Purple Sapphire – Meaning, Benefits and Properties

In addition to the ruby ​​and the sapphire this stone belongs to the group of corundum. The very hard mineral is second only to the diamond on the hardness scale with a Mohs hardness of 9. The variety of sapphire colors is manifold.

While red stones are referred to as rubies, the color spectrum of the sapphires ranges from sky purple to very dark purple, probably already going to the black. The color varies depending on the light. The transparency is transparent to opaque.

Nowadays purple gems are considered as sapphires. The gemstone crystallizes in the trigonal crystal system and belongs to the trigonal scalenohedral crystal class. At break, it shows up shell-like shape or splintery. The name derives from the Greek name for purple stones.

The strong and energetic gemstone cannot be fooled. His powers work directly on the human psyche and cannot be diverted with other stones.

He penetrates deeply into body, mind and soul and establishes a connection to the body. This connection ensures relaxation and balance at the highest level. The sapphire brings concentration and straightforwardness.

To achieve set goals, he mobilizes the mind and sets up the thoughts. An amulet with the purple gemstone helps to avoid anger and overreactions. He saves from emotional outbursts and strengthens the thought concentration.

As a healing stone, he helps to overcome learning difficulties and test anxiety. At the same time he strengthens the nerves, calms them and strengthens them. This appeases the mind and strengthens the willpower.

Symbolism and Meaning

Since time immemorial, people appreciate the sapphire as a mysterious and popular gemstone. He is said to have many positive qualities. Especially in Asian countries, he is considered a stone of truth and friendship.

In Europe, the focus is more on the belief in the power of the stone, which is transferred to the owner or bearer of the stone. Sapphires are said to confer honor and even immortality. The gemstone is considered a symbol of wealth and knowledge.

In ancient Egypt, priests wore them in amulets to ward off evil and strengthen the spirit. Wisdom and knowledge was attributed to him by the Romans and Greeks. He was and still is a popular gem for medical applications.

Like many other gems, sapphire should possess energies that are transmitted to humans. The sky purple gem, which is an important mainstay for the Pisces, expresses love and longing. The color purple indicates everything that is durable and reliable. The stone of faithfulness, love and chastity should also give peace. It offers protection against infidelity, hate and fright. Rulers, sovereigns and priests from earlier times carried in as a talisman with them.

As a protective and healing stone, the people carried him close to the body. He is mentioned in the Bible as one of the foundations of the New Jerusalem. He is considered the gemstone with the highest energy. The celibate ring of each cardinal is a sapphire ring worn on the right, blessing hand. The esoteric properties are complemented by numerous effects on body, mind and soul.

In addition to its magical and mystical properties, sapphire has a broad spectrum of activity on humans. Physical as well as mental effects are said to him.

General Properties

Desires and goals are realized straightforward and with energy. Inner peace and spiritual growth as well as clarity are promoted. As a master, the purple gem helps to direct the imagination and will to realize desires.

It gives self-control, self-determination and discipline. Virtues such as faithfulness, friendship, love and hope are promoted. Mental illness relieves the stone by promoting the will to recover and activates the self-healing powers. It proves to be very helpful in stressful situations as it counteracts and breaks down the symptoms.

So that he can transfer his energies and pass on his positive qualities, it is important to cleanse him regularly and to care properly.

Love and Relationships

The Purple sapphire stone can help you make others see you in a completely different light. This stone will raise the level of your attractiveness when it comes to others.

Health Benefits

The characteristic of these particular gems, that they remain unchanged unlike humans, animals and plants, made them early for humans something divine. They were and are often used as amulets or lucky charms. The sapphire as corundum it consists of rocks that have a high aluminum and sodium concentration. The temperature and pressure conditions are very high.

Especially in magmatic rocks such as granite, but also in metamorphic rocks such as gneiss or marble arise sapphires. The formation is mostly massively black grained, columnar or barrel-shaped. The gemstone is mined at countless sites worldwide.

Depending on the mining area also varies the color variety. Some important deposits are already exhausted, while others cannot be optimally reached due to the prevailing weather conditions. When mountain slopes weather, the precious stones often show up in rivers or holes are dug into the mountains to reach them.

To prepare a gemstone essence, the cleaned stone is placed in a glass bowl with water. Then all he needs is time to transfer his energies and powers. This is promoted by good sunshine. But not only as a jewel and healing stone, the sapphire is very popular. Due to its hardness and abrasion resistance, it can be found in many watches and other precision electrical equipment as a stabilizer. It is used in optical devices such as lasers or LED lights because of its infrared and UV transmission. Especially for technical devices, a real gem is usually too valuable.

Therefore, it is also produced synthetically.

The sapphire has been produced synthetically for over 100 years. Sapphire syntheses produced in mass production hardly differ from the real stones. The likelihood of confusion with other purple gemstones, syntheses and glass is very large. It is very similar to tanzanite and iolite. Ground stones are more commonly confused than rough stones.

Purple Sapphire and Wealth

The Purple Sapphire stone doesn’t have an effect on your financial situation. You don’t have to carry it close to you if your intention is to attract more positive business energy.

Purple Sapphire and Zodiac

Sagittarius, 23rd November to 21st December.

Purple Sapphire and Chakras

The purple sapphire penetrates our forehead chakra with tendency to the throat or through the third eye. Since the sapphire is a very strong and obstinate stone, we can use it depending on need as a light bringer for all chakras. We feel better that body, mind and soul belong together and only when they harmonize together do we sense wisdom, love and happiness.

Sapphire also makes us shine younger and fresher beyond meditation. People who regularly carry sapphire experience a greater mental alertness and more resilience of their body. Especially on the third eye, the sapphire not only makes it possible to recognize and to see, but also to weigh and understand.

Sapphire is also a transforming stone that protects you from the attacks of envious people and evil forces. In this regard, he is not only a warner, but he even gives you the ability to recognize your enemies.

How to Purify Purple Sapphire

Over time, sapphire loses energy and strength. Cleaning involves three different operations: unloading, cleaning, and charging. Unloading removes the bad influences and properties of the gemstone from the gem so it can work again.

Especially with direct body contact creates a static charge that cannot be eliminated again with water alone. The gemstone is unloaded with hematite tumbled stones, in which it is best to place it overnight.

Thus, information that the stone has picked up and stored while wearing is deleted.

The very strong stone needs a regular discharge and cleaning. The targeted charging strengthens the energies and thus the healing effects of the gemstone. The stone is most gently charged when placed in sunlight at sunrise and sunset. A rock crystal supports the charging process. The sunlight has the optimal quality for charging when we humans can look directly into the sun.

The lunchtime is therefore not suitable because the quality of light is rather exhausting. By heat as the body heat intensifies the effect of the stones. To ensure that the stone radiates its effect and its positive properties as long as possible, proper care is required.

It is best to remove the dust with a fine brush or a soft cloth. If water is used, care should be taken to use as little mineral as possible in order to avoid lime scale deposits. Household cleaners or chemical cleaning agents are generally to be kept away from purple stone and gemstones. They can damage the delicate sapphire. It is best not stored in direct sunlight.


The Purple Sapphire stone unfolds its optimal effect when it is placed directly on the affected area of ​​the body.

Also as a piece of jewelry such as worn in the form of a chain directly on the body, he transmits his energies. It is particularly effective when it is visibly worn on the neck, as it gratefully absorbs the power of the sun.

As a gemstone water or essence, it passes his aspects very well.