Green Agate Stone – Meaning, Benefits and Properties

The green agate stone is a variant of the agate crystal and so it is also related to balance and luck. But the green coloration of this stone brings to it specific characteristics, such as encouraging health and fertility.

Learn more about this stone and learn how to use it in your daily life. The Green Agate Stone is the stone of luck, beauty, harmony and fertility. For the esoteric, this stone increases self-confidence and is a strong ally for the digestive system

The green color of the agate is directly linked to health. It is an encouragement of nature to the correct functioning of your physical and mental body. The stone helps restore the balance and harmony of all systems, especially the digestive system. In addition to the health benefits, it brings great benefits to the emotional and energetic body, find out below.

The green agate is an incentive for self-confidence and self-esteem. She is able to restore her inner strength, bringing emotional balance, persuasion and recognition of the Ego. It is a stone that brings you closer to your inner self, bringing self-knowledge, expansion and personal growth. Those who are stagnant, are discouraged and do not see how to leave this position, can and should make use of this stone as a tool.

For the power of the green color and the mineral nature of the stone brings the balance and sense of order necessary for the transformation, strength and courage necessary for change. There are those who consider it, together with the purple agate stone, a stone of friendship and justice.

As a health stone, Green Agate helps in the healing process and treatment of various diseases, as it stimulates the immune system. By using this stone, the defense of your body becomes more active, strong and effective, fighting any disease more quickly. It is especially indicated for the treatment of eye and digestive health. It favors intestinal activation by avoiding problems like constipation and hemorrhoids, for example.

At home, it can be positioned to attract its benefits to the residents. In the center of the house, it attracts balance and health. On the east side of the house, it helps to protect the children. On the southeast side, it increases the fertility of the residents. On the west side, it encourages change. For the other benefits of green agate, simply carry it with you, like an amulet or accessories.

Symbolism and Meaning

The green agate stone is indicated for the treatment of inflammation of joints and pains in the bones. It has an anti-hemorrhagic effect and so it is indicated to those who will have surgery. This stone is also an incentive for creativity and productivity, and therefore an ally in our nervous system. It brings balance, like every agate stone, especially the balance between reason and the heart, being very adequate to combat psychosomatic diseases.

From ancient times the power to encourage the fertility of this stone has been recognized. It is also indicated for pregnancy protection, abortion prevention and a quiet delivery.

This is also a gemstone associated with prosperity, but it must be explained that the wealth attracted by this stone is not necessarily in the form of money. Prosperity exists in our lives in many ways, not just increasing our bank account numbers. The prosperity brought by this stone is the harmony and balance of all sectors of life, so that nothing is lacking: neither love, nor health, nor joy, nor money, nor friends, etc.

For physical healing, it should be positioned over the affected area and allowed to act for at least 20 minutes. In meditation, it can be positioned in the sacral chakra or in the third eye to balance these energy centers and attract their benefits.

General Properties

The agate can refer to an appreciation thousands of years ago. Already in ancient Egypt jewelry and vessels were made of agate. About the emergence of the name, there is no secure knowledge. It is believed that the site of the first discovery of an agate of the Achates River (now Dirillo) could have been in southwestern Sicily.

Its importance as a jewel and healing stone was recognized early, and slices of the striped stone were used by both the Greeks and the Egyptians as a lucky charm. At times, it was believed that the agate made its owner invisible and thus protected from lightning and thunder.

Synonyms for agate: Occurrences of the agate are widespread throughout the world. So also in Germany, where the agate was found in Baden-Württemberg, Rhineland-Palatinate, Brandenburg and Bavaria. The Saarland, Saxony and Thuringia can refer to localities. The deposits in Rhineland-Palatinate, more precisely in Idar-Oberstein, are exhausted today.

They were released for mining until the beginning of the 19th century. According to the history books, people had been digging for various quartz since the 15th century – the first eight-wheeling mill was mentioned in documents in 1548. Attention caused an agate with a weight of 35 tons, which was shown in a Dusseldorf exhibition in 1902.

Other occurrences in Europe exist in Russia, the Czech Republic and Poland as well as Austria, Iceland, France and Great Britain. The stone is also of great importance in several African states, such as Tanzania, Namibia and South Africa or Morocco. Even in North and South America, Asia and Australia as well as New Zealand agates are to be found. Southern Brazil is considered the country with the largest occurrence worldwide.

The agate forms in cavities of rocks. If he does not fill it completely, is the correct name Druse, the cavity is completely filled, it is called almond. Often there are bubbles in volcanic rocks, which later filled with different quartz.

In addition, agates are also found in fossils, such as petrified trees. Probably the prerequisite for the formation was that there were fine hairline cracks in the surrounding rock, which repeatedly filled with water, which then formed into quartz in a long maturation process.

The characteristic stripes that make the agate look so special are the result of different variants of the quartz and foreign deposits formed, for example, by chromium or iron and manganese. The special feature of the agate is its striped appearance, which predestines him as a gemstone. It has a density of 2.6 to 2.8 and a fat to glass gloss. Unlike many other gemstones, it is opaque or only slightly translucent. He is not fissile.

The agate has the disadvantage that it can be cracked during rapid temperature changes or jumps. Color-enhanced stones of this type can become blotchy when exposed to heat. This may happen during processing to jewelry – especially in brazing.

The color variants of the agate are diverse. It can be predominantly red or brown, orange to yellow, or also thoroughly gray-white, gray-blue or black. In addition, the pattern is very different. Due to the many different designs and colors, there are only unique pieces of this stone. These are summarized in 70 different trade names, each representing a particular type of drawing, such as the moss agate, which contains black manganese dendrites.

