Prasiolite Stone – Meaning, Benefits and Properties

Its infatuating violet makes Prasiolite so desirable, though protection against seduction is one of its special qualities. The name Prasiolite comes from the Greek and means “counteracting the intoxication”.

For, according to an ancient belief, the bearer of this gemstone is protected from the intoxicating effect of wine.

Also should make wine from a Prasiolite pot not drunk. He is also said to protect against theft. And in fact, early grave finds prove this effect. Tombs containing Prasiolite s or jewelry from this stone showed no signs of plunder, even if other pieces of jewelry in the tomb were made of gold.

The Prasiolite is a mineral belonging to the quartz group. Its color varies from pale-pale to strong-dark violet. This translucent to transparent healing stone is also known under the name “Säuferstein” or “stone of Bacchus”. The Prasiolite gets its violet color due to ionizing radiation from the surrounding stone.

However, intense sunshine or heating may cause the color to fade. The prisms of the trigonal Prasiolite crystals are rather weak and require for their growth cavities of volcanic rocks, which are referred to as stones. The burning of Prasiolite s at temperatures between 470 and 750 ° C produces green, reddish brown, yellow or colorless varieties.

Locations for Prasiolite s to be later processed into gemstones are quite limited. Such occurrences exist in Brazil, Madagascar, Uruguay, Russia, Morocco, Sri Lanka and Namibia. The crystals are located in the cavities of hydrothermal veins and volcanic rocks.

Particularly popular are the commercially available Prasiolite  Druze, whose underground with the crystals inside form a cavity that is often used to recharge jewelry or other healing stones.

In Brazil, the most beautiful Druze can be found, which are sometimes man-high. But also in Finland and in Lower Austria, near the city of Maisie, impressive Prasiolite gullies were unearthed, which can be visited by Prasiolite lovers.

Special feature of the Prasiolite is its ability to rejuvenate other healing stones and thereby recharge them. For this purpose, a palm-sized Prasiolite piece with many crystals or a Prasiolite is suitable. Even medications or jewelry can be positively influenced by the energy of Prasiolite s. Prasiolite glands or large Prasiolite pieces are also ideal for increasing and harmonizing the energy in rooms.

Symbolism and Meaning

Prasiolite, consisting of SiO 2, is an oxide mineral, as well as a member of the quartz group. Typical of Prasiolith is the leek green, medium to gray-green color and the white line color. The quartz mineral crystallizes in the trigonal crystal system; Prasiolite crystals are in the form of six-sided prisms.

Prasiolite is from transparent to translucent transparency, the luster is glassy. The break is mussel to brittle, the cleavage is not present. With a Mohs hardness of 7, Prasiolite is one of the hard minerals whose specific gravity is 2.65. Of course, green-colored quartz like prasiolite is rare.

Far more common in the trade since the mid-20th century artificially upgraded, other quartz available. Above all yellow and violet quartz like for example Prasiolite serve the Prasiolith imitation. By heating to temperatures around 500 ° C, the actual, original color changes and turns green. Nevertheless, all crystals cannot be arbitrarily trimmed on prasiolite. Only iron (II) -valued Prasiolite s turn green after the so-called burning; Prasiolite s with iron (III) contents turn yellow in the quartz variety citrine.

Accordingly rare are the occurrences of naturally green Prasiolith: Plóczki Górne in Lower Silesia / Poland and Banwell Hill in the southwest of England are known as localities of Prasiolith.

Prasiolite is a popular gem, which is confused because of the similarity in color with moldavite, peridot or beryl. In addition, the mineral is traded as a healing stone, without the healing properties of prasiolite has been confirmed in scientific studies.

General Properties

In 1953 Dr. F. Pough visited the Amazonas deposits of the Montezuma mine and there he learned the unique story of a miner who accidentally obtained the first Prasiolitas, this worker to prepare his lunch used a few pieces of medium violet Prasiolite with almost transparent edges, scratched, old and without any interest in order to build an attachment to heat your food. After his lunch he put out the fire, scattered the rocks and with evident surprise observed that the Prasiolite s had acquired a green color.

This beautiful semiprecious stone does not appear naturally in deposits, because although some Prasiolite s of green tendency appear, they are of low quality and are not used in jewelry. For what is obtained by calcining at about 500º C yellow quartz stones or violet Prasiolite from the Montezuma deposits, located in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil.

In addition, prasiolite is also manufactured in Arizona, United States. Another characteristic to keep in mind is that if the stone is exposed to the natural light of the sun, its coloration pales considerably.

The special synonyms for the Prasiolith are, for example, green quartz, green Prasiolite, or vermarin. The Prasiolite itself has a striking green color and belongs to the family of quartz. Rather, it is a very rare leek green variety of quartz. Its typical name comes from the Greek terms “prason” for “leek” and “lithos” for stone. The gemstone is very rare and therefore it is often made by burning green Prasiolite s or yellow quartz. Prasiolite is one of the most important healing stones in the industry.

