Howlite Stone – Meaning, Benefits and Properties

The fact that stones can help to heal – physical ailments as well as mental and emotional, is not a new idea. Some of the traditions about the salutary effect of the stones date back to antiquity, the middle Ages or other centuries ago. An important personality of this area was the universal scholar Hildegard von Bingen.

Numerous hints and healing approaches go back to her even today, although she already lived in the 12th century. She was Benedictine and wrote numerous medical writings, which dealt with the natural healing and also the “healing stones”.

Many of today’s publications on the “healing stones” refer to their traditions. A wide variety of possibilities should also help people today, with the power of the stones, which, however, cannot be scientifically proven, to come to a better life, to overcome diseases or at least to find approaches to activate the self-healing powers of the body.

While some of the effects mentioned are indeed detectable, such as the antibacterial effect of silver, most of the above-mentioned improvements in life are due to traditions and beliefs.

However, this does not exclude the help that many people experience through the “healing stones”. Under no circumstances should the treatment with a “healing stone” or its use for meditation, etc. replace the visit to the doctor, if complaints occur.

The help of the stones can only be seen as a supplement to conventional medicine. Most “healing stones” are suitable for the production of the gemstone water, which is to be drunk. One should refrain from this, if it is not clear whether the stone contains as admixture toxic substances.

The healing power of the stones is considered as given even if they are processed as jewelry. This makes the application easy – you can wear the stone in question as jewelry (usually as a chain) and at the same time experience the beneficial, healing effect. There are many uses of gemstones. Many carry the stone of their choice as a tumbled stone (smooth, therefore no risk of injury) with them, for example in the pocket, this is a so-called flatterer. Also this procedure should support the healing effect.

Howlite was first found in 1868 and named after the mineralogist H. How. Only through its confusion with magnetite this mineral came to greater prominence. Both are very similar externally, but consist of completely different basic materials. In case of doubt, only one examination can make a precise distinction.

The Howlite is one of the most important healing stones of all. An overview and description of the most important gems can be found in this article. In a comprehensive gem encyclopedia, even more than 400 healing stones are captured with images that can be searched by color, origin, effect, meaning, zodiac sign, etc.

Howlit stimulates a better life, releases blockages and makes it easier to deal with new life situations. He lets his own actions become more conscious and soothes a raging mind. In addition, he can make more open-minded and give more charisma. Howlite is regularly discharged after use under running lukewarm water. Recharges with a rock crystal. Chains should be unloaded overnight in a bowl with hematite tumbled stones. In combination with orange calcite or copper it gives more willpower during meditation.

Howlite is formed by the combination of boric acid and silicon dioxide with calcium in gypsum sediments. Characteristic for him is his ivory marble-like appearance, which is traversed with brown-black veins. Howlite is a calcium borosilicate and belongs to the mineral class of silicates. He can be found only in the US.

Symbolism and Meaning

Howlit was first found in Brookville near Windsor (Canada) and described in 1868 by James Dwight Dana, who named the mineral after Canadian chemist, geologist and mineralogist Henry How (1828-1879). Howlit has so far been detected at around 30 localities worldwide. In addition to its type locality Brookville at Windsor, he was still found in Canada on Cape Breton Island.

In Germany he appeared among others on Kohnstein (Thuringia) and in Rehden (Lower Saxony). Howlite is dull white to ivory colored with brown or black veins. On the crystal surfaces shows gloss, the fracture surfaces are matte. Howlit breaks a shell like glass.

Howlite is very similar in appearance to magnetite (a magnesium carbonate) and can often only be distinguished from it by a chemical analysis. Howlite “melts” under the action of hydrochloric acid into a kind of gel, whereas magnetite reacts by gas evolution.

Howlite supports the digestive system, especially the stomach and upper intestine. He is allegedly also to increase the oxygen supply in the blood, strengthen the circulatory system in general and to relieve congested airways. It promotes the ability to analyze, creativity, mental development, memory, will power. As well as receptivity to messages from other worlds.

Howlite neutralizes negative energies, helps against depression, fears, frustrations and aggression. He works earthly and protects against ill-considered emotional fluctuations and actions. That is why it is the right stone for people who are prone to rage and temper. It connects the right and left halves of the brain and allows the interaction between mind and feeling.

