Black Jade Stone – Meaning, Benefits and Properties

The jade stone, the green one, is considered a stone in ancient Chinese culture capable of attracting wealth. And after all, if we consider that the jade of excellent quality is worth as much as gold for the same weight, it is easy to accept this association.

You will be able to remove that restraint that prevents you from reaching your desires both materially and spiritually. It will help you use what you earn productively.

You should wear it especially if you are going to make important decisions economically or better, if you are at the top of a company and you have to invest money and energy in the right direction.

You can better understand your emotions and their cyclical nature. The jade stone represents the highest desires, the ideals. Protects against deceptive and harmful entities. It is the symbol of divine abundance and by wearing it you will attract this flow towards you.

It gives happiness in the family and in work, helps you to see the latter no longer as an obligation but as a way of expressing yourself and, if yours was the wrong way, to adjust the course.

Symbolism and Meaning

The term “jade” is inextricably linked to Chinese civilization. For about forty centuries the Chinese have given this splendid stone an inestimable value, and have bestowed it with a real cult. Paradoxically, this mineral does not exist in ancient China properly so-called, and it has always been imported, almost entirely, from the southwestern part of Turkestan, now Xinjiang.

Let us first specify what we mean by jade. The one that is currently worked by the Far Eastern lapidaries (bracelets, jewelry, figurines …) is actually serpentine, the one that the Chinese call “yu matto” or false jade. This modern surrogate has a coefficient of hardness two times lower than that of jadeite, and it scratches with a blade; also worth ten times less!

Moreover, the jadeite itself, also defined by the term jade, does not have the aura and prestige of the nephrite which is the only one to have the right to be called “zhen yu”, true jade.

Only this variety was treated and processed in ancient China, carried with enormous expense by Xinjiang. The jadeite, imported from Burma, made its appearance in China only starting from the 1730s. Up to this date, therefore, the objects that are defined as jade are, more precisely, nephrite.

Among the much appreciated whitish hues, we mention the one called “sheep fat”, due to its appearance. These nephritis with a slightly oily shine, are velvety to the touch, extremely soft and cold at the same time. Because, for the Chinese, jades should be caressed and listened by making them rattle – and not just admire them. Therefore sight, hearing and touch are involved.

Of a decidedly similar appearance, the Burmese jadeites appeared belatedly (early 18th century, as we have said). They are distinguished by their coefficient of hardness (slightly lower), the different specific weight, the greater luster and better color uniformity. Of crystalline structure (based on sodium silicate and aluminum), jadeites are more translucent and their range, less extensive, is limited to some greens; the bright green is called “imperial green”. Apple green and emerald green are often used in contemporary jewelry.

For about 45 centuries, since the end of the Neolithic, the center of production of the nephritis has been located in Central Asia, in the regions of Yarkand and Kashgar, above all of Khotan, an oasis that represented a well ninth stage on the southern branch of the Silk Road , southwest of the Taklaman desert. There, on the slopes of the Kunlun Mountains (Kunlun Shan), in the riverbed of two almost parallel and then confluent rivers, the black jade pebbles are sought, along the Karakax River, and those of white jade, in the Yurungkax River bed, plus East.

General Properties

The jade stone has a monoclinic crystalline system (just like the selenite). Therefore it is strongly recommend to use it in crystal therapy sessions or wear it if you sometimes let yourself be carried away by emotions more than you should.

Maybe you are particularly anxious people and you are afraid to make long-term plans, a little for fear of not succeeding, partly because you don’t have the constancy to commit yourself.

On the other hand, however, it strengthens your attachment to the present. It helps you to keep your attention on the HERE and NOW but in a much more conscious way, with the vision that every moment well employed, can help you build something good for your life.

Love and Relationships

Even the Aztecs and the Mayans of Central America estimated Jade higher than gold even in pre-Columbian times. They worshiped the stone as a stone of love, which can transform friendship into intimate love. Even in ancient Egypt, jade was used and revered as the stone of love, the guardian of inner peace, harmony and balance.

The Maoris carved in the old tradition cult equipment and weapons from New Zealand jade. Even today, Jade is worshiped and used as a dream stone, as it is said to convey to its wearer the ability of dream interpretation. In the Arab world Jade is also honored as a protective stone.

