Scorpio Birthstone

Penetrating magnetic eyes that stare at you from the other side of the room? Be careful, to your fortune or misfortune, it is definitely a Scorpio! Fascinating, mysterious, it is perhaps the most intense and contradictory sign of the Zodiac.

Intuitive, sensitive, determined and ready to withstand any adversity: a Scorpio is dangerous to death! At first cold and reserved, he is agitated by great passions ready to take over suddenly. For better or for worse, it does not go unnoticed and leaves nothing to escape. Vendetta included.

Today’s article will be talking about Scorpio as a Zodiac sign, but also about the stones or gems that are linked to this powerful Zodiac sign.

The relationship between gems and Zodiac signs goes back hundreds of years, so we will be discussing this subject in more details.

Birthstone – Meaning

Do you know which stone is your birthstone? And if you know it, do you also know what meaning and what powers are attributed to the stone? Traditionally twelve birth stones are assigned to the twelve months; every month has a certain stone and the birthstone of a person is determined by the month in which he was born.

The birthstone origins go back centuries: it is believed that every birthstone has unique healing powers. Find out which stone is your birthstone and the meaning behind the birthstone colors.

Scorpio Zodiac Sign – Characteristics

Those born under this sign have a great desire to succeed in all their projects. They are tenacious, stubborn and go on without ever giving up. Their courage is fireproof, and they will often succeed in liberal professions, in which they can give free rein to their spirit of initiative. Their will is as great as their ambition.

Under a reserved, cold and impenetrable appearance, they are animated by an intense inner life. Their remarkable intellectual activity, associated with an iron will gives great charisma to the Scorpios. Their liveliness, their critical sense is so developed as to lead them to intervene in discussions or even violent controversy. Precise and intuitive, they have a remarkable natural insight.

Dislikes or sympathies are instinctive and immediate. Anxious and rebellious, the Scorpios will work to change people and situations according to their wishes. Scorpio is also a passionate being. For him, love is a fight with a winner (him) and a loser (the other). His love life is rich, thanks to his magnetism and his irresistible charm.

However Scorpio is not much of a sentiment because its excessive need to remain independent will often prevent it from finding stability. Indeed, it will seem more attracted by temporary and intense adventures than by a stable relationship. Marriage, if it is done, will be the result of an impulsive decision, and the union will be disturbed by jealousy because, let’s not forget, Scorpio is very possessive.

She is a wolf, a mysterious and attractive woman. Its beauty takes your breath away or, on the contrary, it is part of the ugly ones that, thanks to their personality, completely eclipse the most graceful face! It’s sensual, sexy, and seductive! She is a tenacious woman and knows how to be both vindictive and affectionate. One cannot but be struck by them!

The Scorpio woman is made for research and discovery; even more than he is tempted by disciplines such as parapsychology and the so-called irrational sciences. He will take care of his business very well, earning a lot and working on his own more than as a team. The others are too weak, too slow, and too mediocre for her!

This man is very handsome, or very ugly; it annoys, exasperates, practically always seduces, or one loves it or hates it! His eyes are magnetic, penetrating, with a light of mocking or grave happiness, according to the moments. In general, he is quick, thin, muscular, and very strong. It goes fast and can’t stand slowness.

Those born under the sign of Scorpio are full of resources, deep, serious and have strong physical magnetism. They are often authoritarian and possess the ability to discover the weakness of others. In case you become a Scorpio’s enemy, be careful, because he will wait for the right moment to attack you. They are prone to lack of tact, even if they are surprised when it is clear that they have offended someone. They are very possessive and capable of feeling intense emotions.

Scorpio closes in on itself when it realizes that it has failed, and the full force of its natural power can grow and diminish very easily. Because of their deep intuition they are excellent psychoanalysts. Scorpio seeks the champion of life. A principle or a structure to live by. The subjective interests and emotions are therefore subordinated to the idea of ​​how one must be. Scorpio imagines how something should be and therefore behaves according to this idea.

