Leo Birthstone

The Leo is a sign of fire, it arrives in full summer when the vitality of nature is at its peak. The Sun high in the sky makes those born under this sign extroverted and vital. They stand as a symbol of the male experiencing life as if it were a hunt, a struggle for survival. Leo feels the duty to procreate in himself, but unlike Toro, he takes advantage of it to make it a game, a pleasure as indeed he does with his every passion, which turns into pure and simple amusement.

The connection between stones that heal and energize us and Zodiac signs has been known for centuries. People used these stones according to their needs, and believing in their power is what saved them for depression or negativity.

Birthstone – Meaning

Although the popular practice of carrying birthstone originated only around the 15th century in Poland, birthstone was already introduced to Western culture through the breast shield (or breastplate) of Aaron (Exodus 28: 15-30). Aaron’s breastplate was a religious garment worn by Jewish priests for ceremonial occasions. It was set with 12 gemstones that represented the 12 tribes of Israel and stood for the 12 signs of the zodiac and the 12 months of the year.

Since it can be very difficult to differentiate stones of the same color without a sound knowledge of gemology, gems were not always classified according to their mineral type. Due to their color, many different stones used to be known under the same name, so that there are still different opinions as to which stones were actually in the breast shield. Today, therefore, different birthstone lists exist, depending on when and where they were created.

The first “official” list was drawn up in 1912 by the American National Association of Jewelers, Jewelers of America (then called “American National Association of Jewelers”). Listed below is the list drawn up by the Jewelry Industry Council in 1952 and revised in 2002 by the American Gem Trade Association (AGTA).

A birthstone can be selected after the day of birth, an anniversary or another significant date. But did you also know that it used to be common to wear a different stone every month, since in the Middle Ages it was assumed that the power of the stones increased in their respective month? The list of these individual attributions is very extensive.

Do you know which birthstone belongs to your month? Or why we actually have birthstones? And if you know, would you know the meaning behind every birthstone or even yours? The birthstone and its origin can be found back in the middle Ages. There, the gemstones were said to have special properties. As a result, these were not only worn as jewelry, but much more than a constant companion with certain qualities that, for example, conferred protection or even a healing power. Most of these properties have been retained to this day and are nowadays worn as good luck charms.

With the beginning of the Gregorian calendar, and thus its 12 months, a single stone was assigned each month. It is also the astrology associated with the gemstones, as each month, a certain zodiac is assigned. The birthstone supports the strengths of the star sign. But which stone is assigned to which month? In the following, these are briefly presented and a brief description assigned. To learn more about your birthstone click on the month.

Leo Zodiac Sign – Characteristics

The fire that burns in those born under the sign of Leo makes them powerful, dominant and masters of the world: everything must always revolve around them and in doing so they often choose a film or television career, where an adoring audience is the maximum they want to aspire to. It is easy to deceive the Leo, just flatter it.

Being very vain, he gives in quickly and is often seduced by those who want to take advantage of his goodness, generosity and loyalty. In these cases it will be difficult to ask for help: pride will push him to lick his wounds on his own and disappointments make him eliminate those who brought it into his life.

They help everyone with their good heart and do not expect anything in return, intelligent and refined, born under the sign of Leo can be very elegant even in manners despite his strength and exuberance. A subordinate role cannot be imposed on Leo, both in life and work he will always be a leader, a charmer, and a leader.

In mythology the Leo is associated with Hercules, the son of Zeus born of the relationship with Alcmena, who was deceived by God to be able to lie with her. Hercules, a newborn, killed the two serpents that Zeus’s wife, Hera, sent into his crib to assassinate him. Once he grows up, he uses his strength only for charitable purposes, until Era drives him crazy and he takes the life of his two children. To atone for his sin Hercules undergoes the famous twelve labors and the fifth is that in which he must kill the invincible Leo of Nemea.

To know exactly the astrological characteristics of a person, in addition to the zodiac sign, it is also good to know the ascendant. This represents, in fact, the first impression of oneself given to others and the way in which the individual relates to the world. We have developed a simple method for calculating your ascendancy by following simple tables. The first is that of Sidereal Time, the second is that linked to the Legal Hour, and finally, the third is that relating to the calculation of the Sidereal Hour.

The planet that dominates this sign is the Sun, full of energy and vitality; a dominating planet is at the center of everything, it commands. A Leo is tireless, extrovert, solar, knows how to accomplish many things and does it with passion and strength. Often it is a bit too self-centered, but his nature, which leads him to seek the admiration of others sometimes makes him disliked. Despite this, with his great charismatic gifts he manages to make sure that few people think I’ll of him.

There is not in the whole horoscope a more faithful sign of the Leo, he loves the family and respects the traditions, when he loves he really does; his concept of love is certainly not platonic, the physicality of the relationship is very important and he knows how to embarrass the partner with his theatrical demonstrations of affection and his sometimes exaggerated blatant gestures.

Always very elegant, the born under this sign does not like the sloppy and the disorder, and loves to be gratified and praised by the people around him. Very generous, perhaps too much, even with friends and relatives, he likes to give valuable or very significant gifts.

The Leo normally enjoys excellent health, strong musculature and thick mane, often wasting too much energy which could affect the heart, an organ governed by the sign together with the spine and the pancreas. The Chakra linked to the sign is that of the rational mind, life and will intertwine to create that alchemy that makes it possible to get in touch with others and develop self-confidence.

Leo Birthstone – Meaning and Symbolism

The Zodiac sign Leo has many stones that can be linked to it as a Zodiac sign, but only few are the most important ones. We will list them below and talk a little more about each of them and how they affect the Leo sign.