In the form of the symbol of fortune, the scarab ground there, it should keep all evil away from the body.

Health Benefits

In China and South America, it is believed that Jade is good for gaining health, success and a long life in harmony with nature. Also, because of this alleged importance, jade in ancient China was more expensive than gold. A life without a jewel of jade is still unthinkable in large parts of the Chinese population today. Jade is intended to convey the feeling of balance and bring harmony, beauty and happiness into the consciousness of the wearer. The value of the jade is therefore not measured purely in terms of its material value. Above all, their healing effect is in the foreground.

Furthermore, jadeite has a firm place in astrology.

The jadeite is a coveted collector’s item, a precious gemstone and a healing, as well as protective stone, which leaves his carrier healthy body and soul. Carried as a protective stone, he brings good luck with class work, contracts and all money matters.

With the acquisition of Jadeite begins a long but beautiful journey of discovery. Green jade works on the heart chakra and, on a physical level, interacts with this organ. It also strengthens the liver and spleen. It stimulates the entire immune system making the body stronger, purifying the blood. It balances everything, from renal activity to blood. It also works on the lymphatic system, so it helps fight water retention and relieve swelling.

It helps eliminate toxins from the body and balances all the liquids. It is very useful for joints and is used in crystal therapy to fight bacterial infections. Jade helps the body eliminate pain and stimulates self-healing.

Finally, it is recommended to treat some reproductive disorders affecting humans. It is a perfect gift for the woman who is approaching childbirth.

Black Jade Stone and Wealth

It is the stone of artists, entrepreneurs and leaders. Strengthens ideals and turns simple desire into concrete action. Ambition becomes the driving force, changes and shapes reality.

Jade helps not to lose this exceptional power at the first step you make. Jade will help you make this important truth your own.

Black Jade Stone and Zodiac

Were you born between April 20 and May 20, under the zodiac sign of Taurus? The right stone for you is the Jade! You are people who are very calm, realistic, temperate but also tenacious and determined to achieve your goals. Wear this stone, especially when you feel the need to put your thoughts in order.

Cancer, as well as Libra receives confidence, harmony, security, vitality, and zest for life, protection and strength through Jade. In addition, Jade is a powerful accessory stone of the star signs Scorpio, Aquarius, Virgo and Pisces. Its calming effect inspires people of this zodiac signs and gives them stability, mindfulness, as well as sustainable peace.

Black Jade Stone and Chakras

Keep a beautiful necklace set with a jade always with you. Keep it at the fourth chakra, the energy center of the heart. In this way you will be able to derive maximum benefits from her.

You will notice wearing it that your attitude towards money will tend to change very quickly, you will no longer feel unworthy to earn well, as long as you do it ethically.

How to Purify Black Jade Stone

In order for the jade to transfer its rich energy to us, we should make contact with it, study it intensively, empathize with it, and let it share our feelings, thoughts, day after day. Before we start our journey of discovery, we want to gently clean the jade and recharge it. For this we put the gemstone in well-tempered water (not too warm!).

After a certain time (1-2 hours) we put the now cleaned stone on the windowsill. Too intense sun exposure should be avoided. The jade needs a sheltered spot, which is only lightly lit by the sun.

After a small recharge of not more than an hour, the healing stone is ready for use. Now it is up to us to awaken his strength and to positively rejoice in him.


Bring this wonderful amulet into your life. You can simply keep it around your neck, as a pendant, to have all the wonderful benefits we have just seen. If instead you want to stimulate creativity and achieve your ambitious goals, keep a jade specimen near your work station. If your purpose was to attract meaningful dreams and of course to remember them, you must stay close to the bed.

Jade helps you rebalance the energies of each environment. In fact, according to Feng shui, it has the energy for each new beginning, for expansion. Bring plenty in your home. To succeed in all this you have to place a jade in every room, from the one where you eat to the bedroom.

Absolutely essential where you are about to start a new project, therefore also in the workplace. Place it to the southeast. It is the position associated with family, health, abundance. A beautiful statuette of the Buddha in jade is a good omen. Place it in an eastern area to get luck in every action you have just taken.

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