Celestite Stone – Meaning, Benefits and Properties

Celestine stone is also much loved by those who often need to mitigate the chaos of the mind or calm their fears, given that thanks to the high frequency vibrations that propagate in every direction, it emits a soft and positive energy.

These are clearly not the only qualities of Celestine, in fact this beautiful crystal stimulates intuitive abilities, favors the recall of lucid dreams and extracorporeal travels, and finally supports both luck and hope, to the point of encouraging the search for purity in one’s heart.

Symbolism and Meaning

This mineral appeared for the first time around 1790. The name derives from the Latin word “caelestis”, which intuitively means “heavenly”, and is closely related to the typical color of the stone, although there are samples of different colors and gradations of blue (albeit rare, there are also samples of red, yellow and orange).

According to some legends, the Celestine is a Stone of the Sky, coming from the realm of the angels that generated it thanks to their songs and their choral abilities.

For ancient mythology instead, these stones were part of a set of stars, and it was common belief that they were bearers of heavenly wisdom.

Celestine is a strontium sulfate mineral. It can be found in compact and massive or fibrous forms. Sometimes it covers the geodes. It is a very soft stone and care should be taken when using it in crystal therapy.

It does not lend itself very well to making jewels but something can be found. It is found in sedimentary soils but its origin can also be hydrothermal.

General Properties

It should be used when for example you need to work on the aura or experience the feeling of peace. It has many properties that can be exploited in crystal therapy, through a series of really interesting uses.

The Celestine is a stone particularly suitable for all those who in this particular period of life feel more than ever the need to experience a sense of peace and spiritual elevation.

A bit like when you look at the sky with its beautiful blue shades that kidnap us and make us fall into a sort of meditation, the same happens with the blue of Celestine.

In general, Celestine emits a soothing and relaxing energy that helps fight against some common negative states of the human body. This also has repercussions on the body, allowing physical pain to be relieved, especially those affecting the eyes, throat and ears. In this case I suggest you take a nice medium-sized raw Celestine to place directly on the affected area.

Not only does it take away pain but transforms it into positive emotions and energies that can be used for one’s projects and addressed in the right way.

The Celestine has additional interesting properties on a physical level. As I explain later in the dedicated section it is a sulfate and as such it is quite useful when it comes to infections. Not only those of the skin but also of the intestine. The Celestine in this sense can be used in combination with rock crystal to overcome infections that have the febrile condition as the first symptom.

A very powerful characteristic of the Celestine is the ability to create a connection between one’s spirit and the celestial world, especially with the angelic kingdom, recalling from it the protection of guardian angels and expanding one’s knowledge by receiving wisdom directly from the Divine Source which resides in the higher realms.

This strong connection with the Divine means that the bearer is overwhelmed by a great sense of peace, which stimulates coexistence side by side with others by seeking perfect harmony, both with humanity and with the rest of creation.

Finally this crystal acts as a beacon illuminating those who are the Divine interventions in our lives, helping us to become aware of them.

In summary, it is useful for: connection with the spirit, the angelic realm and the spirit guides. Sense of peace, harmony with others, becoming aware of things.

Hope and optimism are therefore two positive moods that follow from the effects just listed. Furthermore, bringing a Celestine stone with you could be a cure for all those who are often pervaded by sadness, pain and despair, and help improve relationships with others, always seeking a peaceful and functional solution.

Using the Celestine as a bracelet or pendant, you will enjoy the beneficial effects that particularly affect the spirit, provided that the stone is in close contact with the skin in a continuous manner.

Placing some rough Celestine stones in an area heavily contaminated by negative energy, it will disappear, giving way to a soft and powerful positive energy, giving a sense of calm and tranquility to those who occupy the surrounding spaces. It is usually used in this way in the bedroom or in the workplace.

To infuse the beneficial effects related to the physical, it is sufficient to place the stone daily directly on the affected area for a period of time not less than 30 minutes. Being linked to the throat chakra, Celestine or Celestine is particularly indicated for this area of ​​the body.

As a jewel, set in earrings, pendants or bracelets, it is excellent for stimulating creativity and the flow of ideas to artists of various types and musicians.

Love and Relationships

Given the sense of calm that instills in the body of those who hold it, Celestine manages to balance many aspects related to emotions.

It is able to mitigate those that are excessively overwhelming, to calm the feelings of anguish that recur when the co if they become too heavy to bear.

Health Benefits

Celestine, is also known by the stone name of angels. Belongs to the mineral class of sulphates, it consists of strontium sulfate. It may originate from sedimentary soils or hydrothermal origin.

It is linked to the element of water and is therefore appreciated in the field of crystal therapy for working on the emotional sphere, healing and more generally to rebalance the feminine side present in each of us.

