Tigers Eye Stone – Meaning, Benefits and Properties

Most of these stones come from South Africa, but are also found in Brazil, India, Burma, Australia and the United States. The meaning of the name “tiger eye” derives from the fact that it resembles the feline iris: the color ranges from yellow to brown and brown, crossed by beautiful striped shades. The mineral is a great energy amplifier, as in most cases of quartz crystals, and will in turn increase the energy of all the other crystals with which it is used.

This stone vibrates a lot with the sacral chakra and gives a useful energy to improve creativity. Its vibration within this chakra also helps people who are distracted or listless to make commitments and complete them, as it gives courage and strength of spirit. The golden stones generally help to strengthen the masculine principle: the fire, or the solar element in this crystal, stimulates the ability to manifest the most ardent desires. Since the tiger eye binds to the ground through the base chakra, it helps to be more calm and centered: it allows, in other words, to take the necessary measures to be more practical in life.

The tiger eye also stimulates the increase in Kundalini energy, the coiled snake that resides at the base of the spine. When stimulated, it can rise through the spine: it is said that this process can lead to enlightenment. If you want to use the tiger’s eye for this purpose, you can combine the serpentine with it, which in turn will facilitate the Kundalini awakening process.

This is an excellent stone for meditation, thanks to its light: the golden ray is the vibration connected to a state of compassion, grace and unconditional love. This feature is especially recommended for people who want to help others. Being a golden stone, it helps to realize one’s desires, especially when they are linked to an increase in money. It is an excellent stone for abundance and prosperity, as well as for mental balance.

The best way to use the energy of this crystal is keeping it within your aura as much as possible every day. Tiger eye jewels are easy to find, and work much more when worn near the lower chakras: a ring or bracelet, for example, is closer to the navel chakra.

Symbolism and Meaning

According to some medieval legends the tiger’s eye manages to defend its owner from demons and evil spirits. His reflexes are similar to those of an eye and therefore it is believed to act as a protector against this organ. In India instead, many centuries ago, this stone was donated by the mother to her son, to help him overcome all the risks and daily problems.

The tiger’s eye belongs to the group of quartz, but it is not a volcanic stone, but is born in the bowels of Mother Earth. It is native to South Africa but some deposits are also found in Australia, India, Brazil and Burma.

Its colors are nothing short of fabulous and it is precisely these reflections that have made it known also as a stone of divination. Because of its particular beauty it is widely used also for the creation of jewelry. In crystal therapy instead it is used to harmonize energy centers together with other minerals. The tiger’s eye does not only work on the first chakra and aura, but also on other stones, amplifying their reach.

The tiger’s eye can be found mainly in South Africa and Western Australia. Locations in Australia offer a special form of tiger’s eye: the Marra Mamba. This gemstone has a special colorful drawing reminiscent of a sunset. In the Asian region, as well as in the Ukraine and the USA, there are further occurrences of the widespread conventional Tiger eye.

For many centuries, the tiger eye is considered a powerful talisman due to its unique coloring and the light effect. The ancient Egyptians carved the gemstone into sacred figures that represented the divine power. Popular beliefs suggested that the owner of a tiger’s eye could see everything, even behind closed doors.

In the crystal healing the tiger eye is used to get a clear view of the things and to allow a dissolution of false illusions. In this way, the gemstone can be useful for making decisions.

In addition, the tiger eye as a protective stone can also provide for a stabilization and grounding of the wearer. It can support self-esteem, give courage and create inner balance. For the preparation of gemstone water, in which the stone is placed directly, the tiger eye is not suitable due to its constituents.

General Properties

The Tiger Eye is particularly beneficial for dispersed people, with a tendency to hesitate, incoherent and unable to translate will into action. It also helps us overcome difficult times without losing courage and self-confidence, keeping critical situations under control. Awaken our inner Sovereign, making us more solid, determined and concrete. Increases the sense of authority and responsibility. It is an excellent companion for the moments of life in which we are struggling with the realization of a project that we may have postponed for a long time, or when we are going through a particularly stressful period and we fear that negative energies can “take us away”.

The Tiger Eye roots, protects and gives strength to the harmonious manifestation of our power in the world. On a physical level, it carries out an anti-pain action and tends to slow down the flow of energy in the organism, revealing itself to be a good remedy for nervous or adrenal hyper-excitability.

It can be worn as a jewel, taken in the form of a gem elixir (the essence of Tiger’s Eye is also present in the repertoire of Alaskan vibrational essences) or used as a companion during meditation, placing it on the third chakra. When the stone enters the electromagnetic field of our body (aura), its vibration interacts with ours, transmitting information that it brings with it and harmonizing any energy imbalances.

