Prehnite Stone – Meaning, Benefits and Properties

Prehnite was named by the mineralogist Abraham Gottlob Werner after the Dutch Baron and Colonel Hendrik von Prehn, who in 1783 brought the first of these gems to Europe.

He was found by him in South Africa in the Cape Province (Cape of Good Hope), which also formed the trade names Cape Emerald and Cape Chrysolite. Prehnite narratives say that he was already known in Australia prior to colonization and was considered a life stone by the Aborigines. He is a very strong protection stone.

Prehnite is one of the most important healing stones of all. An overview and description of the most important gems can be found in the article “Top Healing Stones”. In our comprehensive gem encyclopedia, even more than 400 healing stones are captured with images that can be searched by color, origin, effect, meaning, zodiac sign, etc.

Prehnite is very good at resolving neurosis, blockages or depression caused by unprocessed or suppressed mental conflicts, memories or experiences. In problematic situations he makes those processes aware and makes clear that they would have influenced normal thinking and acting. It enhances the perception of oneself and the environment and thus promotes more self-acceptance.

He also deals with the environment cautiously, because it has a relaxing effect and calms the mind. The effects of the yellow and green prehnite are the same, except that the green is a lot stronger and also increases the perception.

Symbolism and Meaning

The prehistoric has little tradition and is known only through the colonization of South Africa and Australia. The Dutch General Prehn had first found this stone at the Cape of Good Hope, after which he also got his name.

In the ancient world, prehnite was known only as a small, inconspicuous crystal.

In Australia, however, head-sized bright green stones were found. The natives referred to these stones as life-stones, which sprang from the heart of the earth. It was not until very late, however, that it was discovered that this fantastically green stone is prehnite.

Since the deposits are almost exploited, or are in the reserves of the Australian Aborigines, the prehnite as a gemstone for us almost no longer meaning.

As a healing stone, however, prehnite is a very powerful protective stone for the body.

General Properties

The name Prehnite goes back to the Dutch General Hendrik von Prehn (1733 to 1785), who brought the mineral for the first time in 1783 from South Africa to Europe. Abraham Gottlob Werner (German mineralogist, 1749-1817) was the one who analyzed the hitherto unknown mineral and named Prehnite after his discoverer.

Prehnite is a mineral of the mineral class of silicates and germanates with the chemical composition Ca2Al2Si3O10 (OH) 2. Prehnite occurs predominantly in pale shades of green, but can also be yellowish, brownish, greyish or colorless. If Prehnite is stored unprotected from sunlight, the mineral may additionally lose color intensity. The stroke color is white in all cases.

Prehnite crystallizes in the orthorhombic crystal system. Characteristic are tabular, short prismatic crystals. The aggregates are spherical, grape-shaped, coarse, grainy, stalactite or crusty arranged. Due to the crusty coatings, the pseudomorphosis of prehnite to natrolite and analcime is possible.

The breakage of prehnite is uneven, the cleavage is clear. The mineral has glass to pearlescent gloss, the transparency is transparent to translucent. With a Mohs hardness of 6 to 6.5, prehnite is a hard mineral with a density of 2.8 to 3 g / cm3.

Prehnite is a mineral of hydrothermal origin and found mainly in metamorphic rocks as well as in pore-rich igneous rocks. The finds are accompanied u.a. of zeolites, axinite and calcite.

Noteworthy occurrences are, for example, in Greenland; Iceland; Sweden; Norway; Finland; Russia; Rhineland-Palatinate, Black Forest, Hesse / Germany; Poland; Czech Republic; Slovakia; Switzerland Austria; Italy; France; Spain; Bulgaria; Tanzania; Kenya; China; India; Indonesia; Bolivia and Chile.

Prehnite is primarily processed as a gem, but is also of interest in mineral collections and is sold as a healing stone, without the healing properties of prehnite in scientific studies could be confirmed.

Prehnite is available as a tumbled stone, flatterer and pendant. Very rare as a necklace or gemstone. Especially the strong green prehnite shines through its fine but strong green very unmistakable compared to other green stones. Since the natural occurrence of prehnite of pure quality are almost exploited, this stone is in the upper price range.

Naturally, prehnite, by its purifying properties on the body, also causes a clarification of our soul. Especially the green prehnite is able to solve depression and neurosis, which disturbs our entire metabolism due to pain and malfunction without recognizable illness. It soothes the mind and gives us the ability to relax after work and relax, with fresh energy, free time, hobbies and family.

Prehnite helps to face reality and to accept it as it is. You are also very honest with yourself. However, the Virgin Venus, who is downright critical of, he also helps to recognize the positive sides in itself. Because these, like other repressed traits, are part of the reality … Not only to demand, but also to love, not only to sacrifice, but also to enjoy is the motto of Prehnite.

Otherwise Prehnite strengthens the ability to perceive and makes the exact observer. The memory is strengthened and the mind sharpened. Images of negative experiences can be processed and dissolved by Prehnite, much to the advantage of the vulnerable and seldom shown soul world. It is easier to indulge in feelings. Thus Prehnite helps to develop holistically and to live without repressions.

Love and Relationships

The Prehnite stone is a valuable and powerful stone that can help you bring your life into balance. This stone is a great stone for attracting love happiness and you can always carry it close to you when you are feeling low on luck.

