Red Coral Stone – Meaning, Benefits and Properties

The coral is not a stone in the true sense of the word. It is an organic product and popular as jewelry, which it shares with most healing stones. Nevertheless, it is often mentioned in the context of gemstones and healing stones, as they can affect the human organism.

For use as a “healing stone” the precious coral, (Corallium rubrum) is used. The coral (noble coral) occurs mainly in the Mediterranean and the eastern Atlantic. It grows on reefs, atolls and coral reefs. It can be found at depths between 2 and 280 meters. In false waters, it grows only in shady places, in caves or other protection.

At the coral reefs are polyps, which hang in tiny recesses of the frameworks and excrete lime substance. This creates coral. The coral colonies are usually up to 30 cm tall. In the past, there were even colonies that were over 1 meter in size. Due to the exploitation by jewelry production, these sizes are no longer found.

The coral is easy to work with and offers a rich variety of colors, which is one of the reasons why it is so often found in jewelry. Corals are available in shades of gray, white over pink to red. Somewhat rarer but still present are corals in black tones.

The coral should provide for infections, circulatory problems and menstrual problems for relieving the symptoms. In addition, they should stimulate the formation of blood, lower high blood pressure and help with bone fragility.

Symbolism and Meaning

The coral should be able to serve as a warning system to its wearer, by fading, if the wearer has to reckon with serious complaints. If the coral loses color, a doctor should be consulted to clarify any serious health problems, if necessary in good time.

The coral used to be used in different forms of application. To pulverize peasants, farmers have mixed the coral under the seeds to make the fields fertile. In Arab countries use coral powder to decompose tumors and treat urinary tract disorders. In addition, it should stimulate the blood flow and pigeon has coral powder constricted with balsam oil dripped into the ear canal.

Corals have also been used as a talisman. The coral is still very popular as a jewel today. Coral necklaces, bark and bracelets are in great demand and, unfortunately, make sure that there are hardly any large, area-wide coral reefs left.

The real red coral is Red coral protection stone, which has a positive influence on our love and life feeling. Even the ancient Egyptians processed them into fine jewelry. In the late middle Ages, it was reserved for the bourgeoisie. And Indians use them very often in the manufacture of jewelry together with high-contrast turquoises.

Red corals are organic and can live for 75 to 100 years. They belong to the genus of invertebrate marine animals, also called polyps and occur in 7 to 1,500 meters depth. They thrive particularly well on rocky terrain in areas with strong currents, on sea banks, seamounts and under rocky outcrops. They grow in colonies and have branched forms reminiscent of shrubs or fans. The colors of the colonies range from white, pink and red to orange – these different color variants are due to the stored algae.

Coral colonies can grow up to over a meter, but they grow very slowly: less than an inch per year. The red coral is found worldwide in tropical, subtropical and temperate oceans: They are found in the Atlantic Ocean, the Indian Ocean, the Mediterranean and the Pacific.

Already in ancient times, the red coral was used for jewelry and amulets and was known as protection against various diseases, but also against unforeseen events such as a sudden lightning. From time immemorial, especially female deities have been associated with the red coral, such as the ancient Egyptian goddess Isis or Roman Venus, the goddess of love.

Rosaries made of coral were very popular in the late Middle Ages to protect especially children – therefore, many representations of the Child Jesus with a coral necklace can still be found in Italy today. And to this day, the coral necklace embodies the carefree stage of childhood.

General Properties

The red coral and the foam coral, as well as the pink coral, are very harmonizing and love-enhancing. We become sensitive to the beautiful things in life, such as: Nature, love and joy. Coral is not a stone but an animal. It grows and reproduces only in clean water. His skeleton is the one that is used to obtain the jewels we love so much. A bit like amber and pearl, therefore, it falls improperly among the “stones” used in crystal therapy.

Red coral is undoubtedly the most common, but there is also the pink version and more rarely the white one. Still very rare for example those blacks and blue. In this article I refer to the red coral, its properties and the legends that concern it.

The word coral has an uncertain root. For some it means “hard skeleton”, from the Greek koraillon. For others it means “human form”, from the word kura-halos. Both theories held in high regard. The first one because of its having a very hard skeleton.

The second because coral often recalls the shape of a person. The legends around the coral are many and even more so the therapeutic properties attributed to it. A legend has it that when Perseus cut off Medusa’s head, they were near the sea. His blood gushed over the algae and petrified those, making them take on the color of his blood.

Not being a crystal, it has no crystalline structure and is in fact an amorphous. The red coral has calcium carbonate, a substance that makes it a perfect talisman to go to rebuild our lives, improve what is the present and above all, not remain anchored to the past but jump on a new road.

Both in the business and in the sentimental field. Coral is famous for its properties both in the West and in the East. Many witnesses see him particularly active during religious rites. Always considered one of the most powerful amulets to keep the evil eye away. This is because it helps rebalance energies. It harmonizes us with the forces of nature and helps us better understand its rhythm.

Keeping him around his neck or hanging near the front door, he is said to keep evil spirits away. The “cornini” a head extra to hang near the door, made of red coral are famous (they are very expensive, in fact it is much easier to find them in red plastic).