Agate, like many other stones, has a healing effect. He is said to help with various diseases, such as stomach problems or fever, eye disorders and alcoholism. He is also said to have a supportive effect on a healthy pregnancy and help with snake and insect bites. It is designed to protect the skin and hearing and help with injuries to the elbow.

Furthermore, it is used in sleep disorders to summon good dreams and to protect against dangers. The strengthening of cell tissue and blood vessels should also be supported by him. His current applications even refer to the beauty sector, because he stands for a better and cleaner skin. The effect of the agate should also influence the emotional state of the people. For example, to relieve grief in separations.

Love and Relationships

Your love life is going to be affected by this stone. The way this powerful stone can help you gain confidence and restore the relationship passion is by carrying it close to you and even gifting it to your partner.

Health Benefits

Green Quartz is a powerful stone of health, vitality and energizing environments. It transmits the healing energy of the Green Ray to the cells and thus strengthens health as a whole, rejuvenates the body and enhances our power of self-healing. Their energies protect against energetic vampirism, turn negative energies into positive ones and help attract prosperity to its bearer.

Green Quartz improves health as a whole, increases our energy, eliminates physical and mental fatigue, balances emotions and strengthens metabolism. Their vibrations energize and purify environments, counteract the harmful effects of cell phone radiation, and attract prosperity and billing.

This stone strengthens the Heart Chakra, aids in the growth of children, dissipates negative thoughts, and raises our state of mind. Containing Silicon Dioxide, Green Quartz has a very rejuvenating action and able to avoid sagging, stretch marks and cellulites. Green Quartz works by improving all health, increasing our energy and strengthening all healing processes.

It is particularly useful for balancing blood pressure, preventing atherosclerosis, reducing inflammation and preventing the occurrence of heart attacks. Its energy also improves cases of tiredness in the eyes, helps in healing problems in the lungs and improves migraines. By having the ability to turn negative energies into positive ones, Green Quartz does not need to be cleaned very often.

To clean all your energy just wash it in running water with a little sea salt or coarse salt for about 3 minutes. To recharge your energies, leave in the sunlight for about 4 hours. To balance your spiritual strength, leave it also in the moonlight for about 6 hours.

To strengthen health, rejuvenate the body, purify your energy and increase your physical vitality, use Green Quartz jewelry in your day to day. If you want to use its therapeutic effects, position the Green Quartz in the center of the chest and visualize a light green coming out of it and covering your whole body. To protect, purify and attract positive energies to your home, choose a good sized Green Quartz and leave it in a fixed location in your living room or bedroom.

Found in various colors, but the natural colors are usually pale and gray. By artificial means they acquire colorations with brilliant shades. Agate is a translucent variety of Chalcedon, belonging to the group of cryptocrystalline quartz. It features curved or irregular bands of different colors, tones or transparencies of the same color, such as brown, red, white, gray and azure blue. Very vivid colors are almost always resulting of the treatment to enhance the natural color. The colors and shapes are so varied that a collection of agate stones would look like a collection of many different stones.

But, attention: almost most of the colored agates that we see today, are dyed artificially. They are found as nodules in old effusive rocks, poor in cilice acid and secondarily in clays and gravel. They form the crystallization of silica in the back walls of clogged cavities of the rocks. Due to different coloration, filosity and porosity several layers of overlapping color are formed.

The inner part of the agate stone is often covered with rock crystal, amethyst or smoky quartz. According to the design of the layers, it receives several names, striped agate or layered, starry, walled, landscape, mossy etc. The name agate comes from the old river Achates, now known as Dirillo, whose source is near Mount Lauro, in Sicily (Italy). 3,000 years ago the agate was already worked in Egypt in the form of seals, stones for rings, gems and vessels. It was also used as amulet, to protect from lightning and storm.

Localities: Brazil is the world’s first producer of agate and its deposits, the most important of the Earth, are mainly in Rio Grande do Sul. The first Brazilian deposits were discovered in 1827 by immigrants from Idar-Oberstein, Germany, to the south of Brazil, since the deposits of its country of origin have been exhausted since the beginning of century XIX. It is also found in Uruguay. It helps to awaken and open your interior. Crystal’s therapists say that agate serves as the energizer and purifier of the blood and helps distracted and out-of-center people. It is believed that the agate placed on the spleen chakra, stimulates the creative expression.

Green Agate Stone and Wealth

The Green Agate Stone is not going to affect your financial situation.

Green Agate Stone and Zodiac

Sign: Gemini and Virgo. It has great healing power, works with the chakras and acts according to the color of each type. In the general sense, in children it is used as protection. It tones and invigorates the body.

Green Agate Stone and Chakras

The Green Agate Stone and Chakras are linked through umbilical point and others.

How to Purify Green Agate Stone

To clean the stone just put the Green Agate Stone under lukewarm water and add soap if necessary. This is going to help you clean all the grease out of it. Don’t clean it more than 2 times per month.


It is linked to Earth, helps in physical and mental balance, enhancing self-confidence and improving self-esteem. It attracts inheritances, protects against robberies, helps deliver, attracts the opposite sex, protects against negative energies, attracts money, good jobs, strengthens the heart, gives courage, is an antidote to poisons. It is said that the agate lowers the fevers and even has the properties of the refreshing waters.

It sharpens the vision, enlightens the mind, grants eloquence, and assists in the discovery of treasures, increases vitality, vigor, courage, longevity, healing and protection. There are many varieties of this stone, some of which have only local meaning; agate moss, iridescent agate etc.

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