Blue Tiger Eye – Meaning, Benefits and Properties

The Tiger Eye is a variety of quartz containing limonite, its crystalline system is trigonal in shape and the chemical elements that constitute it are mainly Silicon, Oxygen and Iron.

It is one of the most loved and known stones for its beauty but at the same time for its moderate price and the innumerable qualities. It is used especially as a gem in the manufacture of jewelry.

Since the Middle Ages, but probably since long ago, the Tiger Eye is considered a very powerful protection amulet, capable of keeping away the evil eye, evil spirits and any influence that is harmful or contrary to it.

The effect of the light on its surface called “gattezione” reminds an eye on which the rays of the sun are reflected, it is precisely for this reason that in addition to protection from the evil eye (precisely “bad look”) this stone has always been used to heal vision problems.

The Tiger Eye is governed by both the Earth and the Sun, a feminine and masculine archetype, both representing abundance, prosperity and wealth: this semi-precious stone is therefore a valid aid to increase our health, our well-being, the harmony of our vital forces and also material wealth.

Helps to overcome moments of difficulty, defend oneself from oppressive situations, maintain control, and contact inner security. Thanks to its ability to slow down the body’s energy flow, the Tiger Eye promotes centering and instills courage and self-confidence.

At the same time it exerts a pain-relieving action. It is advisable, however, not to wear it too long (maximum one week).

According to many sources it amplifies the psychic powers, awakening and nourishing the magical and divine spark that resides in us. The Elements associated with the Eye of the Tiger are the Fire and the Earth, while the chakra is the third, that is, the Manipura.

Symbolism and Meaning

Tiger eyes are found mainly in South Africa, but also in Western Australia. There are also deposits in India and China, Myanmar, Namibia and Canada, as well as Ukraine and the USA. In the Mineralogical Museum of the University of Bonn you can admire since 2008, the largest specimen ever found a tiger’s eye. It weighs 150 kilograms and is two meters long.

Overall, tiger eyes are very common in the world, even if the mentioned regional accumulations exist.

The tiger’s eye originates from the falcon eye, which is also a variety of quartz when it weathers. If quartz is exposed to pseudomorphosis, crocidolite is formed, which together with iron becomes tiger’s eye.

The stones, which are called Tiger eye and falcon eye, often come together or side by side, or are even fused. Tiger eyes are often the fill of a gulf, because this favors their emergence.

The stone is a quartz, which is a special feature due to its golden brown and golden yellow color. The line color is also yellow-brown. The hardness of tiger eyes is at mid-6-7 on the 10-scale. The density is given as 2.64 to 2.71.

The stone has no cleavage and breaks fibrous. Tiger eyes are translucent to opaque and shine greasy to silky.

Under the action of heat, the tiger’s eye turns red. When cabochons are cut from the tiger’s eyes, they show a wandering gleam of light that reminds of a cat’s eye and therefore gave the stone its name.

When burning, the tiger’s eye gets a copper color; if the stone is then quenched in spirit, the stone may show violet colors. A red tiger’s eye is always burned, as this color does not occur in nature.

However, the red tiger eyes are often used as jewelry. If the stone is cooked in acid, it turns gray and loses its typical color.

General Properties

Just like agate, tiger’s eye is also a quartz variety. It has a golden color with shades of warm tones ranging from the lightest honey color to the brownest brown.

Even the darkest tones, however, are always shiny: the peculiarity of the tiger’s eye is its shine! The stone is bright and luminous especially when the parallel motifs that characterize it are enhanced.

This quartz variety contains crocidolite inclusions. It is the presence of these iso-oriented fibers that imparts to the mass that particular effect known as flocking. Flocking is that optical phenomenon present in a good number of precious stones. It is due to the presence of needle-like and parallel crystalline intrusions which, inside the gem, give life to luminous nuances.

To make the phenomenon of chewing more evident, the tiger’s eye is often cut into cabochons and therefore deprived of facets.

Crystal therapy combines tiger’s eye with pain-relieving properties, especially against headaches. He boasts of being able to restore the body’s energy flow by counteracting restlessness, hyperactivity and nervous excitement. It is considered a useful stone for the health of the liver, spleen, pancreas and gastrointestinal tract. It can be given to a friend in convalescence when it favors the exchange of energy improving a speedy recovery.

Still according to crystal therapy, the tiger’s eye would be able to regularize thermogenesis: its action would lead to a gradual increase in body temperature, useful for countering colds and for preparing for physical activity.

The effects of the tiger eye are not limited to the physical sphere. Like all other stones used in crystal therapy, the tiger eye also has a beneficial effect on the psyche. In particular, this stone would perform a calming, soothing action against stress and agitation. It is among the stones used to relax: it is considered a carrier of harmony and balance.