When we meditate with the Tiger Eye, we invoke our inner Sovereign, whose archetype lies in the unconscious of each of us. The Sovereign is the one who exercises authority with justice, who is wise and knows the weight of his power.

From the depths of the brown, from our roots sunk into the Earth, we feel the nourishment charged with a calm and vibrant energy that is directed towards our third chakra by a ray of golden light. It is from there, from Manipuri, the center of the solar plexus, which starts the flow of power that allows us to concretize our projects, to move from the idea to action without ever losing touch with the Earth.

Only when actions are supported by the Earth can they be truly effective. True self-confidence, genuine self-esteem has solid foundations in the Earth and takes its strength from there. This is the gift of the Tiger Eye: the integration between rooting and action, the fusion of the Power of the Sun with the Love of Mother Earth.

The tiger’s eye is one of the most important healing stones. It is a very common mineral. Mining areas are located on almost all continents. The most important localities are known in Australia, Canada, South Africa, China, India, Ukraine and the USA. A special expression of the tiger eye was discovered in Australia, the Marra Mamba.

The tiger’s eye is a quartz. It takes its name from the similarity with a cat’s eye, which, however, comes into effect only when ground. The largest known tiger’s eye is 150 kg and 2 meters long. It can be visited in the Mineralogical Museum of the University in Bonn.

The tiger’s eye belongs to the group of quartz. It develops pseudomorphically from quartz to crocidolite with additional incorporation of iron from the rock hawk eye. In Namibia and China, mixtures of hawk and tiger eye have been discovered, called pietersite.

The tiger’s eye appears in strong browns, yellows and golds. It stands out for its effective golden brown stripes. Tiger eye is offered as a gem stone in reddish color under the name “dragon eye”. The red color is created by burning. In nature, reddish tiger eye does not occur. If the rock is quenched with alcohol after firing, a violet tint forms.

Love and Relationships

The Tiger’s Eye can help you find meaning in relationships you are currently in. this powerful stone is motivating you to become stronger and to ignore the negativity in your life. The tiger’s eye stimulates the deepest desires.

All in all one of the best stones for meditation. Its golden reflections vibrate with the highest chakras and help to connect with the divine, feeling a sense of unconditional love. Desires will no longer appear unattainable, be they spiritual or material. It is a stone that gives abundance in every sphere of life.

Health Benefits

It is believed that the tiger’s eye is able to relieve pain. Balancing the energy flow gives the body a sense of relaxation that can relax the nerves. It is especially useful in case of headache, it benefits the liver, stomach, intestine and spleen. It is also used to relieve symptoms of problems affecting the respiratory system, such as asthma, bronchitis and colds.

We hear so much about Kundalini, the serpent coiled at the base of the spine, the divine energy dormant on Muladhara (the first chakra). According to some, the tiger’s eye promotes the awakening of this energy. I would rather say that it can support a process that has lasted years of introspection and personal growth. Certainly not enough a mineral to awaken the divine energy, which by rising along subhuman – the body’s main energy channel, physically corresponds to the spine – leads to illumination.

The tiger’s eye gives its beneficial effects when kept in close contact with the skin. You can keep it in your pocket for the day and, if you can find tumbled specimens, you can take advantage of its energy even at night, perhaps keeping it in contact with the skin by using a plaster near the low chakras. At night you can also opt to keep it near your bed, which is important is that it remains within your golden field.

You can also use some jewels to always carry the tiger’s eye with you. I advise you to wear it in the form of a ring or bracelet, instead avoid necklaces because at chromatic level it cannot be in contact with the high chakras. Remember, however, that in order to fully enjoy its benefits, you should not make prolonged use of it. For example, keep it in contact with the skin for a week, then do not use it for the same period of time.

When meditating, keep a tiger eye specimen, possibly rough, near you. Its energy flow promotes concentration and the encounter with you. Finally, remember to keep a small tiger’s eye in your wallet, it is said to increase material wealth and help you never to be without money.

When the stone is boiled in acid, the gold-brown color fades and the tiger’s eye turns gray. In this condition, it is commercially available as cat’s eye quartz. The tiger’s eye is opaque and has a silky to greasy luster. Its color can develop particularly well when sanded, then the stone reminds of the eye of a cat. This gleam, also called cat’s eye effect, results from the parallel alignment of the individual crystal fibers. The Mohs hardness of the tiger eye is 6 to 7. It is mainly used in jewelry making. The tiger’s eye is offered in the smooth cut as well as in the cabochon cut and processed into amulets or beads. Artisans also like to use the mineral for the production of art objects.

