Blue Lace Agate Stone – Meaning, Benefits and Properties

Blue Lace Agate is a splendid healing stone, whose delicate energy promotes peace of mind. It is effective in activating the throat chakra and encourages free expression of thoughts. It opens the way to experience and contact with higher energies.

It is one of the stones that provide nourishment and support; defeats anger and fights infection, inflammation and fever; it counteracts the repression of feelings originated by the fear of being judged and rejected: in fact “the judgment” of others leads the individual to hold back the feelings and the lack of expression of the ego closes the throat chakra, with consequent disorders of the chest.

Symbolism and Meaning

The use of Agate as an ornamental stone, but also thanks to its benefits, has very ancient roots dating back to the origins of man.

The name Agate comes from the Greek Achates, ancient name of the Sicilian River Dirillo where in ancient times many were found. Ancient cultures thought that the Agate was a manifestation of the supernatural and was considered a sacred stone. It infused strength and courage.

Pliny claimed that it made the athletes invincible and Magno attributed to the mineral the power to avoid dangers and overcome adversity. One of the most famous deposits is that of Idar-Oberstein, where it was discovered, but there are many in Uruguay and Brazil.

The most frequent types of cut are the cameo and the cabochon, although in many cases they are polished with beautiful aesthetic effects.

The Agate is a compact and fibrous variety of quartz, with a typical zoned structure and visible even to the naked eye due to the diversity of color. It is very durable, but caution can also break if it receives violent shocks. According to tradition, whoever wears it sees every spell and cannot suffer the spell

The Agate in general has the ability to attract the inspiration of great spiritual entities. The agates with brown or black colors, in the center of which is a white circle, is used as an amulet against the evil eye and are often used to decorate the “spirit hunts” that are still used as an ornament on doors and windows. Agate is unalterable over time, hard and workable.

The aesthetic uniqueness of these gems led them to adorn the most precious jewels. They have sealed the most important edicts. They are quoted in the most sacred texts, written by the hand of man.

The names of these stones in their infinite varieties are often linked to places of discovery, to a descriptive aspect, or to a “magical power”.

General Properties

The blue agate belongs to the quartz family. Like all agates it is a protective stone. Considered as such by both the Indians of America and the Tibetans. When we talk about blue agate, however, we refer to the artificially colored one.

With the term agate from blue lace or blue chalcedony, we speak of a completely natural stone. This blue chalcedony born from the primary lithogenetic process, so called volcanic stone, is often characterized by the presence of white streaks, as you can see in the picture above.

Sometimes, unfortunately, it happens to have some pretty good imitations in your hands. Pay close attention when buying stones. In this case, too bright and accentuated colors should make you suspicious, especially when the stone is tumbled.

The blue agate is connected to the fifth chakra, the energy center of the throat. It is a strongly feminine stone and is often given to pregnant women to protect them and wish a peaceful gestation. In terms of color, it is used in crystal therapy to improve speaking skills. Wearing the agate, you will be able to find the courage to communicate with greater clarity.

This stone is also used by those who feel the need to forget or metabolize certain facts that date back to their past. It can also heal emotional traumas. The blue agate regenerates, gives courage and also favors the meditative state.

This stone is a protector of pregnancies. It instills courage and relax, allowing for boldness and optimism. Many stones are called Agate and we mean gems that are part of the quartz family and are formed from silicon dioxide.

It brings emotional, mental and physical balance to the person who wears it, working intellectually. It makes you feel protected and safe, makes you less tense and enables you to better withstand external influences.

It promotes rational logical thinking, encouraging people to go and solve problems they have been trying to overcome for some time. It therefore helps to develop pragmatic solutions, which calmly, but also with decision, will have to be applied to reality.

Freedom from oppression, stress and fear, it inspires confidence and hope. It promotes the ability to communicate, promotes awareness and helps to deal with critical situations. There are different types of Agate and different colors or shades, each with its unique metaphysical properties compared to stone in a generic sense

For example, the musky Agate is the stone of rebirth, it represents stability, persistence and balance. Because of its low intensity and slow frequency, the action of the Agate will be slow but it will surely help to get the better, on the negativity and on the bad experiences of life. Over time it will help to have a clear vision and a better perspective.

The Agate brings a sense of protection and security. It gives relaxation and greater ability to manage external influences. It is a powerful energizer, stimulates vital energy, passion, sensuality and the instinct of conservation. The Agate promotes harmony with oneself and in relationships with others. Help the timid and fearful strengthen their courage.

The Agate brings concreteness by stimulating logical-rational thinking. It is the right stone to focus on situations. It stimulates concentration and the production of practical solutions. Helps avoid dispersion.

The Agate gives calmness, clarity and introspection. It stimulates the person to find in himself the answers to his questions. Encourages listening, self-observation and critical review of one’s experiences. Promotes spiritual growth.

Free from the chains and encourage new initiatives after having long hesitated, inspiring confidence to, hope and inspiration. It gives benefits, free from the sense of oppression, stress and fear.

