Pink Diamond – Meaning, Benefits and Properties

While the color of many other Fancy diamonds has been clarified, the mystery of the reason for the color of pink and pink diamonds has not been resolved to this day. Most likely, or proven by studies on pink diamonds, are grain lines (German: fiber lines), which are due to irregularities during the formation or growth of the diamond crystals.

The grain lines are like lamellae, where the light in the wavelength range of 550 nm is absorbed and the stone appears pink as a result.

The result of those grain lines is not just the unique color of the diamonds; Grain lines are also noticeable in the purity of pink diamonds. Pink diamonds are flawless in the very rare cases; i. even under 10 x magnifications, neither defects nor diamonds can be seen.

The majority of pink diamonds show the coloring disorders, in some cases without the need for enlargements or a magnifying glass.

Particularly bright pink diamonds, which are almost colorless, have an extremely low number of growth lines, while intense pink diamonds are crossed by many lines.

As the demand for pink diamonds continues to increase, but the mineral is rare and cannot meet the demand, other diamonds are recolored. The change of color towards pink diamonds occurs in two steps: irradiation and subsequent heating.

As a result of the irradiation of colorless or light brown diamonds of inferior quality, gaps are created in the crystal lattice of diamonds, which are closed by the irradiation of isolated nitrogen atoms. The result is diamonds in strong pink nuances, which are characterized by a pronounced overtone in violet.

Symbolism and Meaning

Pink and pink diamonds are extremely rare among all color diamonds. Only 0.01 percent of all diamonds in the world are pink or pink. Pink diamonds have so far only been discovered in a few localities in Indonesia, India, Russia, Canada, Brazil and Australia.

The majority of pink diamonds, 90%, come from the Argyle Diamond Mine in Australia. The color of the Argyle diamonds is so unique and discernible to diamond experts at first sight that the pink diamonds from that mine have earned their name in the diamond industry under the term Argyle Diamond.

The color of pink and pink diamonds can be found in a number of other minerals. The colors of pink diamonds are most similar to rose quartz, kunzite, morganite, rose de France amethyst, pink calcite, smithsonite, topaz, pink sapphire, and zirconia artificial crystal.

In direct comparison of the properties, the difference between other pink minerals and diamonds becomes clear. Diamonds are the hardest minerals in the world. With a Mohs hardness of 10, there is no mineral that can match the hardness of diamonds. The brilliance of diamonds is also unique, and last but not least, the formation and chemical composition of minerals differs.

Diamonds are assigned to the mineral class of the elements because they are made of pure carbon.

The Artemis Pink Diamond is a drop-shaped cut pink diamond in the color Fancy Intense Pink. The diamond is natural in color and has a weight of 16 carats – an unusual size for a pink diamond. The majority of the pink diamonds has a rough diamond average weight of one carat.

The pink diamond was set in an earring, along with two colorless, smaller diamonds, one also in the drop-cut and the other in brilliant cut.

The unusual thing about this diamond is that the earring is a one-of-a-kind item and will be offered as such at auction on May 16, 2017. The value of Artemis Pink is estimated at $ 12.5 to $ 18 million.

Finally, the Artemis Pink Diamond was auctioned for $ 15.3 million. At the same time a blue diamond – The Apollo Blue Diamond – is offered for sale at the auction in Switzerland, which is kept in the same design: A dominant, large blue diamond in the drop cut, supplemented by two smaller colorless diamonds to a brilliant and dripping drops.

The value of the Apollo Blue Diamond: 42.08 million dollars. Worn together as a set, Apollo Blue and Artemis Pink, with a value of more than $ 57 million, are the world’s most expensive earrings.

General Properties

Among all minerals known in the world, diamonds are not among the rarest stones. Diamonds are found in many countries and the color, which is the major part of global diamond production, is colorless.

The term “rare” appears in the context of diamonds when it comes to colored diamonds, fancy diamonds. Color diamonds are available in all the colors of the rainbow, but rare Fancy diamonds include pink and pink diamonds.

