Sandalwood Stone – Meaning, Benefits and Properties

Sandalwood stone or Buddhist meditation rosaries represent for the devotees of both TIBETAN-HINDUISM religions instruments of prayer and meditation through the Mantra. .

The meaning of the term Sandalwood stone is indeed “rosary”, it is a practical tool and at the same time full of symbolism. They are jewels used in India and China for millennia for prayer, meditation and devotional practices, they are Indian garlands composed of 108 grains. Smaller and of a larger grain that represents a stupa

There are different sizes, composed of fewer grains, as long as they are always multiples of 9 (normally 27, 54, a Sandalwood stone of 54 stones will then be shelled twice, a Sandalwood stone of 27 stones 4 times and a small Sandalwood stone of 9 stones 12 times to reach 108 repetitions

The Sandalwood stone must be supported with the right hand and run between the ring finger and the thumb in a clockwise direction. Each grain corresponds to a prayer and proceeds in this way until the end of the circumference, and when it comes to the “stupa grain” it turns and resumes shelling the Sandalwood stone in the opposite direction.

They can also be worn as bracelets and necklaces to give an ethnic and elegant touch to clothing.

Executed in various materials, lotus seed (Chinese pear wood, white and with some dark polka dots, its meaning is symbolic because the lotus is a flower that comes from the mud but is not soiled by it) hard stones, quartz, jade, agate, turquoise, amethyst, Sandalwood and amber.

The seeds of rudraksha, (the small copper-colored seeds from the Elaeocarpus angustifolius plant), sandalwood, tagua, bone (it is typically Tibetan, can be white or painted in various colors with inserts of other materials, such as copper, or, can be carved to represent skulls.

Symbolism and Meaning

The Sandalwood has been broken down for more than 80,000 years. Corresponding finds in mining from the Paleolithic are found, inter alia, in Poland and Hungary. The ancient Assyrians as well as the ancient Etruscans dismantled the stone and used it. In Germany, the Sandalwood was also found already in the Paleolithic.

In the middle Ages, large deposits were found in the area of ​​the Thuringian Forest. To date, sites are, inter alia, in the Siegerland in North Rhine-Westphalia and in the Bavarian Wölsendorf.

The Sandalwood is spread all over the world to the sea floor. Especially large specimens were found in Brazil. In England and on the island of Elba there are other important sites. In Morocco, Russia and the US, the mineral is also mined. NASA’s spacecraft also detected Sandalwood on Mars, which is interpreted as evidence of water resources.

In Ancient Egypt, it was common for Sandalwood stones to be placed in coffins as grave goods to facilitate passage into the world of the dead, but the mineral was also popular for jewelry and craft figures. The Babylonians believed that the stone brings them luck, and in Oriental lands Sandalwood is supposed to protect it from the dreaded evil eye.

In the past, Sandalwood was often called mirror stone, also called specularite. This name is based on the metallic luster of the mineral. By polishing it can be so high quality that the Sandalwood was already widespread in antiquity as a mirror.

Since the mineral has a blood red line and can be found in the earth, it is believed that the ancient Greeks believed that Sandalwood was the blood of the earth. They then gave him the name Sandalwood, which can be translated as “blood”.

General Properties

Sandalwood has just been discovered recently and is a falcon-eye breccia or a tiger-eye breccia. This gem was previously found only in Namibia and named after its first merchant Sid Pieters.

Sandalwood helps to process impressions faster and is therefore the perfect healing stone for every way of life. It increases concentration and cannot be distracted by uncertainties or errors.

At the same time, it helps to process undigested experiences or inner tension and to relieve feelings associated with it. The Pietersit leaves clear thoughts and helps to solve conflicts better. Pietersit gives inner stability and inner peace. He promotes falling asleep and staying asleep; activates willpower, courage and energy; stimulates spontaneity, determination and courage.

The Sandalwood presents us with more spontaneity and joie de vivre. We learn to be more independent again and to take life into our own hands. Envious, false friends and colleagues are recognized by us and their power is broken by our willpower.

The Sandalwood builds up a protective field around us, which allows us to live more courageously, carefree and purposefully. Mental spasms, which also affect the function of the organs, are alleviated with the help of Sandalwood, especially Sandalwood roses.

Thanks to its radiating effect, it also dissolves magnetic blocks around us. It can free us from many radiations, even if they were caused by black magic. Sandalwood is the “bloodstone”. He does not only have this name because the otherwise silvery shimmering stone “bled” red when drilling, but also because it has an unfailingly positive and regulating effect on our blood. It stimulates the formation of blood, makes bleeding and bruising disappear faster, helps with menstrual cramps, varicose veins and vasoconstriction, and sleep disorders.

Strengthens liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys; promotes recovery; promotes wound closure and healing; helps against eye diseases. Wear with skin contact or hang up (never in case of inflammation), drink a glass of Sandalwood water in the morning on an empty stomach, put under the pillow. Gemstone water from Sandalwood compensates for iron deficiency. Good and even proven is its effective help for injuries, sprains and bruises.

