Fire Opal Stone – Meaning, Benefits and Properties

The Fire Opal is the stone of sensual pleasure. He enhances the pleasure of sexuality in the woman and the potency of the man. It brings more joie de vivre, increases hormone production and makes us so “energetic”. This is how new goals develop, which can be realized more easily and energetically with Feueropal. It protects against mood swings and gives the body strength and vitality. Good for disorders of the digestive tract.

It stabilizes the circulation and prevents the blood vessels from sagging. The Fire Opal also affects weakness and dizzy spells. Suitable for all common types of application. For example, put on selected places or wear as jewelry in your desired shape on the body for a long time. Gemstone water made from this stone gives the aspects very well to us.

Symbolism and Meaning

Gems are of breathtaking beauty. Their gloss warms heart and soul, enriches and gives a joyful zest for life. But it is not just her sight that provides for delight – just her perfect healing power attracts us humans again and again magically.

The opal in its precious whole is an amorphous solid, consisting of silica gel, without crystal structure. Striking is his colorfully spotted, also iridescent play of colors, which is created by light reflection and interference of the light rays.

The name Opal can be traced back to the Latin term “opalus” or to the Greek expression “opalius” (precious stone). In ancient times, the Opal held a veritable “sovereignty”, the people considered him at the time but especially valuable. The reputation of the opal was sometimes even greater than that of a diamond.

The Opal stone belongs to the mineral class of “oxides and hydroxides” and further subdivided into the genus of oxides (molar ratio of metal: oxygen = 1: 2).

Its main substance, the silica gel, is colorless and is, if at all, discreetly colored. By various inclusions, the opal stone can also accept darker colors up to the body color. A truly fiery variant among the opals, also a rarity is the black opal. But the Fire Opal is a fascinating treasure, which literally takes the collector’s heart by storm. In addition to these two gemstone stars, the Fire Opal Stone looks rather unspectacular. Nevertheless, he is a noble opal. It occurs in many different varieties.

The jewelry industry divides opal stones into “common opals” and “precious opals”. Particularly opalescent opals with a lively character fall mostly into the upscale category: precious opals. An opal without or with only a slight play of colors is one of the so-called “common opals”. When purchasing opal jewelry, the ultimately professional assignment affects the final price.

Who wants to buy opals, should be aware of the sometimes quite large price differences. Genuine precious opal rings are real treasures and therefore priced to settle quite high. It also depends on the color of the opal. The more frequent the occurrence, the cheaper the purchase!

So far known sites of the Opal stone: Australia, Africa, South America, North America, and Asia. Outside of Earth – on Mars – according to NASA opals are suspected to exist! All opal versions (opal necklaces, opal rings, opal pendulum, opal flatter, etc.) make a wonderful personal gift, as they convey closeness, security and support.

The bathed stone is briefly after the cleaning process (maximum one to two hours, morning and evening sun are recommended) in the sun. Here he loads up. If he is fully charged, feels comfortably warm and supple, can begin our chosen “ritual”.

Massages are extremely popular. Fire Opal Stones can intensify the soothing massage effect. Our partner or a therapist leads the opal gently, sometimes more violently over our achy body regions. Tapping massages are also very helpful if our suffering is tense or hardened. The Fire Opal Stone also combats stress and tension. We feel relaxed after the opal massage, light – reborn. An opal massage session may be quiet for up to an hour. Recommended use: twice a week, optimally after an opal bath.

General Properties

The appearance of the white precious opal is milky. The Fire Opal Stone is available from “noble” to “common”. Most of the noblest opal parts in Europe are not or only rarely available. Unfortunately, counterfeiting and cheap imitations often occur. The consumer should therefore carefully check the authenticity of the purchased stone. If the hydrous silica dries out or sedimentation occurs, an opal is formed. Microscopically small globules of water settle in the stone and finally provide the colorful shimmering effect of the finished opal.

Before we start our gemstone therapy, we should say goodbye to the thought that much also helps a lot and that a forced healing attempt will be successful. Gems, but especially opals are very “sensitive” minerals. If too much negative mood has built up in us, the desire for recovery will not come true soon.

Because, as already mentioned, the Fire Opal Stone intensifies all the emotions that arise in us. Whether good or bad. It is of immense importance to work with calmness, balance and joy. Only then can the Fire Opal Stone take action and transfer its positive energy to us.

Buying opals is not a really helpful, smart idea. The Fire Opal Stone should pass into our hands right after the successful purchase. To detract too many detours, also confuse the otherwise very strong healing power of the Fire Opal Stone, he has in the meantime felt too many different energies and absorbed in itself.

After we hold the Fire Opal Stone in hand, we should start with the gemstone cleansing. For this we put the Fire Opal Stone in clean, lukewarm water and let it rest for about two to three hours. Love and Relationships

Health Benefits

If you put on the opal while holding a hematite in your hands, you can soon feel the circulation increase and the body warms up. Of the Indians of North America, the Fire Opal is still worshiped today as a stone of heartfelt love.