The name Fancy Diamonds is an established name for colored diamonds. Whether a diamond is white with a hint of yellow or blue, or whether it is a colored diamond, is defined and defined in color charts – Color Charts.

All colors (yellow, orange and red as well as in green, purple, blue, gray, brown or black) of Fancy diamonds are detailed down to the last detail. Starting with the basic color over different brightness levels or color intensities and possible overtones. The color of “Fancies” is an interaction of these factors.

The term pink diamond is confusing. If you look at colored diamonds at dealers in English-speaking countries, the name pink diamond never falls. We’re always talking about pink diamonds. The fact that pink diamonds are still counted among the pink diamonds becomes clear when looking at the scale of the color grading of pink diamonds. Pink diamonds in light tones like baby pink or pastel pink are defined as light pink or faint pink on the international diamond market.

The color of pink or pink diamonds is very diverse. There are pink diamonds with a stitch going to pink, which are nearly colorless, and those that are markedly pinkish to richly toned variants in bright pink.

In addition to the primary color pink and pink diamonds have an overtone. The overtone is the color that you do not notice at first glance, but which significantly influences the base color, so that the color diamond gets a stitch in other shades and the diamond gains in character. With a few pink diamonds the overtone is missing completely. The overtone of diamonds may be grayish, brown or brownish, purple or purplish or orange.

When you buy a color diamond, the subton is included in the certificate along with the primary color, such as Fancy Purplish Pink Diamond or Fancy Deep Brownish Pink Diamond.

Health Benefits

According to Hildegard von Bingen, a diamond in the mouth can reduce the feeling of hunger. In gout or stroke, it helps to put a diamond in water or wine for a day and then drink it. The diamond also benefits from jaundice. The diamond affects the brain, stomach, intestines and nerves.

The healing stone is used for bladder and kidney diseases, heart and circulatory weaknesses to balance disorders, detoxifies vessels and promotes eyesight. He can also help with pain, such as headache, lumbago, knee pain and disc problems.

In addition, the diamond helps with brittle nails, gingivitis, hypothyroidism and sleep disorders. He can help even with epilepsy.

The diamond stands for the invincibility as well as beauty and power. He gives his wearer willpower, self-confidence and a strong character. Diseases that have mental causes can be recognized and managed by the diamond.

He also ensures less jealousy. The star signs of the diamond are Leo and Capricorn, Aquarius, Taurus and Libra. The ibex has a better insight with a diamond, the lion indulgence and insight. For the Aquarius he brings consistency and endurance, the bull higher principles and the scales get better insights.

The diamond supports the improvement in listlessness and lack of energy, fatigue and poor memory. He should also help against wantlessness and discouragement. It promotes the connection between soul and body and the awareness of oneself and others.

A diamond gives spiritual freedom, because it provides clear thoughts. Insight and learning are supported by the diamond, and it is highly effective in meditation. The crown and the crown chakra are supported by the diamond. In addition, he can act on neck and heart chakra. Also, the diamond is said to bring all the chakras in line.

However, the diamond is also assumed to be haughty and conceited. On the other hand, he conveys insight and respect. If a diamond is worn, one has chosen a strict teacher who cannot endure abuse of power.

Pink Diamond Stone and Wealth

Diamonds are strong symbols of wealth and prosperity so carrying this diamond close to you can only bring you luck.

Pink Diamond Stone and Zodiac

The Pink Diamond stone is not linked to any Zodiac sign. Every Zodiac sign can wear it and benefit from it.

Pink Diamond Stone and Chakras

The Pink Diamond stone is linked to the head chakra so you can successfully clean out all the negative energy from this part of your body.

How to Purify Pink Diamond Stone

To clean your Pink Diamond, just hold it under running water and use mild soaps in case it is really dirty. There is no need to do this more often than once every month.


Among all minerals known in the world, diamonds are not among the rarest stones. Diamonds are found in many countries and the color, which is the major part of global diamond production, is colorless.

The term “rare” appears in the context of diamonds when it comes to colored diamonds, fancy diamonds. Color diamonds are available in all the colors of the rainbow, but rare Fancy diamonds include pink and pink diamonds.