Being a stone of extreme beauty and multiple virtues, it is easy to find bracelets and rings with tiger eyes. For an overview of prices and various market offers, please visit “this page”. This is the Amazon page dedicated to natural stone.

Constantly wearing this stone will alleviate anxiety and panic states. It is recommended for those who tend to fall victim to anger, nervousness and worries. It allows you to see things in the right perspective. To achieve its effects, the tiger’s eye must be kept in close contact with the skin.

At night, it is enough to place the stone inside your golden field. For its color and the chakra it represents, avoid buying necklaces or pendants. The stone should be worn in the form of a bracelet or ring, so as to fall into the lower chakras of the body.

Love and Relationships

The Blue Tiger Eye stone can help you gather strength to approach the person you like, and if you are already in a relationship, then it can help you resolve current issues.

Health Benefits

The bearer of tiger eyes are said to have more courage and protection as well as security. Because the stone refines the senses and helps with important decisions. Tiger’s eyes are considered strong healing stones that support bones and joints.

Even with asthma and shortness of breath, the stone can help very well. The stone strengthens the liver and bladder, has an antibacterial effect and helps with colds of any kind. The blood sugar level is to be regulated by this stone, it harmonizes supposedly hormone over functions and relieves spasms.

In case of pain can help, especially in tendonitis and migraine, but also in other general pain and discomfort, the tiger eye is often used.

The tiger’s eye helps against stress, stress and doubt. In addition, the stone stands for concentration, helps with depression and anxiety. For this reason, the stone is gladly given to those who have to pass exams. For example, during graduation and driving exams, etc., the stone is very popular as a talisman.

In addition, he supports the thinking ability. Mood swings are offset by the stone. It promotes optimism, concentration and receptivity.

The stone works best on the solar plexus chakra. With the tiger’s eye can be meditated excellently; especially well in the stone circle. Because the stone brings the needs in line and can increase self-esteem. For all who are born in the sign of Virgo, the gemstone helps especially in making decisions.

Also, the tiger’s eye is considered a minor stone for twin and lion. In the case of the twin, he can strengthen his mental flexibility and help the lion to recognize his weaknesses.

Overall, the stone brings flexibility. It used to be thought that an amulet with a tiger’s eye could save it from the evil eye.

Before everything the tiger’s eye is used as a gem stone. The stone usually gets a smooth cut, which gives it a special shimmer. Balls are also often shaped from tiger eyes and offered as necklaces, etc.

In addition, you carve craft items from the rock. Tiger eye jewelry is becoming ever more popular, especially since the jewelry can also be worn as a healing stone. In this way, something useful can be combined with beauty.

Blue Tiger Eye and Wealth

The Blue Tiger Eye stone is going to help you build up your confidence so make sure you carry it around with you everywhere you go.

Blue Tiger Eye and Zodiac

For all who are born in the sign of Virgo, the gemstone helps especially in making decisions.

Also, the tiger’s eye is considered a minor stone for twin and lion. In the case of the twin, he can strengthen his mental flexibility and help the lion to recognize his weaknesses.

Overall, the stone brings flexibility. It used to be thought that an amulet with a tiger’s eye could save it from the evil eye.

Blue Tiger Eye and Chakras

Crystal therapy connects the third chakra, the Manipura chakra, to the tiger’s eye. The navel chakra and the solar plexus.

The tiger’s eye is considered a protective stone and bearer of good kind. If it is true that the tiger eye is connected to the third chakra, it is also true that it can exert its effect on the first three chakras by harmonizing them.

From the root chakra to the solar plexus. It is connected to masculine energy and the element of fire.

How to Purify Blue Tiger Eye

To clean your Blue Tiger Eye stone you need to put it under the running water and use a little bit of soap if necessary. Do this every 15 days, and don’t overdo it.


The tiger’s eye is a so-called variety of the mineral quartz. He owes his name “tiger’s eye” to his shimmer, which he receives as a result of a polish and which is very reminiscent of the pupil of a cat.

Especially as a gem he finds great application. The sites of the Tiger Eye are South Africa and Western Australia, as well as the United States, Canada, Namibia, India and Myanmar.

As an amulet, the tiger’s eye was already used by the “ancient Greeks” against the “evil eye”; in the middle Ages it was used against diabolical figures and witches. Even the crusaders are said to have known about the effect of the tiger’s eye.

When you look closely and with a little imagination, you can easily see an eye in the mineral. Because of this appearance and the colors one derived the name of the tiger eye. With this, the eye of the tiger, as well as the falcon eye, was accorded ophthalmic powers.

Thus, the tiger’s eye should of course be able to protect its wearer from the “evil eye” and at the same time enable his wearer to see sharper and thus increase his ability to concentrate.

Nevertheless, it still leaves him open to his surroundings and makes him adaptable.