Charoite Stone – Meaning, Benefits and Properties

The name charoite of the stone comes from the Charo River that flows along the Murun mountains in Yakutia, Siberia.

The Mongols used the charoite stone infused into tea then consumed by all family members in order to strengthen family ties and protect all its members from harm.

Charoite stone is often referred to as a transformation stone, as well as a stone of power. In the psychic realm it is used for the release of entities and relief operations, as well as for clairvoyance and prophecies.

It can be used to purify and cleanse one’s etheric body, having the property of releasing disharmonies and dissipating negativity. To find out more about this amazing stone, keep on reading.

Symbolism and Meaning

Charoite is a very rare mineral that belongs to the family of silicates. The name derives from the Chara River, where it was discovered, near the alkaline complex of Malyy Murun (Murunskii).

According to another unofficial hypothesis, the name derives from the Russian word charovat which means fascinating. The stone has a purple-mauve color with black and gray streaks. It can also be found in beige or colorless. It has a weak pleochroism and its value is equal to 5 on the Mohs scale.

We can find charoite in the only place in the world: the alkaline complex of Malyy Murun, in Siberia. It is a complex of about 48 square kilometers which is part of the large Murun complex and which also includes the Bolshoy massif and the Dagaldyn massif. This large complex is known throughout the world for the large amount of minerals found there and which are unique in the world.

Dubbed the purple miracle of Siberia, the charming charoite was introduced to the West in the 70s. In the field of jewelry its shape makes it particularly suitable for cabochon cutting because it enhances its shine and its pearly appearance.

It is said that the Mongols used this stone, leaving it to infuse in tea, which was then consumed by all the members of the family. This custom made it possible to strengthen family ties while at the same time protecting the whole family from harm.

It is a stone that helps strengthen the immune system. It is effective for the heart, kidneys, eyes and pancreas. Regulates blood pressure and soothes cramps and pains of various kinds.

From the psychological point of view it is a stone that transmits calm in stressful situations, develops self-esteem and frees from fear, helping to maintain calm and detached behavior in any situation even the most disturbing.

It helps to improve intuitive vision, promotes sleep and helps eliminate nightmares that may arise. Furthermore, according to ancient traditions, like every violet colored stone, the power of foresight and clairvoyance was recognized.

General Properties

Charoite It is a violet or lilac semi-precious stone belonging to the silicate family. Its name comes from the Russian word chary which means “magical.” Its main coloration is the mixture of purples, although it can present mixtures with white, black and green. This beautiful gem sometimes tends to be confused with Sulfite due to its purple hues.

The first gem of this type was discovered in 1940 near Lake Baikal in Russia and was named “lilac stone” due to its coloration, however it is not until the 1970s that it begins to be introduced into the Western market with the Charoite name.

It is mainly used to make engravings, vases, decorative figures and jewelry pieces, although this last use is not widespread because it is a fragile stone.

This stone is formed from limestone through the process of contact metamorphism, this phenomenon is relatively common in the formation of minerals, and however the existence of this mineral is limited, since only the limestone rocks of this Russian region have Special chemical properties that favor the formation of this purple mineral.

The coloring of this gem is due to the Charoite mineral, which is distinguished by its purple coloration, although it can vary between bright, violet and lilac lavender to dark purple. In addition, its chemical composition is similar to that of marble, since it is formed by fluorine, potassium, sodium, calcium, and barium and strontium hydroxide silicate.

Charoite is found among magmatic and metamorphic rocks and is born thanks to the contact of basic magmatic solutions that come into contact with the surrounding rocks. It is found in nature of three different colors. Gray, purple and pink.

In the West it is not very well known, if not by fans of the gems. This stone has only been available for a few years, being a stone that comes from the beautiful Siberia. The information we have on the properties of Charoite is recent. It is usually advised to keep it in contact with the body for greater benefits. It can also be used inside stone circles.

On a physical level this stone has an important antistatic action. Relieves pain and can also be supportive for those disorders of the vegetative system. His most important action is on the mental level.

It is a stone that, if kept in contact with the body, gives calm and security. It can also be used in times of need, perhaps in a phase of great concerns. If placed in the pillowcase it helps you rest well and make good dreams.

Love and Relationships

On a spiritual level, the chaplain prepares to manage difficult and transitional periods. It helps to bear the weight of what you have not managed to finish, of things never said or done.

It helps to decide, to let go of what now belongs to the past and in no way affects the future anymore. It makes the person more spontaneous.

Health Benefits

The Charoite crystallizes in the form of masses and in small drusen on other harder minerals. It is another stone that has been discovered in recent decades, another New Age specimen in the distant Russian – Siberian region of the Chara River.

