Jet Stone – Meaning, Benefits and Properties

Leaving the past behind, helps us to leave behind what hurts us or does not bring us in life, both things and people, gives us the outside to move forward leaving behind a past that we do not want to continue living.

A stone that will make us move towards the path we want to undertake, leaving the one we don’t need or the one that has us locked.

Very useful for those people who want to leave their past behind and start another course, without the burdens of a past that we don’t want to continue living.

Meditation, this natural crystal is indicated in meditation, it helps us to concentrate and make our meditation more productive and we can relax. It helps us balance the energy fields and clean the aura, hence it is an ideal volcanic agate for meditation.

Symbolism and Meaning

Jet stone has been one of the most important Native American protective stones in North America for centuries. These laid the Jet stone the deceased family members in the tent to distribute the soul of the deceased evenly during the funeral to the bereaved.

Thus the deceased, with the help of the Jet stone, could live on in all the souls of his beloved relatives.

Even today, the Jet stone is worshiped by the Indians as a protective stone against evil forces, snakebites, sorcery and enemies.

For centuries, the Jet stone has been one of the most important protective stones of the North American Indians. Already newborns were given a Jet stone, which they should accompany the whole life as a lucky stone.

The Jet stone is closely connected to the soul of its wearer. After death, the soul of the deceased went over to the Jet stone.

Therefore, the Jet stone was put into the tent of the deceased family members to distribute the soul of the deceased evenly among the surviving family members. In this way, the deceased could live on in all the souls of his relatives.

General Properties

The Jet stone is a coal. And although it consists of more than 80% carbon, it does not belong to the minerals according to the classical definition. Nor can he be classified in the classical sequence 1) peat 2) lignite 3) hard coal and 4) anthracite.

The Jet stone is a humus and bitumen impregnated, fossil wood, so natural substances that solidified by strong pressure about 35 million years ago to Jet stone.

Turkey, Southern France, Spain, Silesia, Austria, USA, Brazil and Dominican Republic. The earlier sites in some places in England were exploited towards the end of the 19th century and have dried up today. Currently, the most beautiful pieces come from Russia and Georgia.

Due to its low Mohs gemstone hardness of 2.5 on the 10-digit hardness scale, it is one of the softer stones and could be processed in prehistoric times with simple tools.

The Jet stone owes its name to its site near the river Gagae in Lycia (Turkey). The English or French name ‘Jetstone’ or ‘Jais’ probably goes back to this consanguinity ‘Gagae’. Previously, there were many different names for the Jet stone , such as Gayet, Jayet, Jett, pitch coal, black stone, Ambranoir or widow stone. Incidentally, the Jet stone was also referred to as black amber, since it was formerly assumed that it originated in the same way as the amber.

Love and Relationships

The Jet stone reduces depression and helps to overcome grief more easily. In the middle Ages he was gladly processed into mourning jewelry. He relieved his bearer of the new beginning.

People whose soul has been severely shaken by the loss of a beloved being, the Jet stone gives new life courage.

Health Benefits

This stone often called Jet, is petrified charcoal, mostly black opaque. You get the Jet stone as tumbled stone, flatterer, rough stone, and pendant and very rarely as ball or chain.

Jet stone carvings are often offered for sale by North American Indians. Since these carvings are a highly revered Jet stone of the Indians, you can assume that all these artifacts were made in love. So you can buy them without hesitation.

He relieves us of a new beginning. In mourning, when the soul suffers the loss of a loved one human or animal, it gives us new life courage. He protects against depression, accidents, jealous intrigues, false friends and black magic.

He saves from ill-considered actions and suicide. This stone brings light and warmth and awakens in the soul the desire for life. He is also able to heal the deepest wounds of grief and disregard.

It gives a powerful light and brings warmth, which awakens in the soul the desire for a new life and further stage of life.

With the help of the Jet stone even the deepest wounds of mourning and disregard are healed and overcome.  Jet stone combines seriousness and lightness, sobriety and understanding, it makes tolerant and insightful. Although the sense of justice is very strong, Jet stone does not help to judge too severely. Tolerance and insight are other virtues that correspond to Libra-Saturn.

Jet stone becomes important when it comes to balancing pain, grief and loss, to come back to his heart and to meet life again.

He deepens the introspection, helps to withdraw from the hustle and bustle of the world in order to open later better. In difficult situations, Jet stone helps to fit into needs, but to take every chance to make positive change, instead of losing himself in self-pity and self-pity.

A character training stone that helps jump over its own shadow. He causes discipline and responsibility for his neighbor. It has a strong effect on the respiratory system and also protects the joints and bones against signs of wear and inflammation. The Jet stone also helps with tooth and jaw pain. Good experience in use against Tinnitus.

