Pietersite Stone – Meaning, Benefits and Properties

Beautiful Pietersita, This stone or gem was discovered not long ago by geologist Sid Pieters who carried out his discovery in 1962, that is, this date corresponds to the second half of the twentieth century.

In today’s text, we are going to learn about the beneficial properties of this beautiful healing stone and how it can help us both mentally and physically.

Symbolism and Meaning

It is one of the most beautiful crystals that exists on earth due to its wide range of colors and its healing properties that today make the world of jewelry more than a business of just looking elegant.

This rock is mainly chemically composed of crocidolite which is a fibrous variety that is mostly found in riebeckite which can be dangerous and harmful to health because if these small fibers are inhaled it can develop a very rare type of cancer currently referred to as mesothelioma.

Although in rocks such as pietersite they are totally isolated in their component making this gem harmless, because it is subjected to a tectonic gap process which is described as the friction formed between two rocks neutralizing Crocidolite fibers without removing it from the components.

This rock is very colorful and shiny, it is considered as a gem and seen in jewelry since very recently because it had not been tried to transform it into a gem for the reasons that we previously told, at the end of the processes through which this stone or mineral passes It is pasted in quartz so that it is pointed to the use of jewelry.

For your care we can immerse it for a few minutes in salt water, as every gem also recharges with sunlight in just a few minutes and transferring the energies of our body through meditation. We can acquire it in stores and events of minerals, especially auctioned at high values ​​for being considered as a gem of the world.

Its blue color is the rarest, it is said that the African Pieterite is the most sought after to collect because it has a wider range of colors than the Chinese Pieterite recently located in China.

The first rock of this class was located in the Namibia desert, this is a country that is located southeast of the African continent, in the year 1962, it is said that in this place are located the pietersitas of greater collectible value since they are white, blue colors,

Golden and intense reds in different shades, which can be mixed together to form part of the rock or simply appear separately within it.

This Chinese Pieterite changes its composition with respect to a component of the African Pietersite and is the substitution presented by the gem that instead of crocidolite contains a material known as torendrikite this material is rich in magnesium and can give an orange reddish color to these stones with this composition.

This mine located in China is currently closed because it is located in a very dangerous area to be worked, leaving the African deposit only in the Pieterite extraction industry, which makes the gem very difficult to find in the market in this times.

This rare stone is known as Pietersite is called “stone of the Tempest “contains a host of special and healing properties which is very much based on the spiritual, this rock is known as “the key to the kingdom of God”, and accumulates with it an energy load

With great characteristics, it helps to create a bridge between consciousness and daily memory with our spiritual being that helps us analyze and remember the bad things we did during the day to be able to correct them.

It fosters the feeling of honesty in the individual, which helps not to tell the truth by making us feel good about ourselves and helps us to assume our mistakes, without blaming others.

This gem helps us to fully function our brains and to support and sustain our personal decisions, encouraging courage to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves.

The sacral chakra is the second chakra of the body which involves feelings and sexuality, if this chakra is perfectly balanced it can free the body in all its senses without being over emotional, this chakra has to strengthen the feeling of joy and

If this chakra is not active, it is usually demonstrated by bad behaviors, we become bitter and depressive beings, and the negative charges take over our being blocking it completely.

General Properties

The beauty and the essence of lightning are captured by Pietersite, a stone with brilliant flashes of golden light that are lost in a deep blue sky.

Known as the “Stone of the Storm”, the energy of Pietersite is very powerful and can be perceived in a decisive manner. Just like lightning breaks the stillness and the normal balance of the sky, Pietersite eliminates emotional disturbances and purifies the aura, restoring it to calmness.

Pietersite also provides a unified activation of the Sacral Chakra, of the Solar Plexus and of the Third Eye, creating a powerful increase in energy of personal will and intuitive abilities.

The major quality of Pietersite, from an energetic point of view, is that of raising the lowest energy centers of the body towards the etheric kingdoms. This rare ability increases an individual’s ability to focus on goals, also improving telepathic and visionary abilities.

