Star Ruby Stone – Meaning, Benefits and Properties

The Star Red Ruby stone is red and sensual. Like a fire that burns forever. The red Ruby makes collector’s hearts beat faster. But also jewelry enthusiasts will find in him, the ruby, real treasure.

Only the red mineral Ruby is called ruby. The Latin name for the ruby ​​is “rubeus”. This name is inevitably derived from its color “red”. He used to be called Karfunkel. Red like pure blood – even then the ruby ​​was considered the mother of all gemstones.

Also in the Old Testament, the Ruby occurred and thus has rustic roots. Today, the ruby ​​gem still falls into the category of the most important healing stones.

Symbolism and Meaning

Varieties such as the pink or blue Ruby are already considered sapphires. The ruby ​​stone receives the red discoloration through tiny chromium admixtures. Its color varies only between a pale and a strong dark red.

First ruby ​​finds were probably in Burma. Hidden in pits, the gems were raised there and appreciated. But also Romans, Greeks and Egyptians worshiped this fascinating gem and saw in it a well-meaning talisman.

The actual relationship with the sapphire could only be determined at the beginning of the 19th century. The red ruby ​​stone owes its particularly beautiful, partly silky shine to the inclusion of rutile needles. If many rutile needles run parallel to a crystal axis, the expert speaks of a rather mystical cat-eye effect.

But the ruby ​​comes up with a sensational “star effect”, depending on the axis alignment.

It was often worn in the past to protect itself from paranormal events, it still maintains a similar characteristic but aimed at reducing the fear of the paranormal. Keeps away nightmares and psychic attacks. It stimulates the first chakra, reinforces the need to satisfy one’s needs rather than those of others. It is also said that he can reactivate the kundalini.

The key words from the mental and psychic point of view of the ruby ​​are: protection, desires, energy amplifier.

You can wear the ruby ​​either as a ring, necklace or bracelet to get all the above properties. I do not recommend using it instead in meditation because it amplifies the energy and does not favor the quieting of thought.

Other stones are much more suitable, if you are looking for something valid for meditation I recommend for example amethyst or aquamarine. Ruby, on the other hand, is suitable for rooting.

General Properties

Everywhere the Ruby appears, he is admired and admired. The locations of the precious ruby ​​are relatively scattered. Red Ruby occur, for example, in Thailand, Myanmar (Burma), Sri Lanka, East Africa, India, China, Pakistan and even Antarctica.

The ruby ​​price is generally quite high. Ruby jewelry such as ruby ​​pendants, ruby ​​earrings, ruby ​​chains, ruby ​​rings, but also ruby ​​healing stones with a particularly beautiful cut are in great demand worldwide.

If you want to buy a ruby, you should always arm yourself with a good magnifying glass. Under the magnification peculiarities occur that escape the naked eye quite quickly. Bubbles, for example, do not belong to the body of a real ruby. A real ruby ​​always has some small, yet natural flaws.

These are defects that are extremely difficult to imitate in the laboratory, if at all. Dull or even bright “rubies” are very likely to be counterfeits, because the color of the real red ruby ​​is characterized by strong, clear, vibrant red.

A slightly too dark stone may indicate a garnet, also a gemstone, but just very similar to the ruby ​​stone. Even glass stones can be very similar to the ruby. If you are unsure, you should keep a piece of glass next to the supposedly genuine ruby ​​stone.

If there is no difference, it is indeed colored glass and not the desired ruby. Even the coin or fingernail test is quite helpful. As the ruby ​​is very hard, it should not be scratched with a fingernail or a coin after scratching lightly. If he shows scratch marks, he is probably just a cheap imitation of synthetic resin and also not a real ruby. The “abrasion test” helps to detect counterfeits quite safely.

To do this, take the stone and rub briefly over a smooth, hard glass or porcelain surface. If the alleged stone leaves red traces, it is probably a fake. Incidentally, a real ruby ​​can be recognized by its clean, sharp cut, and thus shows a high level of craftsmanship in the work, whose effort no one wanted to impose on imitation.

