Black Onyx Stone – Meaning, Benefits and Properties

This Black Onyx stone contains mysteries, legends and truly spectacular properties. Despite the clichés, the Black Onyx stone does not bring bad luck and does not draw negative energy towards the person who wears it. Rather we say that it is often used incorrectly.

This mineral belongs to the Chalcedony family and is tied to the first chakra, so it should be used for example as an ankle, bracelet or ring. If it is set in a pendant and worn around the neck, it interferes with subtler energies, those of the high chakras, which work on different chromatic frequencies. In reality it is not a completely black stone because, when natural and not artificially colored, the presence of white streaks.

According to a legend, the universe originated precisely from the Black Onyx stone. Exploding, this crystal gave rise to everything that exists in the world. It is no coincidence that in the past it was called the house of the deities, the place where they remained asleep.

Black onyx has a trigonal crystal system. It is therefore addressed to the practical person, who tries to live his life under the laws of simplicity. Instead of surrounding himself with problems, he wants to reach the goal in a clear way, thanks to his daily commitment.

Symbolism and Meaning

Black onyx as well as black obsidian allows us to work on past lives, so as to capture at least small fragments that can help us better understand the current one. Instead it can be used together with morganatic to absorb the fears and use the black onyx for a longer period, thanks to the morganatic that tempers its negative aspects.

I love the legends concerning the Black Onyx stone. Yes, because its history is very ancient and it is also controversial. In ancient times, the black onyx was already known and used in different ways. It was called “the witch’s stone” because it was believed that it had strong magical abilities very useful for witches or for those practicing the art of divination. In the middle Ages it was also used as a protection against the evil spirits that were believed to plague many people’s lives.

It was appreciated during ceremonies and burials as a symbol of protection. It was an important element in making armor, shields and swords. It was in fact seen as an amulet capable of protecting its owner in battle.

A known legend states that the entire universe originated precisely from a small fragment of black onyx, and that now this stone acts as a “home” for the sleeping gods. In this regard it must be said that it is also the first stone mentioned in the Bible, it is described in Genesis as an element of creation.

Positive meanings already existed. Just as there were those who considered it capable of bringing luck, others considered it the stone of misfortune and were said to pollute the mind, bringing sadness and mood swings. Considered capable of attracting demons, separating people and attract nightmares.

According to legend, while the goddess Venus rested on the banks of the Indus River, Cupid cut the tips of her nails with her arrow. The nail pieces of the Goddess fell into the river and turned into onyx when they reached the bottom. This beautiful stone in fact bears the name of onyx, i.e. Onyx, which means “nail” or “claw”.

As I said before, the curiosities about the onyx are not few. For example, according to an ancient tradition, wearing it at night allowed one to speak with the spirit of a dead friend through the dream. In China it is considered one of the stones of misfortune par excellence.

General Properties

Onyx is a variety of chalcedony, it belongs to the quartz family. It is born in compact microcrystalline masses and its color can be opaque or semi-opaque. The black agate has white streaks. There is also the red agate and the white agate. It is formed in a Filonian-hydrothermal environment at low temperatures or in sedimentary rocks.

Black onyx is a variety of chalcedony. It is a very eye-catching crystal with a dark black color that is often artificially finished, because in nature it would otherwise present some white streaks, which in my opinion are a characteristic and beautiful aspect of the black onyx. Its properties are appreciated in crystal therapy, it is mainly used to balance Muladhara, the first chakra. You can indeed use it in the technique of rooting or during walking meditation.

It was used for its great energy even by the populations of the past. It was set like an amulet on swords and shields. Black onyxes were found inside the tombs, probably an element also present during the burial ceremonies. Black onyx is a dual stone. For long periods it was considered the stone of misfortune, capable of attracting negative thoughts and despair.

Over the centuries it has been re-evaluated but the beliefs about its negative sides have never completely disappeared. This is why it is said that the two opposing but necessary forces coexist in her and is more than any other stone capable of giving a strong balance.

The black onyx works both on the chakra of the base, that is the one under the soles of the feet (it is not among the classic sects but it is important to work on it, because of the direct contact it has with the earth), and on the root, the first chakras. Thanks to the first chakra we can keep ourselves in balance and get a sense of personal security and independence necessary to live life in peace.