The Jet stone is the healing stone of the respiratory tract, especially in bronchial diseases, which is due to an infection of the upper respiratory tract. Here it is recommended to hang the stone on the chest. It protects bones and joints from signs of wear and inflammation, especially rheumatic diseases.

It is recommended for shoulder pain, joint, hip and back pain. Special healing power has the Jet stone in calcification and ossification of the bursa and connective tissue.

The stone relieves tooth and jaw pain. In addition, the Jet stone helps with acute intestinal diseases (diarrhea). In this case, energized water can be drunk with Jet stone. Even non-food-related bad breath can be eliminated with Jet stone -water by gargling and rinsing.

The Jet stone – worn directly on the body – is very closely connected with its wearer, so I call it a soul stone. He should therefore not be awarded. He repels enemy attacks (psychic, energetic) of his fellow human beings, for example through envy, envy, intrigues. It protects against accidents, wrong friends and black magic.

Jet Stone and Wealth

Avoid negativity and stress, it is a natural crystal that helps us remove the negativity and stress that routine causes us, helps us to be more positive and leave aside the stressful elements, feeling more relaxed and positive.

It is considered a perfect lava glass for those people who are living a few moments of stress or who are not able to see how to overcome it, since it helps us to be more relaxed and calm.

Obsidian stands out as one of the most protective natural crystals, it takes us away from bad energies or those who produce them, there is a lot of information about their properties, but the power of a volcanic amulet is enormous.

To achieve the objectives and follow the path, that there is nothing that can stop us or stop us from reaching the new objectives of life, those that we have set out to move forward.

Jet Stone and Zodiac

An assignment of Jett as a partner of the zodiac is unusual. The assignment of gemstones to zodiac signs in horoscopes always causes confusion, since many a gemstone in which a horoscope is assigned to a certain zodiac, but is not assigned to the corresponding zodiac sign in another horoscope. The reason is simple.

The assignment of individual gems to constellations is a very ancient lesson and then (thousands of years ago), mankind did not yet have the current trading opportunities. This powerful stone is assigned to the Zodiac sign of Capricorn and members of this sign can benefit from it greatly.

Jet Stone and Chakras

He penetrates deep into the forehead chakra and heals grief. The Jet stone penetrates deep into us during meditation on our forehead.

Forehead Chakra (Third Eye). During a meditation or a relaxation the stone touches the forehead, its energy penetrates particularly deeply. Pain of mourning is relieved. In addition, the stone saves from ill-considered actions.

With the help of Jet stone, deep wounds of grief and disregard can be overcome. The stone brings light and warmth into its carrier and makes the soul want a new phase of life.  Jet stone energized water can be drunk. The stone can also be worn or applied directly on the body.

The Jet stone is even offered as a gemstone essence. The slightly alcoholic variant lasts up to 3 months, the non-alcoholic should be consumed in 4 weeks. The essence can be taken in the morning on an empty stomach and in the evening before going to bed (about 3 to 5 drops). I myself have not tried that, but I find it exciting and will definitely experiment with it.

Since the Jet stone – like most black stones – has the property of storing positive and negative energies of its carrier, it should be cleaned periodically (at least every 4 weeks).

How to Purify Jet Stone?

As a precaution, you should still unload and neutralize your purchased Jet stone for about a week in a bowl of hematite and rock crystal tumbled stones.

Like most black stones, the Jet stone has the ability to store good and evil forces. You should therefore never use Jet stone without sufficient prior cleaning under running lukewarm water. Like many other black stones, the Jet stone becomes a personal stone of yours, softening and balancing the heights and depths of your soul.

The Jet stone should be discharged regularly under running, lukewarm water. If you feel strong changes in you caused by the Jet stone, you should definitely discharge it in a bowl of hematite tumbled stones overnight.

Since the Jet stone turns light into pure energy, it is advisable not to charge the Jet stone in the strong sun, but to regenerate it overnight in a rock crystal group. The forces are not so rough then.


This stone is very often the so-called healing stones of them all. In principle it does not matter which form the healing stone has. It does not matter if it’s the raw mineral or a tumbled stone.

Decisive is the skin contact and the pleasant feeling.

Since a raw mineral usually has sharp broken edges, it is only conditionally used for stone science and in the field of crystal healing. In most applications as a healing stone, the tumbled stone is ideal because the tumbled stone has a pleasant surface. The next big advantage of the tumbled stone as a healing stone is its price.

Hopefully you were able to find all the answers to the burning questions regarding this beautiful stone, and that you are one step closer to finding your ideal healing power.

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