Celestine comes from various parts of the world. From Egypt to Libya, From Mexico to Great Britain, From Peru to Madagascar. There is also in Italy! It is rather easy to find on the market, both small raw or natural pieces, and slightly larger stones.

Celestine has a rhombic crystal system. It is a semi-hard stone, in fact on the Mohs scale it has a hardness ranging from 3 to 3.5. Some important deposits are found in Romagna and Sicily. Do not expose it too much to heat, considering that it is quite sensitive to it. It is light blue, sometimes with whole parts completely transparent or milky white.

The Celestine is linked to the fifth chakra, that of the throat. It is therefore perfect for encouraging communication both with others and with oneself. Furthermore on a physical level it is considered useful for the thyroid. You can also use it in crystal therapy treatments to work with the seventh chakra.

Celestine is known as the stone of angels. It owes this epithet to the strong vibration it possesses and which is said, it allows us to connect with the angelic realms and with the spirit guide. Not only that, it stimulates the opening of the third eye and clairvoyance.

It is above all the healers, however, who use it. It helps to eliminate negative energy. It is used for cleaning the etheric field. It opens us to healing, but also to the divine messages that come to us through dreams.

Use it when you feel particularly stressed. Somehow he manages to give you the right mental balance to notice things from the right perspective. You will find that you are able to solve your problems, including your inner problems, in a much more harmonious way.

Celestine stimulates creativity, it is in fact chosen by many artists. Wear it when you have to give a speech in public, it helps you to speak much more clearly and honestly with the listener.

All in all it makes you more objective, less fossilized on small problems, those that are repeated cyclically in your life and from which you let yourself be obsessed. It makes you more honest and communicative.

On a spiritual level it is used precisely for contact with the angelic world, spiritual guidance and more generally the higher kingdoms. You can use it for the purification of the aura and in meditation. It favors high thoughts, helps you to bring to the surface what has long been stagnating in the unconscious.

Transform pain into experience. Stimulates prophetic dreams. If you are doing a deep introspective work at this time, know that it can be a valid ally. It brings inner peace and helps you turn anger into constructive energy. Those who want to make astral travel also use Celestine.

You can hold the Celestine in the bedroom, perhaps on the bedside table, to get dreams that are much clearer and perhaps prophetic. When you wear it, keep it as a pendant to stimulate communicative clarity.

Celestine Stone and Wealth

An ally also to alleviate tensions, headaches and various eye problems. You can use it for example when you are very tired and you can no longer concentrate or do your job. It gives you energy!

If you are following a path to eliminate toxins, Celestine can be of great help.

Celestine Stone and Zodiac

The Celestine stone is linked to the Zodiac sign Gemini.

Celestine Stone and Chakras

Celestine or Celestine is one of the most powerful stones when it comes to connecting to the spiritual realms. Raises the spirit of the user. The color is light blue for this reason it connects well to both the seventh chakra and the fifth chakra.

The Celestine stone is a powerful activator of the throat chakra and the crown chakra, as well as stimulating the spirit and favoring a connection with the higher realms.

In particular, the Celestine is strongly recommended to connect with the kingdom of angels, with its guardian angels and with the spirits that act as guides in our life journey.

How to Purify Celestine Stone?

Remember to keep it in a “clean” environment, as much as possible, of course. Try not to keep it where there are electric fields or any negative energy stagnation. If this cannot be avoided, clean it often or hold it over a nice amethyst druse. Do not expose it to sunlight, because it will be ruined. So much better, the lunar energy.

I believe that stones do not need to be loaded. But those who feel that with this gesture they succeed in having a better contact with them, in the case of the Celestine I suggest without doubt to proceed with the exposure to the lunar rays, being she a very spiritual and “delicate soul” stone.

Otherwise it is possible to place the Celestine on an amethyst druse.

The speech is always the same. There is no need to purify the stones. But those who like this ritualistic form because it feels closer to it, I suggest to consider purification through incense.

Celestine stone can easily be cleaned with running water. When it is dusty, if the stone is rough and therefore with a cloth you dust badly, you can use a dry brush.


The greatest benefit that this crystal provides in relation to the mental aspect of an individual, is certainly the ability to appease the continuous and excessive alternation of thoughts in the mind, which otherwise would lead to situations of imbalance, anxiety and a sense of incompleteness with negative consequences directly found in our actions.

As already mentioned, the mind also benefits in the field of knowledge, thanks to the connection established with the Divine kingdom and to the consequent influence of wisdom coming from the Divine Source.

Thanks to this stone it is easier to remain calm and “still” even if subjected to situations that would normally upset our emotions, connect to a higher goal and receive the restorative energy to get out of it always in the best way.