Red Quartz – Meaning, Benefits and Properties

Red quartz is quartz with inclusions of rutile. It is a translucent, mostly brown or clear mineral stone, which is traversed with golden, reddish or copper-red fibers. The more golden rutile crystals the quartz contains, the stronger its effect should be. Its name was derived from the Latin word for reddish or red = rutilus.

Synonyms for this mineral are Saganite, Sagen stone, Venus hair, Hair stone, angel hair, love dart, and other similar stone. Rutile quartz is used in addition to its application in the field of crystal healing, especially as a gem stone.

Countries in which this mineral stone is mined are mainly Australia, Madagascar, Brazil and the USA. The German mineralogist, Abraham Gottlob Werner, published a report on the rutile in 1803 and gave it his name.

This mineral stone has been used for thousands of years to find your own truth. In him, the sunlight should be captured.

Thus, with his help, one’s own spiritual growth can be accelerated by filling our lives with light. He could lighten dark minds and improve their mood by supporting positive thinking.

In this way, we should be able to recognize, pursue and also achieve our real goals. He shows us the power of our visions. So we should not be constantly dissuaded by external alleged constraints of our way.

Symbolism and Meaning

In its pure form one finds the Jasper only rarely. Much more often, he comes with agate or opal fused. Foreign admixtures such as alumina, iron oxide or manganese hydroxide are also very common.

Due to the altered composition also vary the chemical and physical properties and the color of the gemstone. Basically, the jasper with the chemical formula SiO2 belongs to the mineral class of oxides. It forms a trigon crystal system and has a hardness of 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale. He is not fissile. His break is smooth.

The molar ratio with metal is 1: 2. It forms very small crystals that are invisible to the naked eye. Since it is used exclusively as a gem stone, it is available as a rough stone, tumbled stone, flatterer, pendant, chain, ball and other imaginative parts. In addition to its physical and chemical properties, its magical properties are particularly impressive.

Already among the Jews he was a highly respected gemstone. He takes the last place among the “stones of the official shield of Aaron” and the first among the foundations of the New Jerusalem. It is written in the Bible’s revelation that for the most part God is made of fire-red jasper. Not least because of that, he was one of the most precious gemstones early on.

Jasper is formed when siliceous solutions crystallize out. The gemstone is a microcrystalline, fine-grained form of quartz. In this case, alien mineral admixtures are often added.

As fossil material, Jasper, for example, replaces its original organic structure with petrified wood. As fine-grained quartz, the jasper is formed by silica. This seeps through the soil and absorbs impurities. Since different admixtures grow together with the jasper, the gemstone appears in different colors and shapes. If iron or manganese is incorporated into the crystal lattice, the stone has a brownish to reddish hue.

Green tones are caused, for example, by chlorite, while clay or clay provides a yellowish color. The jasper is found in many places Jasper is most commonly found in cones and debris, less frequently in grape or kidney shaped rocks.

The “mother of all gems” is already praised in the Bible. It is already known as the foundation stone of the city wall and the Temple of Jerusalem. In ancient Greece, it was assumed that the carrier would be compensated.

Women should have a nice pregnancy by wearing the gemstone. The famous naturalist Konrad Gesner called the jasper already in the late middle Ages “a shield in front of the chest, a sword in his hand and the snake under his feet”. This expresses his protection against illness and strengthens the heart, mind and mind.

In ancient times, the jasper was considered a rainmaker and was worn as an amulet to ward off nightmares and wild animals. The healing effect was also appreciated by the natives of Central and North America. The effect of the gemstone was also known in India and the Arab world.

The healing stone of jasper has several effects on body, mind and soul. He pleases heart and mind alike. Like any healing stone, it has no magical miracle effects, but it is valuable and helpful in recharging energy fields. This is what helps to mobilize the inner physician in the human body. It can be used to support therapies and is also ideal as a preventive aid.

Love and Relationships

The Red Quartz stone is a powerful passion booster and you should always keep it close to you when you are going someplace with your loved one.

Health Benefits

Red Quartz is a rock crystal with needlelike inclusions of rutile. Rutile itself is an independent mineral and was named in 1803 by Abraham Gottlob Werner. Its name derives from the Latin word “rutilus” for red or reddish. Red quartz has always been referred to as Venus stone and is considered a protective stone and truth stone. He says that the more intense and golden the inclusions of rutile are, the stronger he is in its effect. The trade sells so-called “silver rutile”. In this quartz, however, the inclusions do not consist of rutile but of limonite.

