Peacock Ore, Bornite Stone – Meaning, Benefits and Properties

Does Peacock Ore or Bornite have the power to help and heal?

The basic characteristics of Peacock Ore stone are thought to be to attract positive forces, to regulate adrenaline flow and to channel our inner energy. Many people who deal with energy in the Universe say that the Universe has its own rules of conduct and these paths are very mysterious.

The Peacock Ore stone is a stone of happiness and joy. It is believed that this crystal is capable of healing, channelling energies within the human being and also removing all that is negative from our body and mind.

Many people are confused about the similarity between Chalcopyrite and Bornite. The two crystals are not the same, although they have a very similar chemical structure. The Bornite structure is CuFeS4, while the Chalopyrite structure is CuFeS2. Clearly, they are not the same and their healing powers are different. When acid is added to Chalcopyrite, then the peacock Ore stone turns bluish-purple.

Gemstones are not just beautiful shining gems that serve to decorate and display luxury and prestige. They are so much more than that. For people who understand their higher purpose and who recognize the importance of energy, gemstones are crystals that mystically connect with us and that have their specific energy.

When we are lucky to find the stone that works best for us, then we need to learn how to relate to it. Once we connect, we will start to transform our negative energy into positive energy. Crystalline healing can be quite a fascinating discipline and it is a curiosity for many people.

There are many different crystals and gemstones, but one of the most interesting is the one we will talk about in this article. It is Peacock Ore or Bornite Stone.

Bornite is an ore that belongs to the group of sulfur copper minerals. It differs from other ores in its diversity. The name of this ore comes from the mineralogist Ignaz von Born, in fact, it was named after him.

When this ore become dark (tarnish) or when it loses its colour, it becomes metallic. This metallic finish displays beautiful colours ranging from reds to blue and purple hues. Because of the mix of different tones, this ore was named Peacock Ore. The first to call it that way were the miners of the ancient past.

Peacock Ore is sold as a Bornite variant. Still, we need to know that it is, in fact, Chalcopyrite. This stone has gold-yellow and brass-yellow shades. If exposed to air, it gets more green, blue and yellow hues. For all these reasons, Peacock Ore appears in the full spectrum of the most wonderful colours. The colours have to do with the physical and chemical characteristics of the Bornite.

Physical Features of Peacock Ore (Bornite)

This stone belongs to Sulfide group. On a fresh surface, it has a copper-red colour, and when it tarnishes, it becomes brown-black and bluish-purple. The glow and glare of this stone are different.

When it is fresh, then it has a metallic sheen, and when it loses its colour then iridescent. Peacock Ore hardness ranges from 3 to 3.25. The symmetry of the Peacock Ore is orthorhombic. It belongs to brittle stones. Nature’s most common places to find this stone is in Morocco, Mexico, Peru, Arizona, Montana and Connecticut.

Symbolic and metaphysical characteristics of Peacock Ore

Peacock Ore can make chakra alignment easier, but it can also activate each chakra individually. It is used in rebirthing treatments. It helps to cope with obstacles and stress that slowdown and also with blockages on our way to the goal and success.

With this stone of joy and happiness, we will bring positive forces into us, so we can more easily identify the causes of negativity. Once the cause is found, it is easier to remove it.

Peacock Ore stone contributes to identifying and finding new ways and opportunities to achieve our goals and dreams.

This stone will encourage us to bring our emotions and thoughts into balance and increase our perception. Peacock Ore teaches us how to enjoy the present and live for the moment. With this stone, life becomes a pleasant experience, a kind of a beautiful journey.

Healing Properties of Bornite (Peacock Ore)

It is believed that this stone can reduce swelling and relieve fever. Peacock Ore manages to synchronize the metabolism and cellular structure of our body, as well as regulate the flow of adrenaline.

If you have acid problems in your stomach then you should keep this stone close to your navel. This will relieve your symptoms. A

nyone who has problems with blood circulation can use this stone. Peacock Ore can maintain electrolyte balance.