Sandalwood, also called a bloodstone, is visually a grayish stone, but internally in its structure red as blood. Due to its radiating effect, the Sandalwood not only finds use in cleaning many gemstones, but solves magnetic blockades in and around us. These can be terrestrial rays, but also negative influences on our body caused by certain planetary constellations, or by black magic.

In case of lunacy the Sandalwood should be under the pillow. The Sandalwood is also very suitable as a protective barrier. In ancient Babylon: lucky charm that lets its owner win every trial; in the Orient: protects beautiful girls from the effects of the “evil eye”; warns the scorpion in dreams of coming dangers.

The ancient Egyptians worshiped Sandalwood as a radiating stone, giving peace and unfolding its effects in secrecy. Therefore, the Sandalwood was also placed under the pillow of the dead as a grave gift to facilitate their passage into eternity. Even Tut-Ench-Amun was accompanied by Sandalwood scarabs on his way to infinity.

Even in ancient Greece, the Sandalwood was worshiped as divine blood, which should keep the earth alive. Since then, the Sandalwood flows in the veins of the earth and can be found almost on all injuries of their “skin”. Since antiquity, this stone has been sought as a bloodstone and worshiped as a special healing stone. As a talisman, the Sandalwood protects against the evil eye and warns of future dangers in the dreams.

Love and Relationships

The Sandalwood stone is going to help you become more confident and sure of yourself. The Sandalwood presents us with more spontaneity and joie de vivre.

We learn to be more independent again and to take life into our own hands. Envious, false friends and colleagues are recognized by us and their power is broken by our willpower.

Health Benefits

Sandalwood is a very common stone. He is spread all over the world. It is believed that the Sandalwood was already mined in the Paleolithic. There he was also used for cave paintings as a red dye. Findings in Germany are now in the Siegerland and in Bavaria.

The Sandalwood is considered a mineral stone for the protection of the blood. Already in ancient Egypt and in Babylonia he was used for wound healing and haemostasis and also for the activation of blood formation. If you polish the stone, then it gets a strong metallic shine. These were already used in ancient times, by using the Sandalwood as a mirror. Hence his name Specularit. Also as a gem he has a great popularity.

It belongs to the mineral class of oxides, which means that its non-metallic part is oxygen. Its chemical formula is Fe2O3 + Mg, Ti + (Al, Cr, Mn, Si, H2O). The main constituent of this mineral is the iron oxide, Fe2O3. This mineral is the most common naturally occurring form of iron oxide. The elements listed in the chemical formula behind the plus sign are present in small quantities in the respective mineral. Those elements that are enclosed in parentheses after a plus sign appear only in traces in the mineral.

Therefore, their influence on the bearer of the stone will probably be extremely small.

The supply of iron promotes the absorption of iron in the intestine and stimulates the formation of the red blood pigment. Among other things, the red blood cells in our body ensure the oxygen transport to the cells and thus our physical vitality. The inner structure of all trigonal minerals is triangular. Their crystals are made up of triangular or more irregular hexagonal pillars, with the hexagons also containing the triangle. There are also pyramidal, cube-like or tabular crystal forms.

The analogy between the crystal structure and the associated personality type is described by Michael Gienger in his book “The Healing of Crystals”. People of this type have dedicated their lives to simplicity.

They want to live in an uncomplicated, simple and quiet way. They love constancy, a good rhythm of life, enjoyment, comfort and convenience. They are less striving for power and wealth, and, above all, they are not ready to make greater efforts. They are usually practical people who, however, are more likely to go the path of minimum effort to achieve their goals. They want to make it as easy as possible.

Therefore, they have a certain laziness and they also like to go once. They are more realistic and stick to simple facts. Complicated thinking buildings and theories are not their thing. Therefore, they are at risk of superficiality and indifference.

These people have time. They do not hurry and let things come to them. For hectic and stress-spreading people, they have less understanding.

However, when they open up to their fellow human beings, they can be very blessed with their talents for others. Then they are sincere and trustworthy, providing clarity of thought and common sense. They are then attentive listeners, tolerant of

Sandalwood Stone and Wealth

The Sandalwood stone doesn’t affect your financial situation or wealth.

Sandalwood Stone and Zodiac

Sandalwood is an important mainstay for the zodiac sign Scorpio. The gem gives it serenity and the ability to compromise.

The Sandalwood is also an important secondary to the signs of the Aries and the Virgo. He brings the ram back to the ground of the facts and helps the maiden in times of stress or hard times.

Sandalwood Stone and Chakras

The Sandalwood stone is linked to the throat chakra so it can help you clear out any negative energy that might be there. Make sure you use this stone regularly to get rid of all the negativity.

How to Purify Sandalwood Stone

For the charging and cleaning of Sandalwood rock crystal is chosen. The mineral should not be cleaned with water due to the contained iron!


Because of its relationship to blood, Sandalwood is used as a companion to blood disorders and wound healing. The mineral can bring joy back to life, strengthen the will and strength – in this way, the stone has a positive effect on self-reliance. The power of determination is supported by the Sandalwood along with the energy and can thus improve the quality of life.

Even the ancient Egyptians attributed to the Sandalwood radiating properties. To date, the mineral is used in the stone healing to clean other gems, so that they can absorb new forces again. Its energetic effect also gives it protective properties in harmful energies and a positive effect on blockages.