Lava Rock – Meaning, Benefits and Properties

Lava Rock or Basalt is a mineral that, as its name implies, originates from volcanic lava. This stone, or mineral, is formed of magma gases in a process of solidifying. At the end of the process, they become very hard and turn into a rock.

You can find Lava Rock in many places and scientists believe it is one of the oldest minerals on the planet Earth. There are large quantities of Lava Rock. If we talk about the properties of this stone, then we can confidently claim that this stone can heal.

First of all, you can use it dor grounding and calming. Lava Rock is known for teaching us to be persistent and strong. This stone is about the intensity, depth and changes that are necessary for our life.

Lava Rock can stabilize the root chakra and harmonize it with other chakras. When all the chakras are aligned with the root chakra, then we begin to feel secure. Scientists believe this is due to the connection between Earth and this stone.

This stone will allow you to initiate the process of change within yourself and find the motivation for everything you intend to do. With the help of Lava Rock, you will allow your true nature to surface and make all the people around you aware of your stability and strength. When you have this stone you manage to overcome all personal challenges.

Lava Rock can inspire you but also get you back on track if you make a mistake. This stone is also called the stone of rebirth.

When carrying this stone, be sure that you will be able to eliminate all negative emotions from yourself.

Also, with this stone, you easily manage to discard unnecessary attachment to useless people, situations and objects.

Unless you are not looking for Lava Rock but you come across it by chance, be sure that it invites you. This is no accident. Lava Rock has the power to attract you at the moment when you need a great change in life. When you come across Lava Rock, you will feel a strong vibration. This is another sign that you need this stone.

Take the Lava Rock and light the flame inside. Doing so will eliminate all fears that prevent you from stepping upright.

What do we know about Basalt (Lava Rock)?

Lava Rock or Basalt is a magnetic rock of extrusive nature. It was created by cooling lava, which is rich in iron and magnesium. The cooling process is very fast and the lava remains are exposed near the surface of planet Earth.

Scientists estimate that about 90% of the volcanic rocks on our planet are basalt. The lava of basalt origin is very low viscous and contains low amounts of silicon. This is the reason why it flows quickly and expands into large areas around the volcano before it cools and tightens.

Lava Rock or Basalt is the most common type of volcanic rock on the planet. Scientists consider the oceanic crust to be composed of Basalt. Also, many oceanic islands were formed on volcanic rocks. These are the Faroe Islands, Hawaii, Reunion and Iceland.

Basalt is black or dark grey and can turn red or brown. This occurs due to the oxidation of iron-rich minerals. After oxidation, these minerals become hematites or hydroxides of iron.

Lava Rock has a fine-grained texture because the molten rock cools quickly. Often it also contains larger phenocrysts that were formed before extrusion and that brought magma to the surface.

The word „basalt“ probably derives from the Latin word „basaltes“. This word is actually the misspelt word „basanite“ which means „very hard rock“. This Latin word most likely came from the ancient Greek word „basanos“ which means „touchstone“ or from Egyptian language and the word „bauhun“ meaning „slate“.

There are several types of basalt depending on the presence of silicon and other minerals. So there is tholeiitic basalt, titanium basalt, mid-ocean ridge basalt, high-alumina basalt, boninite basalt (high-magnesium) and ocean basalt.

We should say that there is also a lunar basalt.

Basalt erupted on the third-largest moon of Jupiter (Io), as well as on Mars, Venus, Vesta and the Moon.

Large quantities of continental basalt exist in Canada, India, British Columbia, Brazil, Russia, South Africa and the USA.

Lava Rock – Meaning and Properties

Lava Rock is considered to be a stone that helps those who carry it to shake off unnecessary emotions and unhealthy relationships. This stone radiates success and protection and allows you to feel at home within your body and to create more opportunities for yourself in the process of changing.

Both elders and young can benefit from the healing properties of Lava Rock. This stone can calm the fears and anxieties that can occur daily. Lava Rock also brings a strong sense of inner peace that nullifies the harmful use of imagination and fantasy.

You can combine this stone with essential oils. This will enhance the healing properties of Lava Rock. People most often use lemon and lavender essential oils with this stone. Lava Rock can absorb essential oils and maintain the scent for a very long time. When you apply lavender essential oil to Lava Rock, you will reduce anxiety, stress and sleep better.