As we can see, this valuable stone is helpful in many ways. All you have to do is to get this stone. You will notice the difference and improvement very quickly. You can keep it in the room where you stay most often.

You can wear it as a piece of jewellery. In both cases, you will feel a positive impact and, for sure, you weel be cheerful and in a good mood.

Peacock Ore – Natural Stone of Positive Energy

This stone, also known as chalcopyrite, shines very nicely in the sun. Everyone who observes it enjoys its amazing colours. Experts say this stone is partly pyrite and copper.

Pyrite can also be found under the name Fool’s Gold and its symbolic properties are concerned with abundance and prosperity because it brings great wealth to the wearer and removes all that is not needed. Copper is known to give warmth and is related to the solar plexus, that is, to the chakra, which is the energy centre for self-empowerment and external manifestation.

Bornite or Peacock Ore is called the strongest stone among the minerals that have healing properties. It is, certainly, a chakra stone that balances, cleanses and repairs every chakra and every centre of energy. This multicoloured stone affects both the physical body and the spiritual part of a human being.

When you believe in the healing powers of the stone, then this mineral will help you advance your personality and balance emotions and thoughts. You can easily achieve all these goals, without much effort.

The Third eye is a term that refers to knowledge that is buried deep within us and needs to be released. If you use Peacock Ore stone, it will allow you to rediscover long-forgotten memories and knowledge, but also to get acquainted with the overall knowledge of ancient esoteric.

As you meditate, keep your peacock ore above your Third eye and this will help you awaken your inner vision.

Peacock Ore (Bornite) and Zodiac

Peacock Ore is a stone corresponding to the zodiac sign of Sagittarius.

Sagittarius is a character who is independent and does not like to go the easy way and already known way. He is not afraid to jump out of the safe circle and goes his own way. He is a leader who follows his desires no matter what others think. Sagittarius loves adventure, exploration and travel.

Also, Sagittarius likes to explore his mind through contemplation, so he needs Peacock Ore to help.

Sagittarius needs Bornite to protect him against negativity and to open up his metaphysical abilities. It assists him in creating own reality and visualization.

Peacock Ore and Wealth

Like most crystals and stones, especially those that are gold, Bornite is a stone of wealth and abundance. This stone can help you become aware of the connection between your mindset and material prosperity.

With this stone, you will easily find success in business, as well as wealth and greater possession.

Because Peacock Ore is related to the solar plexus chakra, it means that it helps you to gain power. Solar chakra is the chakra of power. Bornite (Peacock Ore) attracts money and reclaims lost property.

Peacock Ore helps you come up with information to help you know what to do. We all know that information is worth more than everything. A man with the right information, at the right time, gets to the money very easily.

Nervousness (if something going wrong) is the biggest cause of loss and accident. Peacock Ore eliminates nervousness, gives you patience and calm, and you reach your final destination without stress. With Peacock Ore, you become determined and confident.

If your job is boring, Peacock Ore will help you regain your creativity and come up with the new ideas. All those who need to start a new business, with this stone you’ll get wind in your sails.

Peacock Ore – Romance, Love and Relationships

Peacock Ore is a crystal that can lift you. At the same time, it can ground all those energies that lead to nervousness and despair. This stone frees you from worry, fear and anxiety. It makes you feel calm and patient, even in the most stressful moments (for example, when arguing with your partner).

With Peacock Ore stone, you will always know the reasons why you love your partner. With Bornite you will always be in love.

You can combine Peacock Ore stone with Rhodonite crystal to understand that love is worth the fight and involves defeat and victory, laughter and tears. With the energies of this crystal, your perception will be better, as will your inner vision.

This way, you will be able to feel your partner and to know when to avoid an altercation. You will have a better insight into what may anger or disappoint him.

