Chrysocolla Stone – Meaning, Benefits and Properties

The chrysocolla stone is a very powerful stone that can help us alleviate many health issues but also make us feel energized and ready to take on any challenge.

In today’s text, we are going to learn more about this powerful stone and what potential benefits it can have for you.

Symbolism and Meaning

The chrysocolla stone, which is found mainly near copper mines, owes its name to the Greek words “chrysos” which means gold, and “kolla” which means glue.

Some tribes of the ancient American Indians used the chrysocolla for its ability to strengthen the body’s resistance to bad weather and to bring that feeling of inner calm to those who have been upset by emotional and emotional turbulence.

In ancient Egypt, the chrysocolla was called the “stone of the sage” since it was often used by members of the royal council, by traders and by whom to support negotiations. This is why Queen Cleopatra brought with her chrysocolla jewels wherever she went.

The chrysocolla is a soothing and calming stone for moments of greater stress, even if only its sight determines an inner balance and a gentle soul, calming emotions and bringing understanding between discordant relationships.

The chrysocolla is a powerful source of vital energy, with a marked feminine energy, and it helps to free the subconscious of negative feelings of guilt well rooted, and to transform historical resentment in people.

Already many years ago, the ancient Egyptians used this stone with the belief that brought wisdom, in fact it was called “stone of the wise” and used especially by the members of the pharaoh’s council; even Cleopatra wore many chrysocolla jewels.

Today the chrysocolla minerals are indicators of the presence of copper in the vicinity, and it is also used to create an inorganic pigment, that is that it does not contain carbon.

Benefits for emotions

As already mentioned, this stone has a strong impact on balancing strong emotions, favoring a feeling of tranquility, mitigating the exuberant emotions that would lead to a general imbalance.

This implies that the bearer gains greater self-confidence and is able to show others emotions that otherwise would not be able to pull out, or that would be overwhelmed by stronger ones.

Like many other stones, it is possible to create some accessories that can also be worn with the chrysocolla, whether they are necklaces, bracelets or rings.

To take advantage of the beneficial effects, however, it is advisable that you spend as much time as possible in direct contact with the skin. In this way you can take advantage of the benefits it has on the body, mind and emotions.

To increase the sense of peace and promote a harmonious meditation, it is sufficient to keep a chrysocolla stone with you during the practice.

As for the more physical effects, it is advisable to rest the stone for several minutes on a painful area to relieve suffering. This method of use is particularly indicated for the menstrual phase.

If placed under the pillow, the chrysocolla favors the so-called “conscious dreams”, that is those dreams in which we are aware that we are sleeping, and of which we generally remember the content once awake.

Just like manganite and citrine quartz it is useful for thyroid problems. If used together with Celestine, it can be particularly useful for inducing lucid dreams.

The chrysocolla is a beautiful stone whose color goes from blue to blue, in all possible shades. It is a very delicate stone and therefore can break easily. Therefore it is also necessary to avoid keeping it in contact with other stones.

It is not a stone subjected to fakes as much as it is very cheap, but it is used (like the howlite) to falsify turquoise.

It is found in nature in stalactite masses and of microcrystalline earthy incrustations. It is widespread and was used in the past for copper production. In Italy there are several main mines including Elba Island, Sardinia and Campiglia Marittima. It is very common in Chile, in Morocco, in the Urals in Russia and in Arizona.

General Properties

The chrysocolla is used to work on the fourth and fifth chakras, harmonizes feelings and makes you aware of the power of words.

The chrysocolla stone is semi-precious. Its color goes from green to dark blue therefore based on its gradation it allows working on the fourth and fifth chakra.

The chrysocolla manages to infuse a feeling of peace and serenity thanks to its coloring that combines turquoise shades with some greener, all usually connected by more or less dark blue streaks.

It can be worn as a protective amulet against the impertinent and mischievous statements of other people. Wearing it works as a screen and the person who says the wickedness sees himself reflected by realizing what he has just said. But this is not the only property of the chrysocolla. I deepen everything in the course of the article.

The chrysocolla has mainly positive effects both as regards emotional balance but also the strengthening of some mental abilities. In fact, he manages to instill calm but at the same time also to stimulate mental abilities by improving the reasoning and acumen of the bearer.

It is also interesting that he is able to improve communication with other people, probably thanks to the serenity and self-confidence he helps to acquire.

The Chrysocolla is a stone with feminine energy, so it is excellent for women and for everything related to women. Chemically it is composed of water and copper, which is why it has been associated with the planet Venus and all its philosophical applications since the past.

Its name originates from the Greek word “chrysos” (gold) and “kolla” (glue) and Pliny in his “Natural History” talks about it as a useful means for welding gold material. Its property is to give and make the feminine side appear in every person, both man and woman. The feminine energy characteristics offer us kindness, modesty, sensitivity towards others.

