Libra Birthstone

Libra is a sign of air in which the mental stimulus prevails at the expense of emotions and the practical side of life. It literally marks a demarcation on the path of the evolution of the seasons, an obligatory passage to enter the winter, a period of lethargy, of calm and peace.

In mythology the sign of Libra is associated with the story of Eros and Psyche, where the god of love is forced by his mother, Venus, to make the splendid psyche of a very ugly man fall in love.

But destiny wants Eros to be struck by one of his arrows while he is about to strike Psyche and fall in love with her. For fear of the wrath of his mother Eros forces Psyche to meet alone in the dark, but the curiosity to see his beloved makes the young woman make a mistake that makes Eros furious.

The pain of the two lovers so separated arouses Venus who decides that she will be able to have her child only if she overcomes four very difficult tests, the same ones that define the character of the sign of Libra.

Birthstone – Meaning

A birthstone is a jewel that is believed to make certain people happy. Namely for people who were born in this particular month or who have a special bond to a month that belongs to the birthstone. The birthstone can then work with the wearer as a kind of talisman or amulet. In many countries, they attach great importance to the vlue of these stones and are regarded as “healing stones”.

You can also see the use of such healing stones in Ayurvedic therapies and TCM. More and more people give the stones certain powers and believe that there is more to it than science can prove.

Libra Zodiac Sign – Characteristics

Libra does everything patiently waiting for others to lose the hair because of stress. From here patience is born, a characteristic virtue of this sign; another test is to collect water from the river that separates the world of the living from that of the dead, the Styx. Thus the spirituality of the sign of Libra would derive from this test. The fourth test is the descent to the underworld to take Persephone’s ointments. Hence the ability of this sign to face insurmountable challenges. Venus after seeing the stubbornness of the girl decides to let her son rejoin his beloved.

Thanks to the story just told, one can understand why those born under the sign of Aries are so impulsive and impatient. The born under the sign of Libra has a very specific purpose in life: to put peace, to create balance and harmony by giving one’s help dispassionately without looking for something in return and without prejudice. He does not like chaos and disorder, he loves art and above all the beautiful and elegant one. Those born under the sign of Libra are very discreet but they like to be appreciated and attract admiring glances.

Elegant in clothing, those born in this sign never lead to exaggeration and vulgarity; despite their amiable appearance, always smiling, making a Libra angry is like throwing fuel on the fire; the result is an explosion that one would certainly not expect from an angelic face suddenly transformed into a devil just out of hell.

To know exactly the astrological characteristics of a person, in addition to the zodiac sign, it is also good to know the ascendant. This represents, in fact, the first impression of oneself given to others and the way in which the individual relates to the world. Many have developed a simple method for calculating your ascendancy by following simple tables. The first is that of Sidereal Time, the second is that linked to the Legal Hour, and finally, the third is that relating to the calculation of the Sidereal Hour.

The planet that dominates the zodiacal sign of Libra is Venus. Planet of beauty par excellence, this gives people born under this sign, a great seductive power, an innate elegance and a grace that they know how to use to get almost everything they want.

The relationships that Libra creates are fundamental to his life: friendship and love always come first. They often forget their needs to satisfy those of others; with the partner creates an almost morbid bond, which goes beyond even the bond with the family. For those born under this sign the couple comes first. Very prone to education, Libra is very keen on the fact that, in any kind of relationship, there is always mutual respect. Libra, even in its physical appearance, boasts a sort of formality that at times can be a bit cold.

The weaknesses of the zodiac sign of Libra are the kidneys and the skin, but given its strong aesthetic sense, it is not ascend that his physique decays, indeed he will work hard to maintain good agility with sporting disciplines and he will always take great care of himself by relying on beauty centers to look after his appearance. The Chakra linked to the sign is linked to feelings and to the relationship with other people, a chakra that is located on the heart and gives the typical compassion and empathy of this sign.

Libra Birthstone – Meaning and Symbolism

The Zodiac sign of Libra is linked to many precious and semi-precious stones. All of them give something special to the people born under this Zodiac sign, and send them positivity and energy.

If you are born under the Zodiac sign of Libra and would like to know more how to energize yourself and bring in positivity, then the stones listed below can be helpful.

Aquamarine – Aquamarine is a blue precious stone, belonging to the beryllium family. The color of the aquamarine stone can vary from blue to cyan and is due to the presence of iron and titanium. According to ancient Eastern philosophies, it is connected to the fifth chakra, namely Vishudda (Gola). Blue beryllium has been known since ancient times, but only in the Renaissance was the name aquamarine coined.

According to tradition, this precious stone symbolizes happy love and for this reason in the past it was given to brides on their wedding day. Moreover, it is the stone of truth, which helps to distinguish the true from the false. The aquamarine helps improve the functioning of the thyroid and pituitary gland, regulating hormones. It is also excellent in case of allergies and respiratory problems, such as tonsillitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, sinusitis, rhinitis and asthma.

Regulates the immune response and improves eyesight. Noteworthy are the beneficial effects of aquamarine on the psyche. First of all, it gives mental clarity and stimulates inner growth. Helps overcome shyness and fears, gives self-esteem, creativity, success, well-being and tranquility. The aquamarine is an excellent stone for those who cannot communicate well and express their feelings freely, because it helps to unlock themselves. Finally, it gives happiness, joy and inner peace.

Like all stones, aquamarine must be discharged from disharmony under running water. To have physical benefits, it should be placed directly on the part to be healed. On a psychological level, on the other hand, it should always be carried with him, in contact with the skin, preferably near the throat. The ideal, therefore, is to use it to make a necklace.