Peacock Ore breaks all the blockages that prevent you from feeling all the love of the world. This stone heals your sense of disorientation. With this stone, there is no more confusion and despair. With Peacock Ore, you are not alone when you are lonely.

Peacock Ore and Health

As we said, Bornite or Peacock Ore allows for the flow of energy as it breaks blockages. This is the best way to prevent the onset of disease. This stone helps to treat respiratory tract diseases, as well as with problems with fever or inflammation. If you have pneumonia, if you have a sore throat or you have bronchitis, use Peacock Ore. This crystal reduces the pain caused by chronic diseases.

It is excellent in conjunction with acupuncture and acupressure treatments. Peacock Ore stone detoxifies the body. It successfully eliminates toxins and creates a defence of the body against external attacks. It strengthens immunity, too.

Benefits of Peacock Ore Stone

Among the various benefits of this stone is the grounding of excess nerve energy. This allows the mind and body to relieve stress and all related problems. When the body is stressed it can cause imbalance throughout, leading to illness.

Peacock Ore transforms negative energy and transforms it into positive, useful energy. When placed in a specific area, this stone can energize it, and from there it spreads to other areas.

As we can see the Peacock Ore is a very powerful stone.

This mineral also acts as an enhancer. These are minerals that have internal crystal lattices set in perfect symmetry. Thanks to this symmetry they lead to perfect inner harmony. They amplify our energy, help us direct our thoughts to perform the desired actions. With the help of this crystal, we can focus on achieving success and thus improving our lives.

Uses and Worthy Localities

Peacock Ore or Bornite is a mineral that carries copper with it. When found in copper deposits, it is used as copper ore. Several sites in the world are worth mentioning.

The largest crystals of this ore are found in Kazakhstan. Good deposits can also be found in Congo and Shaba as well as in Zimbabwe.

It is also known that Cornwall (England) contains specimens of Bornite and some crystallized specimens. Very beautiful crystals can also be found in Mexico, San Martin.

There are large quantities of Bornite in Arizona mines. Large quantities of this ore come from Wisconsin, Colorado, Michigan, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Data show that Bornite is occurring in British Columbia as well as in Quebec.

Peacock Ore – Metaphysical Properties

It is used during the rebirthing process in healing therapies.

It treats suspicion and controls the body when a loss occurs.

Removes energy blocks.

It is a stone of joy that brings positive thoughts.

It helps identify the cause of the negativity and get it out of the body.

Aligns and balances the energy centres of the chakras.

It helps us identify new opportunities and make our dreams come true.

It encourages us to reconcile emotions and thoughts and increases our perceptual abilities.

It protects against physical attacks as well as psychic ones.

It teaches us to enjoy the current situation.

Peacock Ore is known as the stone of joyfulness.

Bornite brings freshness to life.

It encourages one to strive for spiritual heights and to be able to enjoy the moment.

It protects against negative energy from other people and energy vampires.

This stone can bring the ability to recognize happiness and appreciate it. With this mineral, it is easier to accept situations and facts.

Bornite is considered to be the ore that has the strongest properties when it comes to physical healing.

It can balance all the chakras.

Peacock Ore increases the alkalinity in the body as well as the calcium level.

Anyone with arthritis problems should get a Peacock Ore.

After a short time of using this stone, the person brings his emotions into balance and harmony.

Peacock Ore helps break down old patterns of thought, behaviour and emotions. It successfully separates the intellect from emotions and encourages us to reconcile emotions and thoughts.

Anyone who has recently lost a dear person and needs to accept the loss can purchase this stone.

Peacock Ore protects expecting mother and unborn baby, also.

Cleansing and Recharging of the Stone

The best option to clean Peacock Ore is smudging. You can burn sweetgrass, cedar or sage and hold the crystal above the smoke for a few minutes.

Peacock Ore is charging in the sunlight.

Avoid water in any situation.

You can use this stone in New Moon rituals for new beginnings and rebirth process.