Pearl Stone – Meaning, Benefits and Properties

Pearl stone is the stone of the mother moon, of the deep healing waters and of the sacred feminine energies. The power of yin. With its purple, gold, blue, blue and rosy reflections, this stone is always wrapped in a sparkling white energy that makes it a protective stone.

Gives new light to thoughts, gives positivity in order to encourage ties and friendships. Strengthen the abilities of solitary individuals in creating new relationships.

This stone helps in both physical and mental recovery, and would be indicated for people who are tired or need to move a bit of energy.

In today’s article, we are going to find out more information about the powerful healing properties of the Pearl stone.

Symbolism and Meaning

Pearl stone is the perfect stone to use if you feel disconnected and you need a spiritual guide: it is in fact an excellent stone to get in touch with your emotions.

The nutritional energy of this stone will provide comfort and will be a guide and protection in difficult times.

It tells an ancient legend that wearing a Pearl stone necklace when out in the dark will make it possible to see any danger before it can see us.

All this probably because the stone protects during travel, especially those that involve crossing the water or that are carried out during the night.

In Eastern Europe it has long been used as a lucky charm. In India it is a sacred stone and it seems to be given to women on the occasion of their wedding.

It is indicated to stimulate the lymphatic circulation, in case of gastric hyperacidity, insomnia and during the whole period of menopause.

General Properties

The pearls, also known as the mother of pearl spheres, are the only precious stones that are extracted from a living being and in fact to extract this precious jewel one must kill its creator.

This gem is given by the mucosa that covers a particle that enters the body of mollusk and that is why each one is unique and unrepeatable, what defines them as a gem and gemstone, is the symmetry they possess and by their natural brightness, which can be highlighted with a simple polish.

Most of the pearls of good quality are produced by a family of oysters specifically the Pteriidae. VAT in Japan they usually exceed seven millimeters, while in countries like Korea, China or Hong Kong they are smaller.

They are grown in the warm waters of French Polynesia, inside the Pinctada Margaritifera oyster. They are pearls that have sizes up to thirteen millimeters and their colors are so exotic that they become the most coveted on the planet. The shades vary between gold, gray, orange, blue and black.

They are the Australian pearls raised in the Pinctada Maxima oyster. They are grown in the North Sea of ​​Australia and also in Indonesia and the Philippines. They can measure up to twenty eight millimeters, they have a wide range of colors ranging from white to black.

These are pearls that are grown with certain shapes; it can be pear-shaped, heart-shaped, even amulet-shaped like little Buddha’s. They already did this in China in the thirteenth century. The trick is to make the desired shape inside the mollusk that creates it so that it fills the hole with the nacre.

They are the blister pearls that I mentioned before. They are attached to the inner face of the mollusk, so that only half sphere of mother of pearl is coated. They are widely used in jewelry precisely because of this rounded shape on one side and smooth on the other. They are grown mainly in Australia, Indonesia and Japan.

No matter what term we use to describe this play of light through the Pearl stone, the important thing is certainly the very beautiful result.

Being a perfect expression of the feminine yin energy and therefore of the soothing energy of the moon, the stone is the bearer of calm, peace, tranquility, harmony, sweetness, balance and protection.

All qualities recognized by different cultures and in different centuries. It was in fact popular in ancient Rome, China and India, and has always remained an extremely popular stone for its truly unique appearance.

Moreover for it’s a very powerful and deeply feminine energy that knows how to nourish, heal and bring back everything that is in a precarious and unstable situation.

Pearls, also called the tears of the moon, are those semi-precious stones that look good on any woman and with any outfit. In fact, I think that when I’m not sure what to wear, I always turn to pearls for how well they combine with everything.

They have always been used as a feminine ornament. The Indians of America already used the sweet pearls of the Mississippi River to make necklaces, as an ornament in the female headdresses, and also glued on some copper ornaments.

The beginning of a pearl is inside some bivalve mollusks, especially oysters. When they detect a foreign object inside their shell, which can be from a parasite to a particle of sand, they begin to secrete a smooth and hard crystalline substance, nacre, around the invading object.

They do this as a defense mechanism; unable to expel this foreign body from its shell, they invade it for years with this precious substance that, after layers and layers form the beautiful stone that so many women adore, the pearl.

Do you know why pearls have that characteristic shine? I am sure that when we talk about the meaning of pearl, the first thing that comes to mind is the characteristic shine of this beautiful semi-precious stone.

Pearl stone forms either magmatic in dunite, gabbros, basalt and anorthosite or metamorphic in amphibolite.

Especially the iridescent play of colors in combination with a metallic shine make the fascination of the Pearl stone, like the glorious shimmering plumage of a magnificent peacock. The color nuances range from blue, purple and green to yellow and red sprinkles.

Love and Relationships

The pearl stone can give you clarity in relationships. You can carry it close to you, to get a better understanding of the things happening between you and your partner.

Health Benefits

Pearl stone s have positive effects on body, mind and soul. The “stone of women” has a particularly pronounced effect on the female genitalia. It helps to regulate the hormone balance.

This promotes fertility. In addition, he helps with menstrual problems. Especially its positive effect on fertility and pregnancy has long been an important force of the Pearl stone. He influences the pregnancy as well as the time afterwards.

The regression after pregnancy is better, the milk production is regulated and later in menopause, he is a sought after companion. In addition, the gemstone gives women serenity, vitality and balance. Your youthful charisma will be strengthened.

Overall, the Pearl stone has a positive effect on the entire endocrine system and stimulates the metabolism. The effect of the Pearl stone or the perception of its healing power is enhanced by the potassium content and the framework silicate.

Above all, the potassium contained in the Pearl stone supports the ability to tune in to universal rhythmic laws. The psychological effect ranges from the lunacy to the strengthening of intuition and feelings.

So the Pearl stone helps with lack of self-confidence and strong mood swings. He also contributes to the dream memory and also helps dreams to emerge at all.

On the one hand, he is a good companion for people who are built close to the water, on the other hand, it can be better feelings allow and also cry. It’s harmonizing and balancing effect on the psyche is appreciated by many people, not just women.

Pearl Stone and Wealth

With increased nervousness, subliminal tension or emotional blockages, the Pearl stone has an encouraging effect – the mental balance is restored and new perspectives are opened.

The dazzling color variety of the stone not only boosts our imagination and creativity, but also ensures an intensification of our own intuition and the inner emotional world.

Pearl Stone and Zodiac

The pearl stone is linked to the Zodiac signs that are Water signs. So to everyone who belongs to Cancer, Pisces or Scorpio sign.

Pearl Stone and Chakras

The Pearl stone works best on the heart chakra. On the astrological level, he is assigned the star sign Aquarius, Cancer and Scorpio.

Spheres from this semi-precious stone, placed in the living area, should balance negative energies. Pearl stone water can be consumed in small sips for general strengthening.

How to Purify Pearl Stone?

To clean your Pearl stone, just gently clean it with a wipe and no need to do this too often. Every fifteen days is enough. It is recommended to clean the Pearl stone under running lukewarm water after use.

Afterwards, it should be placed in the clear morning air to be charged in a mineral water bowl.

It can also be unloaded in a dry bowl with hematite tumbled stones and then charged in a rock crystal group.


On the physical level, the Pearl stone relieves discomfort in the bones and joints, such as rheumatism, gout or osteoarthritis and.

Also on the cardiovascular system, the stone has a calming effect, which has a positive influence on the blood pressure.

Hopefully this article was helpful and you were able to find out all the important information you wanted to know about your favorite healing stone.