Those born in the sign are active, energetic, insightful, psychologists, intelligent, passionate. Vitality for Scorpio is sexuality, often diverted in all possible ways with a tendency to destruction or even self-destruction. Another typical characteristic of the sign is the will, as well as the touchiness, which can become sharpened until it becomes a desire for revenge, it is inadvisable to have a Scorpio as an enemy. Pride and presumption ensure that Scorpio lives its life independently of everything and everyone, do not waste breath to give him advice that will not follow so much.

The flaws of Scorpio could be summarized as follows: excessive passion and critical sense, jealousy, arrogance, extremism, tyranny, exclusivity, hatred, violence, tendency to brutality. A great quality of the sign, on the other hand, is the urge to leave nothing untried to try to overcome yourself and reach knowledge.

Scorpio Birthstone – Meaning and Symbolism

Like we already mentioned, every Zodiac sign has its own gems or stones that can boost its hidden energy and make members of this Zodiac sign much powerful. We listed the stones that can do the same to the people born under the Zodiac sign of Scorpio, and what benefits lie behind them.

Obsidian stone – Obsidian is a stone to choose and take with you only when you are ready to make a big change. The changes to which it induces will not give respite: the obsidian stone forces us to change the realities around us that we do not like. The obsidian stone is associated with the first chakra, the root chakra. It is linked to the earth, to physical factors, to survival and to personal fulfillment in different areas of life. This stone offers the possibility of changing the present conditions of earthly life, giving new ideas and pushing the person to courage.

You need to be well prepared when choosing this stone. Linked to the planet Pluto, obsidian leads to the surface, often even brusquely: it brings back to the conscious state everything that dwells in our unconscious. Desires, true will can no longer remain in the shadows. Wearing the obsidian stone every day helps in a phase of choice and change.

Who is the real warrior? He is the one who knows how to look inside himself, who does not fear the shadows within himself and is ready to transform his life. The obsidian stone is called the “stone of the warrior of truth” because this stone acts as a mirror: it reflects the defects of our nature, enhances fears and insecurities, and highlights the self-centered attitudes that imprison the superior qualities of the soul.

Obsidian is a dark-colored stone that symbolizes the night and the emergence of all that is obscure in us, to be able to face and transform it. It is the opposite of white which represents the visible, the illuminated, and the known. Obsidian is a stone aimed at all people who have an open and versatile mind and who do not wish to remain imprisoned in fixed patterns.

It is dedicated to those people who know how to adapt to new situations and know how to change shape according to the surrounding circumstances. Crystal therapy uses obsidian against physical pain in any area of ​​the body. It stimulates the healing of skin wounds and regenerates tissues more quickly. It also stimulates blood circulation and is recommended for those who suffer from cold feet and hands.

Obsidian is a stone that acts very mentally and spiritually. It helps to free oneself from daily disharmony and melancholy: make it easier to let go of anger, resentment and fear. It works very well as an anti-stress if it is taken with you every day or stored on the work surface. Obsidian is of fundamental importance when doing work on oneself, when it is necessary to let go of negative feelings.

He also works on an energetic level, he is the stone of shamans because he thinks he helps to get in touch with the malachite is linked to a large number of legends, above all for its symbolic link with the female figures in the various mythologies. After the moonstone, then, I go back to talking about a stone that I particularly appreciate always linked to the feminine sphere.

Malachite stone – In Egypt it was used to honor the goddess Hathor, in Europe Freya and in Greece Aphrodite. This stone is not tied only to the goddesses. Other properties have also been attributed to it, such as the ability to stimulate the aesthetic sense, sensuality and beauty. It is said that if they wear a malachite, the negative entities remain distant. This stone with a monoclinic crystalline system creates a protective sphere when worn.

It is used in jewelry also for its very particular appearance. It is a green stone with beautiful colors and shades and it is not rare to find malachite bracelets, rings and necklaces. Its price is a little higher than the more classic rock crystals or rose quartzes, however a not too large specimen can be taken home at fairly low prices.

