Rhodolite Garnet Stone – Meaning, Benefits and Properties

Do you want to know everything about Rhodolite stone meaning? How to use, clean and energize this stone? Then this article is for you, read the article carefully and know all the amazing properties of the stone grenade.

Do you know when you give your all at work and no matter how hard you try, you do not get the recognition you want?

Or even when you do everything to be a good father / mother, husband / wife, child and no one gives you the right value in your own home? If you want to change that reality, the stone grenade may be the solution so that you can attain the success you deserve and worked hard to achieve.

In general this mineral stimulates and rebalances metabolism and is also very effective for spinal problems and poor cell formation.

This stone especially has the power to protect people especially in their work environments, helping in the success of careers and protecting the worker from any type of accident. So much so that many companies have contracted esoteric in the direction of use the red garnet stone against industrial espionage for example.

In the mental this mineral returns the confidence of the being, rescuing its security, perseverance and determination, that is, the person becomes much more focused. In the emotional field the grenade stone makes the person more secure of himself, not wavering in the difficult questions of life, making disappear the fears and the tendency to failure.

In the spiritual field it recharges our batteries, especially when we feel we are tired because of routine work activities. This stone has been used lately by coaching professionals, incredible as it may seem, as they have realized how positive the energy of this stone is to the workers.

Therefore, even as a way to improve the performance of group dynamics, the presence of this powerful stone is requested. Knowing exactly which stone has an intimate relationship with our ruling sign is indeed a very positive thing, for the vibrations of the stone will be compatible with the person who possesses it, thus obtaining all the possible benefits of it.

Symbolism and Meaning

Brazil is a country rich in natural beauty. However, its wonders are not always concentrated here, being able to travel and enchant people around the world. The gems found here exemplify this fact well. National and international jewelers are dedicated to delicate works to transform precious stones into the most admirable jewels.

Granada is a precious stone whose name comes from the Latin “granatus” which means “grain”. This designation was chosen because it resembles the seed of a punica granatum, better known in Brazil as a pomegranate. This gem is known as the dark red, the presence of manganese and iron in its composition.

However, as this stone has a wide variety of species – that is, it has similar properties but different chemical compositions – it can also appear in shades of orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, black, pink and even colorless. It has no cleavage, which greatly facilitates the work of the cutter. They are opaque, transparent or semi-transparent.

In Brazil, the garnet can be found in the states of Minas Gerais and Tocantins. In other parts of the world, there are extraction centers in South Africa, Sri Lanka, India and Australia. It is believed that garnet, like other gemstones, has therapeutic effects.

On the body, it acts in the heart, directing the heartbeat and rhythm.

It also helps in blood pressure and circulation. In relation to the psyche, the grenade has strong powers over friendships and marriage. It is said that it also acts on creativity, stimulating thinking to flee from common sense. Such gem gives the one who uses it the power of decision, fidelity and sympathy.

After completing 35 years of marriage, a couple celebrates the Weddings of Granada. The symbolism of so many years together deserves to be represented by a jewel personalized with this stone. To gift your pair, or loved ones who are celebrating this date, how about a nice pair of earrings or a delicate pendant? Surely, this moment will be stored forever, in memory and in the jewel box!

Now, if you wish to gift a dentist for your recent graduation or for his brilliant career in health, a pomegranate ring, a symbol of the profession, will also be very well recognized. After all, you do not like a jewel, do you ?! But regardless of the festivities mentioned above, any day is transformed into a beautiful moment when you receive (and if you bid, why not ?!) a gem with a gem like the grenade. Choose your special moment and make it eternal through an item like this!

General Properties

The Rhodolite garnet is a mixture of pyrope and almandite. The name rhodolite most likely comes from the Greek word “rhodon”, which means rose. Rhodolite is generally lighter colored than most other red garnets. Due to the similar color, the stone is often confused with ruby. The mixture of red and purple in rhodolite is highly attractive. Purple is the most wanted color for rhodolite.