On a physical level the coral improves blood circulation and can be helpful for those suffering from anemia. It is used by those who want to strengthen the bone structure or combat joint blockage.

On a mental level instead the red coral helps to fight negativity, strengthens affection and sensuality. From a spiritual point of view, it removes energy blockages during crystallotherapy sessions and helps to accept change. If instead you decide to buy a nice white coral, then you can use it against depression, fear and nervousness.

In Africa and Asia it has long been considered sacred. According to the Romans and the Arabs instead, it gives a happy destiny. It is a widespread custom to give small children a pendant with a coral to wish them a happy and peaceful life. In Egypt it was spread on the ground to protect the crops. Still among the Romans, women wore coral earrings to attract love.

Love and Relationships

During the use of this stone, one will have many bright lights and experiences, which one can trace back to the red coral, the blood of the gods on earth. It strengthens the feeling of love, the need for partnership and friendship.

Health Benefits

It is best to buy corals only from trustworthy traders. Only there you have the security to find real and unadulterated coral. Especially red, pink and black coral necklaces, which are often attractively priced on the market, are mostly colored or even artificial, color-treated corals. Real corals are found only in the upper price range. Temptingly cheap coral offers in distant holiday countries later turn out to be mostly artificial, colored corals or even pressed fishbone.

These are even extremely negative in their powers, and cause, often still at the resort, strong stomach pains and make moody and aggressive. Please keep in mind that the coral has been one of the most sought-after healing stones since the time of the commemoration of mankind and that due to the strong demand especially the pink, red and black coral are rarely found on our earth. The red foam coral is found around China and Japan around and is despite its size a very favorable alternative to the red coral. You get corals as natural coral, polished coral branches, pendants, splinter chains and ball chains.

Strengthens the ability to love and the need for partnership, makes you less sensitive to envy and resentment. The coral, but most of all the red, foam and pink coral, have had special effects on our emotional life for millennia.

As a protective stone, the coral protects us from envious and evil people and gathers in us energy, joy and vitality. Corals are all very sensitive beings, which want to be well maintained. If you find discoloration or even aversion to coral, then you should definitely be examined for serious complaints. Has a positive effect on the blood formation, protects against infections, causes healthy growth and a positive mental development, in circulatory problems, circulatory disorders, against hypertension, prevents bony fragility in old age, relieves menstrual cramps. It supports blood formation.

The red coral works very well on the blood-forming enzymes in the stomach and liver, therefore prevents food-related deficiency symptoms. The foam coral has similar effects, but it does not penetrate so deeply into our body. Wear the coral in the neck area, place directly on affected areas. Coral branches are suitable for setting up. Wear it as a protective stone.

Since commemoration of humanity, the coral is mentioned in many traditions and worshiped as a magic guard stone. In ancient Egypt, corals were added to the tombs because it was believed that they would keep the evil spirits away from the dead during the transition to eternity. Their carrier on earth, it was believed, served the coral as a divine spatter of blood, which establishes a direct connection to happiness and wealth. The coral is not only a magical stone, but is worshiped by almost all peoples as a very powerful healing stone. It should be a good protection stone for pregnant women and children from daily dangers and black magic.

It floods us with more life energy and breaks mental blocks that limit the emotions and needs of our body. Defrosted pressure in our vessels is relieved with the help of red coral and foam coral. Our entire cycle is relaxed and we get a wonderful feeling of peace, contentment and security. Feel that the red coral or foam coral fades, so you should definitely give her a break.

Red Coral Stone and Wealth

Wear it around your neck when you need luck at work. It is considered an excellent amulet for artists and more generally those who need to find inspiration.

Red Coral Stone and Zodiac

On the astrological level, it is assigned to the zodiac Capricorn, bull and scorpion.

Red Coral Stone and Chakras

In crystal therapy treatments you can use coral if you want to harmonize the first chakra. Helps overcome conflicts between emotions and instincts. Gives balance. The red coral unfolds its effect best on the root chakra. Corals are supposed to activate the basic chakra and activate all energy centers in the body.

In case of inner restlessness and anxiety, it should provide relief. Plato once said in relation to the coral that it can protect children from epilepsy when these corals are worn as necklaces. It was believed in ancient times that the coral can protect against the evil eye. Even today it is supposed to protect its wearer from evil forces.

How to Purify Red Coral Stone

To clean the Red Coral stone, simply put it under the running water for a while and use soap in case it has dirt or grease on it.


The red coral grounds us, because red is the color of the activated life force, which also has an invigorating effect on fatigue and stress and balances the meridians.

Our sense of community is also strengthened and the understanding of our fellow human beings. And because the red coral is formed from limestone structures, it also has a positive effect on the spine and bones – especially in old age it prevents bony fragility.

It is said that it protects travelers who move by sea. It is in fact sacred to the Gallic goddess Nehalennia, of sea travelers. Sacred in Oshun, African goddess of love and simplicity. A Turan, goddess of Etruscan love and of course Venus.