Lava Stone – Meaning, Benefits and Properties

Black lava stone, red Lava stone and, above all, the sparkling Lava stone conjure up a glow in the eyes of every jewelry lover. And that’s no wonder, because the precious natural stones are just beautiful and real eye-catchers that emphasize your personality. But the beautiful gemstones can do much more.

Many natural stones are said to have healing powers that can improve your mental and physical health.

And all without chemicals, syringes or medication. You can counteract small ailments in a completely natural way and even prevent them from the outset. And of course without any side effects.

Only when choosing the right natural stone you have to be a little careful, because each has its own effect and characteristic features.

Symbolism and Meaning

Black stones or Lava stones are made of pure carbon, which crystallizes at great depth under extreme heat and pressure into an extremely hard gemstone. It is no coincidence that the name Lava stone derives from the Greek word “adamas”, which translates roughly to “the invincible”. But not only their extraordinary hardness makes Lava stones so valuable, even the unusual and rare refraction of light makes them something very special.

Already in antiquity, the Lava stone was considered the king of gems and even in the Middle Ages, the precious stones were associated with a divine splendor, which reflected the highest purity and enlightenment.

Despite this reputation, it was not until the 13th century that Lava stones were discovered. An elaborate process, because due to its hardness, the still popular Brilliant cut with the famous 32 facets is only possible with other Lava stones.

Black has a very deep meaning. In reality it has many, some positive and other negative. It represents the refusal to fight but also the aggressiveness towards what tries to move from the situation of passivity. The black, however, is also to represent those who do not want to always adhere to the same rules and therefore, move on their way without following the paths already traced.

In Western countries, like Italy, black is often associated with death but also with mystery, understood as a dangerous place and to be avoided at all costs. This dark color in the imaginary is also connected to the devil. What we forget, however, that the darkness gives rise to everything, the chaos where the infinite potentials lie.

Do you think that for the Ancient Egyptians black was instead the sacred color to the gods and the masters used it to symbolize unity, but also the highest authority and realization. In chromotherapy then, it has a very positive meaning.

Lava stone is the black stone used for hot stone massages. It is a beautiful lava stone that captures the heat and then gradually releases it onto the body. During these treatments the therapist dissolves the muscular contractures thanks to the Lava stone, to restore the right blood and lymphatic circulation. With her you can also work on the energy blocks of the chakras and meridians.

The color of the Lava stone varies from brown to black and is characterized by white streaks. It is a very delicate stone, which flakes off quickly. At a mental level this stone allows one to maintain lucidity and also promotes intuition. If you are carrying out some project, it puts you in the mental condition of realizing it. Protects from negative influences.

Blenda or sfalerite, zinc is extracted from this stone. It can be of many colors, including black. Some crystallotherapists recommend this stone when there are problems in the sexual organs.

Protects the body from toxic substances. It allows you to face the important changes in life with greater tranquility. Externally it goes from gray steel to black. Stimulates the mind and rebalances the energies, it is a protective stone very suitable for rooting. Use it when you are overwhelmed by an anxiety attack. It holds you firmly to reality and astral travel, it is an anchor to go back.

As for the uses of black Lava stone, there are so many. Strengthens the treatment of ear diseases. It allows you to get in tune with others, but also to achieve your goals. Wear it as a pendant if you want to protect yourself from negative energy.

Useful for rooting, black obsidian has been considered in many shamanic cultures capable of making contact with the spirit world. Think that it is one of the oldest stones and was already used by stone men! Smoky Lava stone is perfect for working on energy and, if you suffer from daytime sleepiness, I recommend wearing it.

General Properties

Lava stone is a basic (= siliceous), magmatic rock of extrusive, volcanic origin. The color of Lava stone is dark, as it is characteristic of rocks with basic composition. Often the rock appears blue, gray-blue, dark gray or black. The reason for the coloration of Lava stone are the rock-forming Gemengteile (= the minerals that make up a rock), which are also the demarcation of other rocks or the basis of the definition of Lava stone.

The main communities dominated by Lava stones are represented by plagioclase feldspars, augit / pyroxene and hornblende. With a content of up to 5% of Lava stone composition, the mica minerals Lava stone, olivine, nepheline / foide, magnetite, apatite and ilmenite are the so-called secondary mixed parts.

Depending on conditions of formation and contacts with other rocks or minerals, the composition may vary. For example, olivine Lava stone as a variety refers to quantitatively relatively abundant olives. Feldspar Lava stone is a Lava stone variety that displays clearly visible, larger crystals of feldspars. Tholeiite Lava stone, named after the place Tholey in the Saarland / Germany, is a Lava stone, which is rich in Plagioklas feldspars, Augit as well as Orthopyroxenen.

The structure of Lava stone is fine-grained to dense; the xeno- and idiomorphic crystals are not easily recognized by eye, except for feldspar Lava stone. As a result of eruptions or slagging Lava stone often has a flow direction. Occasionally, there are smaller cavities or controlled inlets in the Lava stone consisting of pyroxene or olivine esters. The density of Lava stone is 3.0 to 3.5 g / cm3.

Lava stones are formed by the rapid cooling of reaching to the earth’s surface, low-silica magmas. Therefore, Lava stone is assigned to the rock group of volcanics – magmatic rocks that emerge on the earth’s surface.

