Pink Calcite – Meaning, Benefits and Properties

This gem belongs to the family of calcite and has a high calcium content. Therefore, it is also often used in the pharmaceutical industry. He has a great healing effect on bones. It can be found in Mexico, Brazil and the USA. The Manganocalcit brings more vitality and well-being and will challenge the wearer mentally.

He gives self-confidence and awakens the inner strength. When dealing with other people, the communication and understanding of the needs of others improves. Problems in the interpersonal area dissolve.

In the physical area, it brings stability into the fluid balance of the body. The manganocalcit can positively affect the metabolism, the immune system and digestion. He ensures the balance of the organs. He brings fortification for the heart, lungs, blood vessels and the skin.

The information given here is our personal opinion and experience and not to be understood as a guide to therapy or diagnosis in the medical sense. Healing stones by no means replace the walk to a doctor.

Symbolism and Meaning

The name derives from the Latin word calx which means “lime”. The variety most sought after by collectors is the colorless and transparent that doubles the images observed in transparency. This particular property of calcite, also known in ancient times, was combined with the virtue of promoting astral travel.

The delicate pink color symbolizes the still young rosebud, which is just about to unfold. Therefore, one can recommend the rose quartz for all life situations in which a change or new beginning takes place: Eg at birth, in puberty, pregnancy, career change, menopause, divorce, as euthanasia. With “gentle determination” the rose quartz helps to develop itself and realize its true needs.

He stands for the unconditional love that agrees without judgment. This also means being able to take care of oneself, and thus the rose quartz can help lonely people to find in themselves the consolation and the security they were denied on the outside.

The rose quartz promotes empathy, which is particularly beneficial for divorces or frequent dispute. Mistrust, fear, hatred and resentment dissolve and allow forgiveness. He makes it easier to accept others and himself as he / she is and thus promotes a friendly atmosphere that is characterized by mutual respect.

This is best done with a larger rose quartz lump in the living / dining area or at work. He should also be missing in any nursery or living room of older people! Under the bed he can help to sleep better.

Just as the rose is the classic flower of love, the rose quartz is the stone for all problems in the area of ​​feelings, whether it is self-reproaches or lack of respect for others or the environment. In order to be able to give love, I first have to give up (unconsciously) the conviction “I am not worth loving” and start to love myself. Only then can my love become visible in the outside world.

General Properties

Calcite (Latin: calx = lime) is one of the most abundant minerals in the earth’s crust and is used because of its high calcium content, especially in the pharmaceutical industry. Because of this composition, he is also awarded particularly good healing effects on the bones, which led to his German name.

Calcite is also used in the manufacture of paints, building materials, fertilizers or in the smelting of metal ores. Moreover, calcite marbles, onyx marbles or lime stones are sought-after building materials. A special feature of calcite is its double refraction of light, which gave its name to the variety, the double spar.

Due to this special property, pure crystals are also used in the optical industry. Calcite is less suitable as a gemstone because of its low hardness, but is occasionally honed in cabochon or smooth cut. Due to its abundance, calcite occurs in a variety of colors and shapes.

The Pink calcite belongs to the most important healing stones at all. An overview and description of the most important gems can be found in the article “Top Healing Stones”. In our comprehensive gem encyclopedia, even more than 400 healing stones are captured with images that can be searched by color, origin, effect, meaning, zodiac sign, etc.

Pink calcite generally provides more well-being, because it promotes mental development and has a balancing effect on the mind.

He also gives more confidence and a feeling of warmth, contentment and zest for life.

This makes dealing with other people more open and helpful and problem situations can be mastered with energy and steadfastness. Should be unloaded and cleaned once a month under running lukewarm water. Recharges overnight with a rock crystal.

To develop its effect, it should be worn directly on the body, placed on the appropriate body parts or used as water for internal and external use. It can also be applied externally as an ointment on the affected skin.

Love and Relationships

The Pink Calcite is going to help you to achieve success in love and even its Pink color reminds us of love, affection and kindness.

Health Benefits

Many reviews showed that the rose quartz has a positive effect on a relatively large number of frequencies. In particular, its effect on the nervous system and problems with the heart and blood circulation could be confirmed, which is probably due to the manganese content.

He can be well used after a “mini-nervous breakdown” because he supports strengthening and regeneration of the nerves and also to the centers of healing, charity and responsibility. It also has frequencies in the digestive system (fullness, liver), affects the skin (nails, warts, adipose tissue), the skeleton and the genitalia.

Rose quartz can be worn as jewelry or in a trouser pocket, placed under the pillow or under the bed, placed in the room or in front of the computer. You can also put the Rose Quartz on the sleeping place or in your pet’s drinking water, in the aquarium or next to a sick plant. As rose quartz water (best to put together with a rock crystal double in a glass jug with drinking water) or for massage (ball, massage stick) Rose Quartz supports the inner and outer harmony.

The honey calcite promotes bone structure and is also good for human development. Here you will learn everything about its meaning, the healing effect, the charging and the effect of the gemstone. The honey calcite is also called calcite or calcite. He is yellow and belongs to the family of Calcite. The varieties of the family include calcite green, calcite blue, calcite white, calcite red, manganese calcite, lemon calcite, orange calcite and honey calcite.

In Latin, “calx” means lime. This mineral is very common and is very popular in the pharmaceutical industry because of its high calcium content. He is also called “leg breast stone”. This is mainly because he is said to have a positive influence on the bones. Calcite is used in many areas, for example in the manufacture of building materials, paints and fertilizers. But it is also used in the smelting of metal ores.

Calcite also increases the popularity of building materials such as marble, limestone or onyx marble. Especially the calcite is mainly because it has a double refraction of light and this is responsible for the name. This property also uses pure crystals in the industry. As a gem, however, calcite is not suitable due to its low hardness. There is an infinite number of colors and forms of calcite, especially due to its abundance. In addition, the honey calcite is one of the most important healing stones.

This gemstone strengthens the intuition, promotes the mind and sets a positive for life. Furthermore, you are more self-confident, strong and motivated through the stone. The gemstone should be cleaned once a month with lukewarm water. You can also recharge it with a rock crystal at night. The stone is suitable for contact with the skin. To make gemstone water, you just have to put it in boiling water. The taste of the water will be mild and give you strength.

Pink Calcite and Wealth

The Pink Calcite stone is going to help you ensure your financial position and become a much more determined person when it comes to business deals.

Pink Calcite and Zodiac

The Pink Calcite is not linked of any specific Zodiac sign.

Pink Calcite and Chakras

The Pink Calcite stone is linked to the 4th Chakra.

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Pink calcite generally provides more well-being, because it promotes mental development and has a balancing effect on the mind. He also gives more confidence and a feeling of warmth, contentment and zest for life.

This makes dealing with other people more open and helpful and problem situations can be mastered with energy and steadfastness. Should be unloaded and cleaned once a month under running lukewarm water. Recharges overnight with a rock crystal.


Calcium carbonate. The Energy of Calcite Rosa stone is of Love for oneself and for others. Pink Calcite opens up hearts that are disheartened and tired, lightens the weight of old and painful emotional models: suffering, loss.

It stimulates new interests, makes us rediscover joy in life, in relationships, in love. Calcite Rosa takes away nostalgia, anxiety crises and mood swings.

Helps in cardiac fatigue, arrhythmias, tachycardias, angina. Regulates hormone production, the pancreas (helping to normalize the glycemic rate). Pink Calcite is harmonious with the 4th Chakra and can help you heal this Chakra and reach balance in life.