Boulder Opal Stone – Meaning, Benefits and Properties

Boulder opals are often referred to as “matrix opals” or “picture opals” because they possess the most magnificent color play of all opals. Varieties of the Boulder Opal are the Yowah Opal and the The Boulder opal (Edelopal) is one of the most important healing stones of all.

The Boulder opal gives the ability to recognize our own mistakes and make changes to our own way of life. In this way, he again gives joy of life, lets it shine out particularly strong and helps to master even difficult life situations better and more optimistic. Your own life can become easier and carefree with the help of the Boulder opal.

Symbolism and Meaning

There are different stories about the origin of opals from antiquity. In India people have been talking for generations, three different gods had fallen in love with one and the same human being. An enraged jealousy and power struggle broke out, which distracted the three massively from their actual tasks.

The supreme of all gods incensed accordingly. In an effort to put an end to the drama, he transformed the woman into a cloud. But the three gods in love did not want to lose the lover, and now gave her all the colors of the rainbow, so that she could be found again in the sky.

Although wonderfully radiant, but helpless, the poor now wandered over the firmament, for with so much beauty, the various winds had now also taken great pleasure in her, and in turn began to fight over her favor. They pulled and dragged on the poor creature as if it were a tug-of-war. The supreme god was horrified. Instead of the desired calm, there was even more confusion.

So that the poor, so troubled creature could finally find peace and put an end to the chaos in the world of the gods, he transformed the dazzling cloud into an even more iridescent but peacefully resting gemstone. The first noble opal was born.

General Properties

Pliny the Elder, an important scholar from ancient Rome, was quite taken with the wonderful effect and charisma of the opal: “For he possesses an inner fire – he possesses the purple spark of the amethyst, the sea-green of the emerald, and one at all incredible blend of light. “This stone enchants with its very special shimmer: the luminous play of colors of opalizing…

Opal is one of the few amorphous minerals, so it has no crystal structure. In addition to its amorphous shape, the opal has some additional peculiarities – as you look closer, you can see that the opal actually consists of tiny silica beads. If these are approximately the same size and in the correct arrangement, diffraction and interference create the wonderful play of colors of opalescence.

The Opal occurs on all continents and even in the Antarctic. The most important and most well-known occurrences of the particularly desired noble opal lie in Australia. Mexico is famous for fine fire opals and matrix opals. From Brazil some very large fire opals come without play of colors. The color is mostly yellow to orange, but occasionally orange-red stones are also found.

The range of opal ranges from colorless or water-clear specimens, which are referred to as glass or milk opal to opals that shine anthracite, amber, red, brown and sometimes even black.

The word opal comes originally from the Latin – “opalus” means as many as ‘precious stone’, but there is also a derivation from Sanskrit, which, however, is not scientifically proven. Opals have always been considered very precious gemstones, some of which were even rated higher than diamonds. No wonder then that opals were traded as very special stones in antiquity and in ancient India and were popular because of their positive effect on the human soul.

The shimmering Opal on the physical level with its positive effect automatically provides more joy, more harmony and more balance. It promotes our eyesight, has a balancing effect on sexual disorders and strengthens the digestive tract: the food can be processed faster and better, which also stimulates the metabolism and lets the pounds tumble.

On the psychic level, the Opal has a harmonizing, calming and mood-enhancing effect, so it can also be helpful in case of depression and mood swings. And the black opal is not only an extremely valuable and sought-after stone because of its rarity: It is also said to have almost mystical powers that enable our minds to see many things more clearly – people who are gifted in the media will also find their way through the black opal Clairvoyance supported.

To discharge, simply rinse regularly under running, lukewarm water and then charge for a few hours with a rock crystal! Opal chains should be unloaded once a month overnight in a bowl of hematite tumbled stones and charged with a rock crystal.

Love and Relationships

The Boulder Opal stone can help you regain confidence and conquer every person you like. Just keep it close to you at all times.