The impressive luster of the Rhodolite garnet results from its high refractive index. Thanks to its excellent hardness of 7 to 7.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, the stone is suitable for jewelry of all kinds. Garnet is the birthstone for January.

Rhodolite is generally lighter colored than most other red garnets. Due to the similar color, the stone is often confused with ruby. The mixture of red and purple in rhodolite is highly attractive. Purple is the most wanted color for rhodolite.

Purple is the most wanted color for rhodolite. The color and luster of rhodolite garnet are most noticeable in daylight. Rhodolite garnet is transparent and often has no inclusions. You should always look for an “eye-clean” stone. Thanks to its hardness and composition Rhodolite Garnet comes in different cuts and shapes. The stone is found in Brazil, India, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Thailand and the UDS (North Carolina). Rhodolite garnet is not subjected to artificial beautification.

At a sale of Jacqueline Kennedy-Onassis’s legacy at Sotheby’s on April 24, 1996, a remarkable cabochon garnet flower brooch was sold for $ 145,000. In the same year, a university student in Central Australia dug up a stone that is widely believed to be the largest garnet ever found. It is believed that this huge rough stone weighs thousands of tons and has a diameter of almost a hundred feet. The composition of rhodolite is between Almandit (Almandine) and Pyrop. Although all the stones are slightly different, the mixture is approximately 55 percent pyrope and 37 percent almandite and other elements.

Love and Relationships

The Rhodolite Stone is going to help you get closer to your partner. Just keep it close when you are with your partner.

Health Benefits

Granada is a cornerstone of success, personal development, protection and personal strength. It attracts prosperity, favors professional growth, and drives away negative forces. Their strong vibrations also strengthen our health, increase our joy and inspire love. It is great for times of crisis, because it leads to order where there is chaos and purifies everything that is not right.

Grenada is a powerful stone of success, personal strength, vitality and energy protection. It recharges our energy, increases our determination and opens doors for the realization of our dreams and goals.

This stone brings success to business and career, protects against envy, drives away negative energies, increases our vital energy and purifies our Aura. Granada is a stone very attached to blood; it improves circulation, promotes pressure control, protects the heart and stimulates metabolism. Its life force increases energy, eliminates tiredness, and greatly improves our moods on a daily basis.

Granada was widely used in antiquity as a Talisman of luck and protection and was known as the “Stone of Light”. To promote professional and personal success, use the grenade in the form of jewelry or carry with you.

To attract prosperity, purify and protect the environment against envy and negative energies, hold one or more grenades at a fixed point in the environment.

To increase your physical energy, protect your heart and balance the pressure use a jewel made with grenade and leave a grenade in your bedroom.

Rhodolite Garnet Stone and Wealth

The Rhodolite Stone can help you get your financial situation back on track.

Rhodolite Garnet Stone and Zodiac

In this case, we can say that the signs that are directly benefited by the stone grenade are Aquarius, arise, lion, Capricorn and scorpion.

Rhodolite Garnet Stone and Chakras

The Rhodolite Stone is linked to the Root Chakra.

How to Purify Rhodolite Garnet Stone

To clean your energies, wash it in running water with coarse salt for a few minutes. In difficult phases many people realize that the Grenada darkens their color, even getting totally black. It then emits positive vibrations to help its wearer and turns red when all is resolved.

In the emotional it acts by reducing the shyness, increasing our self-confidence and harmonizing the mind.

Because it has a very intense energy the Grenade does not need to be recharged, it is even capable of energizing other stones and crystals close to it. If you want to speed up your recharging process, leave it in the sunlight for 30 minutes to 1 hour.


This stone acts in the sense of shielding the auras against the negative energies of envy, hatred and rancor that can be very harmful to the human body.

She is also a powerful ally in the study to discover our past lives. It has reddish color and is very coveted in the jewelry market.

And that’s exactly why it’s usually priced relatively high. Its name originates in the old country called Granada. In general they have reddish tonality; however it may contain some variations tending to transparent.