Love and Relationships

The ruby ​​helps to close love wounds and to remove anger. It encourages you to try again, to be positive. Helps to overcome the fear of not deserving the love of others.

Health Benefits

To all of you who are feeling down and need to receive an extra dose of vitality. To you who need to clear your mind after a very unpleasant period, in which you have not been able to concentrate due to a lack of concentration. It helps you to regain confidence in yourself, to be more determined and less shy during the race that allows you to reach your important goals.

Wear a ruby and you will be able to overcome well the tiredness typical of the change of season. It has a restorative effect on the body because it stimulates blood and lymph circulation (fights water retention and circulatory problems). Strengthens the heart (on a spiritual level it is instead associated with all forms of love).

It is used for various ailments that affect this organ. Useful for women because it regulates menstrual flow and relieves pain. In any case, a valid substitute always for this purpose is the carnelian, much cheaper and the same very valid (just place a specimen of carnelian, preferably flat, in the particularly painful area).

Ruby in crystal therapy sessions is used to treat impotence, infertility, sexual dysfunction. It is given as an amulet to women who have children in old age. Use it if you are, for example, following a detox diet because it strengthens your ability to detoxify your body. Not only that, it is also an ally for those who must defeat nervous hunger!

Use the ruby if you are working on positive thinking as a weapon to transform your present. Today we hear a lot about the law of attraction and, although I don’t like it very much, I am sure that positive thinking is the indispensable basis for achieving the goals we want to achieve in life.

Ruby among others makes you much more active. If you feel a bit apathetic at this time, know that the ruby revolutionizes the way you approach things by bringing you back to the right perspective. It makes you more focused and determined to carry out the tasks you set yourself to finish.

Finally, it promotes simplicity and spontaneity. The key words from the mental and psychic point of view of the ruby are: courage, action, positive thinking, and determination.

Among the many properties that are attributed to the ruby, we find that of aphrodisiac. He is able to accentuate the forms of love, from the mystical union to wild sexuality (although it was used in the past to combat lust). It is considered a symbol of mutual commitment, encouragement and constant presence for one another.

Until today I have not spoken of some stones by choice, in addition to the ruby ​​here present among the deliberately avoided crystals there are also the diamond, the emerald and the sapphire. The fact is that these stones have a very high commercial cost and are much more used in jewelry for making earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces for ornamentation, rather than in crystal therapy for therapeutic purposes. For this reason I didn’t want to limit myself to creating the classic article of all time, but a more in-depth one.

Star Ruby Stone and Wealth

The Star Ruby Stone can help you make a significant leap forward when it comes to finances ad it can give you enough strength to make serious business decisions.

Make sure you keep it close to you whenever you have important business meetings.

Star Ruby Stone and Zodiac

The Star Ruby Stone is linked to the Zodiac sign Aries, born between March 21 to April 20.

Star Ruby Stone and Chakras

Despite being connected to the first chakra, the energy center that is the closest to the material sphere among all, manages to give great energy equally. It is not really a source external to us, because it acts rather as an amplifier than the one that is already present.

It may be annoying to wear it to those who do not need to accentuate the energy, but rather to mitigate it because they are over-used.

How to Purify Star Ruby Stone

Rubies should be cleaned and discharged once or twice a month under running, lukewarm water. Chains are recommended to be unloaded overnight in a dry bowl of hematite tumbled stones.

After unloading the ruby should always be charged for about two hours in the sun, or on a rock crystal group.


This stone looks for the blocks in your energy structure, so as to align the energy. It is used a bit like a compass. In the past it was used as an amulet to be worn around the neck to counteract evil thoughts and evil spirits. When placed in the south of a room it brings warmth and energy.

You can therefore exploit it in the practice of Feng shui. The properties of this stone are the same as those of the classic ruby. His powers are enhanced with the full moon. I recommend it to those who tend to do acts of self-injury and to all those who cannot express their anger.