Health Benefits

Yellow and green prehnite have the same healing properties. The green only looks stronger than the yellow stone. Activating and healing effects on bladder and kidneys. Diuretic properties, blood cleansing. Regulates the water, minerals and vitamin balance in the body. Packs metabolic diseases and exhaustion at the root. The cleansing properties are enhanced by Prehnite water.

Activating and healing powers of green prehnite on the sexual organs in men and women. Protects the hair from premature graying and preserves the natural hair color into old age.

Resolves neuroses and neuralgias that affect the body due to pain and malfunctioning without recognizable disease. Calms the mind, relieves nervous heart ailments, helps to switch off, helps us to relax, with fresh energy of our family and our free time activities. The green prehnite strengthens the self-esteem and helps us to stand with us and our body.

He gives us the strength to say no. The yellow gemstone has a strong invigorating, mood-enhancing and antidepressant in weather sensitivity, mild winter depression, but also in more severe depression.

Prehnite stone is a gem, which consists of a mineral mixture whose main constituents are the mixed crystal nephrite and the rare mineral Prehnite stoneite. In China, the gemstone has been popular for about 8000 years as a cultural gem with a deep meaning and also in Europe and America, the mineral mixture has been processed for several thousand years and regarded as enormously valuable.

Since the 19th century, jewelry such as brooches, rings, earrings and necklaces were made from Prehnite stone, which was especially popular in the 20s of the last century as a popular fashion accessory. As part of the hippie movement in the 60s and 70s, the Prehnite stone again experienced a renaissance and was considered a magical symbol of wisdom.

The term Prehnite stone derives from the Spanish word “piedra de ijada”, which means kidney stone. The mineral nephrite contained in the Prehnite stone originally had the Greek name “nephros”, in English “kidney”. The natives of Central America used Prehnite stone to make amulets from it. Who should protect their wearer against kidney problems. The Chinese term for Prehnite stone is “Yu”.

In the original chemical state, Prehnite stone is white. The mineral stone receives its many color variants through numerous compounds with other chemical substances. Depending on the chemical composition, the stone shimmers green, yellow, black, violet, brownish or red. In India and China, however, the white Prehnite stone stone is still highly valued.

Prehnite stone is mined mainly in Tibet, India and Burma. From the west of the country near Myanmar comes since the 18th century, the treasured in China mineral. The annual production in the small state is more than 150 tons.

The Prehnite stone stone had an important cultural, religious, esoteric and even medical significance in many civilizations throughout the world. In China, this gem is still considered a symbol of the feminine virtues of courage, modesty, compassion, justice and wisdom. There, in addition to the important historical epochs of the Stone or Iron Age in Europe about 2000 years ago, there was a so-called “Prehnite stone period”, which marked the beginning of the Prehnite stone culture.

In ancient Egypt, as well as in Central and South America, the mineral stone had an important cultural and often ceremonial significance for the high civilizations of that time.

Prehnite stone is intended to protect its wearer from cardiovascular diseases and from accidents. In addition, the gem is often awarded fertility-enhancing effect. He is relaxing and antispasmodic. In the middle Ages, he was used in births, because the Prehnite stone stone could alleviate bleeding.

Above all, the primitive peoples of Central and South America believed in the positive effect of the stone on the kidney activity and on the body’s acid-base balance.

In modern esotericism, the Prehnite stone stone is regarded as a protective gemstone for those born in Libra. In addition, the stone is considered a symbol of a happy and long life in love and health; it provides security, strength and balance.

Prehnite stone and Wealth

The Prehnite stone is equally valuable for attracting wealth and money into your world and you can always carry it close to you when you need that extra luck.

Prehnite stone and Zodiac

The prehnite is not associated with a special zodiac sign. this means that this stone is equally important for every zodiac sign.

Prehnite stone and Chakras

The yellow, and especially the green prehnite penetrates deep and vibrating inside us by placing on the heart chakra or the solar plexus. They give us more insight into a higher spiritual level, which makes us realize that we are not everything in life, but life is everything for us.

Especially with the green prehnite, we see very clearly that everything in life, as well as life itself has its limits, and that health and life are the highest goods for us and not wealth and power. The green prehnite has a deep and vibrating effect when placed on the heart chakra. The yellow one acts from the solar plexus. Both stones used together strengthen the intuition.

How to Purify Prehnite stone

The gemstone should be rinsed once a month (often with frequent use) under running water. Place in dry rock salt or tumbled hematite pieces for unloading. Place in an Amethyst Druse, Rock Crystal Chips, or a Quartz Crystal Cluster to charge. Avoid direct sunlight.


Prehnite-energized water can be drunk. Place meditation stones on the heart or solar plexus chakra. Hold tumbled stones as a hand flatterer for some time in your hand or carry in your pocket. Increasingly, the prehnite is also becoming increasingly popular as a gemstone.

Prehnite is sensitive to heat and therefore should only be discharged under running, lukewarm water.

Since the prehnite is a powerful healing stone, we recommend not only to clean it regularly, but also to rest with quartz crystal and rose quartz overnight in a glass of water.

Always carry this stone close to you and you are going to feel its vibrations and energy going through your body like no time before. Believe in the powerful strength of this stone and make your every day at least a little bit better.