanic journey, which travels through space and time and reconnects you with past lives. Stressing that all these visions that change life are not easy and taking into account that meditation requires patience, the loyal companion of wisdom.

In addition, the spiritualists establish that through the use of this mineral, it helps to open the doors of perception, wisdom, peace and love.

As for the name given, it is due in honor of the great French paleontologist Eugene Dumortierite, here the meaning of the dumortierite crystal is closely related to the deep well of creativity, which is within the soul of each human being.

Many spiritualists say that if you encounter something in your life that you do not understand, this mineral will help you with your soul, which is what has the vision to see beyond all the limitations that the mind has.

All this meaning can be used in dumortierite crystal stone, to create a great sense of harmony that comes from leaving your head and returning to a complex inner spirit within all parameters.

In some traditions and cultures of the world and specifically following the Zen tradition, it is observed that the stone is widely used, because it focuses on the attention of the individual’s soul, in its pure light that infuses your mind-body-spirit with healing vibrations.

This stone also helps its wearer to erase from his mind traumas and bad memories that affect him today. Take out all that feeling and clean the soul of resentment.

Dumortierite is also used for foreign purposes, for its magical properties, shamans use it to help connect with past lives, see and break past bonds.

This stone is also used in the jewelry industry to create items, garments and jewelry taking advantage of the great beauty of this crystal.

Love and Relationships

It is a useful stone with those who have to deal daily with crises or traumas; it produces a calming effect and focuses relieving effects.

In this way when using it, with each breath, all the pain is visualized, such as the confusion and anger that the individual may have, and can disappear as you breathe in peace and harmony.

Health Benefits

The Dumortierita makes you more receptive when you communicate with angelic or spiritual guides, it can help you see the value of each human being.

This stone placed behind the ears, opens to clairaudience. It is excellent for work with past lives and takes you at the beginning of your soul’s journey to examine the contracts and agreements made over time, renegotiating or undoing them if they are no longer applicable.

This stone laid on the Soma chakras and past lives can stimulate memory and regression, help break old links that no longer serve and facilitate the rescission of votes.

Dumortierite is particularly useful for identifying and abandoning causes of illness, difficult circumstances or relationships originating in past lives, and the patterns that underlie addictions and compulsions so that it is possible to reprogram cellular memory.

By activating the instinct of self-preservation and immovable self-confidence, the dumortierita helps you to fend for yourself and adapt to the reality of the present, offering you patience and courage if necessary.

This stone is excellent for developing a positive attitude towards life. It can help you stabilize a difficult relationship and it is said that you can attract the soul mate, although there may be hard lessons to learn in this process.

Also remembering that the toxic emotions, which the person carries in his spirit, are temporary blocks that can be easily removed, with a daily focused meditation routine. In this same line it is recommended that the individual carry this stone daily and whenever it is presented in an uncomfortable situation.

Keeping her close to her chest and concentrating on breathing deeply. This in itself is a relaxation technique, which helps the person to return to the constant rhythm of nature.

Due to its meaning, the dumortierite is used to eliminate the stress generated by the cares of the day and the traumas of the past, so that the individual can have an approach to take control of his life with a sense of calm, which comes from the renewed assertiveness and self-confidence in everything he does.

The dumortierite has many properties within which we can mention, that of all the blue stones, the dumortierite has a great more powerful effect on the root chakra, thus making it an energetic muse for all forms of creativity.

Among its properties it helps drive patience and anchor you to the earth, in order to prepare the stage, for the highest form of creative expression, in the life of the human being.

It should be taken into account that when combining with the seeds of genius, the healing properties are used, with dumortierite crystals and thus be able to learn to trust the person’s own instincts, knowing and knowing the difference between what is Good for you and what you need to leave behind.

Many scientists prevail that, in what refers to the spiritual, the dumortierite reminds us that everything is possible with love and patience, the seeds of hope for the future.

Dumortierite Stone and Wealth

They also help in other aspects, such as creativity and help human beings to live to their fullest potential, where negative thoughts are themselves your worst enemy.

Because of this it is recommended that most people meditate with this healing stone and call it to life when you need confidence and security in your life.

Dumortierite Stone and Zodiac

The Durmortierite stone is linked to the Zodiac signs Pisces and Sagittarius.

Dumortierite Stone and Chakras

The dumortierite has a lot of healing powers within which they stand out, which can help keep the mind balanced with controlled spiritual nutrition, so that the body has the energy and vitality it needs to act in the daily tasks of the lifetime.

It also stimulates and supports the third eye chakra, if this cocktail of healing gems, promotes great brain function.

How to Purify Dumortierite Stone?

Dumortierite quartz does not require much care and maintenance. It is considered quite hard and very durable. However, other harder substances, such as topaz, diamond or sapphire can easily scratch quartz, so it is necessary to be careful when using or mixing different types of precious stones.

Dumortierite quartz can be easily cleaned with warm soapy water and a soft cloth or brush. Be sure to rinse thoroughly to remove any soapy residue.

As with most precious stones, avoid using aggressive household chemicals, as they can permanently damage the attractive color of your stones. Avoid prolonged exposure to extreme heat, since heat can also alter the color of your precious stones.

Although dumortierite quartz is absolutely durable, jewelry must still be removed before playing sports, exercising or performing any intense homework. When storing dumortierite quartz, keep it separate from other precious stones. It is suggested to wrap it in a soft cloth or place it inside a box lined with fabric for added protection.


Undoubtedly this is one of the stones that most favor a positive attitude, if you manage to have a positive attitude and thoughts, this will have a great impact and impact on your life. We are usually noticing the first impediment and the first saboteurs of our success for not knowing how to control our thoughts.

Dumortierite is a very emotional stone, another of its benefits is that it helps its wearer to lift the spirits, even those of depressed people, in fact it is good to fight depression. It clarifies your thoughts and makes you understand the reasons to smile, you will begin to notice how your mood and mood begin to change for the better.