Lava stones are characterized by a very high fluidity, which is why the lava can form extensive rock cover that covers both the mainland and almost the entire ocean floor of the world’s oceans. In addition, Lava stone forms as well in volcanic cones.

Typical of Lava stone are geometrically perfect, pentagonal or hexagonal (hexagonal) columns. The cause of the formation of hexagonal Lava stone columns are thermodynamic processes during the cooling of the lava. The effect leading to the columnar alignment of the Lava stone is called the Bérnard effect.

Accordingly, on the one hand by the heat of the molten rock at the bottom and on the other hand by the atmospheric cooling due to the air at the top of vertically structured convection cells, which appear hexagonal in the plan. Upon further cooling of the liquid rock melt, contractions and tensile stresses occur, which is why the rock mass breaks apart following the hexagonal convection cell alignment.

Across the globe, there are numerous places where columnar Lava stone presents itself as a picture book: the Giant’s Causeway in Ireland is almost a carpet of Lava stone, at the Svartifoss in Iceland, one Lava stone column joins the next, and the Scheibenberg In the Ore Mountains Lava stone forms palisades, which are popularly referred to as organ pipes.

At the bottom of the sea, Lava stones have a spherical, round shape. The so-called pillow lava hardened within a few minutes due to the enormous temperature difference between lava and sea water. As a “proof” that the so-called pillow lava actually cooled very quickly, Lava stone, which was formed in the sea, shows coatings with rock glass.

Lava stones are found all over the world – at hot spots under continental or oceanic plates, at mid-oceanic spans (between two divergent oceanic plates), and at subduction zones of plates, but also in areas with active or historical volcanism. Major Lava stone deposits are found in Iceland; Greenland; the Canary Islands, Spain, Faroe Islands, in Ireland, Auvergne, France, Deccan, India, Karoo, South Africa, Cameroon, Montana and in the USA. In Germany, numerous Lava stone deposits are also known, which are evidence of volcanic activity in the geological past of each region.

Love and Relationships

Balance the male and female energies, holding a Lava stone in the left hand and one in the right hand. For a long time a shamanic crystal has been represented through Lava stone.

This same balance Lava stone brings it into a couple’s life. Of all the black stones, it is the most suitable for this purpose. Also worthy of note is its property of promoting communication.

Health Benefits

In addition to a luxurious and captivating appearance, Lava stones are credited with comprehensive healing powers for the body and the psyche. Lava stones chains, rings and bracelets can accelerate regeneration and result in faster healing even after serious illnesses.

Lava stones can also have a positive effect on your self-confidence, because they transfer willpower, strength of character and invincibility to their wearer. In addition, the valuable natural stones promote your creativity and the urge for spiritual freedom. And that does not apply to you as a happy owner of Lava stones, but can also positively influence your fellow human beings and the environment.

Lava stones are naturally produced in the sea and can be found especially in the Canary Islands, the Mediterranean Sea, the Bay of Biscay and the Red Sea. The organic gems are made of aragonite, and get their characteristic, bright red color through iron deposits. White and the much rarer black Lava stone also occur in their natural environment, but are much less often processed into jewelry.

The jet-black lava rocks are formed when molten rock reaches the surface from the interior of the earth during a volcanic eruption and cools down there quickly. The light rocks are mostly made of silicon dioxide, but also contain a variety of other minerals. Iron oxide is responsible for the rich, black color.

The stones are traversed by fine air pockets, which not only give them an interesting surface, but are also wonderfully light. Because of their light weight lava stones are perfect for the production of earrings.

Lava Stone and Wealth

Among the natural stones, the Lava stones are true all-rounders. Especially the red Lava stone has always been considered a special protective stone and was already used in antiquity as protection against evil spirits and black magic.

Even today, the bright red Lava stones are considered an effective guard against all evil and negative energies.

This is especially true if you wear the Lava stone directly on the skin. This is easy in the form of bracelets, pendants on a chain or in ring form. The red natural stones unfold their full effect and make negative feelings such as resentment, fear and envy disappear.

In return, vitality, energy, joy and your sense of community are strengthened. This makes the Lava stone the perfect protection stone for interpersonal relationships in family, partnership and friendship.

Lava Stone and Zodiac

The Lava stone represents the Zodiac sign Scorpio.

Lava Stone and Chakras

The black stones can be used to work on the first chakra, either to make the treatments of crystal therapy, or keeping them at its height by placing the stone in your pocket or use it as a ring or bracelet.

You can also use them as a necklace if, for example, you want them to absorb your excess energy.

How to Purify Lava Stone

The Lava stone should be cleaned at least two times a month to clean out the negative energy.


The pitch-black lava stones are attributed earthing powers that strengthen the psyche and the organism alike. The airy natural stones can give you new energy and strengthen your willpower and self-confidence.

Thus, interpersonal relationships are relaxed and get new momentum. Also with the lava stone a direct skin contact is important, so that you the Ste

Each stone has its properties but, the black color, offers them some points in common. Black stones are famous precisely because they work with the first chakra. You can use them to root yourself, to find contact with your ancestors and your roots.

The beauty of these stones is that they absorb your excess energy. I advise you against using them when you feel emptied of each charge because you may feel even worse. In this case, a nice citrine quartz can certainly be of more help.

According to our ancestors these minerals were the depositaries of the mysteries of the universe and not only, each black Lava stone contained within it one or more universe.