The tiger’s eye is used as a gemstone or as a flatterer. It can unfold its effect in stone meditation very well. In earlier times, the stone was used as a protective stone against the “evil eye”. In ancient Egypt saint figures were made from the tiger’s eye to represent the divine power. Tiger eye figurines were used as a talisman to give their owner the power to see everything, including what happens behind closed doors.

The healing stone should never be worn on the body for more than four weeks. He could otherwise disrupt the flow of energy. When using the tiger’s eye in stone meditation, care should be taken that only undyed variants are used as healing stone. Colored or chemically processed stones no longer fully contain the healing power of the original mineral. For the production of gemstone water tiger eye is not suitable because it carries asbestos-containing components in itself. The tiger’s eye is considered one of the most important and most used healing stones. It is said that the tiger’s eye gives courage and optimism. It protects the person who carries it and gives it security.

The tiger’s eye is known as an eye stone, as a healing stone to improve eyesight. It sharpens the view – in a direct as well as figurative sense. In addition, the tiger’s eye is used for respiratory and bronchial complaints. It helps alleviate asthma and bronchitis. The beneficial effects of the tiger’s eye on joint pain, backache and rheumatism have come down to us.

The stone is also used for bruises and sprains. To relieve physical discomfort, the tiger’s eye is worn as a flatterer in the pocket and placed in meditation.

Tiger Eye Stone and Wealth

The Tiger’s Eye stone is going to help you become more confident in decision making, so your financial situation can only improve.

Tiger Eye Stone and Zodiac

The tiger’s eye is an important mainstay for the Virgo. The gemstone helps to make decisions in an independent way and solves outdated patterns.

Tiger’s eye is also an important secondary to the zodiac sign Gemini and Leo. He strengthens the spirituality of the twin and helps the lion to recognize his weaknesses, to work on them and to provide more mental flexibility.

Tiger Eye Stone and Chakras

The tiger’s eye belongs to the quartz family. It is an easily available stone on the market and you can really use it on many occasions. As a main advantage he certainly has to work optimally on the first chakra. You can therefore position it at the level of the sacrum.

How to Purify Tiger Eye Stone

A prolonged application directly on the body should not go beyond a week. The cleaning and discharge of the tiger’s eye is done under running, lukewarm water – preferably after each use.

The charging of the chatoying gem takes place over the sunbeams.


To take advantage of its properties wear it especially in the form of rings and bracelets but also wanting as a pendant, necklace and earrings. However, being rather delicate I suggest you use it mainly as earrings or pendants if you don’t think you can pay attention to it. As a ring or bracelet, you risk damaging it first due to the increased risk of impact.

Among the main properties of the tiger eye improves inner vision, helps to better understand situations and keep the situation clear as a whole. Use it if you want to defend yourself from external negative influences. Wearing it you can start a nice introspective journey to rediscover your true nature.

The name refers to the ability to see beyond, even behind appearances. According to the Ancient Egyptians this is an important property of the tiger eye. Wearing it means being able to see anything. Just as a tiger represents courage, it brings good luck and prevents its owner from being intimidated by the threats of others.

It is said that the tiger’s eye is a perfect stone to attract wealth and money. It does not bring money without merit but rather through professional growth, the acquisition of valuable skills that you can resell. Use it if it is your intention to reduce the tendency to exaggerate. Whether it is smoking, food, alcohol, shopping, spending money etc.

The tiger’s eye has several beneficial effects on the body. The first to be emphasized is that which gives balance. In fact, it appears that it can help bring hormones to normal levels, stimulate fertility and improve blood circulation. Placing it on the head balances the hemispheres of the brain. It can also be a good help against depression and nightmares.

However, the connection of the tiger’s eye with the organ of sight cannot be missed. It is used to strengthen it. Among other positive effects we find the ability to intervene on problems of the stomach and spine.

We summarize, it is useful for: normalizing hormones, stimulating fertility, improving blood circulation, balancing brain hemispheres, depression, nightmares, stomach problems, spinal problems. It helps you to go beyond jealousy and pride and all those battles set up in the name of these two feelings. Open your eyes to what others need and learn to do some self-criticism.

Willpower increases, especially when it comes to wanting to work to improve health. Contrast the desire you have to isolate yourself when all of a sudden you feel inadequate in the role you play and this discourages you, making you even enter into a state of negative anxiety.