When you put the lemon essential oil on this stone, you will receive positive, healthy and vibrant energy that will accompany you throughout the day.

Healing Properties of Lava Rock

Lava Rock or Lava Stone is, as we said, basalt. This rock belongs to magnetic volcanic rocks. It was created by the molten lava hardening after intense pressure and heat.

Lava Rock acts on the root or base chakra. Its elements are earth and fire and the planet to which this stone corresponds is Earth. Lava Rock is associated with the Zodiac signs Taurus, Aries, Virgo and Saggitarius. The typical colours of this stone are dark grey and black.

Lava Rock can bring you the job of your dreams and boost your creativity. This stone enhances your communication skills and clears negativity. Lava Rock is a grounding stone, so it can enhance your connection with Mother Earth.

Lava Stone will give you courage, strength and stability as you go through a period of change in life. It can guide you and show you the right way. With Lava Rock, you will calm down and dispel anger and fury. This stone will encourage positive change and you will behave much better in critical situations.

Anyone with fertility problems should purchase this stone.

Lava Rock is often used as an essential oil diffuser so you can use this stone in aromatherapy. You need to add a few drops of your favourite essential oil and then enjoy the therapeutic benefits.

Lava Rock – the Stone of Stability, Motivation and Grounding

With Lava Rock, you can dive deep into your being and light a fire in your soul that will never extinguish. This rock is intense and earthy because it originated in a volcano. Its origin speaks of its properties and symbolic meanings.

Lava Stone gives you the courage to follow your dreams. May this stone be your spiritual leader to help you on your path to success.

The spark of Lava Rock true meaning comes from its origins. This stone is made of molten lava, which quickly hardens thanks to the intense pressure and heat. Basalt stone contains the power of a volcano, so we can say that with this stone we have the power from the very heart of the earth.

Lava Rock is your spiritual guide that carries the memories of millions of years of transformation.

Basalt is a very effective mood stabilizer. This stone can rid you of unnecessary cynism in conversation and cleanse your aura of negativity. When you realize that your mood is dark and you want to improve it, take this stone. You should go to an empty room and sit alone with a stone in your hand. Silent meditation will help you find the energy and enlighten your consciousness.

This stone is a source of energy that fuses with your crown chakra if used properly.

If you want to relax and detox, you can put lava Rock ina pot of warm water. Drop 10 drops of sage essential oil into it and soak your feet. You can light your favourite scent stick in the room. Such a session will bring you into a state of complete relaxation and at the same time, the energy of the stone will pull all the poisons out of your body.

Lava Rock is a rock that is programmed and has very intense vibrations. With the help of this stone, you can connect with people on a much higher level. Its healing properties will be useful when you are ina social setting. You will be able to raise awareness of your thoughts and words and use them most productively.

At first glance, Lava Rock does not look like something that can heal but for centuries this stone has been used for these purposes. When trying to figure out what is so magical about this stone, you have to keep in mind its origins. Its origin plays a major role in all its energy qualities.

Spiritually, Lava Rock is great for grounding and stabilizing the root chakra. This property comes from a strong connection to the Earth and its origin. This stone was used in warfare so that soldiers could remain calm and focused during the battle.

Emotionally, Lava Rock is known for its grounding properties and is truly marvellous when it comes to calming emotions. Its energy is intense but soothing.

You should wear lava Rock close to your skin. This way you will make the most of this stone and there will be no blockages. This stone provides access to the earth’s natural energy. This is why it’s best to wear a Lava Rock bracelet or necklace.

You can also use Lava Rock as a stone for room decoration. When Lava Rock is in the house, then the energy balance is restored.

Lava Rock is representing renewal. Lava Stone gets released during a volcanic eruption and after cooling down it creates sponge-like Lava Rocks.

We should consider these facts when using Lava Rock today.

If you find yourself ina new circumstance and don’t know what to do, try looking for a Lava Stone.

This stone will guide you and it will help you rejuvenate yourself.

Lava Rock is unlike any other gemstone because it is known for its neutralizing effects. This stone has raw energy with amazing healing traits.

If you are stressed and disturbed, find the Lava Rock and everything will run smoothly. You don’t need to pass through a painful process of suffering.

This stone will force you to face the real problem.