The Agate is known as a low intensity stone with very slow vibrational frequencies, which scholars consider a benefit because it enhances the ability to stabilize and consolidate lasting connections.

Love and Relationships

The vibrating energy of this crystal can be used to relieve headaches and calm emotions. It can be worn or carried in a pocket as an amulet. In ancient times it was believed that it could drive away ghosts and protect them during long sea journeys.

Strengthen the ability to adapt by stimulating creativity. When a Blue Chalcedony arrives in one’s life it is a stimulus to open one’s mind to new ideas and concepts, it helps to chase away fear by increasing self-confidence and greater self-esteem.

Health Benefits

From a physical point of view, this blue stone works on the entire throat area. Protects against pharyngitis, inflammation and infections. It also seems to be able to support treatments such as those aimed at resolving thyroid problems and those related to the skeletal system as well as the nervous system. More generally it reinforces the immune system and increases resistance.

Use the blue agate as a necklace if you need to fight throat disorders such as inflammation and infections. Also useful in case of thyroid.

Blue stones are used in chromo therapy to increase resistance but also to strengthen the entire immune system. Helps overcome emotional traumas. It is an excellent lucky charm during pregnancy, you can use it as a pendant, bracelet, ring or you can simply keep this stone in your pocket with you.

This crystal is also called “the stone of the Orator and Diplomacy”, it is a symbol of communication understood as the ability to listen and understand and be understood. Represents the element Water and the element Air, stimulates the flow in the communication of itself.

Chalcedony stimulates a more intimate listening to oneself, favoring relaxation of the nervous system and a deeper contact with one’s nature and the whole of nature.

This stone is a gift of its own freshness which, by just looking at it, gives a sigh of relief “. In Crystal Therapy it is used to relieve thyroid, throat and respiratory system problems.

Promotes inner listening and placed under the pillow, or on the bedside table, brings good dreams. It stimulates mental clarity and the free flow of thoughts.

Just as spring is manifested through flowers, the effect of Agate from blue lace blossoms in the calm and serenity of soul of the wearer.

Crystallizes in the trigonal system. Agate belongs to the quartz family and is a microcrystalline aggregate. It can have very beautiful natural colors, but it is often of an inconspicuous gray color. It reaches its beauty after a dye. The blue agate found on the market with this name is generally a stone with a non-natural color.

If we talk about blue chalcedony or agate from blue lace or blue quartz or dumortierite we refer instead to stones that are certainly completely natural (not colored). In Brazil they sculpt the agate in the form of a penis and it is worn by women who want children.

Benefits of the Blue Lace Agate stone for health are, that this is a feminine stone, protector of pregnancies, which instills courage and relax, allowing for boldness and optimism but also by favoring meditative states. The blue agate is recommended to increase physical endurance, strengthen the immune system, combat poisons.

Strengthen the heart and increase good mood. Useful for breathing, for the discomfort of the lungs and throat. It is generally protective for the entire body, promoting regeneration and growth.

Makes you relaxed and calm. It places the person in a position to see problems, opportunities and difficulties clearly. Give the ability of eloquence. It makes us understand the small joys of life and accept the troubles of everyday life.

This stone is also protective against superstitious and protective properties not only of the person but also of the environments. For the etheric cleaning of a room, four “slices” of natural agate can be placed in the corners of the room

Blue Lace Agate Stone and Wealth

It is a guiding stone for the soul that helps to move forward in life. It helps to become more perceptive and therefore to discover one’s hidden potentials.

A particular quality of Agatha that is found in Botswana is known in the world as a powerful aid in the abandonment of smoking.

Blue Lace Agate Stone and Zodiac

The Blue Lace Agate stone is linked to the Water signs of Zodiac, Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer.

Blue Lace Agate Stone and Chakras

Agate stimulates the crown chakra helping to alleviate depression. The blue agate is connected to the fifth chakra, the energy center of the throat. It is a strongly feminine stone and is often given to pregnant women to protect them and wish a peaceful gestation.

In terms of color, it is used in crystal therapy to improve speaking skills. Wearing the agate, you will be able to find the courage to communicate with greater clarity.

How to Purify Blue Lace Agate Stone?

To purify this stone, simply put it under running water and gently clean any residue from the surface.


The blue lace agate slowly helps to dissolve the old mechanisms, encouraging new ways of expression, it gives man the possibility of accepting his own sensitive part: it favors the verbalization of thoughts and feelings and fights mental stress and fights anger.

It is quite effective in treating throat-related diseases; its ability to unblock the expression of the ego favors the resolution of disorders localized in the shoulders and neck, in thyroid insufficiencies and in throat and lymphatic gland infections.

Keep this stone close to you, and make your life better in every way possible.

It acts as an antipyretic, it helps in the proper functioning of the nervous system; it treats deformities due to arthritis, also strengthening the skeletal system, favors the consolidation of fractures; it also acts on capillaries and pancreases.