Pietersite is a variety of quartz, naturally composed of Tiger’s Eye, Hawkeye and Jasper and is characterized by an incredible vivacity and brilliance. Its gold tones are in contrast with the deep blue-black blue, with gray and brown that characterize the background tones.

Pietersite is a powerful stone of protection, especially against the fury of the elements. It soothes people and animals who find themselves experiencing a moment of nervousness during thunderstorms and protects while driving in bad weather.

Pietersite also acts as a shield against the adverse effects of technology, particularly if you work for long hours on the computer or live perennially near the mobile phone.

Water energy, on the other hand, is linked to the vital circle, calm, meditation and stillness and is usually associated with the northern area of ​​a house or room. Placing a Pietersite in these areas of the house guarantees a burst of energy and protection that will flow over all daily activities.

Love and Relationships

This stone gives you the positive energies so that you feel comfortable with yourself and then feel good about the world around us, if this chakra is overloaded it is usually shown by even stronger emotional charges because you become more sensitive with the feelings at the top of your skin and You usually become fond of people and our surroundings.

Health Benefits

Unknown too many, the little stone or the stone of the storm is overwhelming as few and the reason is found in the keys that hide behind its name. Spiritual awareness, compression, vision, intensity, meditation and healing.

These are the most remarkable attributes of this energetic stone. The little pieter has a strong spiritual meaning that if something brings into our life it is precisely the truth. The power to calm our mind in conflicts.

At the same time, the Pieterite has healing properties that are admirable especially in the field of emotions because it ends up acting as our spiritual guide whenever there is a conflict in our environment and affects us.

The meaning of the stones also estimates that the storm stone erases anchored beliefs from our lives, causing little to care for what others think we should do.

Pieterite is a stone with great spiritual benefits that give us all the strength we need so that we can enhance our personal development.

It is considered as the stone of expression, since it helps us to flow, it helps us to express ourselves more clearly, to say goodbye to blocked emotions and to solve more easily the moments that are difficult for us to manage.

In addition, the Pietersite is a good mineral to work repressed feelings, because it helps us get everything out of our interior, eliminating negative thoughts from our lives and therefore the dire repercussions that they have.

The treatment of ailments with the pietersite is indicated as a good reinforcement in those cases in which there are gastrointestinal problems, problems of the endocrine system related to hormonal production. It is also a good companion to absorb nutrients from food, improving our health.

To use the Pietersite correctly there is no specific indication. You have to put the little foot in that part of the body that is most considered for our particular case.

Pietersite Stone and Wealth

Release the vows and promise we made in past lives, enforcing everything we once wanted to do, as well as helping to resolve conflicts and release positive energies towards our enemies so as not to fall into confrontation.

This gem also has properties that help the functioning of the human body, to feel good physically and mentally which can give you enough motivation in work and business.

Pietersite Stone and Zodiac

In the zodiac this gem is associated with the Capricorn and Libra signs making these properties work more effectively, because they are signs associated with the element “Air”.

Pietersite Stone and Chakras

Those who have tried to defeat an addiction know how important it is to focus on their willpower. Pietersite is an extremely supportive stone and provides an important stimulus to try to “detach” from all dependencies. Just as it is also associated with the sacral chakra.

Pietersite, as anyone who loves and sells only high quality crystals such as Feng Shui, and is an important tool for bringing repressed sensations and conflicts to the surface of which it accelerates the process of removal and healing.

How to Purify Pietersite Stone?

To clean your Pietresite stone, you can just put it under running lukewarm water and wait for the water to clean all the dirt from it.


Pietersite is an excellent meditation stone, especially for all those who find it difficult to “clean” oppressive thoughts.

Worn as a pendant during meditation sessions, Pietersite helps to connect the lower energies with the higher ones, giving a deep sense of fulfillment and immersion in the deeper unconscious.

Pietersite can be associated with both the Fire Element and the Water Element. Fire energy is the energy of enthusiasm, warmth, illumination and creativity and is traditionally associated with the southern area of a house or room.

Hopefully this article was helpful and you were able to find out everything about your favorite stone.