Holding a black onyx crystal in the palm of your hand during meditation helps to visualize the right path to your goal step by step, as well as guaranteeing a deep-rooted feeling of security and inner strength. By placing a stone in some rooms, possibly a medium to large crystal, we can take advantage of the shield effect that protects from negative energy flows, preventing them from entering our homes. For this purpose in particular, positioning near windows, doors or other openings is recommended.

To take advantage of the beneficial effects that the stone gives in relation to the auditory system, it is sufficient to place it near the ear for several minutes, to be repeated daily until the disorder is present. Wearing a black onyx jewel will make it easier to find a balance in everyday situations, avoiding strong mood swings or mental confusion due to a huge number of thoughts or doubts that can compromise decision-making power. It also has the ability to absorb all the negativities that surround us or come from ourselves.

Another recommended method of use involves placing a crystal in rooms where guests are generally received or a lot of time is spent with other people. In doing so, not only will you stimulate understanding with others, but you will also improve your ability to recognize and distinguish negative from positive intentions, avoiding unpleasant surprises.

Love and Relationships

The Black Onyx stone can help us become strong-minded and this is going to affect the way we behave towards others, including our partner.

Health Benefits

The Black Onyx stone can be considered a defensive stone, whose main effect allows to raise a barrier against the events and negative energies that they would like to reach us from the outside. This ability makes it possible to pursue one’s personal goals in a quiet manner and without interference.

It is nicknamed the “hearing stone” because it has the ability to improve sound perception and is used in crystal therapy precisely to alleviate the effects of many hearing disorders. In addition to this, the black onyx helps strengthen the immune system as well as react against infections that can occur in multiple parts of the body.

Black onyx can also be used in other contexts. For example, it regulates body fluids and helps expel waste substances while improving the absorption of important nutrients. Connected to the first chakra, the black onyx is considered a useful stone to strengthen the entire physical structure of the body, especially the bones. To sum up, it is useful for: improving hearing, strengthening the immune system, regulating body fluids, strengthening bones, improving nutrient absorption.

First of all, on the spiritual level emerges the ability to protect from negative forces coming from outside, but this is not the only positive effect. In fact, being the stone tied to the first chakra, it allows to facilitate the personal journey in search of the meaning of life and of one’s own role in the universe. It creates a strong sense of security in the wearer that allows you to stay with your feet firmly on the ground in the most difficult situations.

With the Black Onyx stone there is a greater connection with the electromagnetic energies of the Earth. It can be used to stimulate the senses, useful for example for those who dedicate themselves to tarot reading, spiritual counseling, automatic writing, etc. Help to see some fragments of your past lives. Let us summarize, it is useful for: protection from negative energies, search for the meaning of life, stability, connection with earthly energies, stimulates the psychic faculties, helps to see past lives.

The use of this crystal makes it possible to easily enter into harmony with other people while maintaining a high degree of safety and self-confidence. The stone in fact helps to evaluate well the goodness of the statements coming from the outside, guaranteeing a mind that is always lucid and free from doubts. This gained mental clarity is also useful to understand oneself, to know oneself and consequently increase one’s self-esteem.

It can be used, keeping it in contact, to learn to recognize what are the old habits that prevent progress. It teaches us that some things and relationships must be let go. The onyx also supports throughout the denial phase, both for the loss chosen and the loss, let’s use it for all the processes necessary to overcome a loss, an abandonment or anyway a posting.

This stone can help us with attunement with others, increasing self-esteem, having lucid thoughts, understanding oneself, helps to recognize old harmful habits, supports during the phases to overcome a separation or mourning.

Also from an emotional point of view this stone offers some interesting effects. In the presence of strong emotions it helps to restore balance, especially controlling anxieties and fears that upset the mind and body. It manages to create a strong connection with the earth and the environment that surrounds us, which combined with mental lucidity above, it ensures firmness even in the most chaotic situations from an emotional point of view, allowing you to find a solution in a simple and decisive way.