General Properties

Howlite is a rather common white stone. It is characterized by the gray inclusions that make it streaked, other times these inclusions are black or bluish. Sometimes it can also be found colorless. It is often used as an imitation of the much more expensive turquoise; it is in fact dyed blue. Howlite is used because its white color and its porous essence are characteristics that make it suitable for imitations. Sometimes it is dyed red to replace the coral.

Howlite belongs to the borates class and was first described by Henry How in 1868. Transparent crystals are very rare. It was discovered in Canada but today the main sources are in Los Angeles and California. The sources in Marmara and in Turkey are also very important. Howlite is a fairly common stone in crystal therapy, although it has not achieved the notoriety of other crystals. It is particularly appreciated precisely in jewelry to imitate the most precious turquoise and coral. However, this does not mean that it is deprived of ownership.

On a physical level, the inflow of oxygen increases, intervenes on thyroid problems and can also be useful to support those cures related to autoimmune and degenerative diseases. It is used in cryotherapy treatments even against infections. Stimulates fertility and strengthens the heart.

From the psychic point of view, however, it is used to overcome the wounds and traumas of the past, to metabolize the anger and to renew itself. It is used in cases of anxiety, shock and panic. Give a new self-confidence; help find the strength to move forward.

Bring it up to heart height if you need to open yourself a little more to feelings. It is a stone that amplifies vibrations, increases love for oneself and others. At the same time it helps to calm thoughts and feelings a bit too stormy, to reduce fears and feelings like jealousy. It teaches to adopt less impulsive, more comprehensive and tolerant behavior towards others.

On a spiritual level, Howlite as a white stone can be used for the seventh chakra. It helps to listen, to take responsibility. It allows having a better and healthier contact with the environment but also with other people.

Love and Relationships

The Howlite stone brings peace into your life and therefore into your relationship. Whenever this stone is close to you, you are going to feel the positive vibrations of the stone.

Gift this stone to your partner as well, if you truly want your relationship to bloom and reach a higher level. This is a great way to show your affection and desire to save your relationship.

Health Benefits

Calcium-containing sediments often circulate boron-containing fluids that combine with silicic acid to form Howlite. The stone is opaque, dull white or blue in color, and streaked with gray or brownish veins. In the Mohave Desert in California, the largest occurrence of this gemstone species was discovered.

He also occurs in Brazil, South Africa and Canada. The Canadian mineralogist H. How discovered the Howlite first, which is why he was named after him. Its Mohs hardness is 3 to 4, its density is 2.45 to 2.59 and it is also traded as Khaulit or under the name Silicoborocalcit. The Howlite is assigned to the zodiac sign of the Libra, partially also to the Gemini. The gemstone is worn with direct skin contact to develop its beneficial effects.

The Howlite is a very earthly stone, which saves from ill-considered emotional outbursts that could later be repented. In particular, people who are prone to irascibility and temper tantrums benefit by wearing this gemstone. Negative and harmful energies are dissipated more quickly by him, so that he contributes to the fact that man feels more relaxed and relaxed overall. If the stone is placed under the pillow, it gives a quiet, deep sleep without bad dreams. By soothing effect it relieves the heart attack risk and teaches the ability to listen patiently and become more open-minded.

He also promotes self-love and helps to an affirmative view of the person. Confidence in yourself and in life grows. The owner becomes more diplomatic in dealing with his ego, as well as with his fellow human beings. At the same time, however, fears are more consciously perceived and the person more easily recognizes their self-imposed limitations. Through these findings man learns to develop and not always repeat the same mistakes.

For people who are a bit bullish and often stumble or accidentally drop objects, Howlite can help. It helps to control actions more consciously and to better maintain the balance. This steadfastness is also reflected in the opinion of the person; it has great willpower and self-control through the Howlite. These qualities can be very helpful in projects such as weight loss or smoking cessation.

The gemstone Howlite can purify and stimulates the detoxification of the body. The stimulation of the metabolism is a valuable help with a diet. It balances acidity and can relieve heartburn and biliary colic.