Should be discharged once or twice a month under running water and charged in the sun or with a rock crystal. To unfold his psychic effect, he should be considered calm. For this purpose, especially stones are suitable, which have no turbidity but are clear. He gives us and our whole environment harmony, serenity, hope and balance.

He could also solve fears, inner tensions and blockages. In addition, the Red quartz is considered to be an important protective stone in telling us falsehoods and dishonesty about ourselves and our fellow human beings. Through his protection, the other people would meet us more sincerely. So we should be able to grow with his help and walk upright through life.

This mineral is formed according to the primary formation principle, i.e. directly by the solidification of a magmatic liquid during its cooling. The rutile quartz is formed either in pegmatite’s, i.e. in coarse-grained varieties of igneous rock or hydrothermally.

In the latter case, minerals are dissolved in water, which is still liquid at 375 ° C by the action of high pressure. The chemical composition of rutile is TiO2. Quartz is the stable form of silica, SiO2, on our earth’s surface.

For example, the rock crystal is made of pure crystal quartz. Thus, the rutile quartz is a rock crystal, in the interior of which rutile needles are enclosed. The chemical composition is therefore SiO2 + TiO2.

This mineral stone belongs to the mineral class of oxides. Oxides are oxygen compounds. During the combustion processes, they convert higher-energy compounds into lower-energy ones. This converts unstable states into stable ones.

Oxides should therefore be helpful in such circumstances, where we must invest a great deal of energy and energy again and again to maintain an unstable state.

Therefore, the oxides are regarded as “stability suppliers” and incidentally, we also have the released energy available.

The natural mineral Red Quartz was discovered much later. It was very similar to the Ventura glass, which is why it was named Red Quartz. However, the mineral was much harder than the glass, but it had less luminosity and was not quite as beautiful in appearance. The glass thus retained its high value.

During secondary formation, the stone becomes a gem through weathering and deposition. The tertiary formation of the Red Quartz is characterized by the inward transformation of the stone due to chemical reaction. Man speaks here of a so-called metamorphosis. Red Quartz is mined in industrial quantities mainly in India, Brazil, South Africa and Russia.

Red Quartz is a variety of the mineral quartz and belongs to the mineral class of oxides. It contains microcrystalline inclusions of hematite, fuchsite or mica. The precious and healing stone is not transparent, but thin discs can appear translucent. Red Quartz is not fissile, but has a shell-shaped break. The gemstone is assigned to the trigon crystal system.

As a rule, the Red Quartz is green (bottle or grass green). The red Red Quartz is often confused with the sunstone, the blue Red Quartz is very rare. The characteristic iridescence forms the Red Quartz during the growth phases by inclusions.

Red Quartz Stone and Wealth

The Red Quartz stone doesn’t affect your financial situation in any way.

Red Quartz Stone and Zodiac

The Red Quartz stone is related to the Aries, Leo and Sagittarius Zodiac signs.

Red Quartz Stone and Chakras

For the physical effect, it should be worn as directly as possible on the skin, or be applied to the root chakra.

How to Purify Red Quartz Stone

To clean the Red Quartz stone it is necessary to put it under running warm water and use a little bit of soap if there is any grease.


Red Quartz is a mineral from the class of oxides. Already in antiquity, he was considered a faithful companion stone, which should give ambition, courage and optimism to his bearer.

Also as a healing stone the Red Quartz various effects are attributed.

Red Quartz is a variety of quartz and is known for its strong sparkle. He must actually be called the name Red Quartz Quartz; otherwise it can lead to confusion. For a variety of feldspar carries the same nickname and is therefore correctly called Red Quartz stone.

The name Red Quartz itself probably comes from the Italian. Here “a ventura” means as much as “good luck”. According to tradition, the name stands for the random deposits that make the gem so special. They provide the typical sparkle of the stone.

In mineralogy, this phenomenon is called “aventurization”. In Murano (Venice), at the beginning of the 18th century, a unique glass was invented that was almost opaque and sparkled in golden colors.

The Venetians had not specifically researched for this glass, discovered it by chance and therefore called it Ventura. For centuries, the recipe for making the glass remained a mystery.