Green Fluorite Stone – Meaning, Benefits and Properties

Green fluorite is a very interesting stone, used in crystal therapy for treatments on the heart chakra. Balance emotions and feelings.

Fluorite is in fact a very common mineral, a beautiful belief of the past is that which was crystallized light. Its properties are very interesting, as are the uses and combinations with other stones. Look at the most beautiful green fluorite stones!

If placed in an environment it can purify it. I use it together with black tourmaline, so on the one hand I clean the environment of negative energies and on the other the radiation shield.

Green fluorite also acts as a chakra sweeper, removing energy blockages.

Symbolism and Meaning

The fluorite belongs to the mineral class of halides and occurs relatively frequently. The crystal is used for the work of the arts and as a gem stone, its main field of application, however, is mainly found in the industry. Here he comes, inter alia, as a flux in the ironworks process used, which earned him his second name Flussspat.

In its pure form, the fluorite is transparent and has no color or a slight gray haze due to impurities. By adding different substances, however, the fluorite can take on almost all the colors of the rainbow. Particularly well-known are yellow and green crystals, but also violet to black-violet variants are to be found.

Furthermore, the fluorite can have the colors brown, red and blue or have the nuances of the rainbow. He is transparent to milky. Intense colors and opulent crystal formations are particularly popular with fluorite. Due to its variety of colors, the crystal of laymen is difficult to determine clearly and it can lead to confusion with various other gemstones.

In 1530 the first description of the fluorite took place. The most productive sites for fluorite are in Mexico, China, India and South Africa, among others. In Germany, the crystal is present for example in the Black Forest or in the Ore Mountains.

In general, fluorite is a common crystal found in many parts of the world. In some regions there are unique fluorites, for example the Blue John from Derbyshire in England. He has an extraordinary violet blue color and white bands.

The rainbow fluorite was thought to be home to the rainbow and was increasingly used as a talisman. In ancient Rome, it was believed that drinking alcohol from glasses made of fluorite could prevent drunkenness.

General Properties

Fluorite is a very powerful stone from a spiritual point of view, because it promotes freedom of thought. The beauty of this mineral is that it does so sweetly, leading to a gradual awareness of what your ideas are and what are the external interferences that prevent you from seeing the future clearly, from making decisions no longer in based on what others expect, but what you want.

Fluorite mining is interesting. It is one of those stones that can be formed both in a primary, secondary and tertiary environment. The most important deposits are still those of magmatic origin, which is why it is considered a stone born of a primary lithogenetic process. Secondary education is the rarest, that is, it takes place thanks to acids released by disintegrative processes.

Before the XVIII century it was not considered a real mineral, it was classified as “spato”, that is an easily flakable mineral. Fluorite was used as a substitute for precious stones for jewelry making. The main deposits are found in Mexico, the United Kingdom, Peru, Canada, Brazil, China and the United States.

It performs an action of regeneration on the skin and the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract and lungs. It seems that it can interact positively with some therapies aimed at preventing or combating tumors. Strengthens bones and teeth (when you use it as a bracelet!).

It helps you to avoid postural problems, or better, to be more aware of your posture in order to correct it when you are wrong. Makes it more flexible and agile, counteracts the stiffness of the joints and also for this reason it is recommended for sportsmen. Stimulates nervous system activity. Finally it alleviates psychosomatic allergies.

Wear it close to your heart to become more aware of your repressed emotions. It will help you to make them emerge in a much more gradual way, allowing you in this way to establish a sincere contact with the unconscious.

Fluorite infuses confidence, allows you to overcome fixed ideas and at the same time to distance yourself from the dependencies that bind you. It completely fights the narrowness of view, annulling those limited behaviors that do not allow you to benefit from a complete evolution.

Fluorite, especially octahedral, is perfect for meditation and crystal therapy. It should be placed right in the middle of the eyebrows, so as to improve concentration and make thought more fluid.

This mineral absorbs the negative energies around you, wear it when you feel a bit too stressed or feel it in the environment where you spend the most time. It then balances the energies of the body.

Octahedral fluorite always reinforces the sense of order. I recommend it if for example you are messy and you want to make your own the qualities of this stone! Thanks to her you can better channel the energies moved during prayer or meditation.

They range from yellow to green, purple, white, orange, pink, and brown, black to gray. Based on the color, the properties also change. It tends to be transparent or translucent, very difficult instead of colorless. The colors mentioned above may be present in the same crystal.