It can also be used for nausea, as well as for poisoning. In addition, the high calcium content in the stone strengthens bones, joints, nails, teeth and hair. This is achieved in particular by the application of gemstone water. The dehydrating effect of Howlite helps to reduce swelling in joints. With headaches and migraines, the gemstone can relieve the discomfort and it improves the sense of balance.

When meditating, it can be used with orange calcite or copper to better dissolve blockages. When laid on the individual chakras, the powerful colored stones can penetrate more easily.

Strengthens the ability to judge and memory, reduces pain, stress and feelings of anger, improves the sense of balance, makes steadfast and defensive against unfair opponents. He is a grounding stone and keeps us from ill-considered emotional fluctuations. He soothes people who are prone to rage and temper. The Howlite neutralizes negative energies, so it can solve blockages that cause inhibitions and complexes in us.

It is easier for us to get into new life situations, and above all to face our fellow human beings with more open-mindedness and charm. Balances the calcium balance in the body, relieves the effects of poisoning, nausea, nausea, nausea.

Howlite (guaranteed to be good) is good at burns and contacts poisoning, helps to hand over if necessary. It has a dehydrating effect on the body, stimulates the metabolism and eliminates combustion residues. This can be strengthened with the help of a magnetite. He also regulates the acidity balance for digestion. He can relieve frequent belching and heartburn, as well as gastritis caused by stomach hyperacidity.

Howlite Stone and Wealth

Wealth is something that the Howlite stone can bring you but only if you choose to believe in its powerful properties. This powerful stone can bring you a lot of opportunities to turn your life around and make it more prosperous, but it is up to you to use it the right way.

Use the Howlite stone to change the way you communicate with people and this is going to open you new visions of the world.

Howlite Stone and Zodiac

The Howlite stone is linked to the Zodiac sign Aries. This powerful stone hides something fiery in its core and it can help those who are born under the Zodiac sign Aries.

Wear it always close to you, especially in events that are significant or potentially life changing.

Howlite Stone and Chakras

The Howlite stone is linked to the seventh chakra. Wearing this stone close to you can help you overcome struggles and help you clean out the negative energy gathered in this part of your body.

You can therefore use it to bring light into this energy center, so that you can enter into communion with the higher realms.

It helps you to see beyond the veil, to see the truth. Use it if you are a creator in crisis. It helps you bring out the best in you in your field of expertise. It is an excellent stone for self-expression.

How to Purify Howlite Stone

Howlite is regularly discharged after use under running lukewarm water. Recharges with a rock crystal. Chains should be unloaded overnight in a bowl with hematite tumbled stones.

In combination with orange calcite or copper it gives more willpower during meditation.


It acts as a calming for the mind. So if you are a bit stressed during this period, it can certainly be a very useful stone. The same is true if you feel you are particularly attacking the past and you cannot let yourself go because of old pains and you should abandon it. It is a good support stone when it comes to elaborating emotions. Do not forget that letting go of the negative opens you to new things, to the beautiful experiences of life.

I’ll suggest you Howlite if you need peace of mind. On the contrary, it is not a stone for you if instead you have to get out of the torpor, in this case I would like more for the citrine quartz. Then obviously, it changes a lot from one person to another. Instead, Howlite reduces aggression, the tendency to be too critical. So use the Howlite to achieve your results and always stay focused on them. It can help you achieve the abundance you need.

It allows you to abandon anger, frustration, and sadness. Not to abandon them for resignation, but because it’s really time to turn the page. All of this notes how it opens you to something much more beautiful and also allows you to better understand the point of view of others. It does not mean always being in agreement with others but simply understanding what you are trying to say and saying your opinion in a calm way. Tends to make communication clearer.

This stone calms the mind, helps in letting go of the past, processing emotions, attracting tranquility, reducing aggression, less critical, abandoning sadness, understanding others. Howlite is a stone linked to the seventh chakra. You can therefore use it to bring light into this energy center, so that you can enter into communion with the higher realms. It helps you to see beyond the veil, to see the truth. Use it if you are a creator in crisis.

It helps you bring out the best in you in your field of expertise. It is an excellent stone for self-expression. To summarize, it is useful for: harmonizing the seventh chakra, communicating with the higher realms, seeing the truth, self-expression.