This wonderful, strong, revolutionary and cheerful stone has become one of the most important stones in the work of healing with Crystals and truly cannot be missing in the set of crystals and stones of a facilitator of this art of light.

It is a stone that makes itself loved immediately, it becomes essential in this moment of humanity. It is a Stone of the New Age without a doubt because it has the strength to break with all the fears and conditions that have limited man’s knowledge of his divine nature.

The Charoite has the ability to connect the person with that outdated thought that limits their spiritual growth. Religions have sown a lot of fear for millennia, always leaving God outside of man and limiting and defining the spiritual paths of humanity.

But the time for this is over, at the dawn of a new world man has all the open dimensional space to discover God for himself, to realize himself as a child of God and to define and create his relationship with the divine in his only way .

The Charoite frees humanity from fear of God, from guilt, from sin, from the distance in life of the divine, from fear of the unknown, from fear of death and from spiritual conflicts with the sacred.

It also does an incredible job in releasing religious vows from other lives that keep the soul tied and not let it continue on its path in the infinite. Vows of old chastity, of poverty, of renunciation fall into a deep work within the therapy of Crystals.

The Charoite creates a synthesis between the crown chakra and the heart chakra, connecting the higher dimensions with unconditional love on the physical plane. The Charoíta subtly awakens understanding, love, understanding and compassion for others.

It helps us to transmute negativity and to root the Spiritual Being. It is one of the great cleaners of the aura, with the Charoíta any unbalanced energy must leave a person’s auric field.

It is a faithful helper in the cleaning of entities of the aura or of the physical body, because with all its light it will make both the person and the entity assume their own evolutionary process, freeing themselves from any conditioning that would keep them tied.

La Charoíta is full of movement, if you look at it, you will see wonderful undulating landscapes of high energy and you can merge into your great mobility and travel to your higher consciousness, from there leave behind what no longer serves you and awaken the best qualities of your heart.

The heart is filled with a very great spiritual emotion of love in contact with this stone, stimulating you to see with love, act with love and recognize the connection that exists between all things and all beings.

It has all the qualities of a mind of this new time: deep analysis, scrutiny and precision, the spirit of going beyond, awareness of light, Universal love, solves the illusion of duality, flexibility, detachment and unity with all things. His spirit is freedom.

When combined with black, it can shine within the darkness of fear, bringing it to the surface and taking away all its real appearance, distorting it and leaving you with all the confidence of the light and the viable path of the soul within an infinite, perfect and loving infinity.

We do not know how to face fear, we have sown fear in many ways and no one has taught us to handle it or distort it, to face it or to dissolve it. Fear paralyzes us, not only physically but also emotionally, mentally and spiritually, because fear is only a disconnection from myself and from the Universal Source of all things.

Charoite can be introduced to the deepest of generational fears, inherited, assumed, shared, taxes, self-taxes, in the fear of fear. Fear takes away Strength and clarity, prevents us from going further; He is a born enslaver and has been intentionally used to enslave and manipulate humanity.

The Charoíta has no fear, knows that it is only a dark faction of a limited thinking posture and illuminates all the darkness that has been sown with fear, in fear and through it.

This stone really ends the fears, but we must face them. In that sense it resembles Obsidian, but works on the archetypal fears that bind the light of the soul. So working with the stone means a leap of Faith and a real encounter with who we really are and an open path to live and discover the infinite for myself.

Charoite Stone and Wealth

Always at a mental level, it is ideal if there are important decisions to be made quickly enough. Decisions that in one way or another can affect the future in the long term.

This stone helps make you more acute in the observation of the pros and cons but also of its own strengths and weaknesses.

Charoite Stone and Zodiac

The Charoite stone is linked to the Zodiac sign Cancer.

Charoite Stone and Chakras

The soul remembers its infinite space and the freedom it has at its disposal to continue learning in a thousand ways. The Crown Chakra can now establish its own way of relating to Universal Energy, freeing itself from beliefs established by others.

The Charoite creates a synthesis between the crown chakra and the heart chakra, connecting the higher dimensions with unconditional love on the physical plane. The Charoíta subtly awakens understanding, love, understanding and compassion for others.

How to Purify Charoite Stone?

Its main color is a mixture of purples, it presents a mixture with white, black and green; It also can be fuscia-purple.

It is sometimes confused in appearance with the Sugilita, by the purples, but the Charoite presents a very different movement and structure. It is a soft and fragile stone and cannot be cleaned in water.


The Charoite stone is the reconciliation with the unknown, the reconnection with the mystery, from energy and joy, from trust.

This stone will help you resolve conflicts of faith, fights with God, and religious boundaries and discover for yourself and find out that there is much beyond- you will be able to can embark on the adventure of discovering it for oneself. It encourages us to investigate the Unknown in total confidence.