Love and Relationships

The Green Fluorite stone doesn’t affect your love life.

Health Benefits

From a physical point of view it is useful for treating various disorders such as those affecting the stomach and intestines. Useful in a crystal therapy treatment to reduce the symptoms of colitis, abdominal cramps and heartburn. We summarize, useful for: abdominal cramps, colitis symptoms, and heartburn.

Work on the mind, allowing that information that we keep closed in the subconscious to emerge. Thoughts become more defined, they turn into ideas that do not change based on how the wind changes.

One of the ideal stones to work on the heart chakra and regenerate it, making things much clearer from the point of view of feelings. Helps overcome emotional traumas but also emotional addictions. A bit like all fluorites, it helps fight anxiety and be more organized. We summarize, useful for: definite and concrete ideas, bringing out the feelings, overcoming emotional traumas.

It absorbs the negative energies of an environment, be it the home or a working space. It is possible for example to put it in a child’s pocket so as to protect it when it goes to school. Let’s use it to balance the energies but above all our natural predisposition to hold back some things to let others go.

It is a crystal that helps to grow spiritually, strengthens the life force and the desire to be connected to nature. It feeds new ideas, relationships, the path taken, passions … For the rest, from a spiritual point of view, it is always possible to refer to the fluorite card.

This stone is useful for absorbing negative energies, protecting children, enhancing life force, nourishing ideas. Use green fluorite as a talisman during a journey. In crystal therapy instead you can exploit it by placing it on the heart chakra, in this way you harmonize it and at the same time work on feelings. Keep a green fluorite in your home or place where you work to keep negative energies away.

Fluorite mounted on rings should be avoided because it tends to be damaged due to its modest hardness. Do not use it instead to prepare elixirs because it often contains toxic substances. You can load green fluorite under the influence of the full moon. However, it is not necessary to do so.

You can purify it under running water or leave it immersed in ice water for a whole night. Otherwise you can spend a few minutes between the fumes of real incense.

However, purification is not necessary. It is a flaky stone, which means that excessive rubbing can damage it. You can wash it with water and soap and water.

You can use green fluorite with hematite for anxiety problems. With blue fluorite if you need to make ideas clearer. I talked about fluorite mining in the main tab. Remember it is a stone with a cubic crystal system. It is composed of calcium fluoride. Among the many existing shades is the green one. Deposits are spread around the world.

You can find green fluorite in classic stalls, but also in online stores. Green fluorite on Amazon you can find it without problems.

Green Fluorite Stone and Wealth

The Green Fluorite stone can help you attract money and wealth, but you need to carry it close to you whenever you need that extra luck.

Green Fluorite Stone and Zodiac

The Green Fluorite Stone is linked to the Zodiac sign Aquarius and Pisces.

Green Fluorite Stone and Chakras

Fluorite has a cubic crystal system. Like all the crystals that belong to this group, it is in tune with those people who love order, who try to keep everything under control. They are people who love punctuality and continually try to get closer to perfection. A rigidity that in reality is only apparent, because these are individuals who are particularly prone to sentimentality.

From a point of view of the basic structure, fluorite is connected to the first chakra. Considering instead its colors, I would recommend it near the fourth and fifth.

Fluorite is used a lot in jewelry because of its fantastic colors, even in crystal therapy, however, it is really very useful. I advise you to wear it near the first chakra, perhaps buying a nice fluorite bracelet, when you want to strengthen your self-love and not accept the compromises that can harm your freedom or simply make you suffer.

It can give you comfort when you feel you suffer injustice. You can then use it to stimulate creativity, in this case wear a fluorite necklace, it will make you more dynamic and will exalt spiritual strength.

How to Purify Green Fluorite Stone

The cleaning and discharging of the fluorite is carried out by weekly rinsing under lukewarm water. The fluorite is then charged with the help of rock crystals or sun rays.

Fluorite chains are discharged overnight along with hematite.


In the stone healing the fluorite is used above all as a stone of the concentration. It can be used to improve the ability to absorb and facilitate learning.

The crystal should be able to create clarity in the mind and to ensure order. Stressful thoughts can be more easily deposited by the fluorite, so it can not only promote concentration, but also be helpful in the development of a new sense of life.

On the way to new shores, he can mitigate the fears and strengthen the intuition.

The fluorite gave its name to the fluorescence discovered in 1852. This indicates the process of short and spontaneous emission of light after a material has been illuminated. The fluorite is the most fluorescent mineral under ultraviolet light.