Even the Indians and Persians believed that because of its color, which is its most beautiful quality, it could only have been created in paradise. The fire opal is still considered a powerful healing stone and coveted gemstone. Fire Opal has a strong similarity to quartz and is mineralogical distinguished only by its higher water content of quartz.

The Fire Opal (Edelopal) is one of the most important healing stones of all. With the help of the Fire Opal, “fire” can be brought back into one’s own sexual life. According to stories, this already recognized the North American Indians and saw in him a stone for the heartfelt love.

Since the fire opal gives additional spontaneity and opens up to new ideas, they can at the same time be implemented more passionately, without making much thought. Massages are extremely popular. Fire Opal Stones can intensify the soothing massage effect.

Our partner or a therapist leads the opal gently, sometimes more violently over our achy body regions. Tapping massages are also very helpful if our suffering is tense or hardened. Through its encouraging effect, the fire opal is able to give new joie de vivre as well as enthusiasm and to stop unnecessary thinking.

No matter what ritual we have come up with, it requires a specific preparation. We have to get to know our Fire Opal Stone, internalize its effect, and ultimately enter into the desired healing contact with it. To do this, we take the freshly charged stone in our hands, caress it gently and concentrate strongly on our request.

The Fire Opal Stone absorbs our vibrations, settles on us and begins to send its positive energy. We should let them work on us for a long time. If a light, pleasant tingling sensation sets in and warmth floods our hands and arms, then the time has come. Now we can start with the actual therapy and look forward to nice results.

For internal use is an opal drinking cure. The positively charged Fire Opal Stone is placed as in the cleaning in clean, lukewarm water. Here he lingers for two to three hours. Thereafter, the opaline stone is removed. The medicinal drink is ready and is swallowed.

For a gemstone bath, place several Fire Opal Stones (five to about 10) into the fresh (not too hot) bath water. This bath is designed to relax, cleanse and stabilize body and mind and should not last much longer than 45 minutes. During the opal bath we are allowed to “play” with the opal stones. The closer we are to the opal, the better the result.

Fire Opal Stone and Wealth

The Fire Opal stone is not linked to the finances or the material wealth, so it cannot help you resolve such issues.

Fire Opal Stone and Zodiac

An assignment as a partner of the zodiac is rather uncommon for the Fire Opal. The assignment of gemstones to zodiac signs in horoscopes always causes confusion, since many a gemstone in which a horoscope is assigned to a certain zodiac, but is not assigned to the corresponding zodiac sign in another horoscope. The reason is simple.

The assignment of individual gems to constellations is a very ancient lesson and then (thousands of years ago), mankind did not yet have the current trading opportunities. Which meant that regionally different assignments to the constellations took place. Humans could simply assign the stones available in their region to the constellations, zodiac signs.

Fire Opal is assigned as Planet Stone to the planet Neptune and Pluto. The assignment of stones to certain planets and constellations has its origin in the Indian Horoscope, which early on attempted to assign gemstones to certain planets and constellations.

Planet stones are also increasingly finding access to Western horoscopes. Where the origin of the “groomed” planet stones practically always comes in the Jyotish (Indian horoscope). The interpretation of the planet stones is on the one hand millennia old and still very little common in the western world. Accordingly, it is difficult to find reputable sources.

Fire Opal is assigned to the month of October as a birthstone or stone. The Fire Opal is to give those born in October, a keen business sense and a clear view of new possibilities. In addition, the fire opal provides for the October-born, for a certain restlessness. Note: The birthstone as well as the stone of the month is not identical to the assignment to the signs of the zodiac. Month stone and birthstone are assigned to the birth month.

Fire Opal Stone and Chakras

The Fire Opal stone is linked to the heart Chakra and can help you release negative energy from your head.

How to Purify Fire Opal Stone

The Opal Stone discharges and cleans itself during this time and we can already consider what form of gemstone healing therapy we will pursue later.


The Opal are said to have great powers. That is why he is used with lasting enthusiasm in the gemstone therapy. Its good healing effect on psyche and body is almost uncontested for naturalists, but also for esoteric.

For the soul, the Opal Stone is a veritable fountain of youth, a balm, even a grace. Even his appearance makes eyes radiate and spread throughout pure bliss and infinite joie de vivre. This noble opal soothes, stands for harmony all along the line. He lets us see, feel and experience love firsthand. Those looking for true love will find a good guide in this healing stone.

The Fire Opal Stone stands for the pure. He spreads warmth and patience. It promotes our ability to communicate, stimulates our imagination and provides us with gentleness and empathy. People who want to realize themselves, he is a good guide. The bearer of the Fire Opal Stone enjoys an almost supernatural escort. Since the Fire Opal Stone almost intensifies any kind of emotion, the opal jewelry should be discarded for the time being in the event of negative feelings.

The Fire Opal Stone is also able to protect our body from diseases. He contributes significantly to our recovery. It soothes stomach and intestinal complaints, brings our metabolism in balance, relieves bladder and kidney pain, it also stimulates the lymphatic flow pleasant. It supports spleen, liver, bile, purifies the blood and protects us from painful varicose veins.