Health Benefits

Gems give joy of life and enrich heart and soul. Her sight is as powerful and beautiful as her healing power. One of these gemstones is the opal – a solid consisting of silica gel without crystal structure. Particularly striking is its dazzling, colorful play of colors in different color variants. It is created by light reflection and the interplay of light rays. The name opal has its origins in the Latin “opalus” or Greek “opalius” and means “precious stone”.

The jewelry industry divides the opal gemstone into precious opals and common opals. Lively, especially opalescent opals usually fall into the category of noble opals. On the other hand, opals with little or no color play belong to the category of common opals. Depending on its categorization, the price of the respective opal is designed. Jewels with precious opals are real treasures – and therefore relatively cheap to settle.

The sites of opal include Asia, Africa, Australia, South and North America. Opals provide support, closeness and security – making them an excellent gift for all friends of precious and healing stones. When buying an opal, it is important to check the authenticity of the gem purchased exactly.

It is said that the Opal Healing Stone has great powers. This justifies his sustained enthusiasm in gemstone therapy. His healing effect on body and mind is considered undisputed by both esoteric and natural medicine practitioners.

The Opal healing stone is a real balm and fountain of youth for the soul. His appearance spreads beauty and joie de vivre. He has a soothing and harmonizing effect. People in search of true love find in him a faithful and reliable guidepost.

White opal stands for the pure in man. He spreads warmth and patience, gentleness and empathy. He also has a positive effect on the imagination and the ability to communicate. He is also a good counselor for people with the urge for self-realization. Carriers of white opals enjoy a reliable, almost supernatural escort. The White Opal also intensifies any kind of emotion; therefore, he should not be supported – at least for the time being – with the emergence of negative feelings.

White opal protects the body from diseases. It contributes to the recovery of man by relieving gastrointestinal complaints as well as bladder and kidney pain and balancing our metabolism. In addition, it has a stimulating effect on the lymphatic flow and thus supports spleen, bile and liver. Its blood-purifying effect protects its wearer from unpleasant to painful varicose veins.

When using white opals in gemstone therapy, it is of paramount importance to work with calm, joy and balance. For we have already heard that White Opal intensifies every kind of emotion, whether good or bad. To clean the white opal, place the gemstone in clean, lukewarm water. He should stay there for a period of two to three hours. After completion of the cleaning process, the Opal Healing Stone can be placed in the morning or evening sun for one to two hours where it recharges.

Boulder Opal Stone and Wealth

The Boulder Opal stone doesn’t have an effect on your financial situation.

Boulder Opal Stone and Zodiac

In astrology, the opal plays an important role. Opal and astrology have been closely linked for millennia.

Boulder Opal Stone and Chakras

The opal works best on the throat chakra. To enjoy your jewelry for a long time, you should never put opals in the sun, as they dry out extremely quickly, which leads to fast fading of the stones.

Even on acids, soaps, make-up or perfume, opals react very sensitively. Opals are best sprayed with water once a month.

How to Purify Boulder Opal Stone

To discharge, simply rinse regularly under running, lukewarm water and then charge for a few hours with a rock crystal! Opal chains should be unloaded once a month overnight in a bowl of hematite tumbled stones and charged with a rock crystal.

Must be kept overnight in a bowl of water and never placed in the sun as it dries out the opals. Acids, soaps, makeup and perfume can also damage opals. In addition, spray once a month with water. It should not be combined with any other stone in the application.


In the era of antiquity, the particularly valuable Boulder Opal gemstone had a veritable special position among the gemstones. His reputation was sometimes even greater than that of the diamond.

The opal belongs to the genus of oxides. Its main substance silica gel is milky white and colorless to subtly colored. Microscopic water droplets in the stone provide for its colorful and multi-faceted shimmer in blue, green, yellow, brown and red tones.

Other deposits sometimes give opals a darker color. Rarities among the opals are Fire Opal and Black Opal. The typical iridescence of the colors in the opal even names its own color adjective “opalescent”. Opal gemstone is the name of Opalescence, which refers to the colorfulness of materials caused by the scattering and interference of light on small structures in the material.