Love and Relationships

Much of the effect of this stone is based on belief in its powers. The human psyche can be positively influenced by such an application. Therefore, it is not surprising that the Prasiolite is a particularly popular talisman. For this, the stone can be worn in any shape – jewelry manufacturers have, among other things guardian angel made of Prasiolite in the program.

The Prasiolite is to support the soul in mourning and other grief, take fears and help with addictive behavior. He drives out false friends, and strengthens the important, true friendships of the wearer.

Health Benefits

Because the Prasiolite strengthens the concentration, it is an ideal stone for meditation. He also strengthens the will, gives pleasure, helps to new courage and promotes one’s own intuition. Its dampening effect on the consumption of alcoholic beverages also affects the sex drive. For example, e.g. it is known that bishops and cardinals wear a Prasiolite ring on their finger to protect them from such temptations. Even rosaries are sometimes made of this particular stone. Tibetan clerics, on the other hand, are especially important as a meditation stone.

The soothing effect of Prasiolite should help to strengthen friendships. It is said that if two friends exchange Prasiolite s, their friendship will continue as long as they possess the gems. The calming radiance of the healing stone also ensures relaxation and a restful sleep. Especially in these times, the qualities of the Prasiolite prove to be very helpful, because more and more diseases due to stress, restlessness, nervousness and imbalance. Fears and other emotional stress can be solved with it to find inner peace and serenity again. Because the Prasiolite can activate the spiritual, it is a suitable healing stone for meditation, to increase the perception and for a better understanding of the environment.

The range of physical effects of Prasiolite is very broad. He is used against skin diseases, anemia, nervous pain, headache and migraine.

In addition, it stimulates the metabolism and helps with epilepsy, anxiety neurosis, hysteria and dyslexia. Likewise, it can be used successfully with snake and tick bites as well as insect bites. With the Prasiolite restlessness and sleep disorders, but also varicose veins and addictions can be treated.

Prasiolite is a gem that is usually carved in facets for use in jewelry or to be acquired by collectors of precious stones. This stone is not found in its natural state and, therefore, it is necessary to receive certain treatments in order to be commercialized. These are the three processes to which these green quartz are habitually exposed: Most prasiolite is produced by heating the natural Prasiolite in a laboratory oven at about 600 degrees centigrade. This warming changes the color of the Prasiolite from purple to green or yellowish green.

Open-faced or worn open, the Prasiolite also offers a certain “protection” against negative influences. To reduce addiction and addictive effects, such as smoking and excessive drinking of alcohol, one should always carry a Prasiolite and take the stone with every stimulus.

For headaches, migraines and nervousness: lay down relaxed and place a Prasiolite on the third eye for 15-30 minutes. “Whoever wears a Prasiolite chain or a Prasiolite pendant should not get any migraines or headaches!!!” In case of disturbances of the pancreas and blood diseases, Prasiolite overnight in a glass with about 200 ml of water (normal water glass) and drink sober in the morning.

For bumps, bruised limbs, insect and snake bites, moisten the area with saliva and coat the swelling with Prasiolite for 15 to 30 minutes. For skin blemishes: boil 1 l of water, keep the Prasiolite in the water vapor until it becomes fogged. Then remove the pot from the heat and place the Prasiolite in the pot with the still hot water. Allow to cool and wash the face with the elixir so prepared. The elixir can also be used as an aftershave.

Prasiolite and Wealth

The Prasiolite stone is not linked to finances and wealth.

Prasiolite and Zodiac

The meaning of the healing stones and zodiacs have a special connection. Because the universal laws in life and in the entire cosmos have their expression in different forms, just in stones and stars.

The commonality of the properties of crystals and minerals is often felt. The energies can be reinforcing, moderating or balancing. This depends on which properties of a star sign are superficial.

Thus, healing stones with their effect can have a positive influence on a zodiac sign and create harmony.

The Prasiolite corresponds to the star signs Pisces, Sagittarius, Virgo and Aries. A correspondence means that these signs have in common their properties with those of the healing stone and are thereby strengthened. For an interaction or a balance of certain properties opposing stones are needed.

Prasiolite and Chakras

The Prasiolite stone is linked to the root Chakra and it can help you release negative energy from this part of your body.

How to Purify Prasiolite stone

Once a month and regularly the Prasiolith should be discharged under running water. After that, it is possible to recharge it with a rock crystal.

This way, he can later fully develop his effect once he is deployed. It is also strongly recommended to wear it in conjunction with direct skin contact.


Fakes and imitations by burning quartz are possible. The prasiolite belongs to the mineral class of oxides. He mainly lives in Brazil. But he was also found and mined in India, Russia and Zimbabwe. Prasiolites are not natural gemstones. They are only won by burning. The Mohs hardness of Prasioliths is about 7. It is easy and simply possible that Prasiolith can be confused with a tourmaline or a noble beryl, because the similarity is so strong. Under the influence of sunlight, it is possible that the color fades.

The prasiolite is characterized by a trigonal crystal system and its stroke color is white. It is characterized by a clear gloss of glass and is transparent. The rupture is clammy and brittle and it is not good fissile. The prasiolite is characterized by a very weak pleochroism. It is usually used as a faceted gemstone or as a pendant. In addition, he can still be confused with the peridot.