The onyx contains the physical memories of us wearing it. That is why it is good not to wear it for a long time, just to avoid keeping our traumas in contact. Short contacts instead help to get rid of the pain, the traumas and the old feelings that still hurt. Let us summarize, it is useful for: it brings balance into emotions, helps to overcome anxiety and fear, strengthens the connection with the earth, gives mental lucidity.

This black colored stone belongs to the quartz group. It is widely used in crystal therapy due to its numerous ability to interact with the body, mind and spirit in a harmonious and non-invasive way. As the folk wisdom tells us, the Black Onyx stone seems to have some properties for the body. It is considered the hearing stone and consequently reinforces those therapies designed to cure the ear ailments. It also strengthens the immune system, countering infections.

Black Onyx Stone and Wealth

Thanks to this mineral you can work in a much more conscious way also on the first chakra, which is linked to our survival instinct, the need to put down roots and find your place in the world.

It also strengthens the connection with Mother Earth. This all helps us to be more in touch with ourselves and internal desires and goals.

Black Onyx Stone and Zodiac

The Black Onyx stone is linked to the Zodiac sign Virgo and Scorpio. It can help these signs to achieve maximum level of success in everything they do.

Black Onyx Stone and Chakras

You should try to keep the black onyx as high as possible at the first chakra. You can therefore buy a ring or bracelet with this stone. Doing so also improves your relationship with the earth. Keeping a rather large black onyx specimen near doors and windows helps you keep away the negative feelings of people entering our home, banishing them from home.

Use it in meditation to strengthen your self-esteem and to have clear visions of the next step in any area of ​​life. You can use black onyx to strengthen your hearing. In this case you have to do crystal therapy treatments by placing the stone right next to the, for at least 5 minutes. If you wear the Black Onyx stone you can let it absorb your excess energy. It can be useful for example when you have so many ideas for the head and so much enthusiasm for each one of them, that you cannot ultimately take a step because of indecision. You can also put a black onyx in the place where you work.

As I have already mentioned, you have to avoid keeping the black onyx in contact with the high chakras, which means that it is not good as a pendant to hang around your neck. The chromatic frequencies of black go “out of tune” and do not bring benefits. It could give you a sense of anxiety and mental confusion. I personally made the mistake of using it this way several years ago and felt a real sense of oppression. A few days later I felt the heavy breathing. He discovered only after I had used it incorrectly. Moving the pendant from his neck to his trouser pocket, everything returned to normal.

Also avoid sleeping with black onyx, it is best to avoid nighttime contact. Remember also not to wear it for long consecutive periods and to let it rest from time to time. This way you don’t go to burden your energy system and give the onyx time to “charge the batteries”.

How to Purify Black Onyx Stone

Pass the black onyx under running water for one or two minutes. Do not leave it immersed because it contains traces of iron. To charge it instead, the lunar influences are perfect. Avoid loading it with the direct sun because like all quartzes, it does not particularly like prolonged exposure to heat.

Whether to clean it or to purify it, we can pass the black onyx under running water. We can put it to purify in contact with the earth, taking care however to wrap it in a natural fiber fabric

To charge it instead it is good to put it in the open air during the day, without however coming into contact with the direct sun. My personal thought is this: loading and purifying stones are not necessary actions.

However, it can be a useful ritual for you, so as to establish a greater connection with the stone.


To summarize, wearing black onyx we say we are willing to get in tune with other people, understanding even better the desires and aspirations. This comparison with others, however, also leads us to better understand ourselves, our inner world.

It is perfect therefore in those circumstances where there is need to shed light, both as regards the achievement of objectives, the desire to put order into feelings and thoughts and the desire to find one’s own way.

All this, however, is seen under the lens in our real needs and not those behaviors we have adopted to satisfy someone else’s wishes.

Even on a spiritual level the black onyx has several very interesting properties. First, it protects us from negative influences by shielding us. This is actually a task that is due to all the black stones, such as tourmaline, which protects against radiation emanating from technological devices.

The Black Onyx stone, then, allows us to focus attention on the really useful things, to better evaluate which are the constructive judgments and those that are instead given to us to demolish us.