Being a stone with a monoclinic crystalline system and a prevalence of copper, malachite has an energetic structure similar to those people who tend never to follow a precise direction, to let themselves be carried away by moods. However, we talk about very versatile people, who are able to tackle every problem thanks to their ability to analyze it from many points of view.

At the same time, most likely the person does not like to make commitments beyond the current week and always wants to keep the freedom to change their small appointments. Malachite is aimed at people who let themselves be persuaded too easily by others. Even feelings tend to change quickly, but they do not admit it and try to attribute to others the reason for these ups and downs of the most subtle energies.

Aquamarine stone – Aquamarine, literally sea stone, is a beryllium variety used in crystal therapy to harmonize the fifth chakra, it works a lot on feelings. I recommend you use it, bringing an aquamarine pendant to your heart, to bring clarity to your feelings, reduce anger and amplify empathy and compassion. If, on the other hand, you want a breakthrough in terms of communication, then keep it in contact with the throat using an aquamarine pendant near this chakra.

However, it is a very clear stone so it is also fine to harmonize the seventh chakra, it promotes contact with the Divine. The connected element is water and this is also associated with emotions, femininity, healing, reconciliation, dreams, sensitivity, peace and sleep.

Aquamarine is a silicate, belonging to the Berilli family. It has a hexagonal crystal system, its lithogenetic process is the primary one. It is a perfect stone for all of you who do not let yourselves be taken down by the first problem you find on your way. At the same time you have to wear it if you let yourself be a little too discouraged and you want to find the tenacity to fight problems better.

It is the stone addressed to all of you who are looking for contact with the HERE and NOW and want to start taking advantage of the time you have available on earth. Are you tenacious, gritty people, who love to face every problem without escaping them? Then the aquamarine is the stone that best represents you!

I recommend using this beryllium variety if you are a victim of more or less rational fears. As you will soon see in the paragraphs concerning the properties of the aquamarine, this stone helps to overcome various types of emotional, physical and spiritual traumas.

Citrine stone – This stone attracts positivity, in the broadest sense of the word. In crystal therapy the citrine is often used together with the amethyst (female stone), to balance the two energies of the body. The word citrine comes from the French “critron” which means “lemon”. The color of natural yellow quartz is precisely that of the citrus in question.

According to the legends he had the power to give fertility to infertile women and to make all the men who wore it beautiful. Until the sixteenth century the term citrine was used to indicate any yellow stone. Only in 1546 did it begin to be used only for yellow quartz. Like all stones with a trigonal crystal system, it is recommended to all of you who are trying to impose rules in your life, but which are dictated by feelings, creativity and positive thinking. The yellow color of the crystalline system is given by ionizing radiations and the presence of iron.

It is not easy to find natural citrines on the market. It is actually a rather rare (and expensive) stone and for some time now traders have begun to thermally work the amethyst or smoked quartz so that they reach those shades that are precisely reminiscent of yellow quartz. You must therefore pay close attention to this. The natural citrine has not particularly intense shades, on the contrary instead of the artificial one which has very strong, browned colors. The natural citrine is a pleotropic stone, that is, which presents color changes based on the direction in which it is called.

Are you starting a new business project? Have you got a good job and want to keep it? Wear a citrine quartz pendant. It helps not only to attract wealth, but also to maintain it. It is a stone that brings abundance and success.

Citrine, however, also induces altruism and this will also stimulate the desire for sharing in you. It is a stone of generosity. Put a citrine in the bag or wallet to attract money. Always for the same purpose you can use a beautiful tiger’s eye instead!

It is your stone if you work in sales, casinos, education and the media. Citrine quartz improves interactions. Increase productivity at work. Strengthens creativity and inner fantasy. Perfect for artists. Helps to find solutions.


Hopefully this article was helpful to you and you were able to see all the different aspects of your Zodiac sign. Some of these aspects are positive, others not so much, but all together, they make you who you are.

Choose a stone according to your character and wear it close to you, whenever you need that extra boost of positive energy.