Men, the most reluctant to express their feelings, will make use of them, they will recognize themselves as more emotional and perceptive while women will open up to greater maternal sensitivity.

It also helps the liver function. Useful also after an abortion, both spontaneous and wanted, it serves to give relief both physically and psychically. Following hysterectomy or during birth, the Chrysocolla is useful to relax the muscles during contractions; it is also an excellent remedy for stress and its consequences such as migraine, muscle tension or excessive agitation.

Moreover in case of fever, it stimulates the lowering of the temperature; heals from burns or infections. With the Chrysocolla very strong elixirs can be achieved both with irradiation with crystals and with the test tube methodology. It can also be used simultaneously with a Bach Scleranthus remedy.

The Chakra compatible with it is the 5th, the Center of the Throat and the associated zodiac sign is the Libra.

Love and Relationships

The Chrysocolla helps to relax and give inner joy, helping the mind to be more limpid and tolerant, so as to curb violent emotions, stress and mood imbalances.

Also its action on the body is linked to the feminine.

In fact the Chrysocolla is used for the treatment of problems related to the menstrual cycle such as pain and nervousness, often linked to depression, and kidney ache.

Health Benefits

The chrysocolla stone can relieve cramps, throat infections, and used on the sixth chakra offers immense spiritual benefits.

The use of chrysocolla is recommended for women during the menstrual cycle because it induces a relaxation that allows to alleviate the pain of the case. Thanks to this calming and relaxing effect, the use of chrysocolla is also recommended to all those who suffer from anxiety or particularly sad periods (even of depression).

The physical area that has the most beneficial effects is undoubtedly that of the neck, helping the smooth functioning of the thyroid and reducing pain due to sore throat and laryngitis. Finally, contact with the stone promotes proper digestion and a stable level of sugar in the blood.

We summarize, it is useful for: menstrual pains, regulating the thyroid, relieving sore throat, improving digestion, stabilizing blood sugar.

Using the chrysocolla helps to live a peaceful life, free from the discomforts that can afflict the spirit. Unfortunately we are often victims of stress and problems that seem impossible to overcome. We live each day with a charge of incredible negativity.

It is easier to accept external changes to the person, while maintaining firmness of spirit and a certain determination in finalizing what is most desired. We can keep the chrysocolla close at night so as to encourage lucid dreams.

By using chrysocolla constantly it is possible to accept oneself and thus reach an inner balance. It is also particularly useful for working on the chakras.

Furthermore, a secondary effect acts on mental chaos and on the state of nervousness, placating it and allowing the mind to be freed, making it more perceptive towards what surrounds us. It therefore has a double effect on the mind, because it makes it lighter and more orderly but at the same time it stimulates the mechanisms that allow us to capture and process information.

The Chrysocolla helps to relax and give inner joy, helping the mind to be more limpid and tolerant, so as to curb violent emotions, stress and mood imbalances. Also its action on the body is linked to the feminine. In fact the Chrysocolla is used for the treatment of problems related to the menstrual cycle such as pain and nervousness, often linked to depression, and kidney ache.

The chrysocolla helps to modulate the words because basically it makes the person aware of how much power they exercise once they are uttered. In the past it was considered the amulet of wise women who knew how to pass on their knowledge through spoken and written stories, but also with music.

Let us summarize, it is useful for: stimulating the reactivity of the mind, overcoming mental fatigue, calming nervousness, helping to process information, making people aware of the power of words, reducing stress and anxiety.

Chrysocolla Stone and Wealth

A highly recommended use is to place a chrysocolla inside the room in which you work, whether it is an office, a study or something else. In this way it will be possible to benefit in terms of mental productivity.

Chrysocolla Stone and Zodiac

The Chakra compatible with it is the 5th, the Center of the Throat and the associated zodiac sign is the Libra.

Chrysocolla Stone and Chakras

The chrysocolla is good for the fourth chakra when it is of the shade of green or for the fifth chakra when instead it is of the shade of blue.

On the throat chakra it helps to use words well, promotes fluid communication and the expression of thoughts and feelings. We can therefore use it to balance this energy center.

On the heart chakra it helps to find balance on an emotional level. By balancing Anahata, relationships can finally be fully lived without allowing others to control us and to criticize ourselves for everything. It brings clarity to the heart.

How to Purify Chrysocolla Stone

We can clean the chrysocolla with water but it should be dried carefully afterwards. As for purifying and loading the stone, I suggest you proceed with its placement on an amethyst druse.

Personally I do not consider the actions to purify and load the indispensable stones, the same is true for the chrysocolla.


Hopefully this article was helpful and you were able to find all the answers to the questions regarding this beautiful and powerful stone.

Among the strongest and most useful beneficial effects of this crystal there is certainly the ability to make the mind brighter and more responsive than usual.

Thanks to this ability, it is a very suitable stone for periods of mental fatigue such as changing seasons or adverse circumstances. Keep it close to you, to get the best out of its beneficial properties.