Tiger’s Eye stone – The first stone on this list is the Tiger’s Eye stone. It was the similarity with the eye of the tiger that led to the choice of the name and to the ancient belief that it is thought to have beneficial effects on the eyes. The Roman soldiers carried a tiger’s eye to battle on which were engraved lucky symbols. In the middle Ages the tiger’s eye was used as a protective stone against spells and demons. It was also used to attract wealth. Also in Islam it is considered a lucky stone. The tiger’s eye has an anti-pain action, especially against headaches.

It balances the energy flow in the body and is therefore effective in cases of nervous excitation or hyperactivity of the adrenals. It is particularly valid in convalescences because it favors the exchange of energy. The tiger’s eye is beneficial for the liver on which it has a stimulating and invigorating action, the spleen, pancreas, stomach and intestine.

The tiger’s eye regularizes and warms the body in a gradual and constant way and is therefore indicated for respiratory diseases such as colds, bronchitis and asthma. The tiger’s eye helps to overcome moments of difficulty and not lose courage and self-confidence. It allows you to defend yourself from oppressive situations and from people who tend to control and invade the space of others. It has a calming effect, gives emotional balance, and reduces anxiety and the effects of stress. It helps the harmonious growth and gives strength in case of weakness.

The tiger’s eye is the stone of judgment: it is useful for finding the right path because it allows you to shed light on your ideas and to manage the most critical situations wisely and without hesitation. It exalts the spirit of initiative and is particularly suitable for dispersed, incoherent and incapable persons to translate will into action.

Amber stone – The next one on the list is the Amber stone. The etymology of the term is uncertain, having no explanation in Arabic, from which it would seem to derive due to the prefix. Amber was the first precious stone in history. With this resin jewelry and other objects were also produced in ancient Egypt where with it. For over 7000 years it has been used as a therapeutic stone and as an amulet. In Buddhism it is one of the seven treasures and is associated with wisdom.

Amber monili were also found in Greece, where it was called electron, hence the modern term “electricity”, since it has the property of electrifying itself by rubbing. Since amber deposits are not known in Greece, it was certainly imported, most likely following the invasion of the Dorians from Northern Europe. In ancient cultures it was considered sacred because it was believed to contain the principle of life and, since it was warm to touch unlike the other stones, possessing a life of their own. According to a Turkish fairy tale, the amber mouthpieces prevent infection when the pipe is exchanged (hookah). Today it is used in the industrial production of nozzles for pipes and glass blowers.

In the middle Ages the trade in amber was controlled by the Knights Templar. Amber effect on the body Amber improves and protects the general health: it is an excellent detoxifier and pain reliever. Relieves stomach, spleen and kidney disorders. Helps treat allergy such as animals, hay and pollen, and mitigates problems related to asthma.

Work against arthritis, rheumatism and sore back. It is useful in cases of joint problems, strengthens the mucous membranes and helps the dentition of children. Effect on the psyche Amber promotes the development of a solar nature in the subject, makes it spontaneous and open, peaceful and optimistic.

It purifies negative energies, soothes the nervous system and instills a sense of warmth. It infuses lightheartedness and happiness and increases decision-making capacity by strengthening self-confidence and personal motivation. It gives mental elasticity and stimulates creativity. Thanks to the development of these qualities, the individual can more easily achieve success. Amber can be discharged under running water.

To obtain lasting effects on a spiritual level, it is advisable to carry amber in close contact with the skin for a long time. As far as physical therapy is concerned, you can leave a piece of amber in a glass of water for one night and drink it in the morning on an empty stomach to alleviate rheumatic pains.

Ruby stone – Another beneficial stone for Leos is Ruby. All natural rubies have imperfections in them, including impurities of color and inclusions of Rutilio needles, which give rise to the “bright silk” effect. Stones, whether natural or generated in the laboratory, are crystals that are highly appreciated both in the field of watchmaking and for surgical lasers.

The variety of star ruby ​​has the same metaphysical properties as ruby, but with greater healing power and magical energy. It’s more powerful with a full moon. It is extremely effective in cases of self-injuring persons, with erotic problems and traumas of a sexual nature.

Wearing a ruby, or taking it with you, helps to overcome tiredness and lethargy. Stimulates circulation, to regenerate the body’s vitality and energy. Those who are very nervous or irritable, however, could find this hyper stimulating stone, thus seeing their hyperactivity increased. Considered a mineral bound to blood, it strengthens the heart, myocardium, ventricles and coronaries, stimulating blood circulation.

It also regulates the menstrual cycle and relieves the associated discomforts. Furthermore, it is indicated for detoxifying the body, blood and lymph, thus helping to fight fever and infections. It stimulates the kidneys and spleen and counteracts swelling in the legs and feet. It can also help in weight regulation when this increases due to nervous hunger.

It deepens the relationship of couple, encouraging mutual commitment and physical and mental closeness. It maintains a passion between two lovers and is excellent for increasing the chances of conception. It is also considered beneficial against impotence, infertility and early menopause. During pregnancy, especially in women over the years, the formation of the fetus seems to help.


And there you have it. If you are one of the people who are born under the Zodiac sign of Leo, you should start wearing these stones as jewelry or close to you in situations when you need that extra positive energy. Depending on the month you were born, the ancient energy of stones can really lift you up and make you feel unbreakable. What you can do, is wear these stones close to you as jewelry or you can also gift them to people who are close to you and who were born under the Leo Zodiac sign.

To obtain lasting effects on a spiritual level, it is advisable to carry these stones in close contact with the skin for a long time. As far as physical therapy is concerned, you can leave a piece of any of these stones in a glass of water for one night and drink it in the morning on an empty stomach to alleviate rheumatic pains.