Opal – The opal stone has multiple meanings and properties attributed to it. Given the union of all the elements, the crystal is above all a symbol of intellect and memory: it is believed that it can rebalance emotional states, stimulate creative thinking, restore rationality in moments of loss and encourage self-esteem

. It is also recommended during periods of great mental effort, for example during studies or in view of important work projects. Finally, it is indicated as a vehicle to encourage wisdom and awareness, but also to strengthen personal and friendly relationships, increasing social relations.

The opal name has a common root in the Sanskrit upala, in the Greek opallios and in the Latin opalus meaning “precious stone”, in fact it is the symbol par excellence of precious stones. Since ancient times, it has attracted the curiosity of man: not only for the irregular shapes in the raw state, the bright colors and the singular plays of light, but also because it is the concentrate of all the elements. It represents the energy of fire, the fertility of the earth, the love of water and the social nature of air. In ancient Rome, the opal represented hope and purity of mind, and were also connected to the gem with protective powers against diseases, in particular on the areas of the body on which the mineral was placed.

In ancient Greece, the opal was the stone of foresight and communication with the gods, while in the Middle East it was thought that it could be a divine gift, given its incredible brightness. In more recent times, especially between 1,500 and 1,600, the opal became the gem of preference for the creation of jewels and precious jewels, as well as a sort of status symbol for the nobility.

The opal has a general beneficial effect on health, especially on the joints. Activate vital functions and help the heart to beat regularly and serenely (especially the pink opal). Relieves disorders of the digestive system and rebalances the nervous system (especially the noble opal).

The fire opal stimulates vital energy and is therefore useful for weak and apathetic people. On a physical level, the opal is valuable for eye health. Strengthens vision and is associated with all eye disorders. It is also used for the health of nails, hair and skin. It balances the liquids in the body and is therefore very good against water retention. It is said that it can purify the kidneys and blood, also regulating the production of insulin. Stimulates memory and balances female hormones.

The opal inspires joy of life and stimulates the desire for change, so it is particularly suitable if important decisions are to be made. The opal stimulates intuition and communication and gives inner clarity (especially the noble opal). But it is not a stone with an energy that is easy to manage: as it is closely connected with the planet Neptune and consecrated to truth and altruism.

The opal makes one happy, carefree and spontaneous. It helps transform negative feelings such as envy, greed and fear and break the rigidity of mental patterns. Especially the fire opal is useful for depression and to strengthen the will. While, the pink opal instead acts in harmony with the feelings of a quiet life: love, harmony, serenity, sweetness, peace, freedom. Strengthen emotions, bring feelings to the surface so you can analyze them. It amplifies the cleaning process of past wounds, erasing old resentments. Use it if you want to be more positive and spontaneous with others.

Tourmaline – The black tourmaline is linked to the earth element and is aligned with the frequencies of the root chakra, the first one. Like all black stones, it helps to find contact with nature and one’s own homeland, strengthening the sense of belonging to this planet and making the spirit of survival much stronger.

One of the reasons why tourmaline stone in its black color is now so much appreciated and is also known by non-lovers of precious and semi-precious stones, is its “power” to shield us from radiation emitted by electronic devices. If you are also attracted to this wonderful black stone for this capacity, you should know that the ideal would be to keep it on your desk or bedside table.

If you want to take it with you, keep it in your pocket, create a ring or bracelet for yourself. It does not fit the neck because it is in line with the low frequencies of the chakras, not with the high ones and you risk “busting” your energy pattern. The important thing however is that you keep your black tourmaline always close to you so that it stays in your auric field.

The benefits of black tourmaline are actually much more numerous and in my opinion, if you really want to start using it to have a little protection against PC radiation, smartphones, televisions etc., you should know them. In a sense it is really all connected, in the universe as in the single stone.

This stone fences from the negative energies that often stagnate in the environment. In a certain sense it can help you if for example you are not very rational people and you let yourself be carried away by emotion. Black tourmaline helps you to take root and keep your mind clean, allows you to create as a barrier between your goals and the deleterious judgments of others. You should take it with you if for example you have to make things clear, better understand what were the mistakes that led you to this situation with apparently no way out.

It could perhaps be summarized that black tourmaline is the classic stone that gives a strong stability, which is often the fundamental starting point for well-being. From a psychological point of view it helps you to break down for example those protective barriers that are very harmful to your personal growth, such as self-control and victimization. Tourmaline stone also allows you to get a greater dose of self-esteem and away stress.


Hopefully this article was helpful and you were able to find answers to the question “Which stones are perfect for those born under the Libra sign?” Whichever stone you choose in the end, make sure you are consistent with wearing it and keeping it close to you.

If you want to take it with you, keep it in your pocket, create a ring or bracelet for yourself. It does not fit the neck because it is in line with the low frequencies of the chakras, not with the high ones and you risk “busting” your energy pattern. The important thing however is that you keep your crystals always close to you so that it stays in your auric field.

By wearing these stones for a longer period of time, you are guaranteeing yourself a much more positive attitude and energy. You will sense the burst of energy as soon as you start wearing these crystals for a while longer, and after you begin to use them, it will be impossible to let go of them.

Choose a stone that best suits your character and your Zodiac sign and you will notice a remarkable difference. The crystals make one happy, carefree and spontaneous. It helps transform negative feelings such as envy, greed and fear and break the rigidity of mental patterns. These crystal are especially useful for depression and to strengthen the power of will.

These stone fence from the negative energies that often stagnate in the environment. In a certain sense they can help you if for example you are not very rational people and you let yourself be carried away by emotion. Keep them close to you, and